GW2 Points of Interest EP5 Livestream Notes

GW2 Points of Interest EP5 Livestream Notes featuring Peter Fries and Leif Chappelle.

  • Peter Fries – Writer, worked on a lot of stuff as well
  • Leif Chappelle – Game Designer/Composer
  • Kate Welch – Host

What did you work on this release?

  • Leif: I did every instances in this release. I didn’t work on the open world stuff. We have the general plot and split into instances. We take a concept, storyboard it out, work with writers to figure out who is in the instance and what is going on. I design the instance and implement it, which means scripting all the things. Scripting means firing events and triggers from conversations. It does not mean writing the text or programming. We use inhouse designed tool designed by programmers to script stuff. I also designed the final boss fight in this instance as well.
    • I also wrote a book recently called City of Tigers, can be brought on amazon.
  • Peter: I didn’t do most of the writing in this instance. I wrote some VO that made use of the voice actors that we had. Chauncy Von Snuffles – about 2 years ago we came up with things you could get for laurels and Chauncy Von Snuffles one of these exclusive pets. He had this royal background we created and he was loved by everyone in Divinity’s Reach since he was so fancy. Lord Faren hosted a competition cat show but Chauncy lost the competition to some rival cat in another city. The mob chased Lord Faren out of Divinity’s Reach and as a result he had to escape to Southsun Cove. This story got cut out of the game unfortunately.


  • Q: We saw crystalline structures in the last scene in living story. It is commonly associated with Mursat in GW1. Can you rule out Mursat in the living story?
    • We are going to find out in the next episode some of what is going on in that vision.
  • Q: it was great seeing Canach again. What other LW season 1 characters are returning?
    • We will see more of Canach and some other characters we havn’t seen for awhile. Peter did the writing for Canach and Leif did the scripting.
  • Q: Why no meta events in Dry Top?
    • There are actually meta events in Dry Top. Dry Top is part of two meta events – Zephyrite favor and sandstorm.

Player Speculation about Dragon’s Reach Pt 2

  • Is Taimi who we thinks she is. I think there is more behind that “innocent” asura.
  • Taimi shows the first sign of turning evil over her obsession with Scarlet. The season will end with her downfall.
  • New sitcom – Everybody loves Phlunt.
  • Rytlock turns into the glowing eye version in the loading screen. Will he take Chauncy Von Snuffle’s hat?
  • The corrupted ministrel descends on the World Summit and take out everyone’s hearing with an awful play of the Dragon Bash.
  • The dragon’s attacks seems a bit too convenient. Could Pale Tree be one of Mordremoth’s minions?

Speculation about next episode

  • What is Mordremoth going to do next and how will we do about it?
  • With all the world leaders lined up against Mordremoth, what is our plan of attack?
  • Can the Pale Tree and her vision be trusted?
  • What brought Trahearne back?
    • Peter:  By popular demand, that is why Scarlet is back too. Scarlet and Trahearne will now kiss and have babies.

Player Created Fan Art


  • Mugen

    Scarlet never died 🙂

    • Hawkewind

      Transcendence! Now for nano-clockwork-bots to take over the environment!

    • Where is this? Is this canon or just some silly thing?

      • Mugen

        It’s in Gendarran Fields is all I will say xD

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