Patch 2.9 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Game Update 2.9 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch 2.9 Galactic Strongholds Early Access patch notes. This patch will land after the scheduled maintenance between 2AM PDT (9AM GMT) – 7AM PDT (2PM GMT).


Game Update 2.9: Galactic Strongholds Early Access


Galactic Strongholds Early Access! Subscribers can now purchase a Galactic Stronghold on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant by visiting the Stronghold Directory on the Fleet or on the Stronghold’s planet.

Guild Flagships now available! Guilds can now purchase a Flagship and use it to compete with other guilds and conquer the galaxy! Visit the Flagship Directory on the Fleet for more information.

Battle for control with Conquest! Conquest events are now available in the Mission Log! Each week a new Conquest event will become active with new objectives. Complete your personal point target to earn special rewards – or if you’re in a guild with a Flagship, invade a planet and compete with other guilds for planetary domination. Special perks are available to those who conquer a planet by placing at the top of the Guild Leaderboard at the end of the event.

New Flashpoint: Depths of Manaan! Continue the Forged Alliances storyline with a new Level 55 Tactical Flashpoint set on the water-covered planet of Manaan.


  • The GSI Satellite Support Service is now in open beta testing on Makeb. Once registered with the GSI support satellites, GSI will track your every move and provide you with the following support services:
    • Gear is now bolstered to a 156 rating while on Makeb, increasing all stats!
    • When combat is detected, a Medical Probe will be deployed to administer long-lasting, refreshing Kolto, healing you for 2% every 3 seconds while you remain in combat.
    • There is now a 250% boost to exploration Experience while on Makeb.
  • Pets now occasionally make noises.
  • Victorious Battler Headgear now has voice modulation.
  • The Czerka Executive Speeder now tilts appropriately when turning.
  • The World Map window now blocks right-click interactions like other windows.
  • Oricon’s Galaxy Map appearance now accurately reflects that the moon is actively on fire.

Cartel Market

Galactic Strongholds

  • Galactic Strongholds on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Dromund Kaas and Coruscant are now available to Subscribers.
  • Strongholds can be purchased by going to the Stronghold Directory on either Fleet or on the respective Stronghold planet.
  • An introductory Mission that grants a set of starter Decorations is offered by the Stronghold Commissioner, who can be found on either Fleet or on either Capital planet.
  • Mounts, pets, and companions can be placed as decorations in your Stronghold.
  • Guildmasters can purchase a Guild Headquarters at any Stronghold Directory. This purchase requires a Guild Bank with enough credits.
  • Decoration items can now be donated to your guild through the Guild Bank interface (this will consume the decoration unlock). Decorations that cannot be physically donated may be purchased for your guild through the decoration collection window (you will not lose the decoration).
  • Guildmasters can now purchase a Guild Flagship by visiting the Flagship Directory on the Fleet.
  • Flagship room expansions can be unlocked with a combination of credits and Framework items:
    • Frameworks come in three varieties: Engineering, Command, and Logistical.
    • They can be obtained either by crafting and exchanging Dark Projects at the Flagship Commissioner, by earning the guild reward in a Conquest Event, or by defeating enemy Sith and Jedi Commanders on planets across the galaxy.
  • Conquest events are now accessible in the Mission Log!
    • You can view the current Conquest event in the Conquest tab of the Mission Log.
    • Each week a new event will appear with a new set of objectives and contested planets. You can participate and earn rewards even if you aren’t in a guild.
    • If you are in a guild with a Flagship, your Guildmaster can choose to invade one of the contested planets and compete on the guild leaderboard! The top guild on each leaderboard will take control of the planet at the end of the event. Guild members who meet their point contribution target and place on the leaderboard will earn special guild-exclusive rewards. You will control the planet until your guild conquers another, or until another guild conquers it when it next becomes contested.
    • Conquering planets will earn your guild special privileges. Your guild will be advertised in a banner on the planet, your guild members will be displayed as ‘Conquerors’, your Flagship Orbital Support will have its effect doubled, and you will have access to special equipment, including the Commander Walker mount!
  • New Schematics are available on all Crew Skill trainers, under the “Strongholds & Conquests” category.
    • Industrial Prefabs can be crafted by Armormechs, Armstechs, and Cybertechs.
    • Synthetic Prefabs can be crafted by Artificers, Biochems, Synthweavers.
    • Universal Prefabs and their material components can be crafted by any crafting profession.
    • Prefabs are divided into three tiers: MK-1, MK-2, and MK-3. These schematics may be trained at skill levels 150, 300, and 450 respectively.
    • War Supplies are a new type of crafted item used to earn points in Conquest events. They may be exchanged for special decorations, Conquest equipment, and Flagship items. Each type of War Supplies may be crafted by the professions that specialize in the associated materials. All crafting professions may train the Invasion Force and Dark Project schematics.
  • Prefabs may be exchanged at the Fabricator Droids in the Strongholds & Crew Skills quadrant of either Fleet for a wide variety of Decorations.
  • Decorations now drop from every Flashpoint and Operation.
  • Many Flashpoint and Operation Achievements now provide special Trophy Decorations that can be placed on the walls of your Stronghold. You can view them in the Achievement Reward Window. These Decorations will be automatically unlocked when the Achievement is earned. You can also right-click the item icon to unlock it once the Achievement is earned.
  • Decorations may be purchased for Warzone Commendations and Fleet Commendations at the Starfighter & PvP Decorations Vendor on either Fleet.
  • Jawa scrap materials can now be obtained by earning Conquest rewards.

Flashpoints + Operations

  • Nefra, Who Bars The Way has a new “Frustrated Howl” ability, and now deals damage to all players participating in her Dread Fortress encounter if she reaches 80% health and is unable to reach a target.
  • The Achievement “Defeating Colonel Vorgath” is now properly granted when defeating him in 8-Player Story Mode Explosive Conflict.

Missions + NPCs

  • The density of enemies on Makeb has been reduced.
  • The Jedi Knight Mission “Doomsday” has had its difficulty reduced.
  • The Jedi Consular Mission “Chaos and Harmony” has had its difficulty reduced.
  • The Trooper Mission “The Battle of Corellia” has had its difficulty reduced.
  • Corrected the items that the Jawa Scrap Vendors have available, and they no longer sell unused Materials.
  • Group scaling has been removed from the following Missions, and the difficulty of the boss encounter no longer scales based on the number of players in the group:
    • Stealing Thunder (Imperial)
    • Revenge of the Archon (Imperial)
    • Hitting the Hutts (Republic)
    • Taking on Toborro (Republic)


  • It is no longer possible to escape behind the series of pipes in the Tatooine Canyon Arena.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

77 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 2.9 Patch Notes”

What is The GSI Satellite Support Service? Can i go there on a low-lvl alt and play Makeb as a, say, lvl 20 trooper?

No… As far as I am Aware the “GSI – SatSupSer” only gives you a “small” heal, a boost for your gear and an XP-Bonus for exploring… Ok, your gear is bolstered to 156, but the mobs are still for lv 50++ and you still need access (I am not sure if someone with a ship could take you along..?)… If so – I would think you still will die alot =) …

You’d still need to get Makeb expansion, either by subscribing (even temporarily, perhaps via the Referral link process), or by buying it directly. Otherwise, you couldn’t leave the ship to get onto Makeb Orbital Station.

I wonder. Is this in preperation for the upcoming expansion… I would expect all rewards for commendations will move up a grade. So is the expectation that the buff will be required to offset the gap in gearing for those levelling through makeb ordinarily on the progression to the new frontier content?

Actually I believe they are setting things up to let you level alts on Makeb and not be limited to KDY or normal planet progression. Can anyone confirm?

I don’t really understand what Bio is doing here, or why rather. I don’t find Makeb any harder than other planet’s, and I usually play solo. Why are they “dumbing” down Makeb?

Presumably it’s prep to help people get to 55 before they launch a level cap increase expansion. And it’s certainly needed, considering running the Makeb story without an exp boost will only get you to 53 or 54, and the other buffs are just a nice bonus.

Ahh I see, thanks for clarification. I always run a XP boost and have no problems leveling to 55. But I could see heading straight there at 50, and no XP boost and a prefered or free player, might be tough to get to 55. Not a lot of quest there for 5 levels.

You don’t need XP boosts to get to 55, if you’re smart enough to park in a rest zone when you log off and you don’t do the bare minimum to get off each planet you can’t help but be over 50 before you get to Ilum. I’ve had more issues with progression stall because I wasn’t earning enough xp to move forward than I have with not being able to “beat the content”. 90% of the time I end up skipping everything but class content on either Tatooine or Taris just because I’m leveled so far above the content.

Probably aimed at Preferred players, who may well have been F2P till 50. This way they aren’t then stalled by weak gear (no Purples) and slower XP after hitting 55 around level 53.

I don’t understand this Leveling from ~49 to cap is really, really quick for me. I’m usually maxed out before stepping on Makeb, and I don’t run XP boosts. It’s the middle levels that seem to be a pain (Alderaan…). Of course, I also do FPs and a fair bit of PvP, but Bio should be encouraging people to do more group content, not less. There’s also Ilum and CZ-198, so why do we need hand-holding through Makeb? 0.o

What? Unless all you do is class missions and what you have to in order to get off the previous planet you should already be at least 51 or 52 before you even reach Makeb. I’ve ground up 6 toons to 55 since Makeb came out and I NEVER found it even semi-challenging.

Lol, let’s make the missions easier!! Hooray for ppl who can’t handle any type of challenge! 3.0 to introduce tactical Ops I bet…

Seriously, a normal person, doing just class and planet mission should already be at least level 50 by the time the get to Corellia, or at least Ilum. This is pointless, if you suck so bad you need “bolstered” to do Makeb you don’t belong there in the first place. And I’m sure the loot box farmers appreciate it, as well as reducing the number of mobs that agro on them as they run from mesa to mesa.

I’m not much of an elitist but I have to agree with you two on this one. This is laughable at best. Makeb provided a nice challenge once you hit 50 and bought your Makeb mods from the fleet. But…EAware. Why not, right.

I wasn’t trying to be elitist, I play casual, but leveling in this game is easy although time consuming (to a point). But if a player stops for a few days to do black hole and section x and you’ll have plenty of classic level gear (plus advancing at least one level), which makes Makeb a cake walk.

My thoughts exactly, you beat me to it. NOTHING mentioned in these notes on legacy storage, and that’s what I was most excited about 🙁

Purpose being? In a week everyone would be maxed out again and bitching about having to grind new ops to get new gear. More content, not more stupidity.

It’s almost certainly going to happen in 3.0, which is around December. The “purpose” is exactly to provide “more content”, which keeps people paying the subs, buying the CM stuff, or both. For better or worse, it’s the standard MMO thing, and I’ve been going through the same treadmill since EverQuest’s first expansion Ruins of Kunark back in 2000, less than a year after the game itself was released in the UK.

”Pets now occasionally make noises” :3 Let’s hope only hear the active pets of your char, cause the fleet will be like a zoo if you can hear the others players pets 😀

So I can get to lvl 15, grab my ship, fly to Makeb, get bolstered to 156 gear and then Power Level my self from 15 to 55 really fast. SWEET!!!

good thing… I’d have me 10 extra presence and endurance on my 3 level 14-22 characters like immediately after the servers came up… a ton of exploration xp, too.
Still waiting for someone to explain to me why this change was necessary… not like Makeb was hard when I did it on my other 8 toons.

i guess they want people to level to 55 on makeb. nowadays it’s easier doing the lvl 50 daily quests or eternity vault to level 47 upwards.

You can go to the Orbital station as soon as you have a ship (which I did to buy the bind-on-legacy items from the Reputation vendors there) but you won’t get the missions and (at least on the Imperial side) you won’t get any further.

I can’t recall if you can get to the Avesta estate as a Republic player below 47, I’ll check it out later.

1st thing I did on PTS was to check that one out Ryan.
Not wanting to disappoint you but my lv30 sage couldn’t enable the GSI satelite. The service is only for toons of lv47 and higher.

Furthermore you can’t go off the initial island if not on the mission (for republic side at least).

So yeah …… no more powerlevelling than usual. Any decent leveler would be lv47/48 when hitting makeb.

subs get their promised free stronghold by doing the intro quest? or im wrong?
thank you for all your efforts btw 😀

Sorry Dulfy, I know this was probably addressed earlier but I don’t remember seeing it. I’m a little confused by your answer, could you please clarify? If you are a subscriber will you just automatically get access or will you have to do the quest but not pay for the stronghold? Also, if you have to do the quest, do you have to do it with every (in my case 11) character, or does the first one unlock it for everyone in the legacy? Thanks for all the great coverage on this (and everything).

You can do the quest on every character but once a character has completed it, the entire legacy has access to the strongholds. Tomorrow you will notice the crafting area of the fleet is now called crafting & strongholds. Just go there, take the quest from the hologram and it will tell you what to do.


Didn’t really understand op & fp-achievments. Do I have to do them again in order to get my “paintings” for the “wall of fame”. And are there still restrictions about how much pets and npc’s i can place.

Thanks for your guides from Germany Dulfy. Great work!

Nope achievement are retroactive so if you have it ingame now you should get them automatically tomorrow. Yes there are still restrictions as far as I am aware

I seem to have a bunch of quite low-rez “(story)” mode pictures of bosses, nothing for the Hard or Nightmare versions. I was hoping it would be real trophies, like maybe a piece of Soa’s armor, or the Dragon Skull from S&V, not these… 🙁

Actually, Dulfy, I have several ops boss achievements completed both solo and with the guild but the “wall poster” trophies (incl. SM, HM, & NM) are still locked.

Makeb was far too easy even first time i was there on my main Marduku (assassin) when expansion was launched. And i got an average 143-146 gear and no problem at all, except for the last mission which was a bit pain. 156 bolster seems a bit overkill for that purpose. however, i can understand that if people still got their sub-50 gear then it will be a pain without bolster. the trick is that if you’re leveling your alt.. just do the lvl 50 ops with your 55’s and send 50 gear to alt.. or if you’re leveling up first character then just grind planetary coms and get those Rakata-level mods from Makeb vendor at supply section and Makeb will go smoothly without bolster

It’s to reduce the grind of going from 50 to 55 in preparation of the next level cap increase.
There’s alot of players that haven’t done makeb on their alts simply because it’s too boring.
At least this will reduce the grindiness of the travelling on makeb and make the fights go by quicker.

Total theory. And a level cap is not needed and has not even been hinted at yet. It’s people too lazy to do all the content and/or too stupid to buy good gear crying all over the official forum that drove this.

They have stated that their next expansion will be the size of RotHC… that would certainly hint at a level cap raise to me.
And it’s not that people are too lazy.
It’s that people think makeb is boring as fuck and would rather grind dailies than do the storyline.
I certainly haven’t noticed much whining on the forums about makeb other than “there’s too many mobs” which is very justified no matter your gear.

90% of those mobs can be circumvented or ignored anyway, so what’s the difference? Not that it matters, just seems totally unnecessary to me.

yeah, and fighting the mobs were the fun part. take the staged weeklies as example, not fun as it used to be. especially not when Makeb is under conquest and most of the mobs are already killed. same goes with the dailies. I can agree that Makeb is a bit boring and sometimes frustrating but u do make a good piece of money over there incl GSI dailies.

And the upcoming 3.0 i bet there will be a lvl cap as the expansion will be of rothc size. and now that the story has revealed the enemies as the Order of Revan. u can just imagine what the expansion will be like. On that case, i may agree that nerfing Makeb a bit can be a good idea.

The point is that you don’t have to circumvent them any more.
But that doesn’t matter because you don’t care, and that’s fine.
But alot of others did care and thought it was boring as fuck.

“healing you for 2% every 3 seconds” is just like Heroic Moment, but for the full duration of the Combat — meaning it will be a lot more effective to level as a Tank or Healer spec. It might even mean that with my Dread Forged tank gear I can tackle some of those Champion mobs scattered around Makeb using Treek as healer 🙂

You really want to say that your dreadforged geared tank couldn’t already? …. 😛

FYI, the GSI satelite heal is a bit bugged, it doesn’t tick every 3 seconds (sometimes it skips 1 round of 3 secs). Also the heal can crit 😉

The last time I tried one of those Champions – I think it was some sort of rogue jedi and his padawan – was when I had Arkanian gear, and Treek in a bunch of Campaign pieces just couldn’t cope. I hadn’t tried again since then.

Why can I not turn with my mouse or move with my mouse when the map is open? I have gotten used to pointing myself in the right direction while the map is open. This is not game breaking but yet another paper cut.

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