SWTOR Dark Projects no longer requires Synthetic Energy Matrix

Bioware changed the crafting mat requirement for Dark Projects and it will now require Self-Perpetuating Power Cell instead of Synthetic Energy Matrix.

Dark Projects mats or Dark Project token prices need serious rebalance | 08.11.2014, 03:02 PM

Hey all!

I spoke with the team regarding your concerns about the high cost of Dark Project materials, and here’s what I found out:
The Synthetic Energy Matrix was erroneously included in the Dark Project schematic. It has been replaced with the material of the appropriate grade – the Self-Perpetuating Power Cell.

Thanks for bringing this up, and we’re going to get this taken care of!


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You gambled and lost, right? You bought them on speculation that the price would rise or at least would not drop. Your speculation was wrong. Happens all the time in both SWTOR and the real world. No tears will be shed for you.

I bought these for between 90-130k each with the intent on being able to craft enough to get myself 1 of everything available on launch day. I could understand your reply being accurate if the materials came from data mining, but this info came from the official PTS, and I think those that put forth the effort to stock up and provide other players the opportunity to buy the kits mere hours after launch should be compensated for their misplaced credits. Something as simple as adding a small fee trade in to one of the in-game vendors. Make it so you can purchase 1 Self-Perpetuating Power Cell for 1 Synthetic Energy Matrix and 10k.

You should be aware that anything coming from the PTS may change at any moment. Its sole purpose is to test updates, not to prepare or anticipate anything.

Transfer of test-server information to the live realm is … as risky as insider trades IRL… when the ‘insider’ is actually a drunk retard on crack who admits to hallucinations and rampant ignorance.

I know it sucks. But yes, it was a bet and you lost. :/ The amount of credits are a real bitch to lose, too. Sell them NOW and hope some players haven’t read the notes, yet? >:)

Mats that only dropped in EC were replaced with those that dropped in SM EV and KP and HM False Emperor. (Besides the crafting boxes and Jawa Junk vendors.) It is a slight improvement. Still will be rare though to start out.

I do find it a bit frustrating that the mats for the dark projects require purple exotics from old Ops, not that running classic Ops is a bad thing, but would have preferred if it was purple exotics you get from gathering skill crits, like the thermal regulators or mytag crystals, just like some of the prefab kits are.

WOW! That is really going to make some crafters furious. His message seemed a little chipper to deliver news like that. Glad I stocked up on mats for the universal mk-3’s and not these. I now feel bad for selling off the 10 synthetic energy matrix I had a couple days ago. Not bad enough to buy them back tho.

Hello dulfy, are you thinking about making a guide about getting these mats? Yes they drop from OPs, but what about Eternitys Vault/Karaggas Palace guides?

Thank you for correcting this after I bought/farmed enough = 120 units !! to be able to craft 40 Dark projects……..

To make one is already very rediocoulus mats wise but I was just done with it today…now I read this……

This game is turning out to be more and more FRUSTRATING for achievers like me… much broken and what not (never mention lore, codex or achievements pls!).

And no test server is to test for what will goes live. It is not tested what mats will be used but if the mechanics work.

And when high end guilds use test server to clear operations in the first week of release then it is only fair when high end crafters/achievers use it for their way of play……….

Thank you so very much to nullify my frustrating materials grind of the past THREE weeks!!

I salute you!

I’d say some chesse with the whine ? I recommend the highly speculative Roquefort.
And yes, I waltzed through EV etc myself for the last few weeks, with my guild mates, simply so we could procure said resources and introduce some new players to the content.
But we still had fun. And we knew it was a gamble,

I find it hilarious. All these people mad because they made a decision based on something that was likely to be altered. Score 1 for patient people.

This “fix” was reverted in 3.0 back to using the original recipe. I had just stocked up on power cells to make a bunch of dark projects for myself and I get screwed by this recipe changing back to how it used to be

I cant find any answers whether they will “fix” it again or if this broken version is whats going to remain (theres no freaking cubes on my server for sale and they arent on the jawa)

ummm not sure when it happened but it states Synthetic Energy Matrix again. Is this an error of wrong recipe since expansion pack or are we now meant to go back to this ingredient?

Only been about half a year now Bioware, thinking of implementing this update or did your retarded development team get stuck in creation the next skimpy outfit for the Cartel Market?

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