GW2 September Feature Pack

GW2 Ready Up Upcoming Warrior and Thief Class Changes

GW2 Ready Up Skillbar Livestream discussing some of the upcoming Warrior and Thief class changes. There is no ETA on when these changes will arrive.

Note that the traits/weapon abilities in the screenshot below are modified with other traits, the actual baseline changes are listed in the bullet points )


Trait Changes


  • Panic Strike – duration of immobilization too long (5.25s baseline), reduced it to 2.5 s. Reduced the cooldown from 30s to 20s so you will be able to use it more often.
  • Invigorating Precision – Increased from 5% to 8% of your crit dmg returned as health to you.
  • Ricochet – In addition to bouncing your pistol shots, this trait now Increase the range of your pistol shots. From 900m to 1050m range increase. Also some bug fixes to how Ricochet works, it will bounce more reliability.
  • Assasin’s Equilibrium – The amount of stability it grants increased from 1s to 1.5s
  • Venomous Aura – Previously, if you applied venom to an ally, they applied conditions using their own stats. You now will use your own condition stats. Other venoms like Leeching Venoms will use your own healing stat. Basilisk Venom, however, remains as an interrupt through the target you have applied the venom to. So mesmers using haunting strikes and getting an interrupt with the venom will still apply their haunting strike.



  • Dagger Strike/Wild Strike/Lotus Strike now hits up to 2 targets. Previous it only hit 1 target and became difficult for targets with pets etc. The defensive measures on these skills such as endurance gain from Wild Strike will only apply once.
  • Black Powder – interval of the skill increased from 1 to 2s while the duration of the blind applied decreased to 2s. The projectile still applies 2s of blind.
  • Unload – Cast time reduced from 1.75s to 1.5s for overall 20% reduction. In addition, your ambush trap and thieves guild summoned creatures will also have the same reduction.
  • Choking Gas – has a small strike when impacting the ground. If you are in stealth when this ability hits the ground, you will be revealed.In addition, you will be able to apply on crit procs or your venoms to enemies with this ability.
  • Flanking Strike – Initiative cost of Flanking Strike and Larcenous Strike have had their initiatives costs changed. Flanking cost gone up from 3 to 4 initiative while Larcenous Strike gone down from 2 to 1 initiative cost. Flanking Strike now requires a hit to turn into Larcenous Strike. This means that you can evade multiple times but it will cost you a bit more initiative.




  • We reworked how the adrenaline works. Currently, your adrenaline is only consumed if you hit with your skill (i.e. if you miss with Eviscerate, your adrenaline is not consumed). Now If you miss your adrenaline dump skills, you will lose adrenaline. Additionally, Adrenaline will now decay when you leave combat so it is more beneficial for you to use the adrenaline skills rather than carrying them to the next fight.


  • Rousing Resilience – Give you up to 8s of bonus toughness, increase from previous 4s.
  • Brawler’s Recovery – Now remove a single condition on weapon swap rather than just blind.


  • Hundred Blade damage reduced by 5% for the initial strikes, final strike remains same.
  • Whirlwind Attack also received 5% damage decrease
  • Arcing Slice – This ability is more executioner style, it will deal damage to 5 targets in an area and deal bonus damage to enemies below 50% HP.


  • Bleeding Shot – this ability no longer applies Bleed and renamed to Fierce Shot. Fierce Shot has a 20% damage increase and will give extra adrenaline against targets with vulnerability debuff.


  • Whirling Axe – Axe offhand #5 skill has its damage increased by 17%, cooldown reduced to 15s.


  • Pulverize – Third strike of your mace autoattack has its cast time reduced by 25%


  • Impale – This offhand sword skill previous had over 100% upcoming on Torment, we felt this was too much. We have reduced torment duration from 12s to 8s.


  • Signet of Rage – boon duration of this ability reduced by 5s (might/fury etc will only last for 25s base), adrenaline gain increased by 50%
  • Signet of Might – You now have 6s to deliver unblockable attacks instead of 5 attacks.
  • Berserker Stance – Previous this skill gave just under 5 full bars of Adrenaline which was a lot. Adrenaline gain reduced by 40%, you can only get a full 3 bar of adrenaline.
  • Banners – Sprint ability no longer give an attack, will remove crippled/chilled and sprint a short instance
  • Rampage – We want this elite to make you feel more like a juggernaut when you enter this transform. Reduced the amount of incoming physical damage by 25% meaning that all strikes you take will be reduced. All incoming chilled/crippled/immobilize conditions will be reduced by another 33%. If you have dogged march and this ability you gonna be suffering from almost no movement impairing abilities
  • Increased the velocity of Throw Boulder so it is easier for you to stun ranged moving enemies.

By Dulfy

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98 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Upcoming Warrior and Thief Class Changes”

I quite like the buff to rifle. Not that i play it myself but all the warriors i ever see in open world content use rifles. I hope the time the bosses need to die is reduced by a few minutes like this. They really seem to go in the direction of buffing stuff a lot of players do because they somehow fail to realise its uneffective. Quite sad but better then 1h fights in the open world.
We would have to see how effective it will be but more damage against vulnerable mobs sounds quite nice since it basically is always a damage boost.

x2 targets on Thief Dagger auto and that Venomous Aura buff is insane. Venomshare was OP as hell before it, going to be even better now your Power build allies are going to be pumping out condition damage aswell.

Back to Thief I go.

At least, poison damages generated by the spider venom will not be diminished anymore because of your allies’ stacks.

I wonder if this also applies for the strength/healing power of the lifeleech if you have leeching venoms.
It should, right?

According to the wiki, leeching venoms always take into account thief’s healing power even if venoms are shared. I guess that it should not change with this update.

I liked the warriors chages, even knowing they nerfed GS
At least they are buffing dead weapons like Mace Main Hand and Axe Off Hand
And now Juggernaut more viable to use

do you use axe off hand? doubt u run it zerk
Axe/Mace and GS, best set for zerk dungeon
Axe main hand = loss of DPS, that #5 skill = illusion, shit dmg
Hundred Blades, Whirlwind, Swap, #2, #4, F1, Swap, Repeat….
Axe off hand = noob fooling himself thinking his doing dmg
That’s why they boosted it 17% in dmg and reduced cooldown, and decreased 100b and WW in 5%… hoping they can iqual their dps

Yup. I run full zerk. I run GS/Axe+Axe. Do quite well too despite your vomiting of words as if they somehow magically become facts once they leave your man meat loving orifice that is present on your face.

You can use all the hyperbole you want, but find me in game sometime for a dungeon run, any path of any dungeon you want. I’ll even get drunk for it to add to my personal difficulty level 😀

That’s noob words and tons of ofensive language
All i said was about Axe off hand, didnt use words to ofend anyone
Your baby rage only confirms that you’re a noob “Mommy look i spin” couse all that skill #5 has is a cool move
Good to hit various mobs, sux in dungeons where you stack and focus DPS, using that skill only eats your time of using 100b, WW, and other good focused DPSing skills
But good for you, their are boosting your shity off hand Axe

Live in La La land all you want, but #5 axe will get better and the 100b is getting worse.

Spew your misinformed poorly written acidic words all you want but it doesn’t change the facts that in dungeons offhand axe #5 is better than offhand mace #4 or #5. Not to mention it’s a combo finisher on top of dealing pretty good DPS. Sure, if you don’t know how to use combo fields then yeah, I guess you’ll think it’s pretty shit… So, I guess that explains your view on it.

Axe 5 when hitting 5 targets, deals less damage than auto attacking 3 targets over the same time duration that axe 5 lasts. You’re better off auto attacking. Lets not forget about the 4% damage increase your giving your whole party. Thats almost like saying you’re giving a 20% damage boost to yourself (5 partys members times 4% damage increase) That vulneribility is the shit dude. In reality, the offhand sword is actually better than axe 5 right now.

Sorry dude, your wrong. Axe/Axe is less dps than Axe/mace. Using insults doesn’t make you right, the math does. Sorry your mad, and.. also bad.

Just read this guys post history. You’re either ignorant that you believe oh axe is better, or just trolling.

Funny thing is I really don’t care if axe+axe or axe+mace is better. I’m just having fun poking at people who actually give a shit about this for some unknown reason. Unfortunately for me I am in a spot due to work commitments that I can’t actually play the game for some time and have to find things to keep me busy during the slow hours of the day. So, back to trolling 😀

Based on the warrior guide published on this site a few months ago, axe builds can be as efficient as GS builds in terms of damages. It will be interesting to have the same comparison after the little nerfs on GS dps.

But I agree on the poor damages of 5th axe skill at the moment despite the fact that it hits up to 5 foes.

“hits up to 5 foes”
that’s the only good thing about Axe #5 Skill
i love Axe skills, i’d really wanted a boost on off hand axe, i personally ran axe/axe build for sometime, but GS builds are still better
hope this buff makes them more viable now

If I am not mistaken, 5th axe skill will still provide lower dps than auto-attacking on a single target, even after the +17% dps buff. It will still be useful only when fighting multiple targets.

To my opinion, axe builds are more attractive than GS builds: similar dps (with trait “dual-wield agility”), more mobility in combat as damages mainly rely on fast auto-attacks, efficient vulnerability stacking and useful skills on hand-off weapons (mace interrupt, sword block).

Juggernaut will hardly be viable. You’re losing an entire weapon line for something like 3-5 seconds of survivability.

Less sustain for me against a larger group of enemies, as a thief. Oh well, it was *quite* OP. Signet of Malice + Choking Gas = 8,75 seconds of ~130 hp heal per tick per enemy poisoned.

Are these actual from anet’s posts? Not really satisfying with the word they used “We want”, “we felt”. but that’s just me. Anyway, does that mean the first 8 strikes would be nerfed 5% each or 5% as whole?

Do you realize that it’s the exact same thing ? 5% less for each hit, or 5% less of the whole sum is the exact same amount of dmg.

I love the changes. Wish there would have been less stability for warrior, but I’m plenty fine with the GS nerf and adrenaline changes. As for thief: venomshare is glorious, now even more. I wish I had known of the change to Unload, I was trying to make a just-for-fun Unload-focused build but couldn’t get it working.

I don’t understand why the Great Sword skills are being penalized when it seems that hammer is by far the over powering weapon in the game? It seems like warriors are being encouraged to stop using great swords?

Because everybody is complaining about zerk-warriors and you really don’t use hammers in zerker builds.

Nerfing GS? WHY? Its not even that strong! The only place its mainly viable in is dungeons, half of the time you cant even get a full hundred blades off in wvw/pvp! Makes no sense, the reason why people like gs is because its one of the most fluid warrior weapons! >.> gg anet

Another. Warr. Nerf.
How many of them?! ANet should stop listening ZERK player complaining about warriors’ greatness (cause they are not all this great, atm).
The GS is a PvE weapon: no one use it in sPvP and WvW. Can you tell me where is your “balance”? You just force us to use other weapons in PvE.
WHY, IF I LIKE GS?!?!?!? (I would not have craft Eternity if I did not like GS).

PS: I know you will nerf Arcing Strike in some months after this release. Always work like this for warrs: “Nerf skill A but increased efficency of skill B”. After some months: “Skill B nerfed cause seems to be (?) too OP”.
They think warrs users are idiots.

Adrenaline is nerfed, but you have utility skills to maximize adrenaline before the fight starts and also traits to increase adrenaline very quickly. At the moment, the warrior can have this 15% dps buff nearly all the time without any restriction.

Concerning GS, it is a 5% decrease. Please stop overracting, it will arguably change nothing.

Lol. Adrenaline traits and Adrenaline utilities sucks really hard. If you have to use those, instead of decent ones, for the 15% buff you will lose much more firepower.

I agreed with the overreacting about GS nerf. It is a “punishment” for pve and eotm players (so, still pve). And are you sure you know all the nerf history of warriors? It’s not “just a 5% decrease”. Near in every “profession-patch” warriors got small nerfs (sometimes written nowhere, just added).

I played a while with “sharpened axes” and it is really efficient to fill your adrenaline bar with a few axe attacks. If you use a 6/6/0/2/0 spec, “furious” is probably efficient as well. Signet of fury or healing surge will be the cheapest choices anyway.

I would agree if it was a global 5% decrease in GS dps. But it only affects whirlwind attack and a (large) part of HB damages. Depending on the rotation, it can be far less than 5%. And the F1 is buffed.

Yeah, unless if they make Arcing Strike some significant blow – it’s not worth wasting in a fight. I have the traits to boost damage based on adrenalin and might stacks to help aid in boosting it up. This’ll be a minor set back, I don’t think HB should receive a nerf, you’re stationary and any move during the cast duration cancels it. HB is not Spin-To-Win that Guards get.

People is butthurt because how can they be lame in pve if warrior doesn’t do imba damage, still they didn’t touch axe F1 wich was their main dmg source after the past g.sword nerfs, buffed axe 5 and g.sword F1 to be much more useful and powerful…
They even powered up a lot of stuff for utiliy and resistance…yet they nag…meh.
Plus with this fix adrenaline system will actually look like an adrenaline rush xD not like adrenaline stay up for that long after the danger is gone.

“but you have utility skills to maximize adrenaline before the fight starts and”

Yeah except that’s bullshit because you can’t use adrenaline-gaining abilities “before the fight starts”, it decays immediately.

Well, just at the beginning of the fight, when it is not decaying of course. I thought it was pretty obvious. The first skill of your rotation if you prefer?

To be honest having the adrenaline go down after combat is not illogical, it is so logical it hurts xD If you have ever had adrenalin in real life then you would know it don´t last that long. it is a “rush” then its over. You can only “save” your adrenalin in real life in one way and one way only.. get excited again or stay excited(berserker stance???).

But hey, thats just my opinion. everyone is free to have a opinion on what logical 🙂


Yes yes yes! Gimme more nerfs for warrior, u need to nerf 5 from GS as well. I’m sick and tired of warrior mobility.

To people nagging about warriors, you’re not getting nerfed…you’re getting balanced xD
Damage nerf with two weapons in exchange for more dmg with others and more utility is just to make everything more viable…plus many people probably do not realize how much imbalanced the class is compared to many others dmg and resistance-wise (can’t say utility too since warriors have little to no utility stuff)

Except for outside of GS the weapons that are getting buffed are ones no one uses. Mace? Nope. Axe offhand? Even with the buff axe auto attack is still going to out dps it.

And in pvp all this is going to do is ensure EVERY warrior will be running a longbow to proc cleansing ire.

Also as a side effect of the adrenaline change some other skills (healing surge) are nerfed into non-existence.

Yeah, that build diversity.

Warriors are already running most of the time with longbow lol, HamBow build is one of the most used after all.
And duh…autoatks outdmging a skill is pretty much common stuff…only the warrior have skills that outdmg the 1 spam, especially with GS, still …most of the skill are used because they change how it hits, like the 5th of the axe hit 5 targets wich can be quite far too, instead of 3, and it’s a combo whirl.
And why Healing surge should suffer from it ? You use it at max adrenaline anyway for most effect, wich is during a fight…for afterfight you will recover anyway automatically…a lot of possible cond dmg is covered from the passive regen most warrior have and you won’t get out of combat anyway with conditions, so adrenaline won’t go down.

I see this as an opportunity to overcome another hurdle as a Berserk Warrior. Especially since I use both GS and Rifle as my main PvE tools, with Axe/Mace or Shield and Long Bow as back ups. Nerfs? Please… I will find a way to make myself still burst glass sword/cannon and still survive!

Wowww, so warriors totally raped into unplayability now. No more adrenaline, RIP, roll a thief guys it’s what they want you to do.

I feel this is a very large exaggeration. They aren’t unplayable but players will either explore other weaponry or work harder for the skills.

Rampage still unusable crap. Wow, less incoming damage, too bad you’re not really a juggernaut if you can’t do shit for dps and you can’t use your real weapon skills. Rampage == RUN AWAY spec

My thoughts are the same. That 25% wont mean much unless if you’re likely running around with Nomads spec gear.

Rampage has never been about damage; it’s been about control. It’ll probably get a lot more use in PvP now; it nearly guarantees a capture, or at least staying on the point for the duration of the skill now. Still has barely any use in PvE mind you, but then again, if you’re doing anything other than pure damage in PvE, you’re doing it wrong. That isn’t the fault of Rampage, but rather the fault of bad PvE design.

Oh sure. It is like all french restaurant will close cause you do not like French cook.
Your comment it is probably the most stupid I read in this thread.

PS: If you do not like deal damage (weird, for a “Warrior”), it is not a problem of mine.

I’m still against “balancing” the class by nerfing it. Bring the zerkers of other classes UP instead of harking on the one class whose role they were any good at was zerker.

“Additionally, Adrenaline will now decay when you leave combat so it is more beneficial for you to use the adrenaline skills rather than carrying them to the next fight.”

This wording really bothers me, it’s very weaselly. They didn’t make anything “more beneficial”, they just made adrenaline management much more annoying. The warrior playstyle is disrupted now. No more opening a fight with longbow burst to set up a fire field for the group, no more chasing fleeing opponents down with eviscerate, no more being able to bide your time for the right moment to sniping shot, no more cleansing ire condition dumping, no more hammer jumping.

And what about greatsword? Its burst was supposedly buffed, right? Or was it? You can’t use bursts at the start of a fight now, so you won’t be able to use the fury it grants until the fight’s almost over and you’ve built up enough adrenaline again. And then the fury runs out before the next fight begins. With signet of rage also being nerfed it looks like fury is being taken off the table for warriors.

If warriors need dps nerfs to balance them, fine, whatever. But destroying the playstyle that actually makes warriors fun and interesting to use is just idiotic. It sounds like their actual goal is to just get people to stop playing warrior.

You’r still free to use zerker stance if you wan’t a adrenaline rush to engage a fight. At least you have to think if it’s worth it or not (make a choice , sacrifice your anti-condition to get adrenaline and maybe win the fight with the entering burst or using it wrong on a long lasting fight and getting melted by conditions).

It fits the idea of an adrenaline rush now , like in GW1, and if it’s true you lose it out of combat , you gain more in combat ( which is the good side of the coin).

For the fury signet of rage still brings 25 sec of fury (which is great) , if you don’t manage to build up your Adrenaline on that time laps , you’v got a serious L2P issue. ( + Aoe Cleave on it and combo finisher is buff in most situations not a nerf)

It’s not the playstile that make them fun , it’s the playstile that dumbed down the war’s gameplay low risks, medium to high rewards and very mistake forgiving. It’s sound their goal is to bring war’s Skill cap a bit higher .

Sorry for my english I just woke up , and it’s not my mother language.

I was actually going to say the same thing. In GW1, adrenalin decayed very quickly out of combat and missing a strike drained your adrenalin as well. It’s always annoyed me as being overpowered that missing a strike like Eviscerate had no consequences.
I’m kinda interested in the changes to Arcing slice. The meta is basically: 1)Trait Berserker’s Power 2)fill adrenalin bar 3)1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 HB, 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1, HB to win
With this change, it would open up Greatsword builds to move points into discipline
The change to Whirling Axe will bring off hand axe back in as being more viable. 4,6,0,0,4 investing heavily into axe traits would definitely be worth revisiting.

Rifle change is interesting. Basically improves the synergies with condition, whether it be delivered by Brutal Shot or party members. That should improve the single target DPS. However, I foresee that there will be even more noob rifle camping with that change.

if u think some minimal changes entirely “disrubts” the warrior playstyle, then you clearly dont know how to play warrior, in a real warriors eyes all he will see is the few DMG decrease, to the enlisted skills above, open your mind to how your character works cuz this aint gonna ruin the warrior and in large scale battles you will still have alot of fury unless you favor killing wurms and bandits in queensdale

Why is Whirling Attack getting a damage reduction though? I’m curious as to what the thought process was behind that. If you couldn’t push a mob into a wall to maximize its DPS, you’re hitting the mob once out of three strikes – wasting two other strikes making its damage negligible as it was. Are the strikes that serious on their own, individually, that a nerf is necessary.

Even in WvW, you’d have to be pretty dumb to stand up against a wall and let a warrior WA at you.

Hundred Blades, I’m just not seeing it either. You move and the attack cancels. It’s nothing like the Guardian’s Spin to Win which has mobility incorporated into the skill and acts as a full three-sixty. Against a warrior, you dodge forward and turn around to punish.

The buff to Arcing Slice balances out the nerf to other greatsword skills. Apparently Arcing Slice now does damage comparable to 100b at <50% health in a fraction of the time. Seems to me that their goal was to make Arcing Slice useful rather than actually nerf greatsword.

they probably nerfed hundred blades since they had guaranteed kills in pvp, with a stun then 100 blades = autowin, or immobilse for a long freaking time then hundred blades = autowin. Just too mutch of a IWIN button.


Why am i reading about nerfs everyday? i want more power for the other classes!

They should destroy and re-build the game if the “too much dps” is a problem. since all the gameplay is based on pure dps.

5%damage won’t change anything when talking about 10k damage, it’s just a candy for those moaning on forum…
What’s wrong is that they destroyed all the other builds. tank ranger… regeneration build… condition build..
Only a change of Developers Team could change something

I don’t know where they destroyed other builds; the PvE game simply has no place for them; and it’s not because of poor balance, it’s because the PvE game doesn’t demand anything other than ‘kill or be killed’. That’s a problem the content developers need to handle, not the balance team.

As for nerfs, there is barely a nerf in here rather than the change to adrenaline and a small greatsword nerf (You said yourself that it was small). The adrenaline change is extremely smart; Warriors have always been the profession of choice for those that don’t want to think too hard; mainly because the adrenaline bar was of very little consequence. This will make warrior more engaging to play, for sure.

I’ve commented already about how the greatsword ‘nerfs’ are barely nerfs at all, but rather an attempt to make Arcing Slice actually worth something. I’ve notice that almost everyone glosses over that change, but it’s huge. Arcing Slice is turning into an AoE execute skill that does damage comparable to 100b. That sounds like a giant buff that is somehow getting overshadowed by a measly 5% damage nerf to 100b’s backend… remember the last hit isn’t getting touched; and a 5% nerf to whirlwind attack. Greatsword just had its damage moved around.

There are no nerfs or buffs… there is only balance. We’re trying to avoid power creep here, but I think they might have actually made arcing slice too good now…

i personally dont get the the whole nerf/buffs to the GS, with the adrenaline changes wouldnt it still be a net loose to use Arcing Slice while having Beserkers Power? i cant imagine even with it being aoe that it will overcome the extra 15% damage we get while having full adernaline.

It depends on your ability to fill your adrenaline bar quickly. If damages provided by arcing slice are really attractive, it will be worth to take skills or traits that grant bonus adrenaline.

IKR not down with nerfs spent a lot of time getting on the ascended treadwheel, dont want to regress back to exotic by being nerfed. Fix the other classes that are broken and not fun to play engi 1-5 skills all suck, necro no weapon is worth using all aoe crap draw little circle on the ground and how about minions, ugly little terds. Leave war alone except for buffs. When I want to kill slower I play guardian or ranger, or ele, or mes.

Sigh ofc they buff theif survability, which was already of the scale, its the only class in game that has good enough defence to pull off a glass-cannon build already. Enough with the theif buffs, I already have a 0% chance of beating one as a ranger.Rangers need a survabilityh buff they are the most easy class in game to kill, and theifs know it so I always have atleast 1 hitting me.

I don’t think you read the notes. They increased passive healing from a trait only useful to bunker thieves, they buffed pistol traits only useful to p/p builds, they nerfed the survivability for P/D with the black powder change, they completely removed the ability to use SB poison fields and stay stealthed, and they nerfed the survivability for S/D

And they buffed venomshare.

They literally did nothing to change glass cannon d/d builds (well, they can theoretically damage two targets standing next to each other if they’re dumb enough to go 2v1 with that build) they nerfed survivability of both of the “top tier” meta specs (S/D and D/P) and they buffed several specs that were (and will still be) severely underperforming (d/d evade bunker, P/P ranged, and venomshare)

Rangers aren’t by any means fixed yet, but this patch did nothing to make it easier for them to kill you.

Bunkers dont crit, so I highly doubt its for a bunker build. Theives already have the highest survivability in game, they are the only class that has high enough survivability too pull off a glasscannon build. So every buff too their survivability is big nerf too every other class. So tired of them killing me in 3s when Im bunker specced. And if by some miracle I survive that I cant hurt them back at all. Theives kill me even if I have several friends around me easy.

Are you serious? Thieves have worst survivability in the game. We don’t have viable bunker builds at all, low toughness coupled with lowest base HP in the game. Unless we go full glass we don’t even do as much damage as bunker warrior. Please tell me you complain only because thieves have stealth. Let me be clear, stealth DOES NOT mean invulnerability. We can be hit in stealth. Try fighting a cheesy hambow warrior or condi engi or necro with a thief and tell me thieves have too much survivability.

Condi builds will usually win out vs thief if you stack enough on them.
Hambow shouldn’t present that much trouble since hammer is slow enough that you can maintain blind or dodge on most attacks. Thief should eventually win but the warrior will not go down quick unless it’s zerker… or gets lucky with a stun.
I’m assuming this is discussing pvp and not wvw… there, I hate thief with a passion when I roam… as well as nike warriors…

Low tougness? U have the same armor as my ranger, yes u have a little less hps, but not lowest in game, u have the same as guardian. I complain becous theives kill me almost instantly even when I use a bunker spec. And If I try to hit back they just evade everything or put up a blind field so I miss most of my atacks. Its the only class in game that can pull of a total glasscannon build and still survive for a long time.

-yes u have a little less hps, but not lowest in game, u have the same as guardian.-

Guardians can afford to have a low HP pool because their class mechanic revolves around passive defenses- they have natural regeneration -without- resorting to a regen buff, solid heals, aegis, and many of their skills provide Protection.

Rangers have a somewhat controllable off-tank, a solid team water field, condition purge and vigor.

Thieves have blindtanking trash mobs, stealth and dodges (which can be hampered by weakness). Comparing Ranger’s armor and Guardian’s HP pool to a Thief that requires active defense, good coordination and the good sense to know which fights to run from is not a fair assessment.

Thieve’s have some of the best survivability in the game, no other class can hard reset a fight like a thief. thief rotation invis, spike, invis spike, low hp, invis shadow step out full or close to full HP repeat. It’s the cheese class of GW2, The only thing that gets you wrecked is Immobilize or skills that still target you after stealth like “Rapid fire” etc. Robble Robble

PS I play thief and I know how cheese it is.

instead of nerfing damage they should just make toughness/vitality/healing power more viable, like by making them scale better (so person with toughness can actually tank and person with healing power can heal)

And thief traps are still trash skills when they’ll improve guardian’s spirit weapons that had their utility in pve in very counted times.

I’m still waiting for Anet to fix that bug where the health bar animation of a Healing Signet warrior doesn’t update when you’re damaging them.

“Adrenaline will now decay when you leave combat”
Does it means that you will always start combat a 0 adrenaline?? It means we cannot even use any skill but the auto attack? I seem to have miss something

“Black Powder – interval of the skill increased from 1 to 2s while the duration of the blind applied decreased to 2s. The projectile still applies 2s of blind.”

Does this mean the the pulse is every 2 seconds instead of 1? meaning that the aoe now only lasts for 2 seconds worth of what we currently have which is 4 seconds but pulse every 1 second?

I’ve seen a lot of bitching from community members each feature pack reveal but to be honest I don’t see anything wrong with any of the updates and these “nerfs” look like they arnt going to change much and maybe even make dull combat like the warriors more interesting and tactical.

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