SWTOR Daily Credits Guide

A list of all the SWTOR dallies and their credits yield to prepare players for Galactic Strongholds credit sink. Original guide written by Taraq

Credit Calculations

  • Doing all the dallies will yield you around 800k credits per day or 5.58 mil per week (7 days)

Daily Area Empire Total Republic Total
Belsavis 93787 89122
Ilum 67765 69957
Black Hole 56043 56043
Section X 88336 91565
Makeb 90831 91146
GSI 194160 194160
CZ-198 36666 36666
Oricon 83458 83458
Space 62278 62278
PvP 24098 24098
Total per Day 797422 798493
Total per Week 5581954 5589451
+ Weeklies 5703009 5710506





Black Hole

  • Weekly grants 16147 credits, 10 Basic Comms and 15 Classic Comms


Section X

  • Weekly grants 14028 credits, 15 Basic Comms, 10 Classic Comms



  • Makeb has a whole series of Staged Weeklies that are not covered here as the credit options vary depends on the mission you picked



  • Weekly grants 19642 credits, 20 Basic Comms



  • Weekly grants 15714 credits, 20 Basic Comms, 12 Elite Comms



  • Weekly grants 15714 credits, 20 Basic Comms, 12 Elite Comms



  • Galactic Starfighter Weekly Grants 13620 credits, 90 fleet comms



  • Weekly Ranked warzone mission grants 15714 credits and 400 Warzone & Ranked Warzone Comms
  • Weekly Unranked warzone mission grants 10476 credits and 300 Warzone & Ranked Warzone Comms


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

75 replies on “SWTOR Daily Credits Guide”

Nice guide, thank you Dulfy!
But I don’t understand why Ilum is still the place that gives the most credits per quest, even with the introduction of level 55 planets and hard ones, like Oricon.

Couldn’t have better timing. While one of my guilds has met the 50 mil quota and are working toward mats the more enjoyable fun guild is struggling. With all their valuable cartel pack items brought out of cargo trying to out low ball others in a similar situation they are having to face the hard cold reality of grinding dailies.

The GSI table was particularly valuable because it has not been touched by most since Makeb went live.

Or you could just sell crafting mats on the GTN. But please don’t do that, because it will cut into my business!

well though reward amount is correct they didnt factor in trash item and green rare selling, i usually make 1.5mil doing all dailies with weeklies

I clear 600k easily just doing a quick run of Oricon daily/weekly and Makeb daily/staged weekly/GSI and Tat GSI. Plus about 100ish Basic comms. Takes maybe 3 1/2 hours to do all of it solo, maybe 2 1/2 with 2 people. Mission payouts + junk loot + orange/purple loot on GTN = profit, add in at least 3 Isotope 5’s and you can clear over 3/4 mil easily.

Worth keeping in mind, you can buy and sell Isotope Fives with the basic comms you’ll make from doing Oricon, CZ, Makeb. On Harbinger, they’re going for about 100k each right now. So, for every 35 basic comms, you can add another 100k to what you’re making.

A week ago they were going for 100k +. Yesterday I went to sell some and they are in the low 90k’s now. And I suspect with people getting ready for galactic strongholds, more people will be selling and the prices will probably drop more.

Im at the point where i want to say, “what is the point?” I want new Ops and new world to run in. Why the fk do i want to farm the same shit all over again. If SWTOR wont do it, its time for a new game all together. Dont u think?

Considering that they are releasing one of the biggest non-paid expansion updates i have seen since launch with 2.9 and 2.10 coming out less then 1 month after it and that 3.0 is right around the corner with new planets, ops, flashpoints (and presumed level cap increase)… No.

I’d rather pay $50 and get a real expansion, rather than a full-on grind fest. Feel bad for players actually trying to level by doing Section X, Black Hole, Ilum… gonna suck trying to get the open world spawns again.

You mean the 9-week content updates that everyone has access to: Sub, Preferred and Free to Play?

Seriously dude if your this upset then go. It is obviously not for you. The current content drought is irritating to be sure but we are on the edge of getting one of the biggest updates to the game come 2.9, with another major patch hitting just the month after and it has been confirmed numerous times that the next expansion will come before end of year.

But if you can’t wait and want to try to find greener pastures elsewhere then go ahead…

Classic comms are a nice source of quick cash too. I’ve sold all 100 for 120k to 180k on fleet. Usually (always) there are people who say “You can’t sell comms!” but those people don’t know you can actually, magically trade directly with someone and just shop for mods while they pay you.

Glad to have all of the daily rewards in one convenient place 🙂 Now to decide if I want to start grinding out dailies again for credits to try and get the guild ship or not. I’m in a small social guild so we don’t have a lot of people but with 16 level 55’s I could get the credits easily enough if I want to run dailies 40hrs a week for a week or so

I find grinding ‘certain level elites’ a lot more profitable than dailie quests. And easier to do while watching a movie and waiting for the pvp-queue-pop. 😉 It’s a great way to get into a different spec’s keybindings-without-thinking, too.

Well at the mioment u recieve far more credits from doing dailies and weeklies. 35 basic comms = 1 iso-5 from vendor = 80k creds on my server.

Maybe add the total number of basic coms including weeklies in the top table? Effectively, they are worth about 2000-3000 credits each when converted to isotope vials, depending on server prices.

I literally just totaled these up on my own a few days ago! Trying to set up daily runs for my guild to raise money for a stronghold and decorations.

there’s no heroic on cz-198, maybe you mean the 2 FP you need for the weekly…. What is completly missing here is the Voss daily heroics + weekly (marked as lvl 50 as for belsavis/ilum/BH and sec-x)

This info is very nice! But I would love to also see a column added to the table with the average time to complete each area. The credits per time yield info would be even more helpful to decide which areas to do with limited time.

Thanks for the Guide. Now I only need a good Xanax prescription, otherwise if I do everything above everyday straight for a week terrible things will happen.

Ha, the last three months of my playtime consisted of farming dailies with my guild. I can’t think about dailies without shuddering.

Lol aderall helps when u need to set goals and avoid common distractions ..though I warn it’s highly addictive u may find yourself without sleep for 2-3 days and in a situation similar to the movie Limitless in the game mindset.

Brilliant Guide, Thank you. Personally, I would like to see an average time commitment for each of these or a credit to time ratio for the solo player. Something in the general range would be fine. ei; Blackhole = 20 to 30 minutes. Obviously, any of these could be done is half the time with a team.

Don’t forget the Hoth Heroic dailies. They also give you upwards of 100k credits in approximately 30 minutes. Same with Voss, though it takes a little longer. There are definitely tons of areas to farm credits, though you usually don’t have time to go to every one of them each day.
And farming the Makeb chests will of course yield much more credits, around 1 million per hour, but they are being farmed so much it is hard to find an empty instance with them.

im not sure if u factored this in but ive noticed the credits u get for the section x bonus misisons give u an addition 3 or 4k for each person u have with u. so running with 3 other people nets even more credits. 😀

In my opinion I still believe that Ilum is the best deal. Each quest is worth 10K+, there is simply no daily (disregarding heroics obviously) out there rewarding so much especially for lvl 50 quests. Being lvl 50 it takes no time to fly through these and you don’t have to spend too much time to get from one hub to another one unlike Belsavis.

Takes me only 20 minutes to earn more than 100K credits. If I decide to farm Ilum on my ten lvl 55 that’s 1 Million in about 3 hours.

Thanks for watching my back brother. I nearly logged in to do all of that over and over and may have suffered burnout. Your suggestion saved my life in TOR!

Wasn’t complaining, I provided an observational opinion. It is great information. I just think that it leads to burnout.

It really just shows you what your options are as far as dailies go, and if someone is super committed to getting a certain stronghold maybe they would touch it out for a week or two, and then do other things and take a long break from dailies.

I’d suggest you may want to add the Area Oricon Decimation to the Oricon list, you really cannot NOT complete it by completing the rest of them.

Soloing Red Reaper can make you some decent money as well, around 60-70K per run after selling drops. Takes about fifteen minutes per run, less if you’re a stealther.

if you stealth through you lose a lot on loot cash and trash drops. I kill everything always if I’m in a flashpoint. Other than the chance for a decent rarish drop most mobs have at least some credits on them.

It’s about credits/minute, not credits/run. Trash drops nothing compared to bosses and completing the FP, so spending time on trash decreases your rate of income.

Normally I would say ‘nice guide’. Sadly …… this is NOT a good guide imho. 🙁
The writer totally bypassed several VERY important parts:
– vendoring the drops from trashmobs (some dailies are giving better drops)
– average time needed to complete above dailies
– vendoring items bought with the commendations

Small example:
Oricon gives 22 basic comms right? With a bit more comms you get a vial of isotope which you can sell for about 100k at GTN.
Blackhole area is slightly below the creditgain of Oricon. Above example tips the scale to oricon even further.

Some people may stealth the dailies or stuff like that, so it makes sense to include the base info all people will get jist for completing the missions (;

This wasn’t a guide for…. if you do this, then you can sell this to make that, i.e, anybody can sell isotopes, and has NO bearing on the daily itself. (not part of the quest) that is what you can do with the stuff you earn from them. I can sell the gear i get from any quest, does that count for the quest? no, because its a random of it. This is a GOOD guide on the Base dailies themselves nothing more. Go troll some place else

I’ve seen a lot of people in the comments ask about average times for completion. I, too, was wondering about that, so I timed my runs on a few of those areas. Other thing people asked about is the money you get from mob drops, and I did an aproximation on that too.
My character is a lvl 55 Jugernaut Tank with 180 gear (mostly). I always run with Jaessa as companion (her gear is a mixed match).
Here is what I’ve got so far:
Loot: aprox. 18k (afer repairs)
Time: 12~16 minutes

Black Hole (NOT running the Heroic 4)
Loot: aprox. 10k (afer repairs)
Time: 13~15 minutes

Section X ( Running the Area Heroic 2; NOT running the Heroic 4)
Loot: aprox. 64k (after repairs)
Time: 37~43 minutes

This is what data I got so far. I’m pretty sure the numbers can vary a lot for different people.
As I get numbers for other daily areas, I’ll post them as a reply to this message.

In this forum there is another thread that goes into “How to make 20
million credits a week”. In fact you will find the OP and my first
comments on the second page. DarthTHC and I are mostly on the same
page. One problem is that his OP is now out-of-date: most of his item
values are inflated. Not that big a deal because the message is still

The primary point where he and I diverge is that of time spent.
DarthTHC said that he tries to logon every 90 minutes or so throughout
the day. For most players this is an impractical goal; most players
cannot or do not want to spend that kind of time working the GTN in this
game. Therefore the goal of “20 million credits a week” is all but

Does that mean one cannot make a fortune of credits in this game? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! It will just take longer.

The intent of this post and thread is to give general information
regarding my own time tested strategies to create that fortune. The
basics will cover what translates to ALL MMOs. I will go into some
specifics regarding SWTOR, but to give away all my secrets would be
foolhardy…it would give my competition a leg up .

DarthTHC had a lot of things right:

Don’t spend credits if you do not
absolutely have to: saving credits is as important as making them.
Before you buy something on the GTN think to yourself: “Do I really NEED
this?” or better yet, “is there a way I can get this without spending

People do stupid things with in-game currency: be smarter than they are.

Make credits not stuff: be aware of the values of materials and crafted goods because many times the materials are valued higher.

Making credits at the level cap is much easier than while leveling:
Because of having all your companions, and the ability to do dailies,
and the fact that you no longer have to spend credits on training class
abilities, and many other factors that are slipping my mind, waiting
until a character gets to the level cap is an excellent strategy.

Taking slicing with every new character: Lockbox nodes are free credits plain and simple and running early lockbox missions is a profitable venture too.

Now I would add:

Patience is as much a commodity as
credits: starting from nothing, if you try to make millions overnight
you will probably fail. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but they
are just that: exceptions. Assume you will be the norm rather than the
exception and you are already much better off. This means starting
slowly and letting your credit making snowball over time.

Related to both Patience and Making credits not stuff is quantity over quality:
Players see those 1+ million credit items being posted and want to get
in on that. What they fail to realize is that the materials to craft
those 1+ million credit items are valued at 900k to 1+ million (not to
mention how hard it can be to get the schematics in the first place:
OTOH, as a function of percentage lower level items are MORE
profitable. But because of their lower overall value, it takes more
sales to get to the total credit value. But fear not, those lower level
items tend to sell faster for the simple fact that they are cheaper;
most players will think long and hard about spending 1+ million credits,
but hardly think twice about dishing out 20k credits.

Diversity is a key to success: if
you only craft one item for sale and that item no longer sells or the
market crashes, you are screwed. Whether you have one character or a
dozen, diversity in what you sell will calm the ebbs and flows of the
GTN supply and demand markets.

You need to market watch. Simply
crafting stuff because you can and hope that it sells (at a profit) is
not good business. Tracking of data in a document is one way to handle
this but it is time consuming and IMO unnecessary. Before you jump into
a market, take a look at what the item is selling for over the course
of a few days to a week. (In my opinion

Will they be updating this list with the new commendation system and dailies located on Rishi and Yavin? Thanks.

Is there any chance this could be updated to reflect all changes since the 4.0 Update? As someone who took a 2 year break, I came back and noticed a lot of the dailies I used to do on Belsavis were no longer available. It would be nice to have a current list that we all can refer to. Thanks!

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