Wildstar Rune Changes part 5–Rerolling Rune Elements

In Part 5 of the upcoming Wildstar Rune Changes, Carbine Developers are introducing a new feature to the rune system that allow players to re-roll Rune Elements.

We’re adding a new feature to the Rune system that allows you to re-roll Rune elements should you get a combination of runes that cannot be overcome by the other changes we are making to stat and rune set availability and rune slot counts. Many of you have been concerned about the cost associated and with exactly how this will work.

Within the Runecrafting UI window, you will be able to select and reroll each individual rune slot exactly one time. You will not be able to reroll the same slot more than once, but you will be able to reroll every slot on the same item. This process will require a reagent – a new item called a Runic Elemental Flux. This item will be created by the Technologist crafting profession.

In order to reduce the impact of randomization of this reroll, when you select a slot to reroll you will be given a new popup window with 2 potential rune Elements. These two potential rune Elements will be picked from the list of remaining Elements excluding the original Element and Omni. Once you select your choice, that Element will be locked into your item.

For example:

You have an item that is Water-Water-Earth.

You select the first Water slot and attempt to reroll, consuming 1 Runic Elemental Flux.

You are able to select from either Fire or Life. You select Fire.

Fire is now locked into your item: Fire-Water-Earth.

You can still reroll the second Water or the third Earth slots, but you will be unable to reroll Fire again.

Source: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/109337-rune-changes-part-5-rerolling-rune-elements/#entry1131709

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