GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 2

GW2 Dragon’s Reach Pt2 Launches Today, also Mid-Season Finale

Part two of Dragon’s Reach will be launching today. It is also apparently a mid-season finale and the season will pick up again this fall.

What can you expect

  • New explorable area
  • Continue to upgrade your backpiece to ascended/infused
  • New PvP Reward track (Arid Region Reward Track)
  • This is a mid-season finale, will pick up again later this fall.




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35 replies on “GW2 Dragon’s Reach Pt2 Launches Today, also Mid-Season Finale”

Mid-season finale? Hmm.. so no content for a while? Hopefully they revive the SAB or a WvW season or something in the interim..

There will probably be something for the 3rd anniversary in two weeks. And maybe the SAB in september like in 2013?

I am in complete agreement about them having something planned for September for the 2nd anniversary celebration. I am also way too excited anticipating that SAB might be involved.

I was going to correct that it is the second anniversary, beginning of the third year, but I just realized that it also means new Birthday gifts. Can’t wait to see what the are!

They take breaks all the time lately, barely 4 small patches and break again, i guess they really want people to get bored and leave their game.

you cant make new content every 2 weeks, you dont know how much work is in these patches
they do it better than any other game i played with, and even that they wont make a new LS patch in the close-future, they got backup plans like SAB, WvW season, holiday-patches
they already told us that they will bring them back in order to give LS team a break to concentrate on upcoming changes

Its ok, WoW’s new xpac will crush whatever they have left over for a playerbase. Just a matter of time. No better way to feel like an underpowered ragdoll than to play GW2 PvE and the only thing its really got going for it anymore is WvW, which does get kinda stale after a year or so.

Well people who play GW2 play because they are 2 different gameplay’s, GW2 has more action and WOW is more a raid grind fest. So the fact is people who play GW2 dont play because they are bored of WOW more they dont like WOW

Not exactly, I played wow since Nov. 2004 for 8 years…then cancelled and re-subbed here and there for a month at a time.Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but the re-gear, re-gem, re-chant, re-forge the same system over and over is just a borefest for me (and all the friends that have left).

The worst part though is Blizzard openly making old content obsolete because they want the player-base to focus on select content is ridiculous. Arbitrary achievements that don’t hold their value… doesn’t reward those that played and supported the game for years.

Guild Wars 2 content however, will hold up. They may come in the form of skins, or skills, but you know what? The Mysterious Vine back piece won’t get super-nerfed and handed out from a van with free candy… if you miss doing it with this release? You can go back and do it later… sure… but you know what? You’ll have other content that’s also going to be available and new stuff to do!

This formula is EXTREMELY rewarding for a long-term player. Arenanet has always valued the long-term player, where WoW appeases the short-term ‘nerf everything for the newbies to feel special’ – until everything is over saturated… that it becomes…. BORING.

Edit: Grammar.

Yeah because GW2 died and everyone stopped playing during that long break between the Season 1 epilogue and the start of Season 2 right? Go back to your WoW and please, stay there.

I played WoW for a month and got bored fast, didn’t see a reason to pay monthly for it. Played Guild Wars for 5 years and never got bored. Bought every addon and collector’s edition. Played GW2 since the betas……again bought the collector’s edition…..can’t stop playing it. Plus I get to keep my money monthly. Can’t complain about GW2 putting out more annual content than WoW and not charging me for it. More bang for the buck baby!!!!

It’s more of a challenge to ride to the top of GW on the backs of teammates or guildmates, and much more dependent on each individual’s personal skill level. I’m sorry you’re an underpowered ragdoll in GW, and missing your pocket healer and tank. So sad 🙁

Man, people have said Wildstar, ESO, and WoW pandas would kill GW2…

It’s almost as old as people saying that “Game X will kill WoW!”

Still waiting on a boardgame to kill chess…

It’s cool. You cannot expect the same dev team to keep cranking out new content on a two-week cycle indefinitely. The break will give them a chance to finish the rest of the LS content while the other team(s) present their stuff like WvW Season 3, SAB, Halloween, etc.

I would play a Skritt… too bad their racial would likely be to get distracted by any shinies they come across.

but their hive-mind would give us a stacking buff for each other skritt-player around us 😀

Unluckily it would be unfair race balance -wise xD still it would be nice some kind of small change for that …like, the player would make smarter (and more grammatically correct) phrases while using skill etc or getting conditions and stuff xD

4 patches and break already? Meeehhhhh
to be fair they took a long ASS break after season 1 already so it feels kinda soon they’re taking a break imo

but idk, im not the one making free (& pretty amazing) content for us so i’ll wait

The break was mostly made for the GamesCom I think…since some of the stuff had to go there.
Plus it’s some more time to work on next stuff…i believe that the old LS was mostly already made before the launch (there was way too much stuff hinting to Scarlet’s techonology before she was even showed, like the steam creatures) so now actually making new stuff (and in a less half assed way like season 1) is a bit more time consuming 😛

Oh i think it’s a good idea if they’re short on staff they postpone it for a short time rather than releasing something crappy
When is “this fall”? I’m in nz here so it’s winter heading to spring, so i guess it’ll start again in sept?
“Mid-season finale” suggests that S2 story is going on be 8 episodes total
If they have festivity patches like wintersday and halloween then that adds up about right til the end of the year too – Can’t believe it’s almost been a year already and season 2 is ending D:
We definitely delved into the modremoth story that much yet, i was under the impressions S2 would be mordremoth, but with only 4 episodes remaining, maybe S3 will carry on the same arc who knows

I guess it ll re start around september too…maybe they will put a feature patch in the middle…plus SAB is yet to be finished xD…who knows…for sure the festivites are quite a pain in the ass for the storytelling,….since they break the flow…
Well…we ll see…a 8 episodes story is kinda short…but i understand that making a good story too long will only end up like last time, with a lot of people nagging because it gets diluited too much, plus i think they want to speed up the process a bit to stay on par with a “expansion sized” releases every 6 months or so and kill dragons a bit faster to move to other continents too.

true, if they go S1 speed, the map will never get expanded fast enough lol
I know they said SAB hasn’t been started when they were about to launch S2, so probably not gonna see that for a while =(
What would be cool tho, is if they integrate festivities like wintersday and halloween with the mordrem and the current S2 story, instead of recycling it the third time round

Yep! Just saw that, hope it will include some pve stuff too since i don’t play a big deal of pvp/wvw
But i’m glad they’re updating wvw/pvp, a bit lacking in those areas
A lot to look forward to it seems. Maybe this break will also let me catch up on school work hehe 😛

Anet should stop to update gemstore with (crappy) stuffs and focus on content.
I know that “they take a break to improve the next LS more” but I hope they’ll do something better
than first part of season 2.

Please, I love GW2 and i play since the very beginning of everything. I enjoyed it, my best memories lay into Mad King the 1rst. But since some months i feel like GW2 is leading itself to death…

Holy that final mission on thief in zerker gear was a nightmare. But I liked the ending for this chapter and can’t wait to see what is next. Every time SAB has come I have been on a break from the game so I am hoping it makes an appearance soon as I would like to finally see that content.

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