SWTOR Conquest Commanders Locations Guide

SWTOR Conquest Commanders guide with locations of Conquest Commanders you can kill for Planetary Conquest in patch 2.9. Most of the info are taken from camelpocket’s thread on the official forums.

General Info

  • Each location have a chance to spawn a named Commander or a Veteran Battlemaster. Named Commanders have 5.1 million HP and requires around 7-8 players to kill while the Battlemasters have around 839k HP and can be killed with 3-4 players. Named commanders have a shield on them while the Veteran Battlemasters do not.
  • The Commanders are champions and have Commander of the Republic/Imperial Forces under their name tag.
  • Named champions have a higher chance to drop Frameworks required to unlock more rooms in your Guild Flagship while the battlemasters have a lower chance. Encryptions seems to be a guaranteed drop from both regardless if the Framework drops or not.
  • Each raid member that was part of the kill will receive 1 Encryption. Frameworks needs to be rolled on.
  • Commanders have a ~ 3 hr respawn timer and the named ones have a shield buff on them for 6 hrs that prevent any damage. To remove the shield, you need to employ the Starship Flyby from the vendor on the fleet (costs 1 Dark Project) and this can only work if your guild controls the planet. Other players will need to wait out shield timer. This give guilds that have conquered the particular planet an advantage over other groups on named Commanders since they have 6 hrs before the Commander become a free for all.
  • Commanders are located in enemy territory and will flag you for PvP.


  • Imperial Commander – Outpost Zaroshe (-617, –499)
  • Republic Commander – Outpost Thorazan (-1138, –1281) 



  • Imperial Commander – Outpost Talarn (1798, 768)
  • Republic Commander – House Trader’s Circle (2887, 544) 



  • Imperial Commander – Imperial Garrison (174, 1600)  
  • Republic Commander – Republic Operational Headquarters (752, 95)



  • Imperial Commander – Frostwake Outpost (The Starship Graveyard) (1096, 476)
  • Republic Commander – Outpost Zerek (The Starship Graveyard) (1137, –340)



  • Imperial Commander –Imperial Command Post (High Security Section) (-106, 1623)
  • Republic Commanders – Republic Watchtower (High Security Section) (-218, 599)



  • Imperial Commander – Outpost Overseer (-462, –1498)
  • Republic Commander – Kri-Ta Outpost (601, –1330)



  • Imperial Commander – Business Sector Tram Section (Government District ) (3026, –1170)
  • Republic Commander – Uptown Tram Station (Government District) (3545, –2561)



  • Imperial Commander – Imperial Waystation (-300, -252)
  • Republic Commander – Republic Base Camp (472, 570)



  • Imperial Commander – Imperial Forward Camp (2870, 224) in Prowler’s Trail next to the speeder.
  • Republic Commander – Republic Forward Camp (2853, 977) in Verdant Swamp next to the speeder.


  • Luis Rosado

    I get the feeling a lot of lowbies are gonna complain about geting ganked. But I think this’ll be fun.

    • Geollelm

      Not just the lowbies. I have multiple 55’s and actively avoid PvP. So I really hate it when BW does things that appear to force me into PvP situations.

      • needsomemiracle

        That’s hardly “forcing”. So a team is destroying your outpost, they attack outpost defenses, start killing the NPCs and get flagged. You’re not flagged simply by being on your home turf when someone’s invading, do you? Just ignore the chaos if you don’t want to take part in the fight.

        • gua543

          Some people want all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

          • Lanae

            Some people play on PVE servers for a reason. But that would then mean being locked out unless you join the PVP massacre. And not being geared for PVP you would not really stand much of a chance against the PVP-ers.

            So saying people want the benefits with the drawbacks is a bit shortsighted. Some people would like to have the challenge of killing a Conquest boss and its defenses without having to compensate for geared PVP gankers who are just there to piss off other players and not to do the content.

            • Arby

              I see them doing that from time to time now. What’s the difference? There is a PVP bolster terminal on one of the ships on each fleet.

              • Xymanek

                The buff is removed when u leave fleet

              • Arby

                Thank you, did not know that…. with reason

            • Unoshi

              i understand what you saying but, playing on a pve server doesnt mean people dont pvp. the thing about pvp/pve server is that one allows for constant attack on a player by an enemy player and the other one only allows so once you have been flagged. So undisturbed questing vs get attacked anytime by a player during questing.

              And saying that people play on a pve server to pve, also can easily mean that if an enemy team joins to defend the commander, easily could mean they are also pve geared instead of pvp. It just simply depends on which group comes to defend, some might be a mix of pvp/pve geared others, fully pvp, other fully pve. Doesnt easily mean pvp group wins over pve.

            • JustLilMe

              Well, you want conquest, you will do some PvP. You just like furniture, run dailies until the next Ice Age and buy the Encryption / Frameworks. Some people want free access to too many things.

            • Val.S

              Whilst i have no illusions about the motivations of many PVPer’s this ‘conquest’ content does at least mean there is a ‘point’ to this – the attack of enemy and defence of friendly commanders. Any guild large enough and organised enough to be seriously engaged with Flagship expansion should hopefully have a contingent of people to draw on as ‘PVP cover’ – it’s obvious enough in the set up that some enemy player interference should be expected.

              Too much to expect perhaps but you might even find PVP guilds would actually be interested in providing such ‘cover forces’ to assist their side in the conflict…

        • Arby

          This is what I plan on doing. You don’t attack them, they can’t attack you. Screw ’em.

      • Daftvaduhh

        My advice would be to roll/transfer on a PvE server, and don’t enter these areas. Avoid the area, you avoid the PvP flag.

      • Geollelm

        My point on this matter is this. I belong to a small guild. Getting 7-8 of us to go after one of these guys is going to be a challenge alone. But, say we get 8 of us there, you honestly believe there won’t be people of the opposite faction standing there waiting for us. So now we have to take down an OP’s level boss with a few adds, but possibly a small army of players to contend with at the same time. Sounds like a wipe to me. The only other way of getting this stuff is running insane amounts of FP’s and OP’s. I’m not saying we should be handed our ships and upgrades. I like a bit of a challenge to earn something. But there is a different between a challenge and banging your head on a brick wall. For those who are thankful for open world PvP, imho, that is what the PvP servers are for and areas like the Outlaws Den on Tatooine. I know, nobody goes there, at least not on Harbinger. Must not be enough people on a PvE server who want open world PvP.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Exactly how are lobies going to be ganked unless they’re flagged for PvP? (and in that case, they should expect it to happen)

      It’s not like you’re forced to join in the battle if someone is attacking the commander at your base.

      • Luis Rosado

        I play on a pvp server, while I agree it’s someones own fault and they knew what they were in for, there are a number of particularly big guilds on my server who actively hunt lowbies (one of my guilds does this, but i refrain from joining cause it’s not as fun for me as going up against geared 55’s) and go on base raids, now multiply that by 10 if the entire guild is involved, especially on cramped bases like the republic base on the dune sea on Tattooine and lowbies might get caught up regardless if they were trying to avoid it or not. Like I said before (read the above comment) I think this’ll be fun and add a sense of lore friendliness to the battle, I’m just trying to see things from the other end because it’s not just a game about me, it’s an mmo.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          But you are forgetting one important thing.

          On PvP servers (and to a lesser degree even on PvE servers) there will also be common knowledge that this is where the commanders are and this is where the guilds will attack.
          There will be friendly guilds there to protect the commanders.

          So the lowbies will most likely be able to sneak past unscathed.
          But in general, if you play on a PvP server, get ready to get ganked. It’s part of life there.

          • Luis Rosado

            Yeah, unless they have Class missions to either turn in or accept at the base.

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              Umm why would that make a difference.
              The commanders are not in the middle of the base where all the mission givers are.
              They are at the outskirts of the base.

  • Tijuanero

    waaa I don’t like pvp or I don’t like pve or gst what the hell just enjoy the game people it’s going o be fun, 😛

  • Daftvaduhh

    Is the 6 hour shield up for first spawn, or all spawns?

    • all spawns

      • Daftvaduhh

        So basically it’s pretty cheap to farm unhindered if you’ve conquered the planet? For a whole week….

        So this is the real prize for conquering, and its lifespan is at best 2 months… ugh.

      • Daftvaduhh

        K apparently your info (from the livestream apparently) is bad. You just need orbital support on the area to eliminate the shield, thus it does not require conquest.

        • Orbital support doesn’t remove it, you need starship flyby.

          • Ganker

            If raid party remove the shield with starship flyby and then gets wiped by pvpers, does the shield come back up or is it down for good?

  • Havik79

    Of course another thing to be ruined by angry 12 year old loser gankers.

    • If you can’t take it, don’t try it.

      • Lanae

        Because it should be acceptable that content can be ruined by a handful of gankers? Not agreeing with the sentinement.

        • Drebs

          This is content specifically geared towards open-world PvP. Plenty of other PvE content has been and will be added. Would you leave us nothing?

          • Christopher Luther

            It’s not PvP. It’s PvE with the threat of PvP.

          • Christopher Luther

            Just to clarify: PvPers gain no real benefit by defending their commander. The only thing they might get out of it is the fun of killing people who are trying to get encryptions/frameworks from a PvE encounter that just happens to occur in a PvP area.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      How is this going to be ruined by gankers?

      It’s not like you’ll be going after these targets with lvl 10 players…
      You’ll be going in with a fully geared up lvl 55 group.
      So the only way you would be “ganked” is if there’s 10 times more enemy players standing around waiting.
      Which I highly doubt will happen…

      • Christopher Luther

        Not necessarily. They just need to be PvP geared.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Sure, if 10 55’s with PvE gear go up against 10 55’s with PvP gear, then the outcome will be given in most cases.
          But it’s hardly “ganking”.


    Once conquered by guild A can guild B come later in the week and conquer the same planet? My thought is it might be a gank fest on the first day but if a guild wait later during the week it might be easier and can still conquer that same planet. Is that make sense?

    • Robert Hindy

      Guilds only conquer a planet if they are the one with the highest ranking at the end of the week. Killing a Commander does not mean that you conquer the planet: it just gives you points towards doing so. See http://dulfy.net/2014/08/07/swtor-planetary-conquests-guide/

      • RDX-TWO

        Thx that explains a lot.

  • Murphy

    Will the 6 hour timer be visible? How are we supposed to know when the shield runs out… good timing?

    • The shield is a buff with a countdown timer so you can see when it expires

      • Murphy

        Got it, thanks!

      • DogEyedBoy

        Can you provide clarification here? In the guid you mention “Commanders” as having the shield buff, which I took to mean “Veterans” do not.

        Does it cost 1 Dark Project MK-1 every time you want to use the Starfighter Flyby?

        • Christopher Luther

          They both have shields, and yes, it costs 1 to do the flyby each time, and you can only do it if your guild has conquered the planet (which at the time of this post, no one will have done—they can in a few days).

          • DogEyedBoy

            This is untrue; I was there when an unnamed Battlemaster spawned and they had no shield.

            • Christopher Luther

              Perhaps you’re right. My guild has only seen the shield on the named ones so far.

              • So named has shield, non-named have no shields?

              • DogEyedBoy

                That is correct. The named Commanders also have a buff that builds new stacks every few seconds they are in combat. We had one tank with a couple of healers and DPS, by the end of the fight the Commander had 50+ stacks and could kill DPS in 3-4 hits.

              • Maxdestruction

                Did you notice the fact that if that buff reach more than 20 or 30 stacks it is sure to have a Framework drop ? At least so it happened when we killed the one on Alderaan.

              • DogEyedBoy

                We’ve killed all our named Commanders with less that 12 people and have ended up close to or at max (50) stacks, each one dropped a Framework. I can also confirm that unnamed Commanders can drop Frameworks too.

  • Ry

    Quick clarification: Do both the Named Commanders and Veteran Battlemaster have the shield on them? And do they spawn in the same spot (inside the base of the opposite faction).

    • Yes same spot and same shield

      • Ancaglon

        Only the Named bosses have the Shield, but yes, same spot.

        Also, for clarity, it’s not necessary to have the Flagship in orbit in order to strip the Named Commander’s shield, just being in control of the planet (i.e. having won the Conquest).

  • ManDingoCC6901

    Hi Dulfy,

    In your flagship guide, you indicate that all members of the raid get an encryption, but this contradicts that. Can you please confirm?

    • It is not true anymore, they mispoke during the livestream. Only 1 encryption drops

      • A pity, really. That would’ve been another good reason to grab a full 24-man raid for these. I guess you still get a lot of conquest points for doing that though.

      • Christopher Luther

        This is wrong. An encryption dropped for each member of our group when we killed an unnamed battlemaster.

        • Hmm on the PTS it was 1 per raid, guess they changed it on live.

          • DogEyedBoy

            Both named and unnamed drop one for each party member.

            • Theho

              To clarify, it drops a total of 12 times, so if you have more than 12 members in your group, only 12 random players will get the blue item.

              • Maxdestruction

                I confirm, too. We did two runs 16+ and not everyone got the drop.

  • head-crusher

    hi dulfy i have a question off topic

    do you know what is the name of the music that starts when you fight the big rakghoul in the heroic (the one you have to kill 3 of it) ?

  • Luigy

    Hey, could u give answer, pls:

    This conquest-> u go to base and if nobody (players) there kill 3 mobs, or u need to infiltrate base and kill guards too?

    • You have to kill any nearby guards/turrets that might aggro on your group but otherwise don’t need to clear the camp after you killed the commander.

      • Luigy

        So, ur opininion would it rly be owPvP in PvE server?

  • Slambit

    great so this pve content is really pvp

    • Alpeih


  • Sadriel_Fett

    Flagged for PvP? Yeah, this is going to be a whole lot of fun. Just going to be one big gank fest.

    • 12 yo ganker

      It adds to the excitement.

      • Sadriel_Fett

        It certainly adds to something. Glad I got my big boots on, because it’s about to get deep.

    • Unoshi

      well, nothing of the unusual here, i mean you are going into an enemy base. ofc you will be flagged for pvp

  • DLM3

    That’s great. Another chance for people to kill lowbies in outposts.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Only on PvP servers, and they have nothing to whine about if they play on a PvP server.

      On a PvE server, the “lowbies” can just walk right by unaffected by the fighting.

  • Terrorus

    As more of the Flagship related content is revealed, the more I believe it will have a huge impact on the guild landscape. People who want to fully experience this content will star moving from small guilds towards the larger ones, and from less active to more active ones. So far, guilds have had little actual function in the game. With just a few dedicated players a guild could master all NiM Ops. Now, it seems, only larger guilds will have a real shot at the competition for the conquest of planets and related content. I believe it is very possible thar many guilds will merge or simply empty.
    This is the first content that is secifically disigned to reward a guilds collective effort on a large scale (One can run Ops on pug groups) and I think that is great. One more very alluring reason to join a guild and to pla with your guild mates. Many guilds for what I can see are just a gathering of people bennefiting from the XP and Reputation bonuses.
    I don’t have an opinion on wheter the this contents impact on guilds will be good or bad, but I strongly believe it will be significant.

    • AshlaBoga

      It probably won’t affect groups that focus on 16 Man Nightmare Ops, since they usually have 20-32 active players. But I see an 8 man progression guild recruiting more.

  • chris

    Sorry but Republic Mainbase as Hideout for the Commander ? So question…will normal Players get PVP flagged if the get into an Attack that normally was only towards the enemy Commander by imperial players ? I dont think that is the way to place these Bigguys at bases that are frequented by normal players who are maybe not interested in PVP or fighting….think about it

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      The only way a republic player would get flagged in the republic camp when imperials are fighting the commander is if they actually attack the imp players.

      So what’s the problem?

      Anyone else can just stroll right by.

    • Unoshi

      Just to let you know commanders are on an instance planet of the original one, so no point in being worried for “normal players to run around” and get flagged

      • Ancaglon

        It’s the original planet. However, if you don’t try to attack the opposite faction people, or heal or revive your people or NPCs, you won’t get flagged.

  • Unoshi

    @dulfy:disqus i think it is best to put in your post that these commanders are on an instance planet, that will stop the unending rage about ganking lowbies, forced pvp and such discussions

    • They are not in an instanced planet as far as I know. It is the same planet as everyone else.

      • Unoshi

        Ah, might have changed it then, when i was on an invading planet and opened map it showed me like Voss (instance)

        • That just means you are in instance 1 of the planet and there are no other instances of the planet open I think. When the map is full you can shuttle to other instances.

          • Unoshi

            Yeah, just went back to the stream, thought i heard Musco said they are, but the “Not” part he kinda whispered so was hard to hear.

            Thanks for clarifying

  • Kero

    Can Imp fight Imps during the Invasion missions?Or its only Rep Vs Imp?

    • Only imp vs pub

      • Kero

        Ok thank you Dulfy

  • Theho

    Respawn appears to be four hours. To clarify:
    When a Veteran Battlemaster dies, the next spawn will be 4 hours later. When a Commander dies, the next spawn is different, I’m guessing around 8 hours.
    Source: We killed a Veteran Battlemaster at 6:01pm, and at 4:01am the shield of the Commander that spawned afterwards was expiring.
    Also, we killed a Commander at 7:15pm, and at 1:45am it had still not respawned. Anyone having further information please post it to narrow down respawn timers.

    • Theho

      As a follow-up, the Commander we killed at 7:15pm had respawned and now (at 6:30am) had the shield buff with 3h19min remaining, so I’m coming up with a respawn time of 8h30 for Commanders, though it is very probably that there was another group that killed him then, and the respawn time is in fact exactly 4h as well.

      • Lykui

        This is quite helpful, hopefully dulfy updates this to reflect. Sittin’ here at 3 hours after and no spawn so I had to start digging.

        • Yesterday we killed on Hoth a Veteran Battlemaster and after about 4 hrs a named Commander respawned with his invulnerability buff up lasting 6 hrs.

  • Telanis

    How do you actually “invade”? A friends’ guild drove their ship to a planet but it didn’t update their invasion status. Any pictures of the guild ship interface would be pretty useful for the masses of us who do not lead a guild with a ship.

    • Moving a ship to a planet doesn’t invade the planet. You need to go on the conquest tab and guild leader will have a button called invade planet on the planets you can select. Right now with this conquest this is alderaan, voss and makeb

      • Telanis


  • Eronn

    Are there any commanders on Makeb or are will we only get points for that planet with other objectives? Great guides for GSH by the way 🙂

    • Havn’t seen any commanders on Makeb

  • Pancake

    Are the commanders only on the planets for Conquest that week or spawn on all planets every week?

  • Christopher Luther

    People who heal commanders become “flagged” but yet are not attackable. Keep this in mind.

    • Shawn Cowden

      They defend their faction. How is that griefing. You are attacking their base.

      • Christopher Luther

        You clearly missed the part where you can’t attack them back.

        • macewindy

          And you clearly missed the part that many groups don’t need to flag themselves in order to get aggro on the commander. The only thing a loyal defender can do is heal the boss since most of the time the enemy guild is filled with woosies who won’t flag.

          I rather want people to attack me when I am healing a boss against some guild. If they flag themselves the real fun starts 😉
          Although it was very funny to heal the quesh named commander against a TRE guild where the commander stayed at 100% full time 🙂

          • Christopher Luther

            The fact is they should be attackable. Until then, it’s just griefing.

  • Rokanis

    Are these commanders only on the planets that are invadable? My guild went to Tatooine and never found them on either faction. I know it wasn’t like that on the PTS, but is it possible they changed it for the live release?

    • People were killing commanders today on tatooine today so nope

      • Rokanis

        Wow, thanks for the really quick reply! I’ll be sure to let my guildmates know! 🙂

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    what are encryptions for?

    • 50 encryptions = 1 framework

  • Maxdestruction

    @Dulfy : first of all thanks again for your huge work about this patch.
    Question about commanders : is there any chance to know for each commander what kind of encryption they drops ? This would be useful to organize runs to a specific one hoping to find an instance of the planet useful to gather that kind of encryption.
    We killed 3 times the one on Alderaan and he dropped only one type of encryption, blue and purple one (Command).
    Thanks in advance.

    • Theho

      Here you go:

      Tatooine: Engineering
      Alderaan: Command
      Quesh: Logistical
      Hoth: unknown
      Belsavis: Logistical
      Voss: Logistical
      Corellia: Engineering
      Ilum: Command

      • Ancaglon

        I think it changes, possibly depending on the current Conquest event. Before Tuesday’s reset, Alderaan champions were giving us Engineering items, after the reset it’s Command drops.

        • Theho

          Exactly, my list may be wrong. This week, Hoth drops Command items and Tatooine appears to drop a random item, it can be any of the three.
          Unfortunately, I didn’t record the drops last week so I don’t know which bosses dropped what where.
          Take everything with a grain of salt.

          • Maxdestruction

            Again, thanks for your answers. I can update your list saying that we killed a Veteran Battlemaster twice on Hoth and he dropped, in different quantities, three kind of Encryption : Engineering, Logistical and Command. After 4 hrs about in place of him a named Commander respawned with his shield up for 6hrs.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    So do you just go to a planet and look around enemy bases or do you need to do something special to get to these champions/veterans?

    • Don’t need to do anything special

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Ahh ok, thx. I had no idea how to get to these commanders.

  • Ben

    I’ve already asked this in the 2.9 patch notes thread, but maybe this is a more appropriate place.
    In case you guys enabled “Orbital support” while questing on the ground, did you notice the exact amount of the bonus it provides? Like 5% or 10% etc…
    To me that might be an important element to consider, but strangely cannot find any details about it. Neither on forums nor from in-game fleet chat channel.
    I noticed the red “(something) Walker” vehicle that guild members can use when in control of a planet give them a 15% damage reduction. That’s quite something. If the Orbital Support also gives something similar, then that’ll be another good reason to go for a guild flagship.
    Thank you

    • Ben

      I hoped I could spare those 50 mln, but in the end I decided to get the flagship and check this matter myself.
      I wrote down all the values I could find on the character’s stats tabs, then went on the flagship and activated the Orbital support.
      Back on the ground, I noticed a 5% increase in Health points, and +5% in Damage Reduction (both under the Defense tab). However, all the other values – including Bonus Damage and Bonus Healing – were exactly the same… maybe a bug?

  • macewindy

    Not sure if it has been said already but named commanders can be done with less than 7/8 too. Tonight my guild killed the republic named commandor at correlia on our imp alts.
    1 assassin tank (by accident I was hybrid) (24%d / 39%s / 43%a)
    2 healers (1 in 162 BM gear – 1 in 168/180 gear)
    3 dps (1 with 38k HP and 2 with 30k HP)

    The commander hitted 50 stacks but even than the healers had no issue keeping my butt alive. If assume that with 1 tank and 2 healers who are decently geared you can 4 man a named commander too (unless he has a hard enrage)

  • Spárky

    they need to put a debuff or some type of way to prevent people from from being a complete asshat and come along taunt the commander away to make him reset just to say I’ll tank it for the frame work or you can’t kill him or other guilds doing it after you pulled him that is just a dick move should be untauntable by anyone out of group

    • Valenjinn

      A debuff like the one Dreadtooth has could be enough, that also would help to get rid of some asshole pvpers whose only purpose is to ruin your day trying to collect achievements and things for your guild.

  • Rickybobby

    Agreed, I had a guy do that to us on Hoth. He was alone same guy tried it again on Belsavis we had the boss at 40% when he made him reset we still got the kill his guild showed up too late for them to make an attempt. Mind you both times was a named commander and his last attempted so far was Quesh where they did get to steal it away reset it and kill it ,because it wasn’t a named commander and there was only a few of us. So if your on The Shadowlands server watchout for a sin tank in The Darkness Reborn because that seems to be what they like to do

    • Mortúùs

      Yep, I know the guy you’re talking about, and you should just avoid their guild entirely, because I was going to kill a tat commander with a guildy and an entire group of them stole him and tried to troll about it. I was later whispered by a member that apparently they want other guilds to hate them.

      • Guest

        You’re still crying about that? also iirc you hadn’t even pulled.

        • Mortúùs

          Why even respond if you don’t care?

        • Kilsun Lithandrous

          stfu your guild are a bunch of losers

  • Sciclex

    There is a maximum of 12 Encryption drops for each Commander killed. So try to bring a minimum of 12 people to each kill to maximize the Encryptions you receive.

  • Christopher Luther

    The Corellia map needs to be cropped or re-done to include only the government district.

  • Scottie

    Hey Dulfy, quick Conquest update, FYI.
    There are two commanders on Yavin 4. Imperial in the Prowler’s Trail, and Republic in the Verdant swamp. Both at respective factions Forward Camp speeder. Confirmed they do drop encryptions, and have a chance to spawn a named version. The named version is a new one, which was not in the original pool of rare spawns. Have not been able to confirm if the new level 60 pool has different names, or if the Yavin ones are special. Also, as of 3.0, all the commanders (on every planet) are level 60.
    Cheers! Just leaving this here so you can update.
    -Scottie (BC)

  • yellow-power ftw

    do those commanders give some achievement if all killed?

    • Valenjinn

      No, they only give the frameworks / encryptions.

  • Elc

    I’m looking at a Veteran Jedi Battlmaster – a champion and has tag. He also has 839340 HP. Has no shield, maybe it’s timed out or something but he fits both commander and veteran battlemaster descriptions.

  • Gehennah

    Do these guys still spawn at all after 5.0?

    Looked numerous times over the past few days and found nothing, usually I’ve never had issues finding them.

    • gonzo-bandit

      Yes they still spawn. My guildies and I just cleaned a bunch out on our sever. They must have been recently killed when you looked.

    • Illusione

      You also have to be on the PvP instance

      • Gehennah

        Thanks, I’ll have to check it out tonight.

        • Illusione

          If you don’t mind me asking what Server?

          • Gehennah

            Ebon Hawk

            • Illusione

              Awesome, I hoped OMAX didn’t have to compete with anyone 😛

  • Kilgore Trout


    We’ve got a new pair of commanders with the Iokath dailies expansion.
    Both are located near the entrances of their respective bases in the PVP
    instance. See the republic commander on the screenshot

  • Kilgore Trout

    We’ve got a new pair of commanders with the Iokath dailies expansion.
    Both are located near the entrances of their respective bases in the PVP
    instance. See the republic commander on the screenshot


  • Kilgore Trout

    The line “Commanders are located in enemy territory and will flag you for PvP” needs correction. It could possibly go as follows:
    Commanders are located in the PvP instance of their location. You won’t see them if your focus is set to PvE.

    • XerO

      That’s how it worked in 2014 when this was posted.

  • XerO

    Level 70 Tank and 70 Healer were able to do a battlemaster + its 2 adds with level 15+ influence companions.

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