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GW2 Sept Feature Pack–Miniatures and Finishers in Wardrobe

As part of week 3 of the announced features in the GW2 Sept Feature Pack, Miniatures and Finishers will now be part of the wardrobe.

Greetings, citizens of Tyria! If you’re like me, you’ve greatly enjoyed exploring all the different looks available in armor and weapons since the release of the Wardrobe in our first April 2014 Feature Pack. With this next feature pack, we’re making it even easier to stand out from the crowd by updating the wardrobe with even more features!

Improvements to the Wardrobe

Firstly, we’ve added search capability to both the Wardrobe and Equipment sections of your Hero Panel, allowing you to even more quickly find the gear you’re looking for as your collection of options grows and grows. Right at the top of the Equipment grid, you’ll find a text search box that will filter available options by name as you type. The search will even keep your text active as you switch between equipment slots. This really helps narrow down the list when trying to find matching pieces for many different slots.


We’ve also moved outfits to their own section, separate from equipment skins. We wanted to make it super clear whether you were customizing your equipped gear, which costs transmutation charges, or selecting a full-body outfit, which is always free.

In the new Outfits section, you will now see all the possible outfits and be able to preview them on your character. This works for locked and unlocked outfits alike; both will be visible and available for preview, although we always sort the ones you own to the top. We’ve also added corner tabs to the locked icons which will keep you updated when new or limited outfits are available, or when something gets discounted for sales.

Finishers Now in the Wardrobe

“Well, that’s nice,” you say, “but what about finishers?” I have good news: we’re moving them into the Wardrobe as well to acknowledge them as proper character customizations and help you further make your mark on the world of Tyria—and on your enemies!

The Finisher Panel has been completely reorganized to deal with the larger number of options now available and to feel much more like other character equipment options. Just like outfits and equipment, you can now search for a finisher by name and equip it into an active slot!


Best of all, you can now preview finishers in the Hero Panel. When you open the Finisher view, your currently active finisher plays its animation for you to see. Below the search bar, you’ll see a grid showing all your unlocked finishers first, followed by all the locked ones. Every finisher can be previewed as often as you like. Want to compare the Super Explosive to Whump the Giant? Go for it! Dance battles between the Llama Finisher and the Quaggan Finisher? Yes! There’s no more need to search around PvP maps for opponents to test your moves on. The view scales to give you the best view of each finisher. You can rotate the finisher while it’s playing and even preview locked finishers, replaying them to find the ones you like best. I think you’ll be surprised at the variety of options available to you.

What about Miniatures?

We thought miniatures belonged in the Wardrobe too. Players have been asking for a mini-equip slot for quite a while, so we’re bringing that—and a lot more—to you in September! We’re making a lot of changes to the way minis are collected and stored at the same time to make things even better.

Let’s start with inventory space. All minis can now be treated as account unlocks in the Wardrobe. The new mini section in the Wardrobe allows you to convert any mini in your inventory to an account unlock. Unlocking destroys the mini from your inventory, but once it’s unlocked, that mini is available to all your characters to equip simultaneously for no additional cost.

Double-clicking a mini still works the same way. You can summon and unsummon any mini in your inventory. This does not unlock the mini for your account, however, and does not fully equip the mini. It’s just an easy way to see something in the world before you choose to unlock it.

Collections of Miniatures

Possibly the biggest change with the new account level access to minis was moving the mini collections from the bank to the Hero Panel.


Any minis currently in your bank or bank collection tab will still be in your bank when you log in. You’ll need to take them out individually and choose whether to unlock them for your account or dispose of them some other way. In order to make this easier, all minis of the same type now stack in inventory.

You will no longer deposit minis into bank collections. Once a mini is removed from the bank, the collection space for that mini in the materials area of the bank will disappear. Those collections are being moved to the Wardrobe. New achievements will also now be available for completing Wardrobe account unlocks for the series 1, 2, and 3 minis.

A Wardrobe Full of Miniatures

In the Hero Panel, you’ll find all the options for minis that we have in other Wardrobe areas. Searching, equipping, and even previewing!

At the top of the panel, you’ll find the search box again, which is great for tracking down where Scarlet or the Mordrem are hiding in your collection. Below that, much like equipment skins, you’ll see all minis currently in your character inventory. From here, you can summon them directly or unlock them for your account.

Below the inventory list, you’ll see a grid of unlocked minis from your account. Account-unlocked minis can be equipped and swapped as part of your character by left-clicking them. Once equipped, there is a show/hide check box that summons and hides your currently equipped miniature. When shown, minis will appear next to you in every map you travel to with no further work necessary to deploy them.

Lastly, a full list of available locked minis you might want to preview can be found below your account list. There are a few minis that remain hidden until unlocked, so we’ve still kept a bit of mystery in the world.

Clicking on any mini, locked or unlocked, shows it next to your character on the right-hand side. You can rotate and preview the mini, seeing detail and size easier than ever before. Best of all, any mini can now be previewed from the Trading Post, inventory, and chat links!

We hope you enjoy all the new features of your heroic wardrobe. I look forward to seeing you, and your minis, in Tyria soon.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

51 replies on “GW2 Sept Feature Pack–Miniatures and Finishers in Wardrobe”

There’s nothing underwhelming about having minis moved to the equipment panel, it looks like it’ll make it easier to keep the mini out and I think I remember that people have been wanting that. I sure have.

It will just be a hassle to remove all the miniatures from the bank collections tab 1 by 1 and unlock them 1 by 1, since I got pretty much 90% of them.

Btw, they also said that there will be new achievements for the wardrobe miniatures
account unlocks. Will these render the current miniature collection achievements (i.e. Miniature Collection — Set I / Set II / Set III) obsolete when they implement those? Basis for this question is the achievement “That Had to Burn.” That achievement is currently bugged or disabled ever since Tequatl was revamped.

I’m not exactly whining. I just wish there was just a better and easier way to do about it, because I’m sloth/slut/slothy slut/slutty sloth.

They could have automatically turned everything to account bound without giving you the chance to sell them if they become valuable xD

Well, it ll be a problem once need to fuss about something that you have to do it once only XD Especially when “takin out” is just a double click on the pet slot, i have some of them (not many as you i guess) but that’s not really something to be pissed about imo, lol
About the achiev, I think it was made so since they added a whole new section with new achies for tequatl…making that old one kinda pointless.

I’m not pissed. Just laaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy hahaha. But thanks for the heads-up on double-clicking to get them out of the bank. Was thinking I have to drag each one out of it lol

About the achievement, I know it’s pointless. Still, that achievement is blankly staring at me every time I check it sigh O_O

For some weird reason or feeling, why do I sense that most of these changes are geared towards the Gem Store? It’s like “hey, we are organizing or fixing it better so that you can see what you’re missing and buy them at our prestigious and amazing Gem Store for the glorious price of $$$$!”

well i mean just look at every living world release in season 2… always a new gem store item. this really is one seriously lame “feature pack”.

Well…”collecting and trading stuff” would have been bound to touch stuff in the gemstore too…i mean…they actually reduced their income, if someone wanted two of the same skins, he had to pay twice…if i wanted the same mini for two characters, i would have to buy them twice…if this works like armor wardrobe, that you unlock stuff when you use it too, then we could craft pets too wich normally needed those 3pets event pack , without actually losing the 3 skins.
PS: and beside this is the first stuff in the whole feature pack wich touch how something shop related work…

Touche. I guess I’m just a bit underwhelmed by the lackluster of all of these. The April Feature Pack was remarkably what you can label as a feature pack.

Now, having all these new changes under the same label just created that false hype or notion wherein most of the changes have the WoW-OMG factor. Let’s be honest. Most of the these should have already been implemented even prior to April Feature Pack. Just keep moving forward, I guess.

yeah, we’ve asked for a mini slot for 2 years now….finally they come around to it. now its GvG’s and Guild Halls next on the list..but thats 5 years down the line. if at all…

I kinda feel like this is less a totally new feature pack and more the second part of the April pack. Look at the guild stuff, and today was all about expanding the wardrobe. Maybe people would be ragging on them less if they talked about it as Feature Pack 2014 pt. 2, and not comparing it to April’s pack.

Sure, but instead of saying “Well, the second feature pack is shit”, they might have said “Well, they put all the good features in early.”

There’s still two days to go, i don’t think they ll brind earth shattering changes, but maybe it ll be a bit more mmmhh…”tasty” ? for most players at least. Still, to me, this pack isn’t shit…at least not just because it’s not aimed for a vet player like me xD AT certain points of every game…they focus a whole update to make stuff easier for new players and assist them more with various systems added and others QoL tweaks…this is just that moment for Gw xD Still i see no big deal about it just because i did not get something big as the wardrobe system…i know they’re working on some big stuff , maybe they weren’t ready for release…they’re quite trying to fix some major problems in the game right now that, imho, are far more pressing than any feature stuff.

I understand…but people forgot that the feature patch was announced to bring yes features,but quality of life type of improvements too…This patch will bring some small features plus a lot of QoL improvements that were quite needed (plus some new fundations especially for wvw wich ll make the tactic gameplay much much better)
And it’s not like QoL improvements need no time to be developed…sometimes they’re quite hard to deal with, especially because you have to change something already in the game…The wardrobe of the old feature patch was a big hit, but it was already half developed from beta, then postponed….yet that and megaserver where the only big changes in the feature patchs…most of it were small tweaks and fixes honestly xD
I’m kinda sad too that they probably won’t bring the precursor craft with this feature patch (even if they said it was postponed for the PvP reward track system, but since they put now those scavenge hunts for the backpack, i guessed it would have been done by now…), but this are some nice changes anyway for new players and wvw-pvp players imo, at least to create a solid base.

Minis were fine – just change for change sake. How hard was it to have the mini you wanted in your inventory. Finishers they just moved the tab and made them smaller.

The mini’s are a legit update. Auto loading is pretty cool and I’m glad they are paying attention to details like that. Finishers now have a preview pane, which is tremendous when you look at all the finisher videos online. While neither of these could be called critical features for me, they are both definite upgrades. What would you like to see?

Being able to Guest back to NA server from EU to play with my old NA guild. A proper expansion of multiple areas instead of bit by bit area like Dry Top. Stop the constant changing of goal posts such as pvp rank. The unnecessary capping of Achievement Points for dailies, hobby dungeon and fractal runner whilst having achieves in WvW that such as Yak Slapper wher you would have to play for 17 years(maybe an exaggeration) to get it. This whole Sept release has so far underwhelming. If they needed a break to plan something else rather they just came out and said so that spin this mediocre announcements for 2 weeks. It does them more harm than good.

Apart from the commander tag becoming account wide with colours to choose, this is probably the only other decent add on… that said this is hardly worth being called an exciting feature pack, a small quality of life improvement though. I like how I don’t need to constantly resummon my Mini Christmas Yak now, it always baffled me why this was not the norm till now. Anyway, to me this seems like an improvement, hopefully we will see more positive steps like this more often then they happen currently >_>. them anything that isn’t a new damn huge feature is just “small handy UI tweaks”…you know…this stuff apparently needs no work at all to be made.

I long ago ignored how “big”/awesome some change devs claim they’ll be and judge it for myself. Rather be pleasantly surprised than let down

yes it’s also a huge hassle as we’ll have to convert the mini’s previously banked and duplicate mini’s such as the horde of Jennahs will plague inventories.

True, though I dont mind doing it, as it just reminds me how many minis I have (and how many more I need).
Plus I might get around to converting some into the combined minis…

I’ll take one of the 25 Jennah’s I have and just leave the rest in the collection xD

But it just said: “Any minis currently in your bank or bank collection tab will still be in your bank when you log in. You’ll need to take them out individually and choose whether to unlock them for your account or dispose of them some other way”
I interpreted that as, until I remove each mini manually from the bank collection, they will still be there (unless Anet forces them out at some later stage)

These are just QoL changes, and the rest of the “feature” pack is too. They are great, but these are the kinds of things that should be implemented alongside the content updates. They shouldn’t be the main attraction. Anyone know of a good f2p or b2p MMO similar to GW2’s combat, besides Tera?

No, maybe vindictus, but the combat is quite different and all in dungeons…and it’s pretty much rules by stats and weapon upgrades.

the secret world ($30 on steam, if you want a trial key PM or mail me on gw2 Caedare) is probz closest to it, at least until black-desert comes out

So if i remove a mini from the collection then i will have 2 options, sell or use, because many ppl will have a lot stored and will get full inv quick, i’m one of them just left them there 🙂 But the new ui looks great with the minipets always following you and be able to see the finishers.

so what about the achievements, they didn’t mentioned anything of how to will be able to acquire them now. As of now you needed to deposit all minis in the collectibles and you will receive the achievement. Now as i understand you will need to unlock them to get the achievement so you wont be able to sell them back again?

Also about A/C bound minis will they be unlocked directly or i need to unlock them 1 by 1?

You can bet your gold it will be an ‘account bound linked’ achievements. If you are like me and sold the minis after getting the achieves, as it was just wasted gold sat in the collectibles, then you will have to buy them all over again. 1. More money for ANET 2. inflated prices on the BLTC. 3. A gold sink as 150 odd minis are pretty damn near useless when account bound. If they bring out mini set 4 and put the achieves on just the new set I could live with it, but if they back date the achieve to the other minis I will not be so happy.

they can’t take your achievements away, they will stay the way they are even if u dont have the minis anymore

I am a mini collector i have every mini available

i dont think they can remove your already done achives, but for the rest….

I only miss a few miniatures, but prices for the remainng one have exploded since this post. 🙁
too bad 1700 gold for just the missing miniature (400 gold a few hours before)…

I like the finisher preview option. It would be cool to compare them and see them well without camera point ruining your view. Keep up the good wrork Anet 🙂

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