GW2 Chaos Weapon Skins Gallery

A gallery of the Chaos Weapon skins available from Black Lion Tickets with The Dragon’s Reach part 2 patch. This is a work in progress.

Chaos Axe


Chaos Dagger


Chaos Focus


Chaos Greatsword


Chaos Hammer


Chaos Longbow


Chaos Mace


Chaos Pistol


Chaos Rifle


Chaos Scepter


Chaos Shortbow


Chaos Staff


Chaos Sword


Chaos Torch


Chaos Warhorn


Chaos Shield


Chaos Trident


Chaos Harpoon Gun


Chaos Spear


  • Wheezy11

    Great work on getting these up so fast as always, thank you Dulfy. Also, these weapons are hideous. <_<

    • G3kk0

      they are too simple. still need to see the effect in game to decide tough.

  • Mark A Torres

    Hmmmm so far, I like the Axe. Though I could probably do better in axe skin choice.

  • JYAnonymouse

    Doesn’t have the same AWE factor as the gw1 chaos axe.. need the translucent look.
    – i don’t like the black lions chest. -.-

  • Tonirawr

    chaos axe for life!

  • gw1player

    these black lion skins always leave so much to be desired =/

  • Dry Top

    There wasn’t enough shiny things, I guess…

  • Jedsia

    If only weapons were dyable….then these might interest me more

  • Jizateci

    these look really horrible :/ shame….

  • ssbobbyh

    Axe, pistol, rifle, sword, and dagger for me.

    May even go ahead and get the shield instead of working for the flameseeker prophecies

    • Hizzer

      I’d finish the FSP. It’s one of the… Easier legendaries to craft and it’s one of the best looking shields in the game.

  • BlueCor

    yea awful! like the material but so simply shaped! Reshape please!

    • Braghez

      They’re simply shaped just like the chaos axe of gw1…they should have been actually even simpler since it was just a glow in gw1, those ones have a shape at least, lol

  • Leandra

    finally some BRIGHT and shiny wepaons and no flame/fire or dark crap well done

  • xehanort

    Fast as always, I hope you don’t neglect your sleep to do all this work everytime. Much appreciated though.

  • I hate reskins

    Reskins. Reskins everywhere.

  • Tyler Ferry

    dae love the gemstore? le?

  • AGNA2

    I think I’ll start an assurance warrior and equip it with t3 with dual chaos axe

  • Xerocross

    shiny things skritt race confirmed !

  • Chev

    I just wish the weapons didn’t all look so “clumpy” Something subtle would be nice, in proportion to character size.

  • x3n0n

    i got the sword. which screams “GUARDIAN WEAPON” from every single pixel

    • x3n0n

      fell free to use it . i’d be honored

    • zac

      that ellen kiel rep

      • x3n0n

        yeah. i have so many in bank i dediced to use it during the politics mission.

    • John

      Are you a Christmas tree?

      • x3n0n

        and i’m not using anomaly skin for focus. when they’ll let us dye the weapons i’ll overwrite minstrell default one.

        but yeah, you are right. during some jumping puzzle with camera very near it’s terrible.

        that’s why i use the endless princess potion.

  • Sad Face

    🙁 If only the staffs head part was a big floating white orb with glowing white residue coming off of it, instead of that ugly diamond dildo head!

  • PatPinoy

    You guys should see the Delaqua Family Blade.

    • snowgim

      I just saw it, now I want it.

  • Ares Zax

    Mmmm… While it’s nice to see the Chaos Axe back, I can’t say I’m really impressed with these weapons. The Mistforged weapons also give off a “holy” vibe and have a lot more detail on them. Still, more weapon skin choices are always good. 🙂

  • Sylar^

    wow, such detail
    i guess they really do need to take a break

  • Aria

    I love these, I don’t know why people are saying they hate them.

  • angrycat

    re-skin all the stuff!!! i wouldn’t even bother or care if this is a living story end gift. just another pile of crap.

    • lueboll

      While I do like the skins I have to say.. completely coating an weapon in white and then chroming it up for some shine and tossing on some glow isn’t quite something worth throwing money at.

  • anon

    Too bright, my poor eyes!

  • Bored

    yeah i like it all ,even if i prefer chaos skin axe in gw1….so what we can do in game while playing to win all of this ? use gold or credit card only ?

    • Braghez

      Both…but it’s quite easy with TP…they ll cost around 50-70 g each soon…depends on demand.

  • Ianpact

    Rather than just making re-skins like this they should look to PoE.

    It’s not quite “dye”-ing of weapons but it would allow people to customize and actually provide more options to people.

  • Ben

    Fractal sword >>>>>> chaos sword.
    I once asked for simple and elegant skins on the forum, these while simple are certainly not elegant and look to be a complete cop out. Did all the artists go colour blind or something

  • SirTankalot

    I like them but at the same time they still feel… bland.

  • Crixus

    Too bad you can’t change the color of the weapon, would’ve loved to get that axe and change the color. Loved the axe in the first game.

    • Grognard Fohammer

      So much agreed. Loved my purple glowy axes.

      • Crixus

        Too bad you can’t make them purple here.

  • Badass Çapulcu

    so i think anet keep going to redesign those skins thats disappointing

  • Chris

    Some people do not seem to understand, this is an HOMAGE to Guild Wars 1 CHAOS AXE. If you never played GW1 you can keep your trap shut.
    I personally think these are awesome!

    • Celestina

      Played GW1, these skins are still shit.

    • S

      Played GW1 dont compare my dear chaos axe with this reskined crap.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I’m gonna put these on my Celestial dyed Radiant armored Guardian ^__^

  • Guest

    the chaos weapons look so cool >.> I want them all D:

  • Syreadisa

    Chaos Shield looks cute.. 😉

  • Dex

    Not impressed, Original Chaos Axe does not even come close… these weps are alright, the glow and effect matched to the white is nice, however the actual design is not there. There are many of these simply reskined versions of the Kryta or other lower level weapons. The original Chaos axe does not look like this current one. Id love to see this color/effect on a bit more complex designs, instead of these bland looking skins.

    If it matches your gear great!!!!! Don’t hate, just look at them and notice they dont have much design beside the color/effect combo.

    • Guest

      I agree, swear the models looked strangely familiar, lazy reuse of the Krytan skins.

  • carloboi

    just when i made my whisperblade for my mesmer 🙁 pistol looks good but it wont match whisperblade skin

  • \///

    there go all my saved tickets :/

    GS and sword are mine, and then maybe some others too …

  • Ghost

    Um why are these chaos weapons? I see that they glow but they don’t glow like the original chaos axe at all….

  • Guan Nan Wang

    really lazy revamp of krytan wpn model, its sad for a gaming company that was known for its art and design

  • Jigs J Sharma

    well thoes look shit. im happy i didnt buy gw2

    • meh

      im happy u didnt play it, else u’ll be a prick about everything

      • bob

        You soubd like a but hurt lil cunt. 🙂

    • Scratch

      Hello from the future. Are you still a moron?

  • thatyellowfellow

    how much do u think these will sell for in a couple months?

  • commentor

    Their design themes are now pure particle effect oriented. Particle effects = gem sells. Cheap arts, cheap artists.

  • Nick J-s

    All that would’ve been needed to make these amazing would have been to reskin the ascalonian rather than krytan weapons.

    Create a new, unique, GW1-inspired model for the 1h axe and you have an amazing set of weapons.

    but no.

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