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SWTOR Mechanics Basics: Understanding the Debate on Best Augments

Preface for 3.0: This article has NOT been updated for 3.0. The debate on the best augments has changed dramatically. While the methodology and concepts presented here are still correct many of the other factors are out-of-date. Thus, it may be wrong to draw conclusions from the examples outlined below. I will endeavor to update this sometime in the near future.

The debate over which Augments are best to use has raged since Augments were first widely available in game update 1.2 Legacy. Fundamentally, the debate centers on the relative value of Critical Chance as well as Surge now. Unfortunately, I can not definitely end the debate with this analysis; still, I want to make sure you have the right tools to properly evaluate which Augments are best for you. To be clear, this answer will vary based on your Advanced Class and spec.

PriStat vs Power

Historically, the debate centered on Primary Stat (Reflex, Might, Resolve or Skill) vs Power (Overkill). Power Augments provide slightly more Damage/Healing Bonus than PriStat; however, PriStat will also increase your critical chance. Hence the question is what is more valuable more Damage/Healing Bonus or more critical chance?

This question becomes more complicated once you consider the entirety of talents and buffs. The exact difference in Damage/Healing Bonus depends on whether you have a talent in your skill tree that increases your PriStat. The potential talents and classes are:

  • Marauders / Sentinels & Assassins / Shadows: No talent
  • Juggernauts / Guardians & Sorcerers / Sages: +6%
  • Snipers / Gunslingers, Operatives / Scoundrels, Mercenaries / Commandoes, PowerTechs / Vanguards: +9%

PriStat and Power, both contribute linearly to Damage Bonus. Thus, there are no diminishing marginal returns (DR). Every point of PriStat adds 0.20 to Damage Bonus while every point of Power adds 0.23 to Damage Bonus. The contribution to Healing Bonus for PriStat and Power are 0.14 and 0.17, respectively.

Power Augments

Considering there are 14 augmentable slots and the current best-in-slot (BiS) augments offer 32 points of either PriStat or Power, our effective stat budget from augments is 448 (14 * 32 = 448). We can quickly conclude that the benefit from Power Augments is:

  • Damage Bonus 103.04 (448 * 0.23 = 103.04)
  • Healing Bonus 76.16 (448 * 0.17 = 76.16)

The Sith Warrior / Jedi Knight class buff increases Damage/Healing Bonus by 5%. Factoring this in, we see that the net benefit from Power augments is increased:

  • Damage Bonus of 108.19 (103.04 * 1.05 = 108.19)
  • Healing Bonus of 79.97 (76.16 * 1.05 = 79.97)

PriStat Augments

Calculating the benefit to Damage/Healing Bonus from PriStat augments is almost as easy. Including the Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular class buff, everyone will have at least +5% to the PriStat. As mentioned earlier some classes have a talent in their skill tree which further increases their PriStat. These two values are additive such that:

Table 1: PriStat Buffs
Adv. Class SI / JC Class Buff Skill Tree Talent Total
Marauder / Sentinel
Assassin / Shadow
5% 0% 5%
Inquisitor / Sage
Juggernaut / Guardian
5% 6% 11%
Sniper / Gunslinger
Operative / Scoundrel
Mercenary / Commando
PowerTech / Vanguard
5% 9% 14%

Thus, there are three potential buff amounts. While I provided a step-by-step approach to calculating the net increase from Power Augments, I am going to quickly jump to the final answers as the steps are essentially the same. The benefit to Damage/Healing Bonus from 448 points of PriStat augments – including the SW/JK class buff – is:

  • For +5%:
    • Net increase of 98.78 Damage Bonus (448 * 1.05 * 0.20 * 1.05 = 98.78)
  • For +11%:
    • Net increase of 104.43 Damage Bonus (448 * 1.11 * 0.20 * 1.05 = 104.43)
    • Net increase of 73.10 Healing Bonus (448 * 1.11 * 0.14 * 1.05 = 73.10)
  • For +14%
    • Net increase of 107.25 Damage Bonus (448 * 1.14 * 0.20 * 1.05 = 107.25)
    • Net increase of 75.08 Healing Bonus (448 * 1.14 * 0.14 * 1.05 = 75.08)

Comparing Damage Bonus

Now, let’s compare just the Damage Bonus offered by the two augment types:

Table 2: Damage Bonus Difference from Power & PriStat Augments
PriStat Power Difference
(PriStat less Power)
+5% 98.78 108.19 -9.41
+11% 104.43 108.19 -3.76
+14% 107.25 108.19 -0.94

As you can see depending on the magnitude of your +X% to PriStat, Power offers as much as 9.41 more Damage Bonus. Still, with the gear available in game your overall Damage Bonus should be above 1,500 so does <10 make much difference?

Comparing Healing Bonus

Next, let’s look at the Healing Bonus offered by the two augment types:

Table 3: Healing Bonus Difference from Power & PriStat Augments
PriStat Power Difference
(PriStat less Power)
+11% 73.10 79.97 -6.87
+14% 75.08 79.97 -4.89

As you can see depending on the magnitude of your +X% to PriStat, Power offers as much as 6.87 more Healing Bonus, but is this enough?

Factoring in Critical Chance

In addition to increasing Damage/Healing Bonus, your PriStat also increases your Critical Chance. This relationship suffers from diminishing returns. In other word, the first 100 points in PriStat provide a greater benefit than the second 100 points. The actual equation yields this graph:


Note, the x-axis is capped at 4,000 here, which is close to the upper limit available with 186 gear. Despite suffering from DR, the curve here is close to linear. Recall, we are thinking about the incremental 448 stat points from PriStat Augments so inclusive of buffs we get:

Table 4: Net PriStat Benefit from PriStat Augments
Adv. Class Total Buff Total PriStat Points
Marauder / Sentinel
Assassin / Shadow
5% 470
Inquisitor / Sage
Juggernaut / Guardian
11% 497
Sniper / Gunslinger
Operative / Scoundrel
Mercenary / Commando
PowerTech / Vanguard
14% 511

Now in order to estimate the value of these PriStat points we need to understand what our current PriStat level is. I am going to show a couple of scenarios based on BiS gear for various tiers of gear. In every situation, I have assumed unlettered mods, all datacrons and a nano-infused stim. The net increase to Critical Chance from PriStat Augments is:

Table 5: Incremental Critical Chance from PriStat Augments
Gear Tier PriStat Buff Base PriStat Points Incremental PriStat from Augments Incremental Crit Chance from Augments
5% 2,624 470 0.98%
Underworld (168) 11% 2,774 497 1.01%
14% 2,849 511 1.02%
5% 2,794 470 0.95%
Kell Dragon (174) 11% 2,954 497 0.98%
14% 3,034 511 0.99%
5% 3,002 470 0.92%
Dread Forged (180) 11% 3,173 497 0.94%
14% 3,259 511 0.95%
5% 3,200 470 0.89%
Dread Master (186) 11% 3,383 497 0.91%
14% 3,475 511 0.92%

As you can see with the various tiers commonly used in-game now, we are talking about ~1% more critical chance from PriStat Augments. So ultimately the questions is:

Is X more Damage/Healing Bonus better than Y% more critical chance?

You should be able to find the requisite X and Y values in the Tables 2, 3 & 5 above. Again, the answer to this question depends on other factors such as your talents.

For example, Annihilation Marauders/Watchman Sentinels have a talent that provides +30% Surge to their DoTs, and DoT damage accounts for ~35% of the spec’s damage. In other words, this spec is more sensitive to critical chance than Rage/Focus, which relies on auto-crits for its biggest hitting ability.

Be aware even at the most extreme of ~9 more Damage Bonus, this difference is probably undetectable on a dummy parse. There are simply too many other factors to notice ± ~9 Damage Bonus vs. ± ~1% Critical Chance. I encourage you to review the class guides here for guidance on the best augments for you.

What About Accuracy Augments?

As you may know, our Accuracy target is 100% for our Basic Attack. With the release of Dread Master (186) gear and inclusive of all available buffs, you can reach this Accuracy target with 4x Accuracy pieces and 1x Accuracy Augment. This allows the use of an extra Surge piece. So now the question becomes: How valuable is Surge compared to more Bonus Damage and/or Critical Chance?

Let’s first quantify the magnitude of these benefits; the incremental amounts are:

Table 6: Quantifying the Benefits & Tradeoffs of 1x
Damage Bonus Critical Chance Surge
Accuracy Augment 1.79%
PriStat Augment 7.06 – 7.66 0.061% – 0.063%
Power Augment 7.73

Again it is difficult to make a universal conclusion for this tradeoff as each spec benefits differently from Surge. Still, I believe this is probably a worthwhile tradeoff in most cases although the end result will be less than ±1% in DPS.


Selecting between Power & PriStat augments depends on your specific class and spec. That said, whichever you choose will not result in an appreciable difference. Once you have access to 4x 186 Accuracy pieces it may be worthwhile switching to 1x Accuracy Augment, but again the difference between 5x Accuracy pieces and all PriStat or Power augments will be small.

About the author

Oofalong is a well known theorycrafter from <The Chandrian> guild on the of The Shadowlands server and has contributed immensely to both the theorycrafting community on the SWTOR official forums and previously on He aspires to help others understand the game’s mechanics and bring civility to SWTOR forums everywhere.

108 replies on “SWTOR Mechanics Basics: Understanding the Debate on Best Augments”

Hmm.. Was looking for something far more definitive than that. Like class x needs power and class to needs primary attribute. I guess there is a lot more gray area than I was hoping for. Still very informative and will reference this when gearing up some of my younger dps.

From what I understand if you have a lot of surge bonuses or primary attribute multipliers from your tree, then main attribute is better for augments. The flip side of that is if those two aren’t present or are very low in numbers then push for power.

I would like to add. I mainly tank (reference keyboardninja all the time). I wish the secondary stat on defensive augments (shield, Def, absorb) was accuracy rather than power, or a choice between accuracy and power.

While I appreciate the desire for definitive, my approach to theorycrafting has always been to recommend only what I can prove. And, since I have not thoroughly analyzed every spec I do not want to speculate. That said, I use PriStat augments on every one of my toons so infer from that what you will.

Have you checked out dulfy’s class guides? You know, in the black menu bar at the top, all the way on the right?

Presence augments are overpowered. Always use presence augments if you PvE and run Operations, especially Nightmare Mode Ops.

Although I do love a good troll, there is a time and place… this is a guide, get back under your bridge! 🙂

I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but I am going to respond to what I assume you mean.

despite a fairly complex combat system and a decent variety of specs and stats, it is surprising how little variation there is in optimizing your character. it would be nice for more flexibility.

What I’m saying is that if you focus on just willpower, or just power and so on you probably will do a bit less of DPS or heal.

But class and skills, time cast, rotation and so on, affect very much what kind of statistics you need to have.

I agree with you a more flexibility would be nice!

I agree but this thread is more for Elitists on PvE servers with high end Progg teams that are required to have very specific stats in order to accomplish NiM ops.

I very much attempted to democratize an issue that previously may only have been a focus for high-end end-game players. And, since many of the recommendations on rotation and hear come for this segment, I hoped to explain the rationale.

I apologize if you took offense to what I said, what I meant was that the players that run ops but don’t really attempt to push out max Dps wouldn’t need this, its more for the moderate to heavy PvE community, and thank you for all the work you put into this. I very much enjoy reading posts from theory crafters and the majority of the time i am benefited by them.

Good read but for some reason I thought in the end, even though things are close, there would be a table for us dummies that says which augments are considered BIS for each spec. Maybe, it could say which ones are clearly BIS and which ones are close enough that its just a preference?

Once again, though, good read and I’m glad you had time to put this together.

Still depends on what your exact spec is. For some profs it varies between stacking for power or stacking for crit just depending on which tree you take in your AS. Marauders have one tree that is all about ‘x happens when you crit’ and ‘on every crit this timer resets’… and the other two are just about beating the everloving crap out of your target. So you can’t just say “crit is better for maras” because it depends on the skills you’ve chosen. So again it “depends on your specific class and spec”

that’s exactly what he asked for right? a table for each and every spec (not ac)?
so that’s about 17 specs (not counting shared and tank trees)

Sorry, that is not how I roll. I like to share information and promote understanding. In other words people still have to think for themselves 🙂

I will tell you that I run PriStat Augments on all of my toons excluding my tank.

No problem Oofalong. Besides, it would be a big table to show primary stats on every dps is an accepatable way to go and only a few AC’s that gain enough from power or the 1 accuracy augment to use them.

I run all primary stats on my dps/heals too because I’m not about to have a second set of gear for one mara spec whenever I swap specs with the difference in dps being so small. So yeah, I can see now that my original request is not as worth it as I had thought. Thanks again for the write up.

If anything the title of this needs to be changed to reflect it is only applicable to DPS and healers. I did not attempt to explain tanking stats as there are too many variables. For instance, there are three potentially equally viable choices between Defense, Shield and Absorb. Plus, every boss’s damage output profile is different so there is no singular way to solve this problem. And finally, I am not aware of a debate among tanking augments. While I recognize there is a debate among overall stat budget, I am focusing the conversation specifically on Augments.

Yeah, I will get to tanking stuff at some point. The added challenge with tanking stats is you have to understand what you are trying to optimize for. DPS are always maximizing damage output same for the most part as healers. Thus, you have to make extra assumptions around incoming damage not to mention use of CDs. I haven’t figured out how to distill these concepts into articles yet. Right now, my articles are between 1,500 and 2,000 words – I worry I would need 10,000 words to explain tank stuff.

I have a big headache now. And in the end it “depends on your specific class and spec”, which most anyone that’s been playing for more than a month could tell you anyway. Not to mention the other “theory crafters” on the forum that will swear up and down that this is wrong and their theory is the only right one. Seems to me this guy spent a lot of time to not much in the end. Sorry, I appreciate trying to help, but I think this would be more confusing than helpful to a new player.

haha I agree. I’ve read this twice to try get the basic thought. I agree with you for new players or bambies as some call them. This could be information overload. My advice would use whatever you think is best. As it has been stated my many people, yourself included everyone think they are right and everyone else is wrong. I personally use main stat augments, rather than power augments.
So to anyone who’s trying 2 decide use both in two different armor pieces of the same type and rating. And keep the one that you feel is the best.

Yes, I know people that will argue up and down to stack accuracy to at least 115% always, then stack power. Others are crit and surge whores. I stack as much prime stat as possible, but mostly just for the few skills on each character that benefit from crit, which I don’t stack. I think about the only thing everyone I talk to agrees on is not to stack alacrity if you’re not healing.

The general rule I follow/followed for quite some time is if your class has a main stat boost, then main stat. If not, then power.

Actually nothing that I said here is theory, it is math. While I would not be surprised if there are typos here, no one should be able to disagree with this methodology. Basically what I did was say: “2 + 2 = 4” and “4 + 4 = 8” so “2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8”.

Pretty limited (in scope) theorycrafting with it neither considering the secondary effects of primary stats on stuff like Crit. So…. yes, AP might be almost equivalent to prime stat for sheer bonus damage, but it does not help you with Crit. Basically only a list of the individualized boni – the reader will have to draw up all the conclusions

Nevermind that at Op level, a group will almost always be fully buffed through (and that is where the damage matters), so the bonus will always be 14%

Also, a list of possible augments and enhancements might have been a good idea (at least the endgame ones), to help decide which ones to socket and look for

“so the bonus will always be 14%” no it won’t.. only tech classes got the 9% skill to bring the bonus up to 14%, mara/sent and sin/shadow will only get 5% total (for having no bonus in the skill trees), all others get 11% (5%buff+6%talent)

but I agree that you have to draw your own conclusions with this post

What do you mean by “…(not) considering the secondary effects of primary stats on stuff like Crit”? First off, you used the word “neither” which implies there are two points, but you only made one. Next, I do stat that PriStat Augments contribute to Critical Chance so I am not sure what you mean.

Regarding Op’s groups buffs, I am only considering the effects of these 448 points available from augments so again I am not sure what you mean by “…the bonus will always be 14%”

thanks, I hope to not have a 6 month delay before my next article – speaking of which any ideas/requests? I have a couple if ideas, but they aren’t inspiring me at the moment.

The general consensus from most of the high end PvP tanks I know is endurance. Which is yes, the opposite of what people say you should do for PvE. The logic is this – one of your primary purposes as a PvP tank is to soak up guard damage (among other things such as taunts and battlefield control, of course.)

In this case, having the large pool of HP essentially means you can take your 50% of several large crit hits before your health goes down to anywhere near a level that your healer needs to really worry about you.

From what I’ve been told, the mitigation you get just from the gear itself is “enough.” As an example..have you ever tried to kill a 40k HP tank with full expertise and a healer in a Huttball?

How expertise works.
I have played around a bit with the bolsterizer at the Gav and I noticed that with the same gearset I would get different stats if I swapped some pieces in and out. Atm I have an arkanian mainhand and campaign offhand which gives me 2 different values of bonusdamage depending if I swapped 1 of the pieces out and in again.

There seem to be a number of disappointed comments here; however, I feel I accomplished exactly what I set out to do with this article: quantify the debate for DPS and healers and their choice of augments plus explain the tradeoffs resulting from this decision.

Notice that the series of these articles is “SWTOR Mechanics Basics”, not “Theorycrafting with Oofalong”. In fact, nothing that I present here or in any of my articles is really theorycrafting. I am trying to help educate the player base and provide the information they need to make their own decisions. I am merely explaining the implications of these decisions.

Why do I do this rather than actual theorycrafting here? In my experience every discussion around theorycrafting quickly devolves into name calling and personal attacks. While I don’t want to discount the likelihood of errors in theorycrafting (which still doesn’t warrant personal attacks), more often than not the underlying issue is varying assumptions. But instead of challenging these assumptions, people just yell. Hence I am trying to establish standard building blocks, not the conclusions, as I believe we need a solid foundation to build on.

So back to the subject at hand, if you want to run all Power Augments this implies that your spec values Damage Bonus more significantly than Critical Chance at the margin. Similarly, if some one tries to tell you that PriStat Augments are so important, you might ask why is the extra Critical Chance superior to more Damage Bonus?

First, great breakdown oofalong! Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this together!

I do have a quick question for you though, because it is possible I missed it. When considering the Prime Stat augments did you factor in the Jedi Knight/Sith Warror buff as well in their total damage/heal gain?

It’s possible I am wrong, but wouldn’t it still provide a gain to the total amount of damage/healing gained from Prime Stat Augments? (basicly, they get to double dip. They gain 5% growth from the Inquisitor/Consular buff, then the damage/heals they give gets to benefit from the Knight/Warrior buff)

Please let me know if I am incorrect or if you already factored this in. I know the difference would be small, but I am interested to see if it would tip the balance.

Thank you again for your breakdown, it is awesome!

I did factor them in although I didn’t explicitly explain this. Still, in my formula you can see both * 1.14 and * 1.05 for Tech users.

Wait, so if the damage increase is minimal with either augment, then wouldn’t the one that gives you the more endurance be the better choice?

Its more then a couple extra hundred bps though, 12 more endurance points, times 14gear slots, times 10 hps per endurance = 1680 hps before any bonus.

I am not sure any class benefits from Fortitude Augments and certainly not DPS or heals. even tanks will generally see higher survivability from proper defensive stats

I was thinking more for PvP where the few extra HPs might do more good then the extra dps.

A shadow/sin for example will burst you down just as quick with full Overkill then with full Fortitude, but with fortitude you might be able to also take a few extra hits.

The logic(for PvP tanks) is that given that one of their primary functions is to

soak up damage via guard, the higher health pool means that essentially, your healer doesn’t need to babysit you. You could, for example, eat your half of two crit Heatseekers, and still be sitting at roughly 30k health.

Yeah, I suppose I was talking from a PvE perspective. Since critical hits can not be shielded and some classes will have 100% crit rates on specific big hitting attacks, I could see how endurance is a worthwhile.

Fort augments are useless for every single class, I even role power crystals on my Guardian. The few extra hit points will do next to nothing, for dps/heals every bit of power/main stat will help you in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Tanks roughly always want mitigation unless you are losing 1 point of mitigation for every 5 points of endurance. Power for tanks will help with threat and if im missing 1k of health because of a loss of Endo then that is nothing compared to the extra threat and also Dps I will be putting out.(Went a little off topic towoards the end there :/

Okay, good to know, I’ve geared my character with either full pristat for my healer sorc and sniper or mitigate for my jug.

I’m augmenting PvP gear and was not sure if a few extra hit points could help or not.

PvP gear is a whole different story..
for tanks it’s arguably better to go full endurance (so endurance augments too) instead of power or mitigation augs. but as far as I can tell it’s not a huge difference whether you take mitigation or endurance augs
healers/dps shouldn’t take endurance, extra heals/dmg is the way to go 🙂

Depends on what role you pick. DPS/Heals do benefit from Power greatly. But if you’re rolling tank for example, mitigation all the way.

This isn’t for tanks, and 2 tank classes can use endurance augments. But that’s a whole other debate lol.

depending on game type, that’s debatable. for PvE I’d say you’re right endurance sucks on most/all content though

Because defense / shield+absorb is less valuable in PvP than in PvE. PvE bosses can’t crit while in PvP your enemies have about 30-ish% critted attacks (on average I thought).

this, and also because in PvP you have a much lower total healing received / total damage taken ratio, apart from the fact that healers are stretched to the most and will often be slow to start healing you, a 8k extra buffer is a big help
apart from that, I’m unsure how guard damage works, if it ignores your defences then a load of incoming damage will only be mitigated by your health

Are there not resilience augments? Seems to me that main stat augments would still be more valuable to tanks in PvP than endurance augments.

You’re wasting damage/mitigation potential for a couple hundred HPs, it’s not worth it regardless what tank (aim, will, str) you run. Will-tanks (shadows and sins) /used/ to because healing was a major mechanic in their build and their heals scaled based on their HP but since 2.5 that is no longer the case seeing as the healing mechanic was taken away and replaced with absorption utilities. You don’t ever want to use end augs on tanks.

No, that’s inaccurate. Even Tam (which I assume you follow…) has admitted that End augs are perfectly fine and viable for Sin tanks. The heals wasn’t even the major reason for the end augs…and even then barely anyone ran it.

Currently I have 50k, with something like 19 DF 38 shield 48 absorb…full absorb aguments would knock me down what, 5 or 6k? and only raise it to…49 or 50? iirc. You’re wasting hp for a minute amount of absorbtion. It’s not worth it.

Not to mention, any damage increase one takes by using End augs on a sin, is so minute, that if your healers can even feel it, they’re pathetic (Or maybe sorcs? lol). I’ve ran both full mit, and end, and in the end the healers prefered End, said couldn’t feel a difference. I’ve actually tanked against a sin with full mit gear, and took less damage than him on multiple runs, and equal damage as well.

The difference is so minute…it really doesn’t matter. So again, if that 1 or 2% absorb really makes or break it…I think the healers need a kick in the pants.

Sooo – to conclude: If I go pri-stat, I am pretty good to go in any case. Might lose some faction of theoretical percentage that might be compensated by a single crit in a fight anyways?

what i did was get ride of all my crit gear and stacked MS till my crit was there with skill points then i started stacking power , in mean time while I was doing this all my other stats fell in line . I’m one of the top healer you wouldn’t know it,i don’t make a big deal of it unless you ran with me ( i mean is when I heal i heal and no one ever drops below 80 % in my groups unless there doing some thing they should not be ) .

The first hundred or two hundred points in critical rating provide a nice boost to critical chance. In fact, it is a much more efficient way to pick up 2% crit chance than stacking a bunch of PriStat. The point being, while your conclusion may be accurate the method/logic you used to arrive there is lacking.

Maybe to you i don’t use number they really don;t mean jack i know you know that but will never admit it . well any way enough it enough is enough i should never had said a thing . its a debate as you say, any way . go with what works for you i all ways say not what some one else assumes you should .

Umm, while I wholly support everyone to discover what works best for them, the entire purpose of these series of articles is to provide a relevant and useful framework for people to use. In this particular case, you have stated that you stack PriStat to achieve a desired Critical Chance level; implicit in this is also that you have a target Power or Damage Bonus level.

My point is that in some cases you may be able to achieve the same Damage Bonus and a higher Critical Chance or the same Critical Chance and a higher Damage Bonus. In either case, your approach of stacking PriStat exclusively for Critical Chance would be flawed.

Again, my point was while your conclusion may be accurate the method/logic you used to arrive there is lacking. It is exactly this mindset that I am trying to change by explaining how the game mechanics work. I want to help people think holistically. And, this isn’t a debate; it’s math.

Anyway, I won’t be responding here again as I don’t want to engage in a back-and-forth with an ‘unknown’ poster. I only responded now as I wanted to make sure others who read this thread have the best information possible.

I would til 3100 or so why not it works for other in game who do NM . so i guess my point is test see whats works for you get an idea from some one then try things 🙂 .

You would be good with either primary stat or power augments. You would do more damage/heals per hit with power augments, but the crits from primary augments could match or surpass that extra damage. So either way is fine.

critical is only a percent chance to hit. So power is constantly there or is it like critical and percent chance to hit ?

A “Crit”, or more accurately a “Critical Hit”, is just another type of hit, albeit one with a much smaller

chance than a standard hit. While I’m not going to claim any expertise in the way TOR does this, I can give

you an example from my early RPG days with D&D.

You choose to attack an Ogre, the attack phase would roughly go as follows (without going into details of

calculating your chance to hit etc…):

1. You determine your chance to hit based on a d20 roll, in this case a we see it takes a 12.

2. Roll the die. What did you roll? If you missed, end of attack phase, done.

3. Ok, you hit. Depending on the system, there were 2 ways from here to determine a “crit”.

A. You rolled again, whether it was a d20 or percentage didn’t matter, it was a separate roll once you

actually hit the target and wasn’t worried about until then.

B. It was based on your original roll. Most had a + number that you had to roll above to get a crit,

for example +5. So that if you needed 12 to hit the Ogre, a 17 or above was a crit. Some even went so far as

to say a natural, unmodified 20 on a d20 was an automatic crit, even if you had to roll a 30 to hit something,

because sometimes you just get lucky!

So to answer your question, yes, power is always there to benefit your average, normal, everyday hit. But you

get that every time you hit! A crit can only happen once you hit the target and is a much smaller number.

That is why so many people are arguing that power over crit is better, because you can count on power every

time you hit, and you should be hitting somewhere around 98% or more; and while a critical hit only happens

about 1 in every 5 hits or so (critical chance of 20%), it tends to be a huge hit. Go here for a good article

on Critical

Chance, also written by oofalong.

Because there appears to be no clear cut answer at this time, the above article was written to give you the

tools to make your own decision instead of blindly following someone.

Hope this helps.

seems to me no many what you wore or use in the end it all comes down can you play that spec with efficiency and skill 🙂 …

More or less this, while I don’t want to undervalue skill, holding all else equal the properly geared player will always win or perform better..

I did say in the end ofc you need gear why do so many miss judge some one by what they type you know what i meant if you don’t sorry why did i even Bro to say thing ,,maybe i should not have .. cya

I have no idea who DeathRains is, but I do not believe this universal edict is the best approach for every spec.

For instance, as a Mercenary/Commando healer you have access to +9% Aim skill. Thus, the Bonus Healing tradeoff between Reflex (PriStat) Augments and Overkill (Power) Augments is minimal; Table 3 shows this as just less than 5. Mercenary/Commando healers benefit from critical chance as each critical heal boosts alacrity and a 15% Surge boost. Thus, they would benefit more from the Reflex (PriStat) Augments.

They’re saying that power increases the damage done by your crits because it’s used in all damage calculations… not sure what their point is though. Good post, Oofalong.

Ah so that is the guild you joined after hmd magenta broke up? I guess the chandrian aren’t much liking the de-focus on leet ops progression groups in the new planetary conquest scenario. Fortunately with the new strongholds and guildships there is no longer the need to sit on fleet and see the chandrian guildie sitting there on his fotm epeen mount.

well this hasn’t been updated for 3.0/3.3 what about Alacrity/Surge augs lots of people using them now

Articles not updated for latest version are completely useless since this calculations apply to version pre-3.0. It should be removed (especially now when 4.0 is in underway) since it only brings confusion to new players and have absolutely zero value. (before jumping here with “hey he put his time and effort into this, show some respect, keep in mind that none of this is longer accurate, as and completely useless and obsolete…

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