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GW2 Second Anniversary Birthday Presents

GW2 Second Anniversary Birthday presents have been sent out to players who have created their characters during the headstart 2 years ago.


  • Your character must be over 2 years old to receive this birthday present (i.e. /age shows 730 days)
  • You will get this present in the mail so make sure your mail isn’t full.

Birthday Present

  • 1 Level 20 Experience Scroll (raise your character to level 20) – Account Bound
  • 1 Skill Point Scroll – Gain 5 skill points – Soulbound
  • Birthday Blaster – Shoot out birthday cakes that grant a 10 min buff to anyone nearby – Soulbound
    • + 40 to all attributes
    • +10% Karma
    • +15% Magic Find
    • +15% Experience from kills
    • Does not replace or remove other food buffs.



By Dulfy

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95 replies on “GW2 Second Anniversary Birthday Presents”

Brief experimentation indicates that the birthday cake Nourishment does not override food Nourishment, but food does override it. Means you can’t troll away people’s food buffs, but it’s also not being given as an extra buff on top of everything else.

im gonna have fun laying cakes on walls everywhere =D
im glad the cake is not interactable or that will become a nuisance when stacked on stuff (like banners near trees >.>)

Plot Twist: its probably nerfed by the time most people will actually get their hands on it because someone WILL decide to overdo it with the cake spam.

There’s a maximum of 4 or 5 cakes generated from skill #1 and 3 cakes from skill #2 that can exist at a time. If you shoot more, the previous ones disappear.

Way to make me feel underappreciated, A-net. well, atleast its not another Queen Jennah Mini i guess… I am dearly hoping they actually got something content wise up their sleeve for said birthday and just havent announced it to make it an actual surprise. If not, well, I couldnt be more disappointed than i already am, seeing how the Super Adventure Box wont be back for a long time, seeing how they are only likely going to continue with it once they( THEY, not US) are satisfied with PvE, PvP and WvW, so its probably never going to come back because that is pretty much unachievable. Atleast last year we had the Crown Pavillion to keep us busy…Oh yeah, they also gave us Scarlet as a present back then…not so sure if i want them to surprise me anymore now.

Just watch it getting pimp slapped into uselessness within the next few days as the seemingly nonexistant Quality Assure at A-Net realizes that feeding the trolls with something that allows them to seemingly infinetly spam cake all over the place was not such a great, well thought through idea after all. remember that lovely zephyr sanctum model that you could spam 6 billion times? that, with cake, is what i am foreseeing. They will probably give it an overly long cooldown that wont really make the 10 Minutes of Buff worth it.

the birthday blaster is great, only slightly worse than ridiculously expensive dragon revelry starcakes and can give buffs to others… great for free

… but i guess people just like to moan

But instead, an infinitely useable gun that lets you give awesome buffs to yourself and other players.

Did you really want another Mini Jennah?

Is there a cooldown for the blaster? If not, i could see this as being required from now on.
The other rewards are so underwhelming though. It’s not like we need them after 2 years of creating all the characters we’ll ever need.

Birthday Vendor in LA gives you an achievement – Birthday – Year 1 and a title – Loyal.
Today is my characters “second” birthday.

i don’t think ive been this disappointed in a long time. I have 6 lv80s and the rest are over level 20.. so that’s the first part useless, 5 skill points is next to useless and the gun will get nerferd into the ground with an internal cool down.. this and the constant gem store pushing is the reason ive lost all faith in anet.

actually 6 level 80’s will net you 6 x 5 still points (plus you may have other tunes that net you this as well). That will give you 30 skill points which isn’t something to sneeze at. Sorry you are disappointed.

30 skill points are pretty much useless to me and anyone who has played since launch i had 2 stacks of them in my bank.

I have only 2 lvl 80 characters with about 200 skill points each, and already have spend about 600+ skillpoints in legendary and other skill points stuff, so yes, 10 free skillpoints IS garbage

So Anet gives you something awesome, and you get mad at them because you assume they’ll make it less awesome in the future. Your logic is terrible.

you know that trolls will exploit it and force anet into action. its already annoying seeing cake everywhere. and releasing an item like this with no internal cool down is bad game design.

It doesnt really effect players though, you only get the food buff on if you have no food buff already and you can overwrite it and whats wrong with cakes being around? people will get over the novelty of randomly shooting it eventually

that’s weird the patched it last night as surprise surprise they didn’t test it at lower levels and people where exploiting it…
Fixed a bug in the nourishment effect from the Birthday Blaster. It should now scale appropriately.

So the birthday vendor was only put in the game to give us year 1 titles? Got year 2 title when opening the gift. Had hoped she’d have something for us to trade tickets or something to. Or trade in level 20 scrolls….I still have 5 left over from last year. I only ever used any of them for throw away characters. More birthday boosters are nice. Just blown away by MORE lvl 20 scrolls. No idea what they were thinking.

Yeah, I’m really hoping for something more or some kind of special announcement on the real birthday in 3 days :p

There is some thought that you will be able to Mystic Forge four level 20’s into a level 30 etc. I don’t know that that makes it better… bu it makes it something.

I normally like to find things to complain about but this gun is pretty frickin sweet. It stacks with food, we’re essentially getting a FREE PERMANENT +15% MAGIC FIND here folks.

I’m kind of disappointed they don’t just give out random minis. It worked really nicely in GW1 and it didn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth from the items all being less useful because they are essentially leveling skills for people who are end level.

It’s a permanent item with unlimited uses. No need to start the cynical trash talking when you don’t even know the details.

That’s why I said “unless”. And follow your own advice: No need to get to the venomous holier-than-thou retort business when you don’t even get to the details fully, Mr Still-single, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, aint you.

All the characters I care about are past level 20 by now ANet. Can’t I just get 20 tomes of knowledge, and I have too many skill points as is.

So, basically, they expect someone who has been playing the game for “2 YEARS” to have a use for a lvl 20 scrolls?! I sure did not find them useful in the first BD gift… Had 8 lvl 80 already… Plus, please bring back the random mini we used to have in GW1?! why is everything great in the first game is destroyed in this one?!

2 years, same classes, same races, no expansion packs… The game is great, but can be hard to play after a period of time, no more things to do… I am wondering how is it they expect the game to live longer?! by replacing older players with newer ones?! is that how it is destined to be?!

Ok, so then ignore the scroll. You just got a permanent food buff that boosts everything for you and your friends and you decide to gripe about some scroll that you can just ignore? I’d hate to be your parents on Xmas…

Forget about the scrolls mate… let’s discuss the first BD present. .. It was not fun at all to have 8 identical minis for my eight characters that I can not even sell. ..

Problem is, I played GW1 and I loved it. .. I was super excited with every BD gift I receive, because it was random and unique and if you don’t like it, sell it. ..

They set expectations in the first game, not delivered in this one that’s all. ..

Note: I still have all the boosts from the first bd, simply I need now going on to play and use them. .. I log in to chat and chill with friends now, or those one or two who still plays

Yeah… I have 8 mini Queen Jeenah’s in storage, they will never see the light of day and if I could vendor them for 1 copper a piece I would.

Not ideal exactly no, but gw1 birthday presents had issues to, there was nothing to show off really to show an age of the character. All the mini’s could be bought and you can just sell off your achievement for quick money. At least in gw2 it kinda resolves the issue of this while not restricting the ability for everyone to have every minipet. Also not to mention some people had no chance at the rarer birthday minipets unless farming for money because of their price in gw1. I myself never got anything above a white minipet out of a birthday present in gw1 which sold for no more than a few platinum which is not really nice and im sure many others had the same thing.

Thanks simonw6013 for the productive feedback… Don’t get me wrong, I love GW2, and it is far superior than GW1 in many things, the main problem “for me” with the game is, I do not find much to play it any longer… GW1, had expansions, new classes, that kept me going…

And to be honest, I am so missing The Hall of Fame… wish t would be brought back…

you know … the thing is GW2 is not GW1. That was clear from the start though. Even since the first beta weekend. So please stop comparing those two. They are different games.

Don’t get me wrong. the birthday gifts aren’t awesome but it’s better than nothing(yes even the scroll which I don’t need anymore and wouldn’t use even if I could still use it). this constant whining about how awesome GW1 was and how shitty GW2 is gets really annoying after two years.

Character slots are on sale right now. Unfortunately I also have 8 level 80 characters, and I have about 20 of these scrolls.

If you look at the feature pack release notes, you will clearly see this game finally made it out of open beta after 2 years.

Love the blaster, just wish it could overwrite existing food (or better yet stack). That said, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth as it is otherwise great.

Can i soulbind it on other chars ?
the one that get it tomorrow have no use for it only crafting character.

I’m very disappointed that as a new player, the event (BIRTHDAY of the GAME) is absolutely useless to me. Just because I’m wearing rags doesn’t mean I don’t want something pretty too… :c

(or at least an event where players of all levels could mingle/have fun instead of entirely catering to one community lol)

Is always the same with Arenanet, i am very dissapointed, but if i check the forum of Gw2 always people payed for Gw2 for say is wonderful is get a scroll to level 20 really?, if in 2 years of Gw2 you don’t know how up a character 1-80 level in 1 week you don’t like much the game. I have 2 years waiting for Dungeon like Gw1, may be UW of FoW, but not, or may be see Kaineng in Cantha, but nothing…

I understand where you are coming from but what does this have to do with the second birthday of your characters?

Hmm, I was hoping for a scroll to 40 this time. A still-not-20-after-1-year? scroll is nice and stuff but another after 2 years? That one its to be used on another character then, which gets 2 more scrolls after 2 years. We will be swimming in lvl20 scrolls in the long run!

wth is wrong with devs, I know that new features in game need some tests and time to be good, but why they ruin all good ideas from Guild Wars 1???
– birthday present was cool enough in GW1 so in GW2 they decided to give us crap for first ann and now even bigger crap for second ann – wth? where is my random mini?
– GvG was the most awesome part of GW1 so they decided to not make it at all, and its not hard now , just think about smaller WvW maps for 8-12 players, maps size of guild halls in GW1
– speaking about guild halls – yea, they were cool, so lets not make them at all
– alliances were cool in GW1, linking 10 guilds together so this helped avoiding guild merging and friends spliting… so they not maked it at all in GW2 and created system that supports creating guild for 100+ players only and best strategy is zerg…
– no system for guild recruiting, no server chat, they finally added LFG system but ofcourse without guild support – good luck with guild recruitment by spaming all maps all day long

This is not Guild Wars, this is single player PvE with other single players.

Seems like a lot of complaints – most MMOs don’t give any rewards.
I actually prefer to have something unique like the Birthday Blaster (which is AWESOME), over a Mini that will sit in the bank with tons and tons of other Minis I don’t use.

Thanks Anet for the gifts – because something is better than nothing.

Yea I MUCH prefer the birthday blaster than a mini, it actually has some use in the game because.. dem buffs! O.o

Would have been nice if they had unlocked the skin for this rifle, it looks so cool. Scarlet’s kiss does not have the shimmer effect or the same muzzle blast 🙁

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