GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 2

GW2 Dragon’s Reach Pt2 Dry Top Achievements Guide

GW2 Dragon’s Reach Part 2 Dry Top achievement guide. All the achievements are now available.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator – 1 pt

  • Probably the easiest Llama achievement to date, no hard jumps required and it is a short run from the Repair Station waypoint.
  • There is a bush blocking your way across a gap in the wall, jump a couple times in it to get through it



Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs = 5 pts

  • Only 12 coins to collect this time but there are a number of difficult coins to collect as well.
  • You can view a guide to all 12 coins here or follow along the YouTube video below


Sand Shield – 5 pts

  • Occur twice every hr during the sandstorm at 40 and 50 minutes past the hr at Repair Station Waypoint – [&BJcHAAA=].
  • Researcher Eway must not below 25% HP for you to get this achievement. Keep enemies away from Researcher Eway by using push/pulls etc.


Heist Hinder – 5 pts

  • 6.5 minutes event that occurs every hour at 0, 15 and 30 minutes past the hour at Repair Station Waypoint – [&BJcHAAA=].
  • You must not lose any of the supplies to get this achievement. It is best to just focus on the skritt thief as rest of the skirt just attack you.
  • Note that this event scales up if there are people AFK near the waypoint.


Rock ‘n’ Roller – 5 pts

  • Rustbucket’s Event occurs every hour at 0, 15 and 30 minutes past the hour at Crash Site 3 POI [&BJYHAAA=]. You need to escort him to the Repair Station Waypoint in under 5 minutes for the achievement.
  • Pick up any Charged Rock nearby and throw it at him to charge him up. There are 3 waves of mobs that spawn as Rustbucket approach the area. The first one is Inquest while the other two are skritts. You cannot apply swiftness to him to speed him up so the goal is to kill the spawned mobs ASAP so he get moving again.


Buried Treasure: Challenger Cliffs – 3 pts

  • Just run around in the area at 40 minutes past the hour when the sandstorm starts and hold down ctrl key. You only need to find 3 Buried Chests for this achievement.

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7 replies on “GW2 Dragon’s Reach Pt2 Dry Top Achievements Guide”

For Sand Shield, it’s best that all players stay away from Evay’s location, to avoid enemies using powerful AoE attacks on him. (The more players there are, Elites and Champs start spawning, and they can easily one-shot Eway if he happens to be in the firing line.) Keep plenty of pulls/pushes handy to keep enemies away from Eway too.

Heist Hinder is nearly impossible to attain right now. The skritt thieves come from all sides. Too many people overscales the event to a point where the thieves turn into hard to kill vets.

oh is it? =(
I’m glad i got mine already. I just randomly by killed some mobs in that event then went exploring the rest of the map, didn’t even know that it was an achievement lol

Yeah, all three event achievements are most easily achieved with <5 players. I got Rock'n'Roller with just me and one guildmate, and that was plenty. I think they all might be easier once Dry Top dies down, or in off-peak timezones.

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