Cantina Tour SWTOR

SWTOR Gamescom 2014 Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive

SWTOR Gamescom 2014 Cantina Tour fan flash drive contents. Inside are pictures of decorations, guild flagship and Rakata Prime, the new flashpoint in 2.10. Special thanks to David who sent me these pics and Theho who sent me the Q&A


Information Poster




Guild Flagship


Rakata Prime



Q&A provided by Theho. Here are some key points

  • Shadow Realms is a completely different development team and will not affect SWTOR in any way.
  • We did not get any developer responses during 2.9 PTS because team was too busy on getting it ready and could not spare a few minutes. Also, 2.8 got more responses because it had class changes, while 2.9 was more for balance changes. Rest assured that our feedback was heard, though we’ll have to wait until 2.10 before they implement it.
  • Dark Project prices are working as intended. They are supposed to be a lot of effort to get.
  • They are aware of the situation with Rated PvP and have discussed solutions. Cross-server PvP is certainly not coming 2014 and would be an enormous undertaking if they did it. Cory Butler said “At this moment, they are narrowing down the solutions for Rated PvP”
  • No details on the Rise-like expansion later this year, but Marketing told Eric that he can say “Except more details in the coming weeks” (same as what he said in the IGN video)
  • The 25 NPC decoration restriction is very likely put in to improve performance, but they did not know for sure. Also, they said that it is possible they may raise this limit in the future if they find the servers can handle it.
  • I asked Cory Butler about details on the Stronghold reactivation fees. The Nar Shaddaa stronghold subs get for free counts as a CC purchase, so you won’t have to spend credits to reactivate it. Also, if you want to save the reactivation fee, you just need to purchase the base stronghold with CC, you can unlock the additional rooms with credits afterwards.

By Dulfy

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141 replies on “SWTOR Gamescom 2014 Cantina Tour Fan Flash Drive”

Damn, I knew there was something I forgot to ask yesterday. I wanted to know if there were any plans on making more use of Manaan platforms. They just seem so empty and useless on PTS.

Since its the only flashpoint only planet (We can’t go to Tion, and while technically Lost Island is on Ord Mantell, you can’t access it from the part of the planet that is available) I’m guessing they have longer term plans to expand Manaan in some way. That said, I’m sure if you had asked the question you would have likely gotten a non-answer.

from what i heard, mostly rumors, they will expand Manaan, Wookie planet coming up and 3.0 is named Star Wars: Prelude to Darkness. All of these are rumors so far though and no official confirmation. Well with 3.0 being around the corner we just have to wait and see, thumbs up for expanding Manaan and maybe Rakata planet rather than just a FP

Star Wars: Prelude to Darkness, eh? That could potentially mean the Shadowlands of Kashyyk, OR that the Empire is gonna take the upperhand or something…Which both are good for me since I have NO Republic Toons that I care for. Imperials FTW

It could be, also noting to the empire side when Lana Beniko mention the darkness she feels in the force.

Yeah, Eric said that more info about Rise-like expansion is coming in few weeks, after they deploy Strongholds. So I hope that there are some expansion to some of the best planets in KOTOR.

They’re bound to add more stuff to manaan.
Way too much effort put into that large area to not fill it up.

I would pay mad CC to have Wookie as a playable race…who gives a sh*t if I could never understand a word that comes out of my toons mouth

Yes that is true but not as playable character where you will constantly hearing thatraaawwwh sound, and talking to npc doesnt always mean they dont speak basic.

I think their concern is that people would get tired of the constant “RWAWWWR” sounds and having to always read subtitles. I would assume they thing it would cause support issues. I wouldn’t want to do it, but if others do, more power to em I guess.

I have to agree with this. Listening to RWAAAWWR constantly even for few minutes is insane. While putting together Bowdaar companion conversation video, I just wanted him to already shut the hell up.

Like you don’t already have to read subtitles like mad to get the jist of the story? That’s BWs way to save money on voice acting is to have a gibberish speaking alien recite the same 3 lines of BS dialog and make us read subtitles to understand what the hell is going on. And I thought it was bad on the imp side, but when I started a pub toon. By the time my pub was level 20 that subtitle crap made me into a SWTOR racist that shouts “JUST SPEAK F’ING BASIC YOU ALIEN SCUM!” at every dialog cut scene. Heck the gree alone made me mad enough to drop kick a puppy. So I ask you, what difference would it make to have a gibberish speaking player character at this point? It would only be following suit with the rest of SWTOR.

Just flashpoint? I thought it will be like Manaan. Little area with reputation vendor and a lot of nostalgia 😀

well SW:TOR is only 300 years in the future. for a soceity that is tens of thousands of years old, 300 years isn’t much.
Sides the rakata where confirmed around in small isolated groups as late as the rebellion era

Since Rakata Prime is the next flashpoint, I have a good feeling that Onderon/Dxun will be the next expansion planet since it has been mentioned so much.

I would like to know what are the solutions for PvP… incredible that in 3 years we don’t have cross server.

I’m not a particularly big fan of it being a flashpoint nor them using flashpoints as the primary (only, really) means of telling the ongoing story, but at least Rakata Prime looks pretty.

They’re not using FP’s as the only means of telling the ongoing story.
They’re using it in the time between level cap increases because when people are at max level, they want them to group with others.
But when the level cap is increased (like with makeb, and most likely in the new expansion) they add single-player story.

Idiots to dumb to understand that cross server is the ONLY solution.
There is a reason other MMOs have it you know, f idiots.

cross server ques would take a lot of time work and effort tommy, time work and effort spent focusing on the MINORITY. look the fact of the matter is if you want a PVP game, SW:TOR isn’t it

this argument is old and invalid. jeracho is right. this game has been out since 2011 and ranked seasons do not make any sense without cross server implementation. in 2011 bioware heavily advertised with pvp content. as a programmer myself I tell you that it’s NOT that much work to get x-servers running. And in the end it’s BIOWARE, they are making a lot of money with swtor so they should give us something back. we pvpers don’t wanna be the dumb people financing your story telling flashpoint experiences any longer.

Ah because PvErs have got lot of content? TWO operation in one year? Hope you are just trolling.
PvP MUST be an important aspect of the game like the rest.

No no no! Don’t you realize that the majority in this game are the people buying cartel packs and different shades of dyes! That’s why they release a new cartel pack every few weeks. Who cares about PvP and PvE content when you can get a new dancer outfit in a different color!

You are right Vend! But until they don’t find a solution for the queue good PvP is impossible. I really would like to know what they have in mind. In 3 years is incredible that they don’t have done CrossServer queue.

Oricon, two operations spanning 3 difficulties, and seven tactical flashpoints (if you include FA pt II and III). This of course excludes THORN…

Wheras PvP got GSF, 4v4 arenas, and a new PvP map. In my opinion PvP and PvE are on equal ground at the moment, content wise.

2 operation is new content, 3 difficulties are not. Is just a rebot of the same things with “new mecanics”, because most of the time are not even so new. Is like guild strongholds, pretty there is nothing more out, you have to do the same things AGAIN.

Thorn and gree, are event, yeah I mostly fun, but again 10 + 2 bosses in ONE year is pretty low, really low. Flashpoint are nice, but actually uselles, is just a grind/smash fest, they are no suitable for any gear so after the first time no one run them. Really hope they are preparing them for level 55/60 and HM mode at level 60.

PvP got arena that is not working, no one queue. The new PvP map is nice, the GFS is a SIDE game, is not PvP and is dying because there are no links between it and your main character so people queuing is dropping. Soon we will find here the same problem we have in arena. People full geared (whip improved) against not geared or noob —-> roflstop and gg.

Solutions: More Operations, Cross Server for Arena, GFS and Easy operation, more PvP maps. ——> +500k players subscriber

I’ll agree with some of your points. Most of them, in fact. And I hope they prepare flashpoints for 60 when they do raise the cap again. As for their usefulness (or lack thereof, in your point), I wouldn’t go so far as to just call them a grind/smash fest. While I prefer running the operations I do enjoy facerolling flashpoints on occasion just for the story content. I’m a little on the fence about the entirety of Forged Alliances being Tacticals – I would have liked some standard 55 Hard Modes for the difficulty but can see why they are doing it.

Thorn and Gree are really good for credits for me at this point, since all they are are “a series of dailies with rep” like Sec X and the others. The only difference being Xenoanalyst and Eyeless, which are really not that difficult. The only event that really drives me up the wall now is Bounty Contracts.

As for “GSF is a SIDE game, is not PvP and is dying”, need I remind you that GSF is essentially PvP in space, and point to the PvP terminals on fleet for you to pick up the GSF dailies and such. I will say I only tried GSF once but ragequit because the controls are too silly and the rounds are too drawn out. It’s quicker and easier to run warzones or PvE content than it is to complete a starfighter match.

>More Operations: I would like to see this, though realistically they probably won’t do this until the next xpac.

>Cross Server for Arena/GSF/SM Ops: I could see them doing these for Arena and GSF, but not sure if they would even do it for Operations

>Open World PvP: Toggle your PvP flag or roll on a PvP server where it’s always toggled. Open World PvP is already there..

What is the majority in your oppinion? Is it story and lore interested people? Certainly not, because when I get into a relatively new flashpoint everyone’s first comment is “SKIP PLZ!!11”
Hardcore raiders? Yeah as if most people cleared the content on NiM yet.

Maybe it’s a bit of all. And if the rest of the pvpers left you would definately recognize it when you want to play a few warzones.

The majority are casual PvE players.
Just because alot of people shout “skip plz” in flashpoints doesn’t make them PvP’ers.

Stap !!! Everyone queues for warzones occasionally except maybe 5% of terrified, dependent noobs.

That doesn’t make the majority of players “pvp’ers”.

Just like picking your lines in the storyline doesn’t make you a roleplayer.
Or playing a female toon makes you a crossdresser.
Or putting sallad on your burger making you a vegetarian.

The vast majority of the playerbase are casual PvE players.

You like seeing yourself type, don’t you ? Where in the above comment do I say the majority of players are self-described “PvP’ers” ? I said almost everyone occasionally queues for PvP ! Its a pleasant and relaxing change from mind-numbing flashpoints and operations and that’s why its an important part of any MMORPG – even one coded by drunk monkeys like this one.

Well let’s see here.
First, I comment on someone that is claiming that PvP’ers are not a minority and asking what the “majority” is in Gaius93’s opinion.
I state that the majority of players are casual PvE’ers.
You then say “everyone queues for warzones except maby 5%” to which I reply “that doesn’t make them PvP’ers”.
And then you feel that you have to point out that you didn’t actually say that the majority are PvP’ers, and that instead, you were just hinting at it.

My point still stands, the majority of the players in the game are casual PvE’ers.
Even if they occationally dabble in PvP, the majority of the content they play is PvE.
So what’s your point here?
Except, you know, having an urge to point out to me that although the majority are not PvP’ers, they do PvP occationally (which has nothing to do with what I said in the first place).

And yes, I imagine I like to see myself type about as much as you enjoy watching yourself type.
You don’t exactly seem to be shy about typing…

Saying an accurate and true argument is old and invalid doesn’t make it so. If you are such an expert at was is or isn’t easy for their software and server infrastructure, then whip up some code and mail it to them then. And if you can’t even get a PvP queue to pop, you most certainly aren’t financing our story telling flashpoint experiences.

if it’s really not that easy for them their whole system was programmed to never allow any changes at all. I cannot believe bioware did not think about the possibility of falling populations. it is a standard feature and was back 2011 when swtor launched. in 2012 when we had a lot of ghost servers they should have learned from it.
It is not an accurate and true argument because as I commented earlier, swtors pvp has been aggressively advertised. It is not meant to be a side game or something like that. They just cannot handle it and this is where I get disappointed.
We get pops but competitive pvp with all the same people everyday gets old. I don’t say that pve is any better at the moment, it certainly isn’t. And I’m glad you enjoy the flashpoints and stuff. But honestly: You play them once, twice and suddenly you just hammer through the story because you couldn’t care less any longer. Amirite?

lolz at the Divide and Conquer mentality. “if my daddy don’t gimme what i want im going to punch my brother and shit my diaper!!!!”


yeah, all that unpaid time and effort cause you know, nobody subscribes or buys cartel coins anymore >.>

You need to grow up boy and realise PvP is a side game in swtor as it should be. Throwing insults doesn’t make it any different.

Tbh cross-server isn’t 100% pvp based, its needed for PvE as well; queue times are horrendous due to lack of tanks/healers.

You could say that BW need to make tanks/healers more enticing, but we all know that hasn’t work in any MMO to date.

Get rid of the need to build two separate sets of gear for tanks so it’s easy to transition from tank to dps and vise versa.
Add dual speccing. (having to manually respec is tedious)
Add a fourth specialization tree. Give more classes the option to tank or heal.
Make group sizes larger. 1 tank, 1 heal, 3-4 dps.

Cross server would not make there magically more tanks or healers, because every single server has too many DPS. So it would just be even more DPS in the queue.

And really, I’ve never had to wait all that long on my DPS alts on Jedi Covenant on the rare occasion I actually queue.

Cross-Server crap would certainly make me leave. Seen it destroy any sense of community in wow… I’d rather play with bots than with a random collection of egomaniacs basking in all their anonymous glory…

Questions I wrote down

How close is SWTOR to developer’s vision?
* There really is never one single vision, as it is constantly evolving from what developers come up with and based on community feedback. The main goal is to allow people to live out their Star Wars fantasy.

Is 2.9 complete complete expansion, or is it going to be released in stages?
* 2.9 is complete expansion with all its features.

Hood toggle?
* They know people want it (it gets asked on at every Cantina Tour), but it still presents a humongous task, which does not mean that they will not do it, just that until they are talking about it, it is not in active development.

Is SWTOR canon?
* SWTOR is a Star Wars game, developed in cooperation with LucasArts. But basically, no confirming or denying that it is canon.

Cross-server, or some other options (something like arena only server to which transferring would be free)?
* Answer was that it is not people really wanting cross-server, they just want queues to pop on a regular basis (which is true, most people would not give a rat’s behind about cross servers if queue were popping all the time). So the PvP team is trying to figure out way to get more people to play ranked content (and other types of content, naturally).

Will there be another paid (or even boxed) expansion, or is everything going to be free update now?
* Info about Rise-like expansion in next few weeks.

SWTOR isn’t canon because disney own star wars and everything outside the movies and their television show is no longer canon

TCW is still canon, even if it is not Disney TV show (even the Lost Episodes are canon, and Darth Bane shows up in those, so at least some part of TOR era is canon).
The canon wipe was mostly done because new movies that override post-ROTJ Expanded Universe (for example, there is no New Republic in the movees, even though it is 30 years after ROTJ).

I honestly think, from how Eric said it, that the people in charge of the canon are not really sure about TOR era or they are just not willing to say it.

I’m about 80% sure the story group is not looking at anything from the Old Republic era that has existed prior to April 25th, 2014 as their true vision for the sandbox they are building. At the same time they are in the credits of every expansion starting with GSF. I think the rough thing for them is that they know THEY don’t want to say it’s an official piece of canon because they weren’t there for it’s inception, but they like some things about it. Like the Bane trilogy. They like some things about it. But those books are not canon. And yet at the same time, now that SWTOR is doing really well financially, they don’t want to declare it Legends either.

So I think SWTOR will probably remain as the only piece of non-canon non-Legends material that is coming out regularly.

Personally, I wish it was maybe fixed up a little bit and made canon. I love some pieces of it, and I feel it’s just a few notches below the storytelling in TCW. I think with some adjustments (which are costly and will never happen probably) it really could be made to be in line with the new canon. The good game is still there for others, regardless of it’s canon status I guess.

George Lucas ensured in the contract that TCW would be considered canon to Disney. That’s the mere reason.

The only part of TOR era which is canon is Bane character itself and his Rule of Two. Nothing more. So far he has no background in the official canon.

Community Cantina Los Angeles June 2014:
“SWTOR is not canon. It is part of the extended universe. It will not be
affected in anyway. The only thing that can affect SWTOR is Lucas Arts.
As in Sith will not be running around on unicorn mounts.”

What I assume is that after those words someone at EA might asked Bioware not to declare SWTOR canon status as some folks are going crazy about this matter and this could potentially influence their decision to stop playing. Yeah, some folks are radical like nuts.

EA doesn’t want to deal with shitstorm as long as they can. Bioware is not going to confirm or deny it until LucasArts decides what to do with the game that gives so much profit. They can thinking about declaring SWTOR canon as its the only ongoing EU project that is not going to be shut down like the rest of it.

They can place more than 25 NPCs in a instanced Heroic, in different rooms. Whats the differance to a Stronghold?

They want more ppl to play ranked PvP? Take away the separate gear grind and I’d PvP. I don’t have time, (nor care to), to grind for PvP gear and I don’t PvP because I don’t have PvP gear. I understand why there is PvP gear and why it is important for those who have it, but would the trade off of having more ppl PvP be worth it if we didn’t have PvP gear? Another solution would be to not allow PvP gear in un-ranked 55 PvP so ppl can grind for it and use it when they enter ranked.

158s are good enough for solo ranked though. If you subscribe just queue for ranked to get the 162s super fast. If they really wanted ranked queues to pop often they would open it up to free-to-play accounts by selling CC passes for it.

They could increase the limit of regular warzones for preferred players and shift the three match limit to ranked.

Bolstered PvE gear is still a handicap though – as it should be. You don’t stand a chance against a player in PvP gear even if you’re in gear from the latest NiM Operations. In fact if you show up to a warzone with 40k+ health you’re likely to get ripped apart by everyone else just for giggles.

Yeah, they should just take out expertise out of the game completely. I play both PVP and PVE, albeit a 60-4- split, in favour of the latter.

Earned rank 11 in vanilla Wow(Commander) but I really wouldn’t have minded if there was just 1 gear for both PVE and PVP. Alright, maybe totally different look for uniqueness and for bragging rights, but same exact stats. Top players in each respective disciplines all get top tier. Doesn’t mean that best PVE players are good PVP players and vice versa. But then this alleviates the obvious reliance on gear to be good in both aspects. it really should be Skill > gear, both PVE and PVP

Hated how when I got top tier PVP gear in vanilla wow, then started raiding(guild had a few server firsts, and to my credit, I was not by any means being carried), realized it was even worse than Tier 1 (MC drops). Or how I had full Tier 2.5 down the line and still got my face melted when I entered the BGs in my spare time. I reckon it would be a bit easier for devs to implement as well. All my years playing MMOs, this is what I don’t get the most, esp in games that have this kind of system.

This solution penalizes those who, like myself, have no interest in grinding raids (and dealing with the associated guild drama) to obtain top gear to be competitive in PvP environments. I’m not against exp being removed and only having one kind of gear — I’m against being repeatedly forced through content I have no interest in so I can play the content I like without being curbstomped. Or are you suggesting that PvP rewards should be the same as those from NiM content? That would be an even tougher sell than removing exp.

Another solution would be to remove the total bullshit (reg) WZ comm cap. If you PvP as you level, you can very well get a full Obroan set right of the bat once you ding 55. But to do this you need to juggle comms and risk wasting a huge amount of them if you lose track of time, get caught with your Fleet pass on CD, in a FP or whatever. Removing the cap would make the initial grind to obtain the entry tier of PvP gear much more bearable without rendering it trivial or handing it to you “for free”. It would also provide a venue to avoid the harrowing experience that is queuing for 55 PvP ungeared. Unfortunately, gating is a staple of MMO design and it’s doubtful they will consider it’s doing more harm than good. The Spoils of War event saw a surge of non-PvPers in warzones which shows that people are at least curious about it. The painful, tedious grind coupled with the lack of matchmaking in regs will turn away all but the most determined, though.

You could also give people playing PVP the same gear you get from raids but organize it in a way that limits the acquisition of gear closer to that of raidng.

Handing out of Recruit gear did a good job of that…making everyone eligible for entry-level, bolstered level 55 non-ranked PvP. The problem was that some players saw the free gear as a credit gift and sold it (or put it on a companion), then went in and played PvP and griped. The solution was to “not give out” recruit gear. When the solution was actually, make the Recruit Gear bound to your character only (just like they bind certain gear for certain companions (their “named” gear you obtain while levelling), vendor for 0 credits, non-modifiable, and spammable from an NPC vendor. This way, if you want to dump it because you “don’t PvP”, you destroy it. You can’t use it on a companion. And, if you screw up and didn’t mean to destroy it, change your mind later and want to try PvP, or want to change roles (healing instead of dps or dps instead of tanking), you can spawn a gear set that lets you do that.
Then there’s two tiers of “comms” gear above the Recruit.
This would make bolster more about “awareness” at level 55 (and easily rectified in a few seconds upon exiting the first match) and not a “punishment” for merely having a new 55 or deciding you want to try something.

” So the PvP team is trying to figure out way to get more people to play ranked content (and other types of content, naturally).”

Hopefully they are thinking of incentives rather than forcing it down people’s throats as a bottleneck to new content.

Yes Please! Rakata Prime looks very very good, even if it was a just a daily hub, I’d ‘daily’ the shit out of that. Oricon was too depressing for my taste..

I’m a ‘beach’ kind of guy, always been a dream to own a house by the beach, please BW, make it happen! 😀

The nerdattack ons little musco was funny. 1.6m guy in a nerdocalyps. The free beer and tiramisu was nice on the cantina.

oh I do like the looks of Rakata Prime. Admittedly it reminds me a bit of ME but I have absolutely no problem with that 😉

I spoke with the Devs after the official Q&A and here’s some stuff we all know a LOT of people have asked for:

* Training Dummies for Strongolds are coming. Most likely not with 2.9, but they will.
* Healing and tanking dummies are in development, they’re just difficult to implement but BW is working on it.

Maybe like a turret that shoots at you? And you can buy modulators from the ship droid to choose how much damage you take a second?

They have the mechanics…the challenges in the Raptus fight in DP are short term dummies. Heal “dummy” is just a dummy with a heavy dot on it, Tank “dummy” just has a large AOE hit; they can tweak it to be Force or Energy or a hybrid attack so as to simulate defensible and non-defensible (of course the survivability is only part of being a good tank…but at least it’ll give gear check).

I wonder…. if you’re going to Rakata Prime last… might there be an off chance the next xpac has something to do with a resurgance and revival of the Infinite Empire with Revan or the Emperor using & abusing Rakatan technologies?

No to both, *spoiler* Revan dies on the Empire’s side and the Emporor (his voice but the vessel is critically injured) dies on the JK story

*Spoiler Alert*
Actually the Emperor is very much alive because the physical body that was destroyed by the Jedi Knight was merely the current Voice of the Emperor.

This is revealed in the aftermath of the Sith Warrior storyline via a mail message.

First Manaan, now Rakata Prime 🙂 Really feeling the nostalgia for KotOR. I love it!

That’s great to hear that they are considering increasing the 25 NPC cap for strongholds. I hope they do it, and soon.

looks like we will be getting kasheek in the near future i’m hoping i’m right i want to hunt those pesky wookies.

The reason why people don’t play rated PvP is because it isn’t necessary. People want to play it… but not if they have to wait in a queue for 30 minutes between matches. PvE group finder missions would have this same problem if the rewards weren’t so necessary.

How to fix? Simple: Create a matchmaking popup window for all group finding activities (PvP and PvE).

So, if you queue for ranked PvP, you could display a little popup window that has 8 player slots that would all have a “searching” animation playing. As new players come available and enter the queue, each player slot would change from “Searching” to “Player found.” When all players are found, then the match would pop, obviously.

This same concept should be applied to PvE GF as well. Looking for groups for flashpoints and ops would be so much more bearable if you know how many other people are using the queue.

The reason why this information is useful is because as of now, you have to assume whether or not other people are queuing. You can start a ranked queue and wait for 2 hours because unknown to you, not a single other player is queuing up. Whereas, if you can see when other players are matched, you can better decide how to continue your queue. If you get some people, you can decide to wait.. but if you get no one then obviously no one wants to play.

This will also incentivise players who don’t like waiting in queues to stay longer…. since they will know whether or not other people are queing with them.

screw rated pvp how bout it getting open world pvp going no ilum/gree nonsense doesnt count lol.This conquest idea would been awesome for pvp but its sounding more like carebear pve garbage sigh..

Funny that some PVE players QQ about Bioware forcing them to do PVP content and being owned by gankers, but simultaneously PVP players complain about this content to be PVE garbage.
SWTOR community at its best. Whatever Bioware does for them it’s always wrong.

I would almost like game update 3.0 to be just that: A complete overhaul of the game engine, solving performance issues from launch, and it would be the perfect opportunity to implement Cross-server queuing.

Same here, but i heard that (can;t really remember who said it and when it was said) BW wanted to upgrade the engine but EA did not wanted to fund them. And that was around the time Lucas signed licences over to Disney so he wouldn’t be funding them either, if he ever did.

I wonder if we’ll be getting new hairstyles and faces. Both Lana and that other guy have options not available in the character creator. Would love to see those become options along with others. The character creator is LONG overdue for an update.

they have given some species some new options in the past. since they are new models i wouldnt put it past them to add it in as another appearance pack available for CC. honestly sometimes i feel like if could play as a wookie, or alien that cannot wear headgear i would have at least one of my alts like that and be very satisfied, this face similarity among available aliens is a very Star-Trekish entity withing a Star Wars realm imo. im still happy regardless.

Something to do with the Star Forge would be freaking awesome, but idk if they would do something like that.

No details on the Rise-like expansion later this year, but Marketing told Eric that he can say “Except more details in the coming weeks” (same as what he said in the IGN video)
I think you meant Expect and not except, right? 😉

Hahaha. Rakata Prime looks like the Risa Summer Event on STO. :-p

Do we get hover boards to use on the surf?

Rakata Prime is from the original KOTOR game, which came out back in 2003, several years before STO came out.

I always laugh when I read “poses a humongous challenge” from anything SWTOR related. I just started playing WoW a few days ago and if you want to see how archaic this game is then go over there. Cross server guilds, cross server dungeons or flashpoints. I assume there is cross server operations or raids as well, that I would not know because i’m lvl 47 but i’m having too much fun reading up on how I don’t have to open up 48 cartel packs and not get a mount. I can just go loot one from something.

I would say the best thing I saw over on WoW in my 4 days is the cash shop and how non-greasy and non-greedy it is. But then again EA did not get their horrible reputation from being great to customer base.

My hate for EA aside, this game is way behind in features that a game that is 8 years old is. Many of us still remember pre-nge SWG and this game lacks features THAT game had and it is what, 12 years old or older?

WOW has been around much longer than Swtor…I agree with some of what you said…though in the end, I have to admit…you pretty much went “Full Retard” there….

Truths hurt. I know big guy. I know. Here is a shoulder, you can cry on it but first let us open these 200 cartel packs to see if you win it. ;p

WOW is a simpleton game…enjoy your cartoon…and please do not come back to Swtor…it is obviously to advanced for you….

Most true at things you say, still taking in consideration that this game is just two years old, some features they introduce and such, should have been a standard since launch. With that said, even Blizzard had to figure out how to do the Cross server scripting and such, so it go’s without saying cant really expect BW to just magically bring these up, specially with BW not properly being able to make chairs seat-able.

I agree with you. I hope EAware gets it sorted. Cross server ques would help and stuff like getting their heads out of their arses on comm caps and the sorts. That would go a long way as well.

Anyone who opens up 48 CM packs to get 1 mount is an idiot. Sell the packs to get credits and then buy what you want off the GTN. Everyone knows that. The only stuff in the CM is cosmetic stuff. There are dozens and dozens of mounts in this game and you can easily get a mount without using the CM.

Your moms an idiot. Many people have opened more. Learn the game before publicly sounding like a pompous ass.

Somehow I missed this post. Must be the last person who reads Dulfy to find out about Rakata Prime…cool. Another big empty planet for one flashpoint? I hope not…

From what we know so far, it is just a flashpoint, or a location like Manaan, with introductory mission, vendor and FP entrance.
I do hope they will expand Manaan a bit more (maybe a daily area with reputation?). I really like how it looks, and it just seems like such waste of effort for what is there…

Revan’s whole life has been for this, he fought and defeated The Mandalorians, which was all started by Emperor Tenebrae (Aka Vitiate), he built his own Sith armada and found The Star Forge to destroy the Republic and rebuild a stronger one to battle The Emperor and his Sith Empire.He attacked the Emperor and though he failed in a way succeded by stalling the emperors plans to attack the republic for 300 years giving them time to rebuild from mando wars,jedi cicil war, and the dark wars. He has basically been battling The Emperor most of his life. Revan must be the one to stop Tenebrae, it’s his destiny.


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