GW2 Wreath of Cooperation and Mini Mordrem Leyleecher in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore updated today with Wreath of Cooperation helm and Mini Mordrem Leyleecher for 400 and 500 gems respectively.

Wreath of Cooperation – 400 gems

  • Two dye channels, top is some combo of yellow/gold and bottom is black/white
  • [&C6YVAAA=], [&C6cVAAA=], [&C6UVAAA=]



Mini Mordrem Leyleecher – 500 gems

  • Doesn’t do anything special


  • ElecManEXE .

    The part where it lists the name of the item in bold next to the gem price is typo’d as Wrath instead of Wreath. Its a pretty hilarious typo, but a typo none the less.
    Wish the mini pets weren’t so expensive nowadays. I miss the days when entire mini sets would go for 300 or 400. I might actually pick that one up for maybe 200, I really enjoy the design of the Modrem. But 500 gems? No thanks.

    • shodannet

      Prefer the days you got tradeable minipets on your characters birthday like in GW1 🙁

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I used to buy everything they put out, but since the gold to gem exchange is ludicrous now, I stopped buying things they release in the gem store. 800 gems is 120gold… No thank you.

  • Elsa

    Could I ask which dyes you are using for the blue wreath screenshots, Dulfy? It looks lovely!

  • nopikam

    If it doesn’t clip through my hairstyle.. I might buy it.

  • I love the wreath! Normally I set headgear to invisible, as it covers my face/hair. This makes a nice accent.

  • Airwolf

    Flower parade! O/

    Even with the bit of clipping through the flower in the hair it is not too noticeable. and the lower actually looks like a part of the helm.

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