Wildstar Nexus Report Livestream Q&A–Big changes to rune & attunements

Wildstar Nexus Report Livestream Q&A with Joe Piepiora with important changes to the rune system and attunement progress.

Twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/wildstar/b/557396007

Rune system revamp

  • Player don’t like the random slots on gear. We are going to tier out the number of slots based on the quality and source of the item.
  • Previously blue item can roll 1-4 slots and there is a lot of variance.
  • From now on, dungeon/adventure blues will always have 3 slots but they will be random types.
  • Green items will have 1 random rune slot item.
  • Crafted/world drop/vendor blue items will have 2 random rune items.
  • Players still have to deal with the random rune slots they get. We will add a new item, which allow you to reroll one type on your item. If you have 3 slots on your item, you can reroll each slot once and once only. Rerolling give you a choice of two new types of slots and you can never reroll the first type of slot you got. Say the first slot of an item have an Earth type slot. If you reroll it, it will give you Fusion or Water for example and never Earth.  If you are still not happy with the rune slot you rolled with this new item, you will have to reacquire that item again.
  • Items will have the ability to have slot upgrade. Another new item will drop from different type of content that can be used on an item to unlock one additional slot. Purple and orange gear have two additional slots unlocked with this new item.
  • Crafted gear will 2 slots by default but can be upgraded to 3 slots. Adventure/Dungeon gear have 3 slots and can be upgraded to 4 slots.
  • Current gear is unaffected, we are not going to reduce the number of slots you got. You can upgrade existing items with more slots up to the maximum number of slots it is allowed. So if you have an existing dungeon drop with just 1 slot, you can upgrade it to 4 slots.


  • Players get stuck with dungeon silvers – the timers are difficult. We don’t want silvers but instead we are dropping the silver requirement to bronze requirement (complete all optional objectives and kill all the bosses without a timer)
  • World boss – we are going to revise this step to make it easier for players to get through.
  • When players complete Genetic Archives step, the additional step to collect 300 primal patterns to get into 40 man raids will be reduced from 300 to 100.


  • Q: Day skylight option for housing so there is always daytime?
    • We can talk to our teams and get it in
  • Q: Why are AMPs/ability points still so rare after the fix?
    • We are always looking at drop rates. We do have some stuff in the horizon to make the drops better.
    • Trigger Fingers – its drop rate was similar to other AMPs but was used by every spellslinger. Its drop rate is pretty good right now after the 3 fixes and right now in my server the price for it dropped from 30 plat to 1 plat.
    • Currently dungeon boss have 20% chance to drop rare AMPs, this will be increased at a much higher rate to help spellslingers with Trigger Finger.
  • Q: Will we be able to turn our housing plugs?
    • We do want it but we need a smooth system to handle this as currently it is very complicated.
  • Q: Interactable seats in housing?
    • Patch 3
  • Q: New racial houses in the future?
    • These things take time away from other stuff. We would like to and we will in time but it is not in our short time list (don’t look for it in the next 6 updates)
  • Q: Plan to attach attunement to account instead of specific to each character?
    • It is complicated since you are dealing with different factions, servers etc. We have tools to do this but not in a clean way. It is something we are considering.
  • Q: PvP weapons are >> PvE weapons even for PvE situations. Is there a scale down of their SP/AP?
    • You can’t PvE runes into PvP weapons so you are missing out a lot of power. GA 20 man raids will have more powerful weapons. If we made crafted weapons with high AP/SP, the PvPers will complain about it instead.
    • We are considering of maybe scaling some PvP gear power with your rating.
  • Q: Do you see preserving player skill in wildstar’s telegraph-centric mechanics as more important uber, skill-trumping loot?
    • We need to balance the two a lot. You need to be able to dodge telegraphs and have gear that allow you to take some hits from telegraphs.
  • Q: When are you dropping customizable terrain for housing? Like snow covered grass
    • We have a design and everything in place to make this work. We don’t have a specific drop date but it is in the near term.
  • Q: Reason for level requirements on tradeskills and housing plot fabkits?
    • We didn’t want alts to become accessories for primary main characters. If we get a lot of feedback if people are against this idea we will reconsider it.
  • Q: Cleaned dye to remove dye color?
    • Yes, we will add a bleach dye soon. There are a lot of things we are doing to the costume system in the next 6 months. The issue is that sometimes designers color an armor piece different from its original color so when you bleach it you may not get the color you desired back
    • Bleaching will be free and you can cancel it if you don’t like the color it has been bleached to.
  • Q: Explain elder tiers? There is no easy to way tell item level right now
    • We will be adding effective item level to every item in the next couple months.
  • Q: Will drop rate of epic gear be increased in dungeons/adventures?
    • Probably not. We are happy with the current numbers. We are talking about ways to acquire purple items outside these instances currently.
  • Q: Ability to give soul bound dyes to alts or make them account bound?
    • We have the ability to do this but it is not clean currently. In the future it is possible.
  • Q: Any chance for PvP elder gem items since max level PvP grant elder gems?
    • Nope, we like to keep PvP gear on prestige right now. There is something called a Burden of Optimal Play where players see an item they like, they find the fastest way to acquire that gear. If we put stuff on elder gem vendors people will stop doing PvP and hate the developers for it.
  • Q: Big picture for housing/décor?
    • Yes, we have big plans for housing/décor. Guild neighborhoods coming soon.
    • We also have a smaller group housing system called communities for 5 players with a skymap that is shared between them. It is coming soon, but not right away.
    • Option to dye décor – it doesn’t look good and to change decors to fit the dyes better is a huge amount of work. In the future we will pursue an active décor option
  • Q: Barbershop, when?
    • This is something we are investigating right now. We are thinking of allowing the Stylist doing this and maybe add some new styles. It doesn’t mean that it is coming online soon though.
  • Q: Crafted CW4 adventure weapons have different specials – only Engs and Warriors get the impact special which make other class specials obsolete. Anyway to balance this?
    • We are looking into these things and updating these specials soon.
  • Ianpact

    Thank you for the run down. 🙂

  • Lanwars

    Many of these changes need to happen sooner rather than later. I just don’t feel any sense of urgency from them, this game is dying faster than anything I’ve ever played. Obviously you don’t want to rush these things, and it’s probably too late to ever get a large population back into Wildstar. Perhaps they’ve just accepted that f2p is inevitable. Oh well, I still enjoy the game occasionally…

  • Vox

    Good changes to the runes.
    Good changes on attunement.
    Housing needs the plug turning, and I would love to see plug moving to the same sized. Also private gardens.
    Bleach dye is a wonderful change.
    Bring on the stylist!

    Thanks for your WS updates Dulfy!

  • Nokokopuffs

    Everything is solid but the changes to attunement. Attunement should be hard and should be earned, having to complete a silver dungeon takes skill and focus. Your making the game easy just like WoW did. Dont give in to the people who cant learn to play the game properly. I put in hard effort for my attunment 4 weeks worth. i think someone deserves to go through the same struggle

    • YESkokopuffs

      “I walked uphill both ways in the snow and I’ll be damned if they don’t make the game any easier for anyone else ever!”

      Really? Everyone “deserves” to go through the struggle just because you did it and you wanna be a special snowflake?

      The game is bleeding subs so fast it’ll make your head spin. If you aren’t in a guild, and/or don’t have friends, there’s currently no reason to stick around since attunement/raid is basically the only PVE thing to do at elder right now. They NEED to make things a little easier to retain players.

      Y’know, so they can make money to put out new content so people like you have an actual game to play instead of it closing up shop (as you may or may not know ncsoft is fond of doing)

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