GW2 September Feature Pack

GW2 Radiant and Hellfire Chests and Legs

GW2 Radiant and Hellfire chestspieces and pants have been added to the collections. You can preview them but it is currently unknown how many AP they require.



Radiant Brigandine/Hellfire Brigandine (Light)



Radiant Hauberk/Hellfire Hauberk (Medium)



Radiant Cuirass/ Hellfire Cuirass (Heavy)




Radiant Leggings/Hellfire Leggings (Light)



Radiant Legguards/Hellfire Legguards (Medium)



Radiant Chausses/Hellfire Chausses (Heavy)



Full set

Radiant Light/Hellfire Light



Radiant Medium/Hellfire Medium



Radiant Heavy/Hellfire Heavy



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39 replies on “GW2 Radiant and Hellfire Chests and Legs”

Yeah, I’d like to skip the “hellfire” sets and just continue building up my radiant for now but with the way they’ve done it I’ll have to get the hellfire pieces before getting the boots, (radiant and hellfire), legs (radiant and hellfire) and then finally the chestpiece.

Why not just treat them the same as the zenith weapons and let us choose which one we want when we unlock them?

agreed. i’m more fond of medium than light or heavy. shape seems to fit best. even now though, i’m still not sure about the helm. everything else is pimp.

Radiant Chest and Legs are a disappointment. Was so hoping to blind people as I went around shining like a beacon..

More than that they fit NOTHING with the rest of the armor… i mean…only the female models looks quite good and fitting, male ones are just totally out of the theme.

Really wish that they shuffled it so you worked your way through a full armor set before going to the next one instead of how it is now.

Ohhhh man so excited. I’ve got a “destroyer” theme going and while I won’t use this chest, I’m certain I’ll use the legs. Note the boots have already been released but are unattainable at this time as well.

Ugh, they did tiers for it?? Why does the medium radiant give males a braw? O_o I guess we were due for a braw with all the skirts.

Honestly, they look bloody sweet! Way better than most of the gem armours out there. Granted the only problem I would see is during PVP assuming if you judge the player profession from armour and weapon only.

27000 Radiant Leggings Skin, Hellfire Leggings Skin
30000 Radiant Leggings Skin, Hellfire Leggings Skin
33000 Radiant Chest Skin, Hellfire Chest Skin
36000 Radiant Chest Skin, Hellfire Chest Skin

Merry christmas!

( i m at 23k… and still will take ages…)

Damn 23k….. I am at almost 14k. It’s so much grinding 🙁

How did u manage to get to that number? U do all dailies + all monthlies?

not only, he doe’s all everything, he probebly finished all the hero tab, he did all events.. you get the point.

I did that. Finished every achievement that was possible for each living story, each tab, each daily for 385 days. Then I realised all my friends had left the game and I was pointlessly playing. I’m sitting on ~15k achievements without having played more than an hour in half a year.

They really need to refund all raidant/hellfire and let you actually freaking choose which piece you want at each step like the xenith weapons instead of this crap they have set up currently.

Why Anet….WHY! fix the fucking textures on the male sets of armour. The female sets have a MUCH higher resolution, all textures on the male gear looks stretched.I feel like to draw customers they intentionally put more time & effort into the female look.

COR is referring to the grind.

Eve is notorious for a complex and thorough skill training system, which would take decades in real time to fully learn. Longer than the game’s even been out.

Honestly, it seems nearly accurate comparison, if they really are going to use predicted AP patterns, going from how much the previously added pieces are.

I really, really hope they wisen up a bit…

i mean the armor is ugly anyways, idk why everyone is upset about this. would you really wear it if you got it? LOL

It’s got ‘guardian’ written all over it. I big, bold, hard to ignore writing. Frankly if it were plausible to get the complete set, and there was a decent weapon skin to match, i would be forking over however much money it took to make it happen.

I know there are others who feel the same.

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