GW2 Cultivated Vine Backpiece Guide

A guide to making GW2 Cultivated Vine Backpiece, a second exotic backpiece based on the previous Mysterious Vine backpiece. Special thanks to Crilt for making the backpiece a second time.

Note: If you received the Pet Seed from Cultivated Seed during the August 12 patch, you can make the Mawdrey Ascended backpiece without having to make the Cultivated Vine backpiece due to the August 13 patch. It is unknown if this is intended. This allow you to skip this step and save on the cost.

Players can now visit Azaar Softhood in Uplands Oasis to receive a Cultivated Seed in exchange for your Pet Seed (not Pet Seedling) if you made your Mysterious Vine backpiece before August 12 patch and got your Cultivated seed turned into Pet Seed.

  • If you went ahead and turned your seed into seedling by using the Mist Infused Clay pot, you will be unable to exchange it for Cultivated Seed and need to wait for a further patch


Cultivated Vine Backpiece

Cultivated Vine Backpiece is the second step after making the fixed stats Mysterious Vine Backpiece. This step is still an exotic backpiece but you can now select your stats. You will be able to make this into an Ascended backpiece as a third step. A guide for that process is coming soon.


You will need

  • 1x Cultivated Seed from making the Mysterious Vine backpiece
  • 1 Chaos Infused Clay Pot
  • 1 Package of Ley Line Dusted Plant Food
  • 1 Oasis Soaked Plant Food
  • 1 Attuned Grow Lamp

Once you have all 5, simply click on them in order to form into the Cultivated Vine backpiece.


Shipping List

Crafting Professions

  • 400 Artificer
  • 400 Jeweler
  • 400 Huntsman
  • 400 Chef

Shopping List

    • 20 Foxfire Cluster (this is in additional to the plant food)
    • 300 Bloodstone Dust (this in addition to the Bloodstone Bricks)
    • 1 Clay Pot (400 Artifice)

      • 15 Pile of Incandescent Dust
      • 25 Thermocatalytic Reagent
      • 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
      • 25 Brick of Clay

    • 1 Grow Lamp (400 Jeweler)

      • 10 Charged Quartz Crystal
      • 10 Orichlalcum Settings
      • 25 Sunstone Lumps
      • 25 Watchwork Sprockets

    • 3 Bloodstone Bricks
      • 300 Bloodstone Dust
      • 6 Obsidian Shard
      • 30 Thermocatalytic Reagent
    • 4 Exotic Essence of Luck (0 Artifice)
      • 8 Rare Essence of Luck OR 16 Masterwork Essence of Luck OR 80 Fine Essence of Luck
    • 200 Thick Leather Section
    • 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food (400 Huntsman)

      • 14 Potent Vendom Sac
      • 14 Vial of Potent Blood
      • 14 Large Bones
      • 14 Piles of Incandescent Dust

  • 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food (400 Chef)
    • 14 Slab of Red Meat
    • 14 Ghost Pepper
    • 14 Saffron Thread
    • 28 Foxfire Cluster

What Cannot be brought

  • Exotic Essence of Luck (just need artificer 0 or higher or get really lucky salvaging)

What is time gated

  • Plant Food (1 per day)
  • Charged Quartz (1 per day)

Chaos Infused Clay Pot

Chaos Orb to Resonating Chaos Orb

  • Chaos Orb is received at end of Party Politics instance.


  • To amplify the Chaos Orb, you need to do the Steam Ogre event which is after the Fire Elemental event in Metrica but this event can be only done if someone in the zone have the Matrix Cube Key and charged it (final step is charging it by defeating Fire Elemental). Head back immediately after you have defeated the Fire Elemental and jump in to access the Steam Ogre. The object you need to charge the Chaos Orb into Resonating Chaos Orb is the Concentrated Chaotic Radiation to in the top left corner of the platform.
    • Note, due to a bug, you must have the Mysterious Vine backpiece from previous step to be able to interact with the Concentrated Chaotic Radiation


Chaos Infused Clay Pot

  • Place the following in the Mystic Forge to make Chaos Infused Clay Pot
    • 1 Resonating Chaos Orb
    • 20 Foxfire Cluster
    • 100 Bloodstone Dust
    • 1 Clay Pot

  • Clay Pot is crafted by 400 Artificer and requires the following materials. Alternatively, you can purchase it on the TP.
    • 15 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 25 Thermocatalytic Reagent
    • 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
    • 25 Brick of Clay

Package of Ley Line Dusted Plant Food

Pile of Ley Line Dust to Pile of Crackling Ley Line Dust

  • Pile of Ley Line Dust is received at end of Recalibrating the Waypoint Instance.


  • Click on this item and it will direct you to Vexa’s Lab in Fireheart Rise. The entrance to the map is not where it is marked on the map but rather north of Cozen Desolation.
  • You need to reach to the very end of Vexa’s lab to interact with the Waypoint Research Material. If you don’t know how to navigate Vexa’s Lab, you can check out this guide here. Note that the portal room (Escher’s Room) is randomized.
  • Once you have interacted with the Waypoint Research Material, this should transform to Pile of Crackling Ley Line Dust


Package of Ley Line Dusted Plant Food

  • You need to combine this in the mystic forge with Meaty Plant Food, Bloodstone Dust, and Thick Leather Sections to make a Package of Ley Line Dusted Plant Food
    • 100 Thick Leather Section
    • 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food
    • 100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
    • 1 Pile of Crackling Ley Line Dust
  • If you forgot how to make a Plate of Meaty Plant Food, here is the recipe (Huntsman 400) or just buy it on TP
    • 2 Potent Vendom Sac
    • 2 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 2 Large Bones
    • 2 Piles of Incandescent Dust

Oasis Soaked Plant Food

Empty Vial

  • Acquire an Empty Vial by talking to Gleam in the centaur camp in Dry Top and ask someone to hold magic water. She will give you an Empty Vial.
  • Now head to the Oasis waterfall at NW corner of the map and fill it to make Vial of Mending Oasis Water


Oasis Soaked Plant Food

  • Place the Vial of Mending Oasis water with the following in the mystic forge to make Oasis Soaked Plant Food
    • 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food
    • 1 Vial of Mending Oasis Water
    • 100 Bloodstone Dust
    • 100 Thick Leather Section
  • If you forgot how to make the Piquant food, here is the recipe (Chef 400)
    • 2 Slab of Red Meat
    • 2 Ghost Pepper
    • 2 Saffron Thread
    • 4 Foxfire Cluster

Attuned Grow Lamp

Enormous Foxfire Cluster to Germinated Foxfire Cluster.

  • Enormous Forfix Cluster is received at end of The World Summit instance.


  • Click on this item and it will direct you to a semi hidden area in Brisban Wildlands called Aurora’s Remains. Follow the dotted line from the Triforge Point Waypoint to reach the Pollen-Rich Zephyr you need to transform Enormous Foxfire Cluster into a Germinated Foxfire Cluster.


Attuned Grow Lamp

  • You need to combine this in the mystic forge with a Grow Lamp, Bloodstone Bricks, and exotic Essence of Luck to create an Attuned Grow Lamp.
    • 1 Grow Lamp
    • 3 Bloodstone Bricks
    • 4 Exotic Essence of Luck (fastest is to salvage ectoplasms and then use artificer to upgrade it to exotic lucks)
    • 1 Germinated Foxfire Cluster
  • Grow Lamp is created by 400 Jeweler. Recipe can be brought from the Dry Top Merchants for 45-60 Geodes depending on which tier merchant you get (Tier 3 is 60 Geodes). You can also buy it from the TP if you cannot craft it yourself.
    • 10 Charged Quartz Crystal (you can make only 1 of these per day)
    • 10 Orichlalcum Settings
    • 25 Sunstone Lumps
    • 25 Watchwork Sprockets
  • Exotic Essence of Luck is created by an artificer (0)
    • 8 Rare Essence of Luck OR 16 Masterwork Essence of Luck OR 80 Fine Essence of Luck
    • 5 Fine Essence of Luck to Make 1 Masterwork Essence of Luck
    • 2 Masterwork Essence of Luck to make Rare Essence of Luck
    • 2 Rare Essence of Luck to make 1 Exotic Essence of Luck
  • Kusti

    Will there be guide how to make Ascended version to?

    • Kusti

      Ignore this comment, it seems i’am unable to read.

    • I have made some progress on it but still lack a bunch of key components. Once I figured it out I will put out a guide for sure.

      • Gahro

        You might already have it, but you get some empty vial from the Tier Vendor in the centaur camp that you can then fill up at the waterfall under the Oasis Skillpoint (ground level) – you then have to combine it with Piquant Plant Food, Thick Leather Sections and Bloodstone Dust.

  • Ken

    my cultivated seed is changed to pet seed after the patch, and I used the mists infused clay pot to make it into pet seedling… so I am nowhere related to this backpiece? am I missing something?

    • You basically skipped to the Ascended step, wait for the patch tomorrow to fix this unless we figure out how to make the Ascended version before it.

      • Ken

        i hope i did not just waste a mists infused clay pot for a bug.. it wasn’t cheap for me

        • Sylar^

          if you skipped ahead, that’s good isn’t it?

  • Betaraptor

    Pls, i am an idiot, i deleted my cultivated seed cause i thought that it’s that mysterious seed from iron marches, so i want to ask, if i can but that myst. seed from vendor and cultivate it in clay pot or if i must create whole backpiece again?

    • Daryl Philip Morris

      Sounds like you can buy it with laurels.

      • Betaraptor

        i think that i can buy only that mysterious seed, not cultivated, and i think that i need an item from old story to cultivate it.

        • Daryl Philip Morris

          I’m told the same vendor also sells those. For even more laurels.

          • Betaraptor

            yes! yes he does! oh thank you!

            • MEzA

              which vendor plz ?

              • There is a centaur vendor in the Oasis farm in Dry Top with a name that starts with A something. He is supposed to trade laurels for the seeds etc but wouldn’t work for me.

              • MEzA

                tyvm. I’ve created all the 3 components (attuned grow lamp +chaos infused claypot+ pack of lay line dusted plant food), and i have a “Pet Seed”. i can’t do animore

              • Betaraptor


                Cultivated/pet seed – Cultivating the Mysterious Seed in a Ley Line Infused Clay Pot.

                Mysterious seedling – Double-click on Ley Line Infused Clay Pot to transform Mysterious Seed into a Mysterious Seedling.

                So what? i have myst seed and ley line stone, but i don’t want to give up foxfires if this is not true.

              • Bimbosito

                Does drytop have to be on a certain tier for the vendor to sell you the seed? Because it isn’t working for me either.

              • Dont’t believe so, a friend was able to purchase stuff from him while I am standing next to him and he won’t sell me anything. He did the same stuff I did – all the previous episodes and achievements so I am not sure what is causing him to not sell me stuff.

              • Skelysia

                You need to have completed the story on the character. I tried it with one of my regular characters – no option to buy. After I switched to my PvE character with every story done it worked.

              • I did it on my main, who have completed all the stories.

              • Skelysia

                Apparently it’s just random. Works with every character after patch now.

            • Betaraptor

              hm, but even if i’ll buy those, and put a seed into ley line clay pot, will it create cultivated seed or mysterious seedling?

  • Kelmen Wong

    no animation, just some color shifting, and not looking cool enough.
    not worth the effort

    • elfos

      There’s an ascended version.

      • Sascha Grebe

        There are other ascended backpieces that look better and are easier to craft…

        • elfos

          That’s assuming the skin of the ascended version is the same as the skin of the exotic version, which doesn’t have to be true 😉

          • Sascha Grebe

            Right, but it is so much work for a backpiece that might just get uglier when ascended 😉 Let’s wait and see… Maybe I change my mind when I have too much time 🙂

            • elfos

              True 🙂 But at least, this one does not require a vision crystal (I don’t want to go through getting thousands of empyreal fragments ever again. At least bloodstone and dragonite are super easy to get)

  • kakunamatata

    and it’s fix…. i’ll skip this backpiece…. it’s look fugly… seriousy ugly.

    *and i already bought all the ingredients, guess i’ll just have to sell it back. shit.

  • Forgnar

    So this is the Final Step for Arena Net’s “Fun & Evolving Backpiece”?

    But all I see is the crafting of a brand new Backpiece, from the seed that the old one produced.

    Wasn’t this Backpiece meant to constantly ‘evolve’ around the player?

    Bravo ANet /clap. I was really looking forward to one, ONE interesting Backpiece, despite all the crappy designs you make for just about everything and your ridiculous ways to obtain them. Now you’re making me sink even lower to upgrade my craft to Ascended with a shit ton of gold just for 3 miserable Bloodstone Pricks (error intentional)! Honestly ANet, man up and grow a pair of balls!!!

    Dulfy, I appreciate all your hard work and am sorry if I’ve offended you in any way because of my post. I seriously can’t stand ANet’s laziness, lies, promises and forcefulness on the player anymore.

    • Artur

      This wasn’t the final step. I don’t know why you think that. They said it would grow with you through S3 and S4. Also, S2 is only half over.

      • I think ANet meant that the backpiece evolves in the four parts of this part of season 2.
        So its the fourth part and the backpiece is final.

        You get two items.
        A little bloodstoneeating plant. :3
        And a ascendet backpiece.
        Dont know what will come after this.
        I say… nothing more.

      • Anon

        They meant Episode 3 and 4, You must have misread something.

    • fireflyry


      How hard would it be to create 5-10 skins that the player can preview and then choose from so we can at least have some variety and choice? As someone who likes to role-play in games like this (I know go figure right?) it just baffles me the generically aesthetic restrictions Anet places on “rewards” like this. It suits none of my characters designs or themes and will no doubt stick out like a sore eye-bleeding thumb on 90% of the people who do bother getting it just like every other back-piece does.

      How retroactive and counter-intuitive could they be? Wheres the diversity and freedom of aesthetic individuality and differentiation that players have come to expect as a fundamental right in games like this as opposed to the shackled banality shown here? Most games allow more aesthetic freedom and rewarding content at character creation.Yup.Character.Creation.

      Heck they could have written it in to the LS so easily.At the end of the meeting each representative offers you a couple of back-piece selections each with varying designs and cultural relevance.

      This just makes zero sense and is friggin lazy Anet. Seriously…where are your heads at?

    • Anon

      Evolution is something that happens over multiple generations. That’s exactly what this backpiece is. It even says so in the final flavor text. “Evolve” is entirely accurate.

      ANet’s not “making” you do anything. Either you want the thing or you don’t. If you do, you gotta do the steps. If the final skin is not worth the steps to you, that’s a personal value choice. Not something ANet needs to “man up” over.

      Personally I love Mawdrey and Mawdrey II and I have zero issue with the steps required to make them. It’s nice to have more honest-to-Grenth prestige items that you have to work for (even as they release old GW1 prestige skins in the gem store.)

  • Robin des glands

    Please tell me this backpiece will still evolve, cause now … … …

    • Steven Shuster

      not much more. If you go to your wardrobe storage tab in your bank, got to the bottom (Back) and click Mawdrey (unfilled 3rd row, 4th column – assuming 10 columns) and you can see it in preview

  • Ravenhunt

    I’ve get the ascended version… and it was reeeaal fun.
    i liked it to make mawdrey. :3

  • Ravenhunt

    And Mawdrey II…. your private little horror shop x3
    And it will eat all bloodstone dust. :3

    • Ravenhunt

      Damn… what is wrong with chrome… sorry for double picture post… ~_~

      • Ravenhunt

        Can a Mod please delete the other two pics… -_-
        Chrome means to make jokes… <_<

        Thanks T_T

        • Did you had to redo the living story to get another seed to make exotic step of the backpack? Friend told me I had to do that to get ascended but unsure if that is necessary

          • Ravenhunt

            No, i was so crazy and made another one ;_;
            The old seed is bugged to a Pet Seed. The Seed AAaafter you made this one in your guide.
            But i think this will be fixed.

            • Ravenhunt

              Oh and Mawdrey II eats for times 50 Bloodstone. So you can “delete” 200 Bloodstonedust per day.
              Then little Mawdrey II is full and sleepy. :3

            • Ravenhunt

              Ok… ignore what i write… yes… i redo the living story with another character to make another exotic backpack after the patch yesterday.
              And this worked for me.

              • Cool thanks for the confirmation 🙂

              • No problem.
                The result is so cute x3
                A perfect backpiece for every sylvari.

                But when you forget to doubleclick the items and search on your own… thats a bit of frustrating after the second exotic level. XP

    • Gahro

      Finally a use for excess ascended materials. So what are the required materials to make this?

      • Ouh…i dont remember all ot the used materials.
        It was a lot.

        A mountain of bloodstonedust and bricks…. uhm…hundreds of thick leather sections
        10 Destroyer lodestones, 10 Molten lodestones.

        Also the plantfood dont change. Only one item change with the progress of your backpiece.
        So you have every time:
        100 Thick Leather Section
        7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food
        100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust
        1 xyznewitemyougetforprogress
        You have to buy the new recipes for the lamp.
        Two clay pots, also 25 clay each.
        2x 25 sunstone lump

        1 lesser visioncrystal

        2x 25 Watchwork sprockets

        uhm… its a wild bunch of everything…

    • Clint Oliver

      What sort of “gift” does Mawdry give you for feeding it?

      • J

        So has anyone answered this yet? I’ve seen the question asked several times but no one has provided an answer that I’ve found……

  • Silvyah

    So no 7 days of crafting like before?

    • Still time gated since you need plant food + charged quartz. It depends on if you stocked up or not.

      • Silvyah

        I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if we’d have new recipies. Oh well, keeps me busy. Thanks Dulfy!

        • ManMan

          Should still keep making them since they are very expensive in TP, you can sell them later if you find you don’t need them.

          • Silvyah

            I will, I had no access to a pc earlier this week, but thanks for the tip!

    • Vuden Graham


      • Silvyah

        Maybe 8)

        • Summer

          wow!!! kas Sama!! /kneel

  • Athis

    Hi, I used my Glay Pot and Plant Food on the seed, and now I have a Cultivated Sprout and I can’t use my lamp cause of need a Cultivated Shoot, anyone can help me ? (I had the 4 items listed before using them)

    • Alpine

      Looks like you’re mixed up with the first stage of the back piece. You have to make the Mysterious Vine first. (

    • Django

      I do have the same problem. I made the first exotic backpiece got the cultivated seed and made everything the way dulfy describes it. Now I’ve got a cultivated sprout and cant use the lamp cause I am missing some sort of Oasis food… welp …

      • Oasis food, talk to the vendor in the centaur camp in dry top, ask her for some thing to hold magic water and fill it by the waterfall in the NW corner of dry top

        • Django

          Thats it, thanks a lot. Got that petseed aswell now. Seems like u didnt finish it yet but if u got some time I would love to know how far you’ve made it yet with a little describtion (Im a pve noob and got fractal lvl 19 or stuff like that.. not sure if i am able to finish the ascended backpiece >_>) 😀 .. Still thx so far

        • Athis

          Ok, it’s work ! Thanks, but I didn’t saw this step in the guide, that’s why I can’t continue. Didn’t need to explain this step for others ?

          • I actually made a mistake and left out this for some reason, should be in there now

  • Sina

    So is it possible to get to the second stage today without time gating at all? (with the TP i mean)

    • Yes, but you cannot craft this unless you have the cultivated seed (not pet seed) until they fix it

  • Shadowmoon

    Anyone find the item in Mount Maelstrom for the ascended backpiece? Spend an hour land night looking and found nothing.

  • Sylar^

    i tried ctr+f heat stone but can’t seem to find it
    I’ll probably have to wait til after the break to learn how to use this? ><

    • Heat stone is used for the ascended step

      • Shadowmoon

        any word on the elemental essence in Mount Maelstrom?

        • It is from Diedre’s step/Hidden garden I was told but you must have this exotic backpiece already crafted or it won’t work

          • Shadowmoon

            Ahh no wonder why I couldn’t find it, I had a glitch pet seed, it appears you can’t skip the middle step then. Will just have to wait til anet send me a new cultivated seed.

            • Yup, they put in an anti-skip measure it seems, none of the ascended stuff would trigger unless you got this cultivated vine exotic one.

              • jayt

                so you do need to complete this exotic back piece in order to continue on to the ascended one? just to clarify thanks.

              • Yup

    • Sylar^

      yeah i had a look on the wiki, seems like we can’t skip steps.. pity 😛

  • Clint Oliver

    Hey Kristina! Thanks so much for the guide, including the areas that are currently bugged! I was worried if you’d be able to throw a guide together with the seed swaps causing issues. This guide will immensely help the players once the bugs are fixed.


  • Kevin

    I was under the impression that you had to make a mists infused pot to use on the pet seed to make a cultivated seed, (you make a mists infused pot by combining a pot, mist stone, foxfire clusters, and bloodstone dust in the MF). Has anyone tried that yet?

    • Bimbosito

      You need the mists pot for the 3rd part of the backpiece, the ascended part with the pet seed, you dont need it for the cultivated one.

  • Pain Of Balthazar

    So, The Pet Seed is for what ?

    • MauricioCezar

      Aparently, for the ascended version that will be 3rd step. I crafted 3 ascended pieces already, but since I’m one of the guys with swapped seeds, I ain’ t able to craft neither the step 2, nor the step 3.

  • Orpheal

    Finally a way to get rid easily of all the way too much dust. would be interested to know too, what those gifts are? Hopefully T6 mats and something other useful and not 99% of all cases just junk.
    Let us hope that we will see son new backpices of the same style for also empyereal shards and dragonite ore

  • Morsus98

    Can I select the stats on it?

  • Retech

    Not worth the effort in my opinion.

  • Arcadeis

    Thanks for the guide Dulfy et all. 🙂

  • Vithog

    Just finished crafting Mewdrey (Infused). That was total waste of money or time if you prefer to wait for time gated ingredients.

    To make Infused version of Mandrey put into Mistforge: Mewdrey, Glob of Coagulated Miast Essence, Gift of Ascension and 10x Crystalline Dust

    • Silvyah

      Thank you for sharing tho

  • Wonka Chocolatemaw

    Noob crilt

  • jediabetes

    Typos everywhere.

  • Mya Mamiina Malory

    There is a little mystake in the shopping list:

    – It’s written: 20 foxfire cluster or if you have to craft 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food you need 28 (and cook 400)

    Plates of Piquant Plant Food:
    2 slab of red meat
    2 ghost pepper
    2 safran thread
    4 foxfire cluster

    • I will add the foxfire clusters from the food to the shopping list to make it less confusing

      • Mya Mamiina Malory

        Ty a lot for all you’re doing (=

  • Gunsnroll

    Hello, I’m a little bit lost about this backpiece, on th eshopping list you say we need 20 Foxfire Cluster (for the Chaos Infused Clay Pot I assume). But below, for the oasis soaked plant food we need 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food wich require Foxfire Cluster too.
    And I checked on the wiki to try to understand better but they don’t mention the oasis soaked plant food. Do we really need that to make the backpiece ?
    Thank you.

    • Yes you do, wiki is written by players too and can be wrong. What I have is first hand experience.

    • Alcyone

      Basically you need 48 Foxfire clusters in total to make this back piece.

  • Snugglyfluff

    I really hope they fix the seed bug soon, I have every part except for that. I could have it now D:

    • Silvyah

      You can now trade your pet seed in the Uplands Oasis.

  • Zok

    Hi, you maybe could add to the list of crafting professions that you need one crafting profession at 450 for making the bloodstone bricks.

  • Steven Shuster

    If you got the Pet Seed, speak to Azarr Softhoof in Uplands Oasis to trade it in for the Cultivated Seed

  • Thomas Leo

    48 foxfire clusers total! GW2 is too grindy.

  • Aspeon

    The Grow Lamp recipe itself is also time-gated to one per day (in addition to the gate on the Charged Quartz Crystals). That’s important if you have a stockpile of Charged Quartz to get rid of.

  • Chris

    Did you know you put in ‘Shipping List’? Not sure if it’s a typo or not, but it’s kinda cute 🙂

    • jonabalona

      lol, typo

  • Rohan

    What is this pet seed everyone is talking about? I got no idea how to get it lol, i just made the first part of my backpiece

  • Entryd

    Gleam doesn’t give me the option to obtain an empty vial??
    edit: finallyyyy got it

    • It is one of the conversation options, you can’t buy it from her. Ask her for something to hold magic water

      • Entryd

        Yep got it thank you!

  • pyxel

    I already have a cultivated seed…can i make the ascended now? this is so confusing!

    • If you have Cultivated seed, you cannot make ascended. You need to make Cultivated vine first. The progression is Mysterious vine (cultivated seed) -> Cultivated vine (pet seed) -> Mawdrey

      • pyxel

        thank you Dulfey

  • Inkie Pinkie

    Ive done vexxas lab twice now and have not found the waypoint research material, any idea how to find/complete it? Went in with the leyline stuff and my vine into the lab but still no luck

    • It is at the very end of vexa’s lab, next to the final boss in a room with water and sharks.

    • Xavier McHenry

      It’s to the right as you enter the last room. If you hold down either ctrl or alt, don’t remember which one atm, but it will show you where the material is at.

  • Vargyl

    I am completely lost on this now…. So do i need to make the previous backpiece first before making this one?

  • john

    wait. i got a cultivated seed and the exotic backpiece. can i still skip? or only if you received a pet seed? sorry confused there a little.

    • Only if you got a pet seed can you skip

      • john

        i see. I guess I’m going to make the cultivated vine. no skipping for me. lol. thanks dulfy. (“,)

    • Alcyone

      I read in the official forums that there is a safety net built in so that you can’t skip even if you were given the pet seed. It has something to do with some ice elemental or something like that. You can get to that part with the glitched seed, but you can’t get past that.

      • The safety was removed a while ago

  • Bob

    You should really fix it to say you need crafting at 450 for the Bloodstone Bricks. I had no idea, so now all my ingredients are combined to that stage and I can’t progress without spending a lot of gold on crafting. And I can’t just sell my stuff either since it’s combined. :/

  • Butterman

    I have all the pieces, but when I click to put them together, I’m told I don’t have the items in my inventory. Is this a glitch?

  • Raizel

    Resonating Chaos Orb
    “Note, due to a bug, you must have the Mysterious Vine backpiece from previous step to be able to interact with the Concentrated Chaotic Radiation”
    Just tried, it seems they fixed it 🙂

    • Otto Krieg

      can confirm I dont have the backpiece and was able to interact with the radiation just fine

  • YouKnowGran

    i have a problem, i deleted my chaos orb and pile of Ley Line Dust and Enormous Foxfire Cluster because im dumb, we have any chance to get these items back without i need to make another character to lvl 80 and replay the story? I Found the centraur at the oasis but the centaur only give me the mysterior seed and the other items from before. Please help me guys 🙂 Thank You (Sorry for my bad english)

    • Anonymous

      You can replay the episodes. Go to the character you first used, then open the Hero panel, click on the Story Journal tab.

      Once there, under living season 2, select whichever episode you need to replay.

      The link below will show you which episode gives which ingredient.

    • Steve Degroot

      redo the story

  • zen

    i have all the ingredients…what do you do with them? They go red when i try to put in mystic forge

  • Underdark

    I got the attuned grow lamp. and then what? what do i need to have in my inventory?

  • Steve Degroot

    Once you have all 5, simply click on them in order to form into the Cultivated Vine backpiece.

  • SMJ

    Is there anyway to obtain Chaos Orb, Enormous Foxfire Cluster , Pile of Ley Line Dust without having to buy gems and do The Dragon’s Reach: Part 2 ?

    • Nope

    • Mockingbird

      i did it yesterday and i didn’t have to pay to unlock it only ones requiring payment are echoes of the past, tangled paths and seeds pf truth atm

      • Lord Trejgon

        the unlocks depends on individual – you have an episode unlocked if you logged in within a period of time it was released, if you did not then you’ll need to pay gems to unlock it

  • Meowy

    I’m so confused here. I was reading your notes and you say you can skip this part if you created the Cultivated Seed after august something and I didnt starte it till late december yet theres an intire section I am stuck at. What am I missing? I am on Dr p2 now but theres like an intire section missing. Theres no explination what to do with the Post august cultivated seed and all the other materials.

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