Galactic Strongholds Patch 2.9 SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 2.9 Coverage Guide

A collection of various guides related to Patch 2.9 Galactic Strongholds expansion.


  • Q: Where do I go and get a stronghold?
    • A: Go to the fleet, you will notice the crafting area is now renamed to Strongholds & Crew Skills. There is a big hologram NPC you talk to in that area for the intro quest that will show you how to access the stronghold terminal etc. For the free Nar Shaddaa palace, you need to access the stronghold terminal and purchase it for 0 credits.
  • Q: How to I get to Manaan?
    • A: Go to your spaceship and travel to Manaan. If you have done Forged Alliances Part I there is a new quest to pick up at the fleet as well. Alternatively, you can simply queue up with group finder
  • Q: How do I do conquest?
    • press L and go to the newly added Conquest tab. There are a bunch of objectives for you to complete.

Galactic Strongholds

Guild Flagships & Planetary Conquest

Manaan Flashpoint

Cartel Market

Patch Notes

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79 replies on “SWTOR Patch 2.9 Coverage Guide”

Ah that’s a shame. I was really excited to be spending more time on Manaan again.

I hope they expand on it, but that’s just getting my hopes up for nothing :c

Considering its size, I’d say odds are that they’ll be adding more there. Right now it’s the size of the entire CZ area (including the daily areas and such) and only has one flashpoint in it (and I’m not counting the area of the flashpoint)

I’am not sure. If I’ll buy a stronghold on Dromund Kaas, I’ll need to pay everytime to travel there? (For Republic characters)

If I give a key to a preferred player, will he be able to visit my stronghold or he has to wait until pref launch?

I’m 99% certain I read somewhere that they can visit the guild stronghold, so I can only assume they can visit yours as well.

OK a fix that worked for me, delete a file called “retailclient_swtor.version” in the SWTOR install directory.

ok i solved the issue some other way. i have had changed the loading screen to an empty file for fights like tyrans or calphayus. so i did not touch “retailclient_swtor.version” but put the original loading screen into place, restarted the launcher and patched successfully within seconds 🙂

what have i been doing with my life… thank you so much. Now going to put my own personal taste on the wallpaper. At least i can look at something pretty when im getting constant loading screen wallpaper for no good reason

Wow this update is big… Or the installing is really slow. Already 1.5 hours and it’s only at 18%.

This was actually one of the fastest downloads I’ve ever had, which I find strange with all the people on the forums talking about slow downloads and locking up. I had a lot of problems in the past when no one else did. I’d really like to know what the determining factor is in all this

YEah BW cant figure out how to expand the number of NPCs in your SH in their MMO. Sheesh, what a total fail. Seriously, it’s a complete atmosphere killer. That and no interaction with the things in it. PLUS they silenced all the NPCs and holo’d your companions, so it’s like being in a friggin ghost town.

It’s not changing it that’s the problem. Severs have already crashed more then once because of new load on the servers. No way an increase in the npc count would be coming anytime soon because of that.

Having trouble with my legacy…reputation is not going up( I got the notification about the ”promotion” on screen), but I capped weekly rep(should be at friend, but it’s at outsider), also when I open the character panel the lagacy title option is greyed out and I’m getting strange achievements; ”complete a warzone” ( I have over 1000 wzs completed)

Any thoughts?

Can somone explain why have additional aprts? like if got narshadda why bother with any other one… just for the looks or is there some bonus to the others??

If you max out the decorations in 1 apartment you get a 25% bonus to your guild conquest points. If you do all 4 you get 100% bonus.

I believe it’s for RPers to try to out “man” each other by having more strongholds, with more rooms, on more planets with more deco than any of their friends. Those guys are sooo cool.
I have the landing pad of mine deco’d with a mail box, legacy storage, personal storage, mod station and 1 droid to vendor junk to… and I’m done. I haven’t even been in the other rooms because I don’t need anything in there. All I need now is for the game to stop sending e-mails full of deco I’m never going to use.

Well I guess it’s not just me. In fact, all of my companions, no matter which character they’re from appear unclothed to all of my characters including the one that placed them. I wouldn’t mind, except that Risha, Kaliyo and Mako ARE still wearing their undies… I mean, if you’re going to screw something up, at least do it right.

I’ve only got to play about a hour with my Nar stronghold so far, but I for one am very impressed with the way they made them. Sure, I would have liked to be able to place a item anywhere, or the exact spot on the floor or wall that I wanted, but to be honest, having the hooks gives me a place to start, and maybe idea’s on where to put things that I might not have seen by staring at a empty room. I’m not a interior decorator, I would have been lost. Even with the hooks already placed, it will still take me weeks to place, look at, rearrange, and fill every room. And that’s just in the Nar palace lol. By allowing me to rotate, slide left or right, and move up and down I will be able to place everything I want to where I want to, or close enough anyway, Thanks Bio, you did good.

I would like to bring up a confusion for the purchase of
the Legacy Storage Bay. If you click on the purchase additional bay, you
will see that if you purchase with credits it is label as “Character”
but with CC its “Account”. Why such a confusing label BW? Is there
really such a thing as purchasing for “Character” only with credits on a
LEGACY STORAGE BANK? Isn’t LEGACY means that all can access? Hope some
one can explain if there is really a difference or just BW making it
sounds better & confuse people to spend real money CC thinking they
will get better benefits………. I have search the internet & so far no one can reply for sure on this topic of the difference so hopefully the wise Dulfy to the rescue on this.

I unlocked all 5 bays, and paid with credits. All my toons can access all 5 tabs on that server. I have not checked cross server yet, but will later today and update. Cross server legacy has been a bit odd for me. My original server that I started the legacy on has carried over to my character transfers to other servers, but when I created a brand new character on a different server, the legacy and collections did not carry over, had to start all over. Hope that makes sense. So I assume that I can access legacy storage, and my stronghold, on my original server with those characters, but I won’t be able to access it with my new character I created on the new server from scratch. I think the label Bio used was probably a mistake, and maybe was created along the lines of buying a stronghold with credits rather than CC. If you purchase a stronghold with credits and deactivate it, you have to pay same amount to re-activate. You do not when you purchase with CC.

Update: Logged onto my old server, and those toons did not own a stronghold and could not access mine I had bought on new server. So strongholds are not cross server 🙁

They probably copied cargo bay and made some adjustment so that its accessible by all characters on one server from your legacy. With that said, i think they forgot to make adjustment to the payment window or they are just thinking meh, lets leave it like that other wise more scripting. But end to end, buy with CC or Credits, still accessible by all characters.

Once again I want to thank you Dulfy, for the amazing guides and coverage so fast! If you’re not already on Bioware’s payroll yet you definitely should be. 😉

I’m not sure if anyone is watching this area anymore, since Strongholds have been out for a bit now, but I have a question I can’t seem to find a good answer for anywhere else…

What happens with your stronghold if you transfer a character to another server? Which stronghold data is kept?

For example, on server “A” I have the balcony of Dromund Kaas unlocked, and on server “B” I have the garage unlocked. I move a character from “A” to “B”, will have I have both unlocked, or just the garage?

Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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