GW2 Ceremonial Plated Outfit and Belinda’s Greatsword Skin in Gemstore

GW2 gemstore updated tonight with Ceremonial Plated Outfit for 700 gems and Belinda’s Greatsword Skin for 600 gems. Several other weapon skins are also returning.

Ceremonial Plated Outfit – 700 gems


















Belinda’s Greatsword Skin – 600 gems


Returning Skins

Rox’s Quiver set – 600 gems


Rox’s Shortbow Skin – 600 gems


Braham’s Mace skin – 600 gems


Braham’s Shield skin – 600 gems


Kasmeer’s Staff skin – 600 gems


Marjory’s Axe skin – 600 gems


Marjory’s Dagger skin – 600 gems


  • Sina

    Can we get a picture with the helmet hidden please? 😛

    • belcoot

      it’s an outfit, you can’t hide the helmet

      • Anrui

        Yes you can.

        • Kryss

          And can we hide the spaulders ? Didn’t see any information about that anywhere. I think it’s not possible, but it would be nice to be sure.

          • Savante

            you can hide the helmet, but not the gloves or shoulders of an outfit. I have that odd helmet for the assassins outfit turned off at all times.

          • Halcy

            You’d need someone who has the new outfit to answer.

            Outfits are really inconsistent with this sort of thing: Some outfits you can hide the helmet shoulders and gloves.

            On most though, you can only hide the helmet.

            You also have to have something equipped and hide/showable in that slot. (Ie, you can’t hide the outfit helmet if you can’t hide the equipped helmet because you don’t have one to begin with).

            I too would be more interested in this new outfit if you could hide the shoulders.

            • Jammi

              You can hide only the Helm. There is an option to uncheck the shoulders but if you do that nothing happens.

  • DJRiful

    I’m not a fan of outfit honestly… only dyes you can play with. I prefer combining different gears for a unique look.

    • Syreadisa

      Yeah!, being able to mixmatch is better!

  • Shades

    dont forget Rox’s Shortbow is back too =)

  • Zaq Wsx

    Wonder why not imbued version of that katana. That one looks so boring.

    • Robin

      Boring? it looks awesome! nice to see some more realistic skins.

    • Jam

      Not everyone loves particle effects everywhere

      • kevinharoun

        Yep. Bought this because it’s clean and nice looking. I get tired of weapons that are completely unbelievable in appearance.

        • Jam

          I’m with you on that, too much fire etc on everything just now.

    • sandstar

      I think the delaqua family blade is a story instance only weapon, like caldebog. There’s NO way anet can sell a skin on the TP, then give away/make earnable a better version in game. Look at the flame kissed light armor fiasco for a hint of how this would go, only then, it was 20 gold, not 8 dollars in real money.

  • Some Body

    Anet continues to fuck the gw2 fanbase in the ass with no vaseline.

  • John

    Whoukd be REALLY nice if they whould add Sword version of the Katana

  • Skobie

    I wish they would add armor that is earned rather than bought, seems like almost all their weapon/armor skins are just cash shop items now.

    • killtropolis

      This is the only way to keep this game free to play with no subscription

      • moonlight293

        It’s not free to play, it’s buy to play

        • Sylar^

          can’t tell if really stupid or just being anal

        • killtropolis

          I said Free to play with no subscription

        • kevinharoun

          Good god, these games cost money. You don’t need to spend a penny to play after you buy the client. Everything else is optional. Quit the whining.

    • elfos

      I didn’t think it was the case, but I might be one of the only GW2 players that earn enough money to get gems and cash shop items through in-game gold. Surprising. In-game gold is so easy to earn…

      • Shaggy Anubisllol

        it depends on how you play.
        not everyone enjoys playing the way that makes the most money.

        • elfos

          I’m just following the game, doing a few dungeons, bosses when I feel like it (rarely), WvW when I feel like it, and I do earn quite a lot of money. If you recycle your greens and get a decent amount of magic find, no matter how you play, then you easily get several rare drops a day that you can sell at the TP, even on trash mob… No need to farm or play in a boring way to do so.

  • Rosencopter

    Sigh, seems like outfits are the new thing. Ancestral, Assassin’s and now this. When was the last time we got full armor skins – Zodiac? I refuse to buy any outfits and reward them for their laziness.

    • Anrui

      Well, you could say this is the heavy armor version of the others. Ancestral = Light, Assassin = Medium and Ceremonial = Heavy so it makes sense.

  • Soundwayve

    My God, please mean we get Anise’s armor soon.

  • Llama

    it’s an outfit ( you can not separate its parts), just in case someone did miss that part

  • Limpisquit

    The Katana is bugged for me. It doesn’t come out of the shaft when it’s drawn. I asked other people on the map and to them, it’s also inside the shaft. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Limpisquit

      [FIXED] Nevermind, I restarted the client and there it was.

  • before

    Does the scabbard stay when you draw the sword?

    • insaneshadow85

      I don’t believe so, at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe based on talk on the forums.

  • Ares Zax

    For some reason, it really, really bugs me how the scabbard just… disappears when you draw the sword, and it reappears when you sheath it.

    • Airwolf

      Probably would have bought it if it stayed…

  • jayt

    i was wondering are the returning weapons permanent as i don’t see any time or days they have left on gem store?

    • sandstar

      Probably till next Tuesday. These things generally run a week, but we’ll see.

  • alicestar

    Someone once called their character “a grown mans barbie doll”. I’m starting to understand the concept now. You get them out of the box with some stock junk and from then on you are shelling out $10.00 a set for clothing you cant even use. This game is an expensive addiction but it can be cured with minecraft.

    • elfos

      “Can’t even use”? Is there something wrong about the set, like it’s not working, or is it just that you can’t mix it with anything else?

      Just saying, spending real money to buy armor skin is not something imposed by the game, but rather a choice that players make. It’s not the game that is an expensive addiction, it’s just that part of the community has compulsive buying disorders.

    • Ugh

      Ick Minecraft.

  • Yannick

    In the last datamining there was The Delaqua Family Blade, which was a whole weapon and not just a skin.
    Does someone know how I get this weapon? I would like to imbue it^^
    Will it come as a weapon later on or what? I’m confused 😀

  • Edward Durden

    They really need to release them as piece not outfits.

    • Syreadisa


  • Cephsus

    Are the Ceremonial Plated Armor one usuable on one character? I unlocked it on my guardian, and when i log on with my other characters its not in their wardrope.

    • Phoenix

      Were you looking for it in the wardrobe skins? It’s an outfit, so you have to click on the outfit slot to the right of the helm slot on the character screen, and it should be there.

      • Cephsus

        Yup thanks. I just scroll down to outfits and nothing was shown. Had to click the “button” to the right for it appear. All good now. =)

  • Amorii

    What armor set is that in the Rox’s Short bow and quiver pic?

    • anon mouse

      That armor is the Strider’s medium armor (available on the gem store).

  • Johnny Rage

    Can you hide the hideous shoulders?

    • Silvyah

      No, you can only hide the helmet

    • Lesli91

      Yes you can hide the shoulders, she’s wrong.

      • Silvyah

        Nothing happens to the appearances, so basically you cannot hide the shoulders, or gloves. They stay.

      • Shaggy Anubisllol

        with outfits, you can only hide the helmet im pretty sure.

  • Fashion Mage

    One thing I like about outfits is how they can give you a light/medium/heavy armor look regardless of your profession. I mean, I don’t really like 95% of the heavy armors, so Ancestral was a godsend for me.

  • Ranique

    Dulfy? do you plan on making a video of the greatsword?? I would love to see the effects when taking out the weapon. It seems the scabbard dissapears?? is there any effect showing??

    • The video under the armor has the greatsword

  • Kasteros

    Th Delaqua Family Blade

    Any1 know how to get it? It looks like it is a whole weapon, but maybe not obtainable? Dulfy do u know something about this 2. version of Belinda’s Sword?

    • It is datamined and as with all datamined content, no one knows IF or When it will be available

      • Kasteros

        Ahhh ok, thx for answer anyway and gj with gallery.

  • Dan

    are the new weapon skins reusable without wasting transmutation charges?

    • Andy Whitehead

      First use is for free, than you must pay charges.

  • Sakurals

    Dear Dulfy, do you know for how long we will have this items in the gemstore? As i read in the descriptions, only the outfit will remain. Thanks!

  • jonex757

    It would have be nice if this was an armor set. It looks like Anet turned the Heavy, Medium, and Light armors of one full set in to outfits. It’s cool that you can now have the look of Heavy armor on a Light armor class but I would have rather paid 800 gems for these and got a full armor set. I like the option to mix and match my armors for a unique look.

  • Filippo Chinello

    What’s that? a Korean trash? it looks like a mix made of a school-girl dress (anime) with a weird kind of metal plate glued to it..

    Palanx is still the only good plate armor out there…

    • Sarah

      Actually I find it a great outfit for female heavy armor wearers.

    • stfu faggot

      • Filippo Chinello

        sorry, did i interrupt your fapping? don’t worry, you still have your profile pic

  • The one

    why outfit ? why..? I guess there will never be normal armor again

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