GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 2

GW2 Coin Collector Challenger Cliffs Achievement Guide

GW2 Coin Collector Challenger Cliffs Achievement Guide with locations of all 12 Lost Coins introduced with Dragon’s Reach Part 2 release.

Video guide



  • This map is interactive, you can click on the numbered icons to quickly jump down to specific screenshots.

1. Near the Llama achievement, use the purple crystal to leap over. Becareful to not overshoot.


2. WP back to Repair Station Waypoint and this time head straight instead of left


3. This one is near the edge of a hole in the ground, have to take care to navigate around the edge or you risk dying to fall damage


4. Carefully drop down below, go between ledges and drop on the top of the sand mound. Use the air crystal there to hop on top of the wall and grab this coin here


5. There is a super tiny cave up above the walls near the end of the underground cavern, enter it to grab this lost coin


6. This one is next to the vista on top of the underground cave


7. To get this one, you have to WP back and run on top of the underground cavern until you find a second hole with a lighting crystal. Use the lighting crystal to zap across two rocks and then run to the ledge to find this coin.


8. WP again and run until you find this 3rd hole in the ground, drop down with your fall damage reduction trait to the ledge and then the wooden platform below.


9. This one is super tricky, you have to start climbing on the cliff face with the air crystals and then walk on very narrow ledges while trying to reach the next air crystal. There is a lightning crystal at the end too you need good aim to get across.


10. Go back to the start of #9 and rotate your camera to find a coin between the rocks


11. Go left from coin #10 and you will find coin 11 tucked away in this corner. Helps if you stack the two air crystals in the area to get up.


12. Drop down below to the other side and then use the numerous crystals to get up.


By Dulfy

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31 replies on “GW2 Coin Collector Challenger Cliffs Achievement Guide”

Nevermind, seems I already did it, but for some reason I’m stuck at 11 coins despite collecting all 12…

You do not go up the large flat part that we are facing the picture. You should go up easily if you head to the right side of that rock and go up that short side just like a ramp and then hop over to the cave. Dulfy’s arrow is correct but might have been better if there was another photo angled more towards the side you need to go up on.

Great job, Dulfy, as always and you were right #9 was really tricky but got it in the end thanks to your guide!

@dulfy:disqus on the first Coin in the guide just before you take that jump skill u can run/jump over that bush on your left side to find the 3de Legendary Lama btw

for coin 9, you can grab the purple, and then jump above the purple, and then you are presented with a much easier place to aim from

I used the nearby lightning crystal to target the beams in #8 instead of trying to aim and jump and then was able to easily drop down to the wood platform.

There’s a slightly different (I’m not sure I can say “easier”) way to get the first tricky jump on #9. Instead of jumping up and around the protruding rock, slide down the wall (while running towards the wall, ideally) at the edge of the upper platform. About halfway down to the ground there’s another very narrow ledge, with an air crystal on it. You should land pretty much right on top of the air crystal. From there it’s a relatively easy jump UP to the air crystal on the narrow ledge.

I tried the way in the video more than a dozen times and I couldn’t get it, but this variation worked for me on the second try.

OK…I always hated purple crystals but i really can’t get a good jump for coin 1…i’ve fallen so much times…any advise? T.T

New numbers, arenanet -> dulfy:
1 -> 1
2 -> (6, 11 or 12)
3 -> 2
4 -> (6, 11 or 12)
5 -> 10
6 -> 9
7 -> 3
8 -> 4
9 -> 8
10 -> 7
11 -> 5
12 -> (6, 11 or 12)

Argh. Scratch that. I read the list the wrong way round! Doh!! Dulfy’s 12 must be Anet’s 2 because I’m missing Anet’s 4 & 12. Anet’s 12 is Dulfy’s 6 (cos I just got it), therefore Dulfy’s 4 must be Anet’s 11.

So Anet = Dulfy
1 = 1
2 = 12
3 = 2
4 = 11
5 = 10
6 = 9
7 = 3
8 = 4
9 = 8
10 = 7
11 = 5
12 = 6

Jumping skills are very wonky for people with high pings(+200) but one trick I’ve found out for #1 is holding reverse as soon as you jump. You tend to not overshoot as much. Can be used for other jumping skills such as Sactum Sprint.

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