Galactic Strongholds Patch 2.9 SWTOR

SWTOR Heroic Missions for Datacron Decoration farming

SWTOR Heroic missions list for datacron decroation farming. The bosses inside each Heroic mission and the lockboxes that are granted as rewards have a high chance to drop the datacron decorations.

Note: This list works also for Conquest objectives that require you to complete heroic missions on the individual planets


Imperial Heroic Missions



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Settling Debts 15 Lieutenant Larbec Sobrik (-36, 1206)
2 [HEROIC 4] Firestar 18 Captain Neddis Gorinth Imperial Outpost (-22, 1708)
3 [HEROIC 4] Comrade in Arms: Repair* 21 B-6NX Gorinth Canyon – The Narrows (569, 1505)
4 [HEROIC 4] Comrade in Arms: Reprogram* 21 B-6NX Gorinth Canyon – The Narrows (569, 1505)
5 [HEROIC 4] Resistance Sympathizers 18 Mission Terminal Sundari Imperial outpost (856, 1556)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Toxic Bombs 20 Mission Terminal Markaran Plains – Remote Outpost (-1147, 933)
7 [HEROIC 2+] The Republic’s Last Gasp 20 Mission Terminal Markaran Plains – Vanguard Outpost (-1608, 1333)
8 [HEROIC 2+] A Question of Motivation 21 Lieutenant Piloc Bugtown Outpost (256, –102)
9 [HEROIC 2+] Project Hexapod 21 Doctor Revis Bugtown Outpost (256, –102)

*The option you picked at the final convo will determine if you get Repair (good) or Reprogram (evil)

Nar Shaddaa


To get to Network Security District, go to Upper Industrial Sector and then take a right to enter Republic Research Division area and then take the Systech West Elevator

No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Terminal Injuries 21 Captain Heedley Mezenti Spaceport (-2176, –1840)
2 [HEROIC 4] Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters 21 Mission Terminal Duros Sector – Intelligence Post Drazaal (1591, –2530)
3 [HEROIC 4] A Pound of Flesh 22 Skav Mora Upper Industrial Sector (-2194, 2745)
4 [HEROIC 4] Hunger of the Vrblthers 23 Mission Terminal Network Access (1988, 2662)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Botched Interrogation* 31 Gorn Sweevas Republic Research Division – Imperial Surveillance Outpost (-1637, 2532)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Recruitment* 31 Lord Sharoleigh Republic Research Division – Imperial Surveillance Outpost (-1619, 2577)
7 [HEROIC 2+] Glitch 31 Agent Ryleah Network Security District (1718, 2858)
8 [HEROIC 4] Building a Better Beast 31 Glort Network Security District (1638, 2801)

*Requires you to complete the bonus series to unlock. Bonus series start at Mezenti Spaceport. [HEROIC 2+] Recruitment is bugged and not repeatable.



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Jawa Trade 25 Lana Corrs Mos Ila (724, 3005)
2 [HEROIC 2+] Supply Lines 25 Captain Cibinel Outpost Varath (866, 522)
3 [HEROIC 2+] Black Box 26 Commander Marcus Mos Anek (149, 285)
4 [HEROIC 4] Blood and Sand 28 Gazda Outpost Rennar (1209, –5)
5 [HEROIC 4] Call Down the Thunder* 28 Vuk Dimitrius Ridgeside Sentry Post (1615, –647)
6 [HEROIC 4] War on Spice* 28 Captain Reskin Ridgeside Sentry Post (1615, –647)
7 [HEROIC 2+] Prison Labor 27 Officer Vengo Outpost Zaroshe (-646, –645)

*Requires you to complete Trespassing from Lieutenant Berrig in Ridgeside Sentry Post



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Droid Repossession 40 Rehmar Thul Thul Research Camp (1639, -1884)
2 [HEROIC 4] The Lanar Question   Duke Keldas Thul Augis Command Center (-559, –1800)
3 [HEROIC 4] Sabotage 40 Gevin Thul Lerantha Footpath (1950, –1973)
4 [HEROIC 2+] Spring Thaw* 40 Corporal Lanoyo Outpost Eudor (592, –2644)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Reinforcements* 40 Fannatex North Fornaak River (260, –2510)
6 [HEROIC 4] Insufficient Staff 31 Sergeant Tegan Outpost Telarn (1929, 825)
7 [HEROIC 4] Shock Doctrine 31 Lord Malichose Outpost Ghrent (-692, 65)

*Requires you to complete the bonus series which starts with Lord Serjay Thul in Lord Serjey Thul’s Stateroom in Thul Palace (874, –1159)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Spilling Chemicals 33 Lya Charrel Bomber Command Post (-806, 748)
2 [HEROIC 4] Highway to Destruction 36 Mission Terminal 75th Legion Forward Camp (761, 272)
3 [HEROIC 4] Last of the Tarisian Pirates 36 Praetor Nollus 75th Legion Forward Camp (699, 277)
4 [HEROIC 4] The Fathers of Taris 34 Mission Terminal Border Assault Post (336, 531)
5 [HEROIC 4] Enclave Raid 34 General Bourom Forward Outpost Alpha (369, –276)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Blackout 35 Lord Komo Crater Command Base (-1143, 573)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Joint Training 38 Lieutenant Doresh Dorn Base (-2600, 836)
2 [HEROIC 4] Deconstruction Efforts 38 Corporal Xeleste Leth Outpost – Command Center (-844, 1041)
3 [HEROIC 4] The Brig Stompers 39 Sergeant Kavsun Thesh Outpost – Command Center (-571, 278)
4 [HEROIC 4] The Big Find 40 Captain Vujaar Frostwake Outpost – Command Center (1246, 522)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Pirated Lockbox 47 Captain Switts Drift Hills Outpost – Command Center (-3447, 881)
6 [HEROIC 4] Sensitive Material 47 Lieutenant Zerdran Drift Hills Outpost – Command Center (-3403, 921)
7 [HEROIC 4] Static* 47 Captain Jerrod Drift Hills Outpost – Command Center (-3397, 934)
8 [HEROIC 2+] Taking the Heat 47 Captain Viatar Jagged Hills Imperial Garrison (-2240, –48)
9 [HEROIC 4] A Traitor’s Punishment 47 Lord Varos Jagged Hills Imperial Garrison (-2240, –48)

* May need to do the bonus series that starts at Dorn Base with Graich



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Republic Secrets* 42 Lord Ferrid Imperial Lodgment (1615, 1472)
2 [HEROIC 2+] A Rock and A Hard Place 42 Ava Seldin Imperial Command Post (-139, 1540)
3 [HEROIC 4] Breakthrough 43 TA-350 Imperial Remote Post (-1185, –1825)
4 [HEROIC 2+] Old Enemies 50 Lord Shaar Domination Outpost (-931, 2245)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Lights Out 50 Corporal Haddon Domination Outpost (-931, 2245)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Freeing the Fallen 50 Monitoring Station Console Signal Monitoring Center (-759, –2791)

* Not repeatable



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Ancient Guardians 45 Mission Terminal Fort Kodentha (-1336, 487)
2 [HEROIC 4] The First Commando’s Call 45 Mission Terminal Shrine of Healing (-1964, –1851)
3 [HEROIC 4] Rock-Eaters 45 Mission Terminal Pelath Point (-411, –1972)
4 [HEROIC 4] Cleanse the Corrupted 46 Mission Terminal Ghen’s Overlook (1148, –824)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Explosive Assault 47 Junia Tavrak Coronet Spaceport (-1532, 1964)
2 [HEROIC 4] CorSec Crackdown 47 Raddus Venn Incorporation Islands – Tram Station (-1624, 2155)
3 [HEROIC 2+] Wookie Revolt 48 Captain Helricks Labor Valley – Imperial War Camp (-3098, –1617)
4 [HEROIC 4] Prison Busting 50 Moff Tarandon Government District – Imperial Central Command (2599, –1676)


No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Poisonous Strategy 50 G-4T Imperial Base Camp (447, –433)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] The Observer 51 GR-18 Gravity Hook Seven (-3252, –111)
2 [HEROIC 2+] The Specialists 53 D3-X9 Drill Observation Ring (-2465, 1682)

Republic Heroic Missions



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Fallen Stars 17 Mission Terminal Waypoint Station Aurek (-730, 44)
2 [HEROIC 4] Fall of the Locust 16 G-5KN Republic Resettlement Zone (-1277, 398)
3 [HEROIC 4] Total Elimination 18 Captain Reldar Kandik Brell Sediment (near Draay) (-584, 557)
4 [HEROIC 2+] Rakghoul Release 19 Private Selro Waypoint Station Morne (271, 490)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Knight Fall* 19 Kord Murdok Brejik’s Run Outpost (1205, 516)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Mutations* 19 Larris Cozekk Brejik’s Run Outpost (1234, 301)

*Requires you to have completed the bonus series that starts at the Olaris spaceport

Nar Shaddaa


High Security Lockdown can be reached by going to Lower Industrial Sector –> Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse –> Systech East Elevator

No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Blood Money 21 Jatta Kuum Nikto Sector – Alien Arms Bazaar (-3586, –3436)
2 [HEROIC 2+] Nar Shaddaa Blood Sport 21 Mission Terminal Red Light Sector – Crimson Road (3346,-3504)
3 [HEROIC 2+] Breaking Down Shadow Town 23 Mission Terminal Shadow Town – SIS Base (2505, 2811)
4 [HEROIC 4] Mandalorian Rage 22 Mission Terminal Industrial Sector – Damrosch the Hutt’s Factory (-2182, 2876)
5 [HEROIC 4] Lab Animal 31 Greggo Brudd Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse – Workers’ Quarters (-1656, 2851)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Hired Guns 31 Harrum Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse – Workers’ Quarters (-1606, 2877)
7 [HEROIC 2+] The Morgukai 31 Tythan Phomm High Security Lockdown – Alien Outreach Center (2017, 3139)
8 [HEROIC 4] Shadow Extraction 31 Jax Dumont High Security Lockdown – Prison Yard (2006, 3359)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Down the Hole 25 Ledo Melnic Anchorhead Cantina (2241, –3692)
2 [HEROIC 2+] Pirate Bullies 28 Mission Terminal Outpost Largona (1701, –1002)
3 [HEROIC 4] A Jawa’s Concern 28 Bleb-Blek Outpost Largona (1784, –1102)
4 [HEROIC 2+] Reap the Whirlwind 26 Mayor Martik Outpost Salara (-15, –1777)
5 [HEROIC 4] Search and Rescue 25 Danbar Hue Dreviad Wastes (331, –1411)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Breaking the Code* 28 Mission Terminal Camp Karnori (1697, –2203)
7 [HEROIC 2+] The Long Goodbye 27 Lapad Dula Outpost Thorazan (-1073, –1388)

*May need to unlock via doing quests for nearby Jawa Krikit



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Proof of Treason 28 Mission Terminal House Organa (-1032, 1187)
2 [HEROIC 4] Special Delivery 29 Lieutenant Obatt Wardpost Duvaal (488, 1736)
3 [HEROIC 4] Red Handed 31 Samara Organa Panteer Refuge (-1434, –730)
4 [HEROIC 2+] Turning the Tide* 40 Dolin Organa Wardpost Luurdes (1383, 1788)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Into the Killik Warrens* 40 Agent Essor Wardpost Luurdes (1383, 1788)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Survivors* 40 Elz Organa Syrush Estate (2006, 2239)
7 [HEROIC 4] Looted Secrets* 40 Surik Varr House Trader Circles (3041, 526)

*May require you to finish the bonus series that starts at Organa Castle



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Shifting Priorities 32 Feero Upper Markaran Outpost (-1117, 1041)
2 [HEROIC 4] The Mandalorian Terror 34 Alya Selray Gorinth Outpost (-4, 1688)
3 [HEROIC 2+] Targets of Opportunity 33 Agent Protarius Sobrikarill Valley (129, 1479)
4 [HEROIC 4] Hit’em Where They Live 35 Chedd Moraine Outpost (-483, 1762)
5 [HEROIC 4] Justice for the Lost 35 Galway Bourke Moraine Outpost Command Center (-542, 1636)
6 [HEROIC 4] Acquired Taste 36 Larindaz Sundari Flatlands – Lower Outpost (788, 1571)
7 [HEROIC 4] Local Predators 36 Sergeant Tenn Sundari Flatlands – Lower Outpost (881, 1508)
8 [HEROIC 2+] Industrial Sabotage 35 Captain Nic’ala Lower Sundari Outpost Hangar (838, 1488)
9 [HEROIC 4] Colicoid Massacre: The Evidence* 36 Mission Terminal Sundari Flatlands – Research Grounds (1209, 1925)
10 [HEROIC 4] Colicoid Massacre: The Coverup* 36 Mission Terminal Sundari Flatlands – Research Grounds (1209, 1925)

*Light side option is evidence, dark side is coverup



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Prisoner Extraction 38 Sergeant Keloh Aurek Base (-3428, –1305)
2 [HEROIC 4] Gamorrean Menace 38 Leebo Nobim Outpost Cresh – Command Bunker (-2023, –1041)
3 [HEROIC 4] The Terror Brigade 39 Lieutenant Calia Outpost Senth – Command Bunker (-764, –770)
4 [HEROIC 4] Invisible Foes 40 Captain Grollix Outpost Zerek – Command Bunker (1263,-86)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Better Droids 47 Kerkarr Drift Hills Republic Depot (-3093, –300)
6 [HEROIC 2+] Signal Jam 47 Jaro Dev Drift Hills Republic Depot (-3093, –300)
7 [HEROIC 2+] Tech Diagrams 47 Corporal Fabel Drift Hills Republic Depot (-3113, –344)
8 [HEROIC 4] Frostclaw 47 Neelo Droobas Jagged Plains Republic Outpost (-2703, 378)
9 [HEROIC 4] Humanitarian Aid 47 Maya Drin Jagged Plains Republic Outpost (-2703, 378)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Jungle Flight 42 Agent Firehawk Minimum Security Station – Veractyl Vale (452, 811)
2 [HEROIC 2+] The Engineer’s Tale 43 Major Valyn Maximum Security Ops Center (-1528, –370)
3 [HEROIC 4] The Tyrant 43 Monitoring Station Console Caves of the Primeval Wardens (-312, –1658)
4 [HEROIC 2+] A Lesson is Learned 50 Doctor Everis Meltwater Outpost (-1333, 1612)
5 [HEROIC 2+] Open Communication 50 Agent Hextal Meltwater Outpost (-1333, 1612)
6 [HEROIC 2+] The Stasis Generator 50 Tech Station Rakata Machine Caves (21, –3267)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Savage Connections 46 Mission Terminal Gormak Lands – Voss Overlook (67, 1570)
2 [HEROIC 4] Not Afraid Enough 47 Mission Terminal Nightmare Lands – Shad-Ka Outpost (1118, 706)
3 [HEROIC 4] Cyber Mercenaries 47 Mission Terminal Pelath-Ri Marches – Kri-Ta Outpost (675, –1313)
4 [HEROIC 4] Trial of the First 45 Mission Terminal Shrine of Healing (-1939, –1844)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Under New Management 47 Sergeant Herron Blastfield Shipyards – Gilded Descent Casino (481, 1324)
2 [HEROIC 2+] Concierge 49 Colonel Tott Axial Park – Republic Safe House (848, –3340)
3 [HEROIC 2+] Starfighters of Corellia 50 Captain Bathens Government District – Port Pevaria (3363, –3100)
4 [HEROIC 4] Biological Warfare 48 Doctor Kirin Labor Valley – Republic Base (-2572, –2720)


No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 2+] Darkness on Ilum 50 Master Moran Republic Base Camp (536, 575)



No Heroic Missions Level NPC Location Coordinates
1 [HEROIC 4] Savage Skies 51 Daskarta Frinn Mesa (1022, 2402)
2 [HEROIC 2+] For the Record 53 Archivist Varus Tarlam Estates (1891, –1744)

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115 replies on “SWTOR Heroic Missions for Datacron Decoration farming”

Been looking for a list like this, thanks! If there’s a possibility to add which quests that have a boss in them, like Hunger of the Vrblthers, it would be even greater as it seems like those bosses have a close to 100% drop rate on the datacrons. Did that one and Blood and Sand and got a datacron each time.

The elevated drop rate appears to be for champions that are behind an instance ‘door’; I didn’t get a single decoration from any champions that were in ‘open areas — the three nekghouls in the heroic area on Taris for ‘Knight Fall’, the champions in the heroic area on Nar Shaddaa for ‘Mandalorian Rage’, etc. Additionally, the end boss for ‘Mandalorian Rage’, who appears when you destroy their relic, drops a mission token, not loot, so he likely won’t drop a decoration (he didn’t for me).

Yeah, it seems to be the end bosses in instances mainly. The champion vrblthers doesn’t drop any in “Hunger of the Vrblthers”, however the boss that you summon at the end does, not 100% sure that one in instanced though. Was the same on Voss, but that planet has a lot of bosses at the end, think I got 4 datacrons from the imperial quest in the Nightmare lands as an example.

So do the datacron decoration drops relate to the datacron rack decoration, is that tied to the old datacron achievement?

The racks of 5 comes from the old achievements as far as I can tell. The new ones appear to be individual decorations with one datacron each (at least the ones I’ve gotten so far are).

I’ve found several datacrons inside chests around the HEROIC areas as well. I’m not sure if they can be found in all lockboxes on the planet, but they definitely drop in HEROIC areas.

I looted 4 from just leveling a character on Hoth, I didn’t do any of the heroics, got them from normal mobs and some strong. I got one on Voss too so far from a normal as well. I didn’t get any on Belsavis though.

On Voss Empire, the mission “Cleansing the Corrupted” is your best bet. I got a total of 6 from running the weekly on Voss, 4 of them came from that one mission.

‘Total Elimination’ on Taris got me two; it seems as if the drop rate is fairly high for any champion-level mob inside an instanced mission; I’ve received one from an elite (out of approximately 200) and seven from champions (out of about twelve), and have not yet received a decoration from any champion _not_ inside an instance — I killed the named champion over in the bonus area of Nar Shaddaa four times as a test, and the champion Geonosian near the Sarlacc on Tatooine twice, as well, without getting a decoration. Every time I defeated a champion inside an instance and didn’t get a decoration, I got another blue-grade drop, which strongly suggests that they’re in that loot table for the RNG to pick up.

I ran all the Republic heroics on Voss and all I got was… not even a lousy T shirt. :'( Wheras on Nar Shadda and Tatooine just running one heroic was enough for multiple drops.

You got 5 datacrons out of 11 heroics. That’s 45.5% drop rate. What would your term for that be, Magsel?

Imperial Belsavis, Ava Seldin gives [Heroic 2+ “A Rock and a Hard Place”]. And many thanks dulfy, great resource as always!

Thank you for this list: I have a mighty need for these decorations, so this gives me much needed help in tracking them down!

I had one drop from Foreman Telleon so I presume it could be any Champion mob. Same thing happened to me on Ilum too.

I would like to add for your info Dulfy that the Dark Datacron (Aim) drops in False Emperor when you loot the chest at the end after killing Malgus. I got it in one of the blue random roll boxes after looting the chest (10 min ago). I farmed Ilum Heroic and Heroic area for over an hour and it never dropped. So, It seems False Emperor is one way to get it if you are having on luck that way.

It is worth mentioning the GSI heroic missions will NOT contribute to your conquest. I figured I might as well dust off the GSI terminal and grab the lot of them while farming heroics on alderaan, and the assassin quest did not give conquest. (and of course did not give any datacrons)

Is there a good way to get the Light Cunning Datacron decoration from Quesh, for Republic? To my knowledge, there are no heroic quests, so does it just come down to a random massacre of anything that moves until you find one?

I have been grinding Quesh like mad for the last 4 hours, and havent had any luck on getting the “Light Datacron (Cunning)”, and there arnt any for sale on the market either. 🙁

I finally came across a Light Datacron (Cunning) on Quesh by simply killing stuff for about 2 hours. It is possible, but not as easy as the others because of the absence of Heroics on Quesh.

(That said, though, Belsavis’ Light Endurance gave me more trouble than the Quesh one did. I did about 15 heroics over 2 days before I got that one. So, I guess all I can say is keep at it and good luck!)

I did a datacron run on Quesh and around the Endurance we fought some mobs. I think a Lobel dropped the datacron for me. Might just been lucky as I think it was a normal mob

There are 3 or 4 bosses spread out around the planet, wish I could give you their names and locations but I can’t remember. I used to farm them long ago for orange/purple gear, they would probably be the best bet for dropping the datacron. As I remember they were all on short (5-10 min) respawn timers.

The best thing to do is buy the blue boxes from the vendor (planetary comms) and you have a better chance of getting them.

I managed to get the Dark Datacron Presence during the Sith Warrior Class quest “Protect Vowrawn”, on Corellia, when I killed the Sith Elite there

I picked up the Dark Endurance datacron somehow, somewhere on Makeb during a very fast Staged Weekly run. I don’t know if it came from one of the boss-type mobs that are mandatory kills or if it was just off a trash mob, but I definitely didn’t do any heroics and probably only killed 20-30 trash mobs and maybe 5 silver/golds in the whole time. May have a world drop chance and I just got lucky, don’t know.
The market is so flooded with these things already it’s hardly worth leaving the stronghold to farm them when you can buy most of them for next to no credits at all.

Fix for Alderaan Imperial Heroics. You have 1 and 2 backwards. Lanar is over to the West near House Cortess, Droid Reposession is over by the Dam.

Go figure, I just did a bunch a few weeks ago to get the achievement myself. If I would have only waited…. two birds, one stone. But tbh, I’m grinding 2 lowbies now and these things seem like they’re falling out of the sky and I’m not even doing heroics.

Just to confirm you don’t need to do anything before hand other than complete the heroics for chance of the datacron drop? Done quite a few and no drops just crappy armor pieces

that’s all you do is the quest and choose the lock box for the reward and the datacron is in there.

It’s fairly random, or so it seems. I got one almost instantly when I started the first heroic on Taris, and then I went to Alderaan and got nothing after every single heroic. The only one I have left to get now (I’m only getting the “light” ones at the moment) is from Quesh, which is the toughest one to get due to the lack of heroics. It all comes down to a massacre of anything that moves, for pretty much every planet. Heroic mission enemies just seem to have a better chance of dropping them. I haven’t gotten one from a heroic lock box yet, only loot drops.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not, but I got the Dark datacron-willpower twice just doing regular missions on Belsavis. They dropped off of regular mobs on two different days. I have no idea if the others drop like that or not, but I figured I’d let people know.

The datacron decorations appear to be in the loot table for Prototype-quality drops, so if you see a blue-grade loot indicator on a defeated mob, there’s a chance you’ll get a datacron. The chance is higher as the grade of mob goes up, and the named Champions in heroic missions appear to _always_ have a blue drop, although that can get you a datacron, a Prototype-quality item, or an orange item. They just have a much higher drop rate for the datacrons than any other mob, because they’re already rolling on a prototype-or-better loot table.

Can I confirm if these are just cosmetic drops, or are they dropping actual datacrons that add to your stats like the old datacrons you went hunting for in hidden places? ie an endurance Datacron adds to your total HP?

Thanks Dulfy, thought that was the case. Im not interested in the whole flagship thing so was keen not to waste time on these.

Fix for Imperial Balmorra: You missed [Area 4] Assembly Line and [Area 4] Research & Development, both in the Okara Droid Factory.

Yes, quest #1 and #2 are switched between the map and the table. Also, quest #2, [HEROIC 4] The Lanar Question, is level 28.

Some of the heroics have planet quest/bonus series prerequisites. Sucks to get to an oupost and find that out.

The prereq for [HEROIC 4] Hit’em Where They Live is given out by Sneed (sp?) standing close by. Do his one quick mission and then you can talk to Cheed. I still haven’t found out what unlocks [HEROIC 4] The Mandalorian Terror, tough 🙁

Pretty sure Sneed didn’t unlock Hit’em for me. Doing the first mission of bonus series (picked up just off the planet shuttle when you land) did it for me.

I have 8 55s. KDY runs almost exclusively for 3 of them and didn’t touch planet quests. They were okay the first time…not so much after that.

if you level too fast doing FP, warzones, or During the double xp weekends, you can skip the planet quests alltogether. i know i have on a few toons.

I know there are no heroics on Quesh but! The lights side cunning drops there. I got mine from an ornate box from the equipments comm vendor impside

I recommend just killing everything that gets in front of you. I was killing in the families stronghold area near the north end of the map and decide to move locations and just randomly attacked a cat thing standing in the middle of a field and viola’

I got mine off of the mobs at the very bottom right side of the map. I have heard others get it from there too

Confirmed! My 3rd Ornate Prototype Storage Box (the blue one) contained [Light Datacron (Cunning)]. Strange however I bought this on my Merc from the Empire vendor “Qurrom” on Quesh. Well done BW :p

Hi! After spending one day on Quesh slaught….. …, I mean, bringing peace and order to the planet, I got one of the from a Sith Commander in Broga’s Palace. Before leaving the planet, I also bought three ornate boxes (those from 10 comms each) and got another one.

Just had one drop from a Resistance Assault Trooper in the Balmorra Firestar mission. Strength Light Datacron. Drops from trash too. It was a gold trash, but still trash

The Champ Master Saryta on Quesh at 904, -836 dropped the Datacron after about 8 times for me and then twice in a row. takes about 5 min for respawn.

I picked up a Dark Strength Datacron on Tattooine from a chest. It wasn’t any of the Heroics, but the mobs there gave credit for the bonus for [HEROIC 2+ Reap the Whirlwind].

Check out Achievement under location, general, exploration. There is a list of achievements under each planet that need to be accomplished, this does not look like it will be easy!

I was on Alderaan, sending companions for low lvl Treasure Hunting. Vette made critical on mission with lvl 1 lockbox and I got willpower datacron from it 🙂

Would be helpful if you used a Republic toon when making maps for Republic missions. I’m speaking of Belsavis, haven’t checked the others.

Thats why your guides suck. Do you know you still have people failing purple phase of the Operator IX fight because you’re to lazy to update it. If you and your crappy group didnt suck so bad you wouldve never had to fail in the first place. Is that why you put it in your guild because you didnt want people to know you sucked SO bad you had to fail so you said “Yea fail purple its good” in your guide?

I can confirm that [HEROIC 4] Static requires the first mission of the Hoth Bonus Series to be completed beforehand. However, [HEROIC 2+] Pirated Lockbox ALSO requires this!

The Nar Shadaa missions [HEROIC 4] Lab Animal and [HEROIC 2+] Hired Guns are part of the bonus series and need to be marked as such otherwise they are not available.

What i read somewhere else, is you go to the planet, and buy those boxes with random loot in them. There are 2 versions, and its the most expencive of them. I recall its 10 basic commendations. That is how i got mine

I killed every single elite on Makeb (empire) where the 2 heroics (mentioned in this guide) are and not 1 dark endurance datacron deco dropped. I’ve done every other heroic for the cron deco’s and all of them dropped except this one. Anyone got any insight on this?

On Belsavis, for the Republic
[HEROIC 2+] Open Communication (mission-giver Agent Hextal), there is a prerequisite mission that you have to do to unlock it. The prereq is for Doctor Fash, who’s standing in the same tent as Agent Hextal, and is named “The Perfect Carrier”.

Very easy to do, only takes a few minutes.

On Belsavis, for the Empire:
[HEROIC 2+] Lights Out requires you to finish ”Scientific Endeavors” first, wich starts nearby with Major Locke at X: -943 Y: 2234.
Also, the heroic itself wich starts with Corporal Hadron, has the wrong coordinates. The right ones are: X: -906 Y: 2198.

Did they nerf this too? Been doing the heroics on this list for several weeks now, and not a single datacron drop from any of them. :/

I keep doing these dailies and don’t seem to be getting any of these dark datacrons… I had one from a long time ago, but I don’t get lockboxes anymore… I only get the locked supply crates… Are these the ones that the decoration has a chance to appear in? Or is it not attainable while doing the Command Quests?

Still no datacrons… I’ve heard sb say you can only get them while doing the H2 with a new character and never again after that. Is it true ?

Supposedly the drop was changed after 4.0. You have to be in the planet’s level range to get the datacron. That, or I’m told they drop from Treasure Hunting Lockboxes that are either crafted or opened on the designated planet.

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