GW2 The Dragon’s Reach Pt2 August 12 Patch Notes

GW2 Patch notes for The Dragon’s Reach Pt2 patch on August 12, 2014.

August 12 Content Release Notes
The Dragon’s Reach, Part 2

As Taimi works to save waypoints and world leaders converge on the Grove for the historic summit with the Pale Tree, the shadow of Mordremoth looms over all. Will Taimi’s waypoint device work? Will world leaders work together to face the growing dragon threat? Or will they all be reminded that no one is safe from the dragon’s reach?

After completing The Dragon’s Reach, Part 2, showcase your tactical mastery as a hero of Tyria by completing challenging, episode-related achievements.

  • Players who completed their Mysterious Vine and received a Cultivated Seed may now create new exotic and ascended back items and a plant that feeds on Bloodstone Dust.
  • The Monkey King tonic and a new miniature now have a chance of dropping from new bosses throughout Dry Top.
  • Players can now earn higher discounts from Zephyrite Merchants.
  • The new Arid Region reward track is now available in PvP.

World Polish

  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs:
    • Added a boss icon for the “Kill the dredge sniper terrorizing the locals” event.
    • Added a boss icon for the “Kill the ancient barracuda aggravating the fish of Wyrmblood Lake” event.
    • Added a boss icon for the “Protect Explorer Harlow while he finds the Dragon’s Eye” event.
    • Added a boss icon for the “Kill the veteran dragon shaman to save the Priory team” event.
    • Added a boss icon for the “Protect Scholar Dane while she closes the portal” event.
    • Added a boss icon for the “Defeat the giant imp” event.
  • Gendarran Fields:
    • Added a defend icon for the “Help Tholaun rescue Miss Mipp” event.
  • Queensdale:
    • Added a boss icon for the “Kill the huge spider in Eda’s Orchard” event.
  • Straits of Devastation:
    • Fixed the icon for the “Use the Pact weapons to kill the Risen giant guarding the area near the temple of Balthazar” event.
  • Bloodtide Coast:
    • Added a boss icon for the “Kill Covington’s quartermaster” event.

Personal Story

  • Fixed the markers in the “Confront Kudu” story step of the “Free Rein” chapter in the asura personal story.
  • Redesigned the audio for the “The Battle of Claw Island” chapter.

Profession Skills

  • Lightning Cage:
    • Fixed a bug that blocked damage from this skill.


  • Scepter Power:
    • Updated the damage skill facts for scepter skills to properly scale with this trait.


  • Inspiring Banners:
    • Changed the range increase skill fact to radius increase for clarity.
  • Reckless Dodge:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the damage from this trait from being attributed to Reckless Dodge in the combat log.

World vs. World

  • Updated the Commander’s Compendium inventory item to be account bound.
  • Vitality gained via the Applied Fortitude effect is no longer bolstered on lower level characters.

New Items and Promotions

  • New Chaos weapon skins are available for the next four weeks from Black Lion Weapons Specialists for the introductory price of one Black Lion Weapon Ticket. Black Lion Weapon Tickets can be found in Black Lion Chests.
  • The price of Ley Line weapon skins has increased to 5 tickets.
  • A Mini Mordrem Leyleecher is now available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • Utility Primers are now available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 150 gems each or 25 for 2625 gems.
  • The Wreath of Cooperation skin is now available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 400 gems.


  • Reiko

    Dick move on anet’s part with the Monkey King Tonic, that thing is already tanking on the TP since the notes dropped. Many people spent hundreds of gold to nab it off the TP, I doubt anyone (myself included) expected them to make it seemingly a lot more common just two weeks later.

    • didnt see it coming

      > I doubt anyone (myself included) expected them to make it seemingly a lot more common just two weeks later.

      Then you are a fool.

    • Oliver Oblivious

      What happened to the new mini?
      What is it?

  • AGNA2

    Any pics of the chaos weapons?

  • Orpheal

    Wohoo, this is a great patch, just for alone finally fixing this god damn annoying audio file of tranhearne i guess, after 2 years!!! i repeat, an audio file fix after 2 years, that was from begin on total obvious and impossible to overhear, that somethign like that could get through the quality testing … but finally it seems they have heard my complains about this one and fixed it.

  • Misa Maja Twista

    legendary lama localization – very simple

    • Guest

      just behind tree

  • Guest

    lama localization

  • MrGulli

    aaaaand the ley line warhorn has a new sound effect now… if anyone cares ;D

  • Chris Smith

    Items in the Black Lion Weapons Specialist

    “Black Lion Claim Ticket” costs 10 scraps
    “Ley Line Weapons” costs 1 ticket until patch

    5 tickets, “Dragon’s Jade Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Phoenix Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Tormented Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Lovestruck Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Dreamthistle Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Halloween Weapons”
    5 tickets, “Zodiac Weapons”
    7 tickets, “Fused Weapons”

    *Ticket scraps are a currency but why are Tickets also currency?

    *Why 7 tickets for fused weapons?

    *What would new players think? Hey Anet, I just payed money to unlocked this episode. Do I REALLY have to pay 5 tickets for Ley Line skins?

    Anet would make much more money over the life of the game. If all Black Lion weapons are sold at a flat 1 ticket sale price. This would make the average player much happier and more invested in the game over the long term.

    Some will say these are prestige skins. Prestige skins are won through gameplay and not the gem store!

    Posted this in a forum before posting it here.

    • Manatees

      Sounds like you’re just salty because you can’t afford the skin you want.

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