GW2 September Feature Pack Weapon skins

GW2 Pinnacle Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Pinnacle Weapon Skins gallery. It is currently unknown where these skins are acquired from as they are not available from the Black Lion Weapons Trader.

Pinnacle Blade – Sword


Pinnacle Thunder – Hammer


Pinnacle Recurve Bow – Longbow


Pinnacle Short Bow – Shortbow


Pinnacle Reaver – Axe


Pinnacle Kris – Dagger


Pinnacle Avenger – Greatsword


Pinnacle Mace


Pinnacle Pistol


Pinnacle Rifle


Pinnacle Cesta – Scepter


Pinnacle Spire – Staff


Pinnacle Scroll – Focus


Pinnacle Flame – Torch


Pinnacle Harbinger – Warhorn


Pinnacle Ward – Shield


Pinnacle Impaler – Spear


Pinnacle Wake – Harpoon Gun


Pinnacle Trident


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44 replies on “GW2 Pinnacle Weapon Skins Gallery”

I assume these will be AP rewards, as they basically match Zenith weapons? would not be surprised if they start from 30K

OMG this is truly some of the ugliest things I have ever seen… can’t even figure out what half the weapons look like without the labels……

I spotted going through the collectors achievements in the hero panels you can unlock an ” Exclusive exotic” im taking that might be these?

Monday evening at ANet: “Guys, anyone of you designed the new weapons??” “Uhm … well, since we haven’t had any good designers here anyway, we fired them all – just compy some current weapons and dye them” “Ok sir!” …. it’s sad … really.

i prefer them over the zenith set. also its possible they may come with some sort of effects as theres a bit on each that looks strangely rainbow-y

New AP rewards probably. The same style (floaty crystals), the same text (Additional copies are available through the achievement panel) and even the same names (Recurce Bow, Wake etc.).

here we go again, floating pieces…… Anet’s greatest fetish. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten armor made entirely of floating pieces yet.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy another re-skinned weapons :DDDD can’t wait to get my 30k AP to get all this super awesome baddies. /le shrug that weapon better be 3D when i put on my 3D glasses!!

Zenith skins reused? dissappointed anet…….this is about the 4th time you have reskinned an armour set and then tried to get people to pay money for it. Anyone remember the flameskissed/flamewalker/flamewrath gear? Honestly, they need to make NEW models for this stuff or it’s never going to catch on properly. Plus the zenith skins looked like crap before they added the rainbows…now it looks like crap with rainbows.

well they are not exactly the same as the Zenith skins. I admit they are most likely inspired by Zenith but they are not just recolored like the armor sets you mentioned.

who is doing the screen shots? they look absolutely effing terrible. raise ur gfx settings up to MAX before you take them so one can atually see how they look…

Remember the crystals in the vision our character had at the pale tree? Maybe this has something to do with the next living story episode. Map rewards maybe?

Mmm.. Would be nice if you could get these as reward from living story. For BL skin these would be far too simple in my opinion. Though, there was those “Sclerite” weapons as well..

I just saw these skins. They are with the achievement chests after you have the full set of the first types.

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