GW2 The Dragon's Reach Pt 2

GW2 Mawdrey Ascended Backpiece and Plant Crafting Guide

GW2 Mawdrey Ascended Backpiece and Mawdrey II plant crafting guide.


Note: If you received the Pet Seed from Cultivated Seed during the August 12 patch, you can make the Mawdrey backpiece without having to make the Cultivated Vine backpiece due to the August 13 patch. It is unknown if this is intended.

Mawdrey and Mawdrey II

Mawdrey is the Ascended backpiece you can craft. It is unknown if this is the final version of the backpiece. To craft this one, you need to make the initial Mysterious Vine backpiece and then the Cultivated Vine backpiece. (unless you received the Pet Seed during the August 12 patch in which case you can skip the Cultivated Vine backpiece). This is an Ascended backpiece you can pick stats.

  • You can infuse it with the following recipe in the mystic forge: Mawdrey + 1 Gift of Ascension + 1 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence + 10 Piles of Crystalline Dust


Mawdrey II is a “plant” that feed on Bloodstone Dust. It can only eat 200 Bloodstone Dust per day and give you a Gift for each 50 Bloodstone Dust it eats. The gifts are mostly greens, some gathered plants, and general junk. You will receive Mawdrey II for free when you crafted have crafted Mawdrey


Male pictures modeled by Therrakor



Shopping List

Crafting Discipline required

  • 400 Artificer
  • 400 Chef
  • 400 Huntsman
  • 400 Jeweler
  • 500 Tailor/Armorsmith/Leatherwork

Shopping List

  • 1 Clay Pot (400 Artificer)
    • 15 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 25 Thermocatalytic Reagent
    • 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
    • 25 Brick of Clay
  • 20 Foxfire Cluster (this is in additional to the plant food)
  • 300 Bloodstone Dust (this in addition to the Bloodstone Bricks)
  • 6 Bloodstone Bricks (this is in addition to the Lesser Vision Crystal)
    • 600 Bloodstone Dust
    • 12 Obsidian Shard
    • 60 Thermocatalytic Reagent
  • 4 Exotic Essence of Luck (0 Artifice)
  • 8 Rare Essence of Luck OR 16 Masterwork Essence of Luck OR 80 Fine Essence of Luck
  • 1 Mists Stone (5 Pristine Fractal Relics)
  • 200 Thick Leather Section
  • 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food (400 Huntsman)

    • 14 Potent Vendom Sac
    • 14 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 14 Large Bones
    • 14 Piles of Incandescent Dus
  • 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food(400 Chef)
    • 14 Slab of Red Meat
    • 14 Ghost Pepper
    • 14 Saffron Thread
    • 28 Foxfire Cluster
  • 1 Grow Lamp (400 Jeweler)
    • 10 Charged Quartz Crystal (you can make only 1 of these per day)
    • 10 Orichlalcum Settings
    • 25 Sunstone Lump
    • 25 Watchwork Sprockets
  • 1 +5 Agony Infuson
  • 16 Agony +1 Infusions
  • 15 Thermocatalytic Reagent
  • 1 Heat Stone (500 Tailor/Armorsmith/Leatherwork)
    • 1 Lesser Vision Crystal (2 Dragonite Ingot, 2 Empyreal Star, 1 Angur’s Stone, 2 Bloodstone Brick)
    • 10 Molten Lodestone
    • 10 Onxy Lodestone
    • 15 Thermocatalytic Reagent

What Cannot be brought

  • Exotic Essence of Luck (need Artificer 0 or higher or get really lucky salvaging)
  • Mist Stone (need 5 Pristine Fractal Relics)

What is time gated

  • Plant Food (1 per day)
  • Charged Quartz (1 per day)

Crafting Steps

Step 1: Mists Infused Clay Pot

  • Mists Stone can be purchased for 5 Pristine Fractal Relics from the Fractal Vendor (top of 2nd tab)


  • You need to combine the following in the Mystic Forge to make the Mist Infused Clay Pot
    • 1 Clay Pot
    • 20 Foxfire Cluster
    • 100 Bloodstone Dust
    • 1 Mists Stone
  • Clay Pot is crafted by 400 Artificer and requires the following materials. Alternatively, you can purchase it on the TP.
    • 15 Pile of Incandescent Dust
    • 25 Thermocatalytic Reagent
    • 5 Glob of Ectoplasm
    • 25 Brick of Clay
  • Clicking on the Mist Infused Clay Pot will transform your Pet Seed to Pet Seedling

Step 2: Elementally Charged Plant Food.

  • Go to Hidden Garden/Dierdre’s Steps in Mount Maelstrom and interact with any of the Clusters (Clusters of Earth will be the easiest to reach) and you will get an option to Take its Essence. This will give you a Pile of Elemental Essence


  • Go to Mystic Forge and combine the following to make the Elementally Charged Plant Food
    • 100 Thick Leather Section
    • 7 Plates of Meaty Plant Food
    • 100 Bloodstone Dust
    • 1 Pile of Elemental Essence
  • If you forgot how to make a Plate of Meaty Plant Food, here is the recipe (Huntsman 400) or just buy it on TP
    • 2 Potent Vendom Sac
    • 2 Vial of Potent Blood
    • 2 Large Bones
    • 2 Piles of Incandescent Dust
  • Feed this to your Pet Seedling to transform it into a Pet Sprout

Step 3: Rhand Blessed Plant Food

  • Go to the NE corner of Diessa Plateau, you will find a Font of Rhand Portal inside Incendio Templum. This portal is only open if the meta event in the area (Flame Legion Battles) proceed to the stage where the Night Warband captures Incendio Templum.


  • Font of Rhand is a fairly tedious mini dungeon that requires 2+ players but luckily you won’t need to bother with most of it as what you need is near the entrance. Avoid the pressure plates in the first room and kill the statues to get their head. Grab the stone head and take a left to a room with a giant mortar. Load the head on the mortar and the roof will come down, opening the water below. Swim down and near the back you will find a hidden opening with Fresh Water inside. Interact with it to receive Water of Rhand



    • Combine the following in the mystic forge to make a Rhand Blessed Food

  • 100 Thick Leather Section
  • 7 Plates of Piquant Plant Food
  • 100 Bloodstone Dust
  • 1 Water of Rhand 
  • If you forgot how to make the Piquant food, here is the recipe (Chef 400)
    • 2 Slab of Red Meat
    • 2 Ghost Pepper
    • 2 Saffron Thread
    • 4 Foxfire Cluster
  • Feed Rhand Blessed Food to your Pet Sprout to transform it into a Shoot

Step 4: Powerful Grow Lamp

  • Head to NW corner of Dredgehaunt Cliffs and go into Forsaken Halls mini dungeon. If the door is locked, make sure you interact with it so it tell you to talk to Gerrvid to start the pre-event at Travelen’s Steading
  • You just need to get past the 1st door with all the shadow skelks (remember that the torch keeps them away so keep using #2 and #3 skill) and the Ray of Light is in the second room to receive a Box of Captured Light


  • Combine the following in the mystic forge to make a Powerful Grow Lamp
    • 1 Box of Captured Light
    • 3 Bloodstone Bricks
    • 4 Exotic Essence of Luck
    • 1 Grow Lamp
  • Grow Lamp is created by 400 Jeweler. Recipe can be brought from the Dry Top Merchants for 45-60 Geodes depending on which tier merchant you get (Tier 3 is 60 Geodes). You can also buy it from the TP if you cannot craft it yourself.
    • 10 Charged Quartz Crystal (you can make only 1 of these per day)
    • 10 Orichlalcum Settings
    • 25 Sunstone Lumps
    • 25 Watchwork Sprockets
  • Exotic Essence of Luck is created by an artificer (0)
    • 5 Fine Essence of Luck to Make 1 Masterwork Essence of Luck
    • 2 Masterwork Essence of Luck to make Rare Essence of Luck
    • 2 Rare Essence of Luck to make 1 Exotic Essence of Luck
  • Use the Powerful Grow Lamp to transform your Pet Shoot to Pet Plantling

Step 5: Destroyer Heated Stone

  • Go to Mount Maelstrom, Maelstrom Waypoint. Near where the Megadestroyer spawns you will find a Heart of the Destroyer. If the waypoint is contested use the waypoint to the north and go through the tunnel filled with destroyers (see dotted line). Interact with the orb to receive Heart of the Destroyer


  • Combine the following in the mystic forge to make a Destroyer Heated Stone
    • 1 Heat Stone
    • 1 Heart of the Destroyer
    • 1 +5 agony infusion
    • 3 Bloodstone Bricks
  • Heat Stone can be crafted by 500 Tailor/Leatherwork/Armorsmith and requires the following mats. Recipe can be purchased from the Dry Top vendor for 60-80 geodes depending on on the tier. You can also buy it off the TP.
    • 1 Lesser Vision Crystal (2 Dragonite Ingot, 2 Empyreal Star, 1 Angur’s Stone, 2 Bloodstone Brick)
    • 10 Molten Lodestone
    • 10 Onxy Lodestone
    • 15 Thermocatalytic Reagent
  • To make +5 agony infusion, you need Artificer 100 character and 16 +1 agony infusions. Recipes for agony infusions can be discovered (i.e. place 2 +1 agony infusions and a thermocatalytic reagent to discover +2 agony infusion recipe). Alternatively, you can purchase them on the TP.
  • Use the Destroyer Heated Stone on the Pet Plantling to make Mawdrey Backpiece and Mawdrew II pet that feed on Bloodstone Dust

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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i don’t like the look of this back whatsoever. actually, this is a good thing, less grind and money sink for me 😀

Agree, it’s long, boring and force people to do things they may dislike (JP, Fractals and farming) plus forcing to master pretty much all job on the same account…

For what? A backpiece which give some blue for bloodstone dust? Oo

yes, but if you met someone with this infused backpacks, you will know, that you have met insane rich motherf** and total nolifer too

Well it isn’t going anywhere, so I figure I might get it by the end of the year, if I see someone with it tomorrow I will know they must have gold flying out of their ears.

I think Anet are trying testing this way for craft extremely expensive items, like precursors etc., and yes, its fuckingboringfarmgrind gold toilet flush, but if its still reachable by normal way (like farming for foxfire etc, I am still good with it, I make about 50g on foxfire and food plate) and in GW2 are a lot of fuckingrich ppl around

The biggest issue, imo, is the number of items filling up my bag from the story instances. Items i don’t feel like tossing because i may have what i need to do this one day, but that i can’t cram away because i have already so much else crammed away.

I have some run malchor and orr for foxfire, and after few hours run, I endet with 6 foxfires and 1500 elder wood logs, its fucing grind, when GW2 started, Anet was saing, there will be NO grind, NO farmrun etc, well after 1,5y, its one big fuck grindfarm like wow or enything else, I am little disappointed with this todays 🙁

I get the daily foxfire I need just by playing the game normally. Same for the materials I use in my ascended weapons and armors.
There are ways to make the game grindy, yes, but you don’t need to in most cases. If you need to really farm to get something other than legendary, then ask you the question “how could I do this without farming?”. If you think for 30 seconds, you’ll find a way. Usually the right combination of PvP/WvW/PvE content/dungeons gives you all you need.

But, if you really think getting this specific backpiece is grindy… why not simply get an easier one with the same stats? You’re just forcing yourseld to grind for a skin, you don’t have to 😉

You dont NEED this backpiece, whereas other grindy MMOs you NEED the items youre grinding for just to progress/keep up

that’s your choice tho, whether to pace it out normally or get it asap and turn it into a “grind”
if you want it finished asap you shouldn’t complain you’re making it grindy, what do you expect? to get newly introduced endgame gear just like that?
i just harvest wood every hr at 2 ring of tree spots on my 3 lv 80’s, takes a quick 5-10 mins and i’m bound to get at least 2 clusters every time – not hard at all

I liked the way you craft this item.
Not only farming.
Ok, you have to “farm” many things for it but this is a ascended item man.
Such as a expensive car… watches or something.
They all use rare materials. Ok you farm it not by yourself. 😀
But you pay for it.
So, you will pay for it in the BLT, when you wont farm it.
You get it? ;D

You can buy a legendary without farming. But you have to pay for it.
In the RL you cant farm the materials… ok… you can but it will be difficult. XD

I think you see what i mean.. x_x

it’s fine lol, this is how endgame gear should be like to obtain (plus it’s an exclusive backpiece of S2)

Interesting skin. I’m sure if I want to go for it or not just yet, but I am half tempted to do it just for Mawdrey II since I was actually played Audrey in the referenced musical.

Blech, I was looking foward to Mawdrey II but having to make that entire backpiece just to get the pet is annoying.

So this back piece, that comes with a pet that wants to be fed bloodstone has to be a parody of this:

FEED ME SEYMOUR! 😀 This makes me wanna make the back piece, but no way in hell am I going to rush it. I’mma treat this like the Mini Black Moa Chick from gw1 and do it in spare time.

I’m pretty certain this is not the last evolution of the vine backpiece. There is a Vial of Mending Oasis Water you can acquire by picking up a vial from the merchants in Dry Top and taking it to the waterfall skill point. It’s unknown what it’s used for, but it’s used to create a new type of plant food, so it must be linked with this backpiece.

How often can be obtain mini dungeon trophy items (ie Elementally Charged Plant Food, Heart of the Destroyer, Water of Rhand & Water of Rhand)? Once per day per account? Just wondering
Might make multiple ascended backs once foxfire prices drop, this a pretty cheap ascended back option (yes, i said cheap)

I have to agree, of all the Ascended Back-pieces you can get, this is the easiest, and cheapest to retrieve. It wont take months of effort, just a few days of concentrated work, with the right items and the right abilities.

In all these guides things can be “brought from merchants” and “brought on the TP”. Don’t you mean bought?

Is there any way to make the ascended backpiece without the Pristine Relics? I do not do fractals and cannot buy a Mist Stone, also do not intend to start just so I can craft this…

if you dont do fractals, you dont need ascendet items 😛

anyway, i think, all this items requirements working as way, how can Anet force ppl to go in specific locations or do specific activity, like running fractals or move more ppl to orr etc. and second, fulfill all this requirements also separate hardcore nolifers from the trash 😉

so if i don’t intend to do dailies or monthlies, can i expect another way to get ascended amulet?
or how about another way to get badges of honour if i don’t intend to start WvW?

Oh yes, you are so clever, that sarcasm blew my mind. I just asked a simple question. I do not want to waste my time doing something I do not enjoy. I liked the Living Story and wanted to get the reward for playing it. If it is not possible I will accept it and delete the whatever useless seed stuff which is taking space in my inventory. Now crawl back to your nerd hole and I let me do my PvP okay?

He/She probably replied to you that way. Because you asked a question that you could have easily Googled or checked the WIki to find out. Also it’s kinda that a person who plays mmos, and is on a site dedicated to them is throwing out nerd as an insult.

I like the way this looks….except for the colors. It’s such a shame you can’t dye backpieces. Then I would be able to make it match my sylvari’s coloring.

If u were lucky and your cultivated seed become a pet seed during the patch, last nights patch fixed the problem of the Pile of elemental essence. Now it can be picked up even with the buggy seeding, so u dont need the second exotic step materials.
I have finished my Mawdrey and Mawdrey II without doing the second exotic step.

too bad as a perfectionist, i can’t stand that it doesn’t unlock the cultivated vine skin… now i am requesting another cultivated seed from anet

So let me get this straight…if I had a glitched pet seed and spent the time/gold to make all the things required to make the second exotic backpiece (cultivated vine), i just wasted all of my money and mats because you no longer have to make the second backpiece?

And they added the guy who exchanges your Pet Seed for the Cultivated seed so you can go through that one extra step again?

I don’t understand… I created mysterious Vine about 4 days ago… I have now this Mysteriou Vine and Pet Seed in my inventory. I want to make this Ascended Mawdrey Back-Item but in Cultivated page there was note: ” If you received the Pet Seed from Cultivated Seed during the August 12 patch, you can make the Mawdrey Ascended backpiece without having to make the Cultivated Vine backpiece due to the August 13 patch. It is unknown if this is intended. This allow you to skip this step and save on the cost. ”

if i have this Pet Seed i can make this ascended right now without making any Cultivated Vine?

Thanks in advance.

I’m almost at the same boat, got my Mysterious vine, but i exchange the pet seed with the cultivated seed. Do i need to create the cultivated vine or go half way then get the pet seed?

So the Mists Stone and the Agony infusion are ingredients for the infused version of this back piece, or is it for the ascended version? If I need those for the ascended version then I might be out of luck. I haven’t done a fractal since its inception.

If recipes like this become more common. People will have to somehow organize all the items for those recipes.

Yep, that’s true. I’m going to have to find a Fractal group that won’t mind someone that can only do Fractal Lvl 1 runs and barely remembers anything from them so I can get my Mists Stone thingy.

i just realised pristine drops from any lvl now so good thing you guys don’t have to go all the way to 20 before getting them xD i think people would rage if that were the case.. even tho this is an *ascended* backpiece
I’d invite you to my guild since we have quite a few starting out + experienced, but im currently too busy with school to play much =( If you’re interested let me know tho

Yeah, I just got back from a level 1. I haven’t done a fractal run in ages but I remembered a good amount. I ended up in a friendly group and we plowed through it, I ended up being the last man standing against the Aether Blade pirate boss and took her out so that was cool. Honestly, the only reason I don’t run group stuff is because I don’t have much confidence in my skills.

The last thing I want to do is be a burden to a group but yeah, Fractals are still fun.

You have to point out why you need fractal items for the last version.
It is an ascended backpiece.
So you see what anet sees in ascended gear: fractal gear.

The difference in stats are totaly similar.

Okay so first you couldn’t skip the cultived vine part, but now u can if? I changed my pet seed to cultivated one, so now i cant go back?

Thats what i dont understand.
Why they patched this checkups?
In fear about angry players?

Sometimes i dont understand anets intensions.

Sorry for pissing someone off… but i say everyone have to do this like intended.
Or they test this better next time.

Totally agreed. But it is a bit of a pity I havent checked it out cuz, wel it cost money/time, and less money/time is better ofc. Upside though is: we get an extra skin. People who skipped it dont get the cultivated skin!

No, you are suppose to make the 2nd exotic and there is suppose to be a progression from Mysterious vine -> cultivated vine -> mawdrey. On August 12, when they first put in the patch, Anet screwed up and basically converted everyone’s cultivated seed to pet seed. There were also checks in place to make sure you had the cultivated vine before you could craft the ascended so no one was able to make ascended unless they made a 2nd copy of the mysterious vine backpiece by doing the livng story again on alts and got a cultivated seed. However, on august 13, anet patched again to fix their mistake. They made it so that you could exchange the pet seed for cultivated seed via that vendor in dry top oasis. However, at the same time, they also removed the checks in place that checked to see if you had a cultivated vine backpiece without telling us. Most people exchanged their pet seed normally but some people didn’t and discovered that they removed these checks so was able to skip cultivated vine step. This was poorly handled on their part and caused a ton of confusion.

So if i skipped the cultivated part and made the mawdrey directly, i have to do Mysterious vine AGAIN in order to get the proper seed for cultivated vine?

So if I create the Pet Seedling with the Pet Seed and the Mists Infused Clay Pot now I can safely finish the ascended backpiece without worrying that they could fix it later so that you can’t skip the second backpiece anymore?

So if I have the Pet Seedling everything is as though as I had made the second exotic backpiece?

Edit: And will I have any disadvantages from skipping one step?

Thank you. But I think I will do it as intended because I saw now that the second exotic has a slightly different appearance than the ascendend one. And I want to have both in that case.

I made the Cultivated Vine Backpiece before I realized I could skip it. Will I still be able to make Mawdrey?

Hey dulfy, after reading your articles I’m still confused about the backpiece. I made the first exotic backpiece (the one with fixed stats) today and got my Cultivated Seed with it. Am I still able to craft Maudrew immediately or do I have to craft the second exotic vine before?

Just gonna chip in what I know. Since you already got the Cultivated Seed, you need to craft the Cultivated Vine Backpiece first before you can proceed with its ascended version.

For Mawdrey (ascended version), you need to have the Pet Seed that you will get after crafting the Cultivated Vine Backpiece.

Hi! For the special item components listed above (i.e. Pile of Elemental Essence, Water of Rhand, Box of Captured Light, and Heart of the Destroyer), do I need to have finish crafting the Cultivated Vine Backpiece before I can gather these? Or can I gather them in advance while my Cultivated Vine Backpiece is still on progress?

Someone on the developer team seems to enjoy musical theatre. Mawdrey 2 is an obvious Little Shop reference, Pirates of Penzance has almost an entire song performed by an NPC in a dynamic event. There is another that I can’t recall at the moment. Anyone know of anymore?

Can someone please discribe the process of making mawdrey with the Pet Seed? I need the Mysterious vine exo back, the pet seed…and ??

Is this the final form of the backpiece? (considering it’s ascended)…no more visual improvements/growth confirmed by anet? :S

I can’t think of an outfit that would fit with that thing honestly…not even the sylvari cultural.

Small typo in the introduction of Maudrey: “You will receive Mawdrey II for free when you crafted have crafted Mawdrey”

I think you mean “You will receive Mawdrey II for free when you have crafted Mawdrey”

Someone may have asked/answered this already, but I missed it…
Can you transmute this backpack to change the skin – like make them wings if you got them? And would that mess things up if the item continues to grow in future releases? My gut tells me I’m stuck with how this looks but I thought I’d ask.

AFAIK transmuting DOES prevent items from being upgraded. I know at least it was a problem with the spinal blades backpieces.

i have a question about Pile of Elemental Essence

How do you suppose to know where to get this in game if you dont have any guide?
any npc giving hint?
just curious.
Thank you.

Step 2 tells you everything you need to know. You will need to kill the monster for one of the Hidden garden areas. I personally prefer doing the Wind Mob (its a moa) as it is more frequently available for me to kill. When you kill it you jump into its portal into a hidden area. In the wind area you can find the essence at the under side of the tree. (This is the area showed above in the photos)

I exchanged the pet seed for cultivated seed cause many of my panicing friends, shouted about a huge bug completely erasing progress. Since Anet even, says you should do it, i traded pet seed for cultivated seed. That being said i have MYSTERIOUS VINE (exotic first backpiece). It seems I’m in a buggy situation now though. Everything in this guide relies on pet seed. And i thought the cultivated seed exchange was just a bug fix, not changing the process written in dulfy. However, i have now 8 high-end (maximum upgrade) items (like the chaos orb, destroyer heat stone etc). And noone of them work of have an effet. They just sitting in my inventory now untill i know how to fix this.

I’m completely confused what to do now. (yes i read tons of wiki and this guide over and over, nothing helps). It’s even more confusing, that the items themself have listed goals ‘do this, and that kind of seed wil become that, etc’. And if i look at them, they are not synchronized with dulfy guide. (meaning some items, help cultivated vine, while dulfy says it’s pet seedling booster. Very very confusing. I just spended 120g on it, and i’m afraid it’s all for nothing.

well, I dont know why you would want to, but my guess is probably not. Each item in the game has its own unique id number that the game uses to, well, id them. It also uses them in the recipes. The +5 id will be different from the +10, so it wont recognize it the way you are hoping.

hi I have a question, while I am still crafting cultivated vine backpiece which waiting for attuned grow lamp. I decide to start gathering up all the materials I needed for Mawdrey. I have cultivated seed. apparently I am stuck in step 1 on this guide. after I made mist infused clay pot. the guide said to double click to plant the pet seed but the game said “item not found in my inventory” i am not sure what to do. am I suppose to exchange my cultivated seed to the pet seed?

After reading through the guide, which was so very helpful (thanks Dulfy :3 ), I decided to create a quick visual layout that shows all three steps in one image so I can refer back to it as I create the back piece. Thought I would share it here.

Not meant to be a replacement for this guide, a lot of the information isn’t on here, just a place you can look remind you what you need, after reading through the guide. enjoy 😀

I wish I had noticed this before hand!! but saving for future reference. This is so much easier to see.

i have a problem, i deleted my chaos orb and pile of Ley Line Dust and Enormous Foxfire Cluster because im dumb, we have any chance to get these items back without i need to make another character to lvl 80 and replay the story? I Found the centraur at the oasis but the centaur only give me the mysterior seed and the other items from before. Please help me guys 🙂 Thank You (Sorry for my bad english)

From grow lamp to heat stone, there is broken indentation of the bullet list in shopping list section.

in addition to that there’s another format issue with the essences; you don’t need exotic and rare/masterwork/fine essences of luck (as it looks like currently). You just need 4 exotic, or the appropriate number (8 rare, or 16 masterwork, or 80 fine) in order to create these four.

Anyone know if the Forsaken Fortune Mini-Dungeon is bugged? Door never is interactable on the maps I’m on and the pre-event doesn’t start :/

worked well for me this Monday; so if there’s a bug, it’s either not all servers or only maybe if the event already failed that day (or something similar).

Might be a little late on this, but the pet seed that is gotten from mysterious vine(got from aug 12) is still usable to craft mawdrey right? Or has it been patch so that you must exchange it for the cultivated seed?

Can a friend of mine, who’s now back from a really long hiatus, craft this? I have all the episodes unlocked for me but he has not. Does he need to unlock any episode (if not all) to be able to craft Mawdrey? We really wanted to craft ours together.

Yes he will need to unlock the episodes associated with this so he can get the stuff to craft it since some of the mats are rewards for completing the story instances.

No offence but you could of mention the Pristine Fractal Relics in details since not all of us are into EoTM. I had plan out getting the mats and items and I thought I can just do the fractal to get it (I thought it was fractal relics) until I find out getting one is a DAILY thing.
Yes I read that you can get more when you do the level in the other ranges but since I’m into EoTM my only option is to play it again four more times!

The mortal of the Water of Rhand is bugged I think, no-one in the area was able to interact with it at all. 🙁 So much for Fractal 50 for my second account since I hate putting AR in my weapons #ocd

Once you get to the bugged ice find the area of the ice from which you can just make out the other side of the ice then go to character select then back into the game. This will glitch you through the bugged floor and on to the next room you need to go.

You can just go the long way on the right and swim to the left side once you pull the chains to get in.

While I appreciate the effort that went into this, this is by far the worst guide on the site. It jumps around and is so difficult to follow. Why not just write the steps in a clear order? Oh well, Anet made one of the dumbest designs with how to make this so I guess it is only logical the guides would be pure hell to follow. Hopefully they add another use for dust soon because this is just ridiculous and no one seems to have a guide that just writes it out in a clear manner.

I feel like this would be more organized with a clear buy guide and clear craft guide instead of putting it together…. maybe?

Or a materials guide first then all the toilet recipie?

This guide is really helpful, and clear. The only trouble i had that i was not awere that the cultivated vine back piece and the mysetious vine back piece is required for Mawdrey. Therefore i had all the parts of Mawdrey before the other 2 backpiece

In conclusion thank you for the awesome guide but 2 little link for the 2 previous stages of Mawdrey would help.

The link to the previous two backpack pieces are included in the top description. I think they’ve been there since the article was published, unless it was edited recently. 😡

I have been using this guide for the last couple of days to farm mine, and although at first confusing… Not by the guide rather the 3 teirs, after discovering that each guide is extremely well laid out and to the point. Learn to click links and follow step 1-2-3 etc. And you may find it easier to understand. As well if you cant understand and appreciate a gear grind go play nerfed wow where everything is handed on a silver platter rather then piss and moan about anet implementing a challange. Thank you for the guide dulfy helped out alot like always.

I disagree; I used this guide the past week or two to create my own Mawdrey and I felt it was really straight forward. There’s a shopping list at the beginning and a step-by-step guide on how to craft it in the correct order. All of the information is on one page and it’s easy to follow…. there’s even links to Dulfy’s thorough guides for the jumping puzzles and mini dungeons you have to enter. I don’t know how much easier a guide for this could be written. 😛 Even the official wiki doesn’t have the full list of materials in one place.

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Hey if you buy the Heat stone off of the Trading post do you still have to have the crafting up to 500 or will it work without the 500 in either armor, tailor, or leatherworking?

The layout of this guide is absolutely horrible for laymen like myself. It doesn’t explicitly detail at the beginning that the guide here required the other two pieces (mysterious and cultivated), and was also unclear about the necessity of the living world season 2. When I began getting all the supplies, I hadn’t realized that I was missing the pet seed, and I especially hadn’t realized that because I wasn’t around for the one day that Anet gave out your free pet seed, that I now needed to buy the season 2 storyline in order to complete my 80 something gold sink. The article is only clear and easy to read if the reader already has a good idea of what is needed and what you are talking about. Perhaps keep that in mind the next time you are writing up tutorials.

The guide is great. What is chaotic is the crafting process that anet created. Just because it’s not easy to craft it, doesnt mean that the guide is bad lol

Wow, final step Heat stone + Heart of the destroyer + 3 bricks + agony infusion. but i cant put the agony infusion into the goddamn forge :(. is this a bug?

As Stormsurge said below in a post, disregard belle’s reply as it is downright wrong.

For the completion of mawdrey one must get the dragonsreach part 2 story , that costs 200 gems at this moment and is another hassle included, free to pay accounts have no access to that until they reach 5000 achievement points or pay hard cash.

As for that vendor he exchanges pet seeds for cultivated seed.

In the end one needs a pet seed, i will break it down for you : pet seed requires cultivated shoot + attuned grow lamp; Attuned grow lamp requires among many things a Germinated foxfire cluster; Germinated foxfire cluster requires an Enormous foxfire cluster which in turn can be obtained ONLY from the dragon reach part 2 at the conclusion of the summit . If you threw away your enormous foxfire you will have to do that silly quest again.

“free to pay accounts have no access to that until they reach 5000 achievement points or pay hard cash.”
you do realise you can convert gold to gems and tha getting enought gold for 200 gems is relatively easy right?

So… can i get pet seed without having to craf the previsious backpacks? Or i need to craft all that so i can finally arrive there and craft Mawdrey? I dont really understand if i can or not, read thru the comments and still no idea 😐 I dont really wanna buy gems to unlock that chapter only to realize that i have the craft the pre backpacks anyway. Thanks

Ok, so made the pet seed into seedling and now im stuck at Pile of Elemental Essence cuz i cant take it from the custlers… they all give me the option to “take a piece” and i get a “Cantle of x” instead of Pile of Elemental Essence. So how in all 7 hells do i finish my Mawdrey now? Since i cant go from seedling to sprout without the package… Any help what so ever? Or is bugged?

Crafted it already but still have several items from different chars in my box to craft it again – my question: can I craft several Mawdreys?

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