SWTOR Patch 3.0 Announcement Announcement

SWTOR players can expect teasers about Patch 3.0 within a week and then a full announcement before end of the month.

Give up 3.0 info | 09.09.2014, 06:41 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by ninjonxb

I would say give it a week, at most.
Since we know that the story of 3.0 is related to the Forged Alliances storyline. They are probably going to give it a few days for everyone to get a chance to play it before they put out details that may spoil the new FP.

You nailed it. We have been holding back 3.0 details because <SPOILERS!!>. But now that Forged Alliances is out there with this morning’s launch of 2.10 we’re letting folks have a little time with Rakata Prime and then spilling the beans on 3.0. Look for a teaser within a week, and then a full announce before the end of month!

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You have NiM modes for stuff if you want it very difficult. Video Games are about FUN, not being challenged to death every single step of the road. Video Games aren’t about your ego either.

a bit spoilers here.

you know 3.0 is a ROTHC expansion like. So that means probably a new planet. maybe lv cap increase. New story. After that it will be similar things like new ops until the final climax like they did with Dread Master. since it was the dread master who drove the Huts into taking action on Makeb, and they keep being the reasons for most other ops we had so far. Even Soa was indirect a result of the Dread Master. Imps wanted to free them on Balsavis so they bombed the place. Giving the Infernal one a way to break free. So Revan is doing stuff and will keep doing it until he probably will be a Ops final Boss

They have already confirmed the level cap increase and that it is a ROTHC like expansion and probably HMs of the TFPs. Wouldn’t surprise me though if they gave Red Reaper and Collicoid War Games a HM as well

Oh how I dream of swtor returning to Dxun and having us get lost in the jungle, fighting Zakkeg beasts, storming the Sith Temple of Freedon Nadd, and plenty to do for Goodiegood force types and such on Onderon, politics, queens, etc.. get two worlds with more than enough real SW lore to develop a game story from.

Of course there will be a new planet – as in one. If for some unlikely reason they decided to do multiple planets, they would not be as large in scope as Makeb, more like 2 Oricon-sized planets. But I’m pretty sure it will just be one Makeb-sized planet.

There are so many things I want for this expansion, and so much I need to finish in game before it comes out… Any rumors about what we can expect?

And this is my reply to your reply to my comment about the announcement of the announcement of the coming trailer of unannounced expansion 😀

TOR is all about Revan, though, his legacy and all. Now he’s going to
replace the Dread Masters as public enemy #1. Not sure I like this new
direction 3.0 is undoubtedly heading in.

It’s “Master of Revanites.” I’m gonna eat my hat if that’s the real revan. For one thing, the voice actor is different.

I think it might be the real deal and my guess is that he’s doing “cliche gamble number 254” creating an enemy so great both the Empire and the Republic have to join forces to defeat.

Forged alliances already proved that the Empire can work with the Republic.

He may only want to force cooperation to the point of dissidence in both groups who may come to appreciate each others stance after fighting together.

…. Or they made him into a psycho out to kill millions like in the Foundry.

“He may only want to force cooperation to the point of dissidence in both groups who may come to appreciate each others stance after fighting together.”

This makes so much sense, Revan is looking at the big picture. Hes through being the hero and doesnt care about his reputation. Instead revan is on a mission for peace.

By having his minions – whose true affiliation and motives are kept secret from the galaxy at large – organise grand scale military assaults on each others respective factions, try very hard to kill the handful of people who’re onto him and label them as fugitives to discredit any accusations they might make?

If his plan is to get the Republic and Empire to stop fighting, a good start might not be having them fight each other. I’ve heard better plans.

I hope they don’t pull another foundry, I hope they gave him a real purpose and good story. If they just make him a psycho like foundry ima unsub. lol

The next operation probably will be tactical too. Si no tsckticks at all, just plain old tank and spank with no roles or story at all 🙁 if they keep that track i’ll just go play something elce

that would absolutely break the game for me as well. Hopefully no more shitty tactical fps without any real challenge from now on.

I don’t have a problem with more tacticals… If they add a hard versions with roles that is.

Getting tired of these easy mode FPs, I remember when completing a hard mode FP was a decently hard fight, now? FPs might as well be Heroic 2 missions.

They’re saving the hard mode versions of the post-Czerka tacticals for 3.0 so they can launch with a stable of level 60 hard mode flashpoints.

I’d prefer they add some brand new flashpoints for 3.0 but doubt that will happen. They could make nightmare versions of the 50 HMs, but that would be really stale content. I don’t quite understand the appeal of running harder versions of old flashpoints, but I’m sure Bio loves the idea that people want that.

They aren’t going to make ops tactical, lol. The reason for the tactical flashpoints is because of the constant moaning from people who can’t wait a few minutes for a flashpoint queue. Story? All the tactical flashpoints are relatively heavy on story and a few of them have rather lengthy cutscenes. But they are pretty boring after you’ve done them a couple of times because they are so easy, I’ll give you that.

“people who can’t wait a few minutes for a flashpoint queue”

In what world are you living in, that queues are a few mins? Play DPS and your looking at 1-2 hours for 55HM’s, upwards of 4hours for 30-50 area FP’s and 15-30mins for Tactical FP’s.

DPS have the same queue time as tanks and heals for tactical FPs. Have waited 10 mins at most but it usually insta-pops or takes a couple of minutes. Maybe your server is dead or you’re playing at some really odd time. Try Harbinger.

nope, hes right DPS queues are the worst, im on harbinger and only tactical FP are the ones that pop fast, normal ones the time goes from 45 mins to hour and a half, its pretty frustating

Re-read my comment as it pertains only to tactical flashpoints. I’m aware HM FP queues are long for DPS, but that’s why they added tacticals.

Wow… I’m on Pot5 (which everyone says is a completely dead server and that no one plays on it at all) and queues for tacticals are nearly insta-pop for me most of the day (except between like 3-8AM). Sounds like we have competition for the “most dead” server in the game.

Of course there will be new gear. Get the hope out of your mind. I’m assuming you haven’t been playing for long. If not, you should anticipate a new gear tier at least every 6 months if not more often.

I don’t agree and don’t see the point. ADD CONTENT. It’s the cheap easy way out… we’ll add a little bit of crap, make it harder and make them grind insanely for a couple months… yeah, they’re sheep, they’ll follow right along.
How about instead just add a fuck ton of good, well thought out content… you know, a couple new worlds the size of like Alderaan, not one shitty one the like Makeb. A half dozen ops, not just 2, a couple new PVP arenas, some PVE free roam space missions. The list is nearly endless. But it’s easier to make one pissy tiny world and add a new grind fest.
Small minds think small, and BW must be pea-brained

What’s the point in exploring and questing on those worlds already capped on level and gear? An idea of “simply” adding a couple of worlds and half a dozen opses just shows that you live in imaginable realm since even such a huge studio as Blizzard don’t put that amount of content into one expansion

seriously how do you expect such an explosion of what you call “good content”.
I’ll just note a few concerns:
1) add ~6 operations at the same time… Hmmm seriously you want to diminish one of the most popular end game mechanic’s value? How would 6 different operations at the same time will make it feel important in any way. They’ll be just gloryfied flashpoints. On top of that they’ll be a hell(read impossible) to design in any timely manner being at the same time: fresh, fun, challanging, interesting, balanced, diverse and so on…
2) A planet the size of Alderaan(vs Makeb). Seriosly ? They aren’t that different in size and the planet’s size by itself does not matter at all. It’s how well it’s thought and executed. Ofcourse planets we know of and are well established in Star Wars canon get bonus points if done decently and super rage if screwed. I’d like to visit Dantooine, Telos and Onderon again and expand on DK, Coruscant, Manaan…. Don’t just forget old places in the name of ‘presenting something new’.
BTW: Makeb isn’t actually that bad. Thought it could’ve been better.
3) New PvP Arenas? Seriously ? This is probably your worst proposal so far. Arenas are boring places that mostly only have the scenery in difference between each other and it’s the way they should be. They bring no new fight mechanics or something that makes you think of an actual strategy beyond a 4v4 duel. The real sweetness of instanced PvP are warzones like huttball. too bad most people threat them like arenas instead and ruin in for everyone.
I’d prefer more complex bigger fights with OPTIONAL objectives like hold that node but after it gives N points toward victory it is depleted or start giving points slower. Or you could have the option to destroy an enemy node instead of capturing if you decide the enemies positions are too good for frontal attack. How about destructable capital ships in GSF as objectives.

both 1) and 2) basically demand some kind of progression as a reward (while it may also be beneficial for 3) it is not that much required as new forms of PvP usually carry their own rewards). Doesn’t much matter if it’d be one or many of the following: new levels, new gear, reputation(including new gear, pets, mounts, recipes and so on…). All are just aspects of grinding. Probably the only one that doesn’t feel grindy would be story progression but the way the majority of the players play this game it is something that would make them run this new content mostly once and that’s it. With a form of “grindy” progression you have an incentive to actually replay that new content and feel you are being rewarded and it’s fun for a little while longer hopefully giving the people at BW enough time to create something else that’d be new and exciting… for a while.

That’s how MMOs work. Especially theme parked. That’s how Gaming industry works. That’s how most entertainment industries work actually. If you don’t like being fed the same thing until someone brings around a fresh new idea be my guest and start creating your own fun. If it is that good please share it with people and watch yourself taking the “easy way of producing something new” more and more 🙂

@Italiamericano:disqus Level cap increase will always happen with any major expansion. that’s the unwritten rule. Any New Expansion will always have new tier. No point in having a expansion with raids and stuff but no new tier. completely doesn’t make sense

#1 – Every leveling MMO involves periodic level cap increases. #2 – They already said the next expansion would have a level cap increase. That was announced at least 6 months ago. So, see ya later….adios.

I think you are missing the point to what a MMO is entirely.. Personally I can not wait to reach a new lvl cap on perhaps a new planet, gather new gear etc.

What is there to grind when you level from 55 to 60.. to grind content is to repeat content.. I dont think you can call it grinding if the content is new and gain new level 60 abilities and gear. imo you’re playing the wrong type of videogame, but hey.. to each his own..

Seriously what’s the point? When does it end, one day we’ll all be lvl 470 and can’t wait for the new expansion where it goes up to 475? It takes like a day to max out again and a month or so to gear up and then it’s the same thing all over again… “We’re bored, TFPs suck, when’s the new op out?
If they add a shit ton of good content with desirable rewards it’s a lot more fun than “Oh man, I gotta grind this shit now to so I can be geared up to wait for the next ‘expansion'”
This dev team not only has no imagination, they’ve got a record of taking the easy and cheap way out. Enjoyment for me is based on a steady flow of good content, not small bursts of half-decent content every 6-12 months with a grind-fest attached (which is all they’ve been able to provide since launch)

I don’t know about you but I would love to see new level cap because it also brings reworked skill trees, rebalanced classes and stats and new abilities plus gives a decent chance for new people to get into raiding since DF/DF NiM required not only full Dread Forged gear to attempt but a very capable group as well. New SM/HM will be much easier to get into since everyone will need new gear upon reaching new lvl.

And one question for you: how do you imagine new planets without increased level cap since no one would do them?

How good the expansion will be depends on story.. However i feel stuck at lvl 55 doing same ops every week having same hm fps for almost 2 years… Thankfully i have a good guild…

With 3.0 maybe Bioware can take a few minutes to make new gear that is optimized for your class. Like tank gear that doesn’t have alacrity in it. There are people who actually stopped playing because the gear is all messed up.

Not going to happen. Bioware confirmed quite awhile ago they did that on purpose to force people to keep playing for the mods and enhancements they need.

I know they’ve said that in the past. It was designed incorrectly in the first place and they were too lazy to change it so they concocted that optimization nonsense explanation.

They could raise the amount of comms required for gear if the goal was to make it take longer to gear up. I think it’s entirely possible for them to change it, they just need to be motivated to do so, and they should be because it drives players away.

So your theory is that in the past they did intend to design optimized gear, and somehow did it wrong and were to lazy to fix it? Really?

now you are making false assumption. My reply was on the fact that its not the first time BW did something wrong and then said its working as intended. I never said that Optimized gear is what they intended. I merely stated that if that were true it wouldn’t be the first time.

I made no assumption. You now are saying “if it were true, it wouldn’t be the first time …”. That is not what your 1st reply said.

I may had use different wording but now you know what my reply was meant for. It happened recently as well with the Conquest objective with the false emperor and battle of Ilum farming, It was like that on pts and on live. Even Dev talked about it on stream saying that is one form of farming conquest points. Now its just a one time thing and all the sudden its working as intended. They did many things like this since i’ve been in beta till now.

At first even at low level you could buy gear higher then you. i remember seeing a from 2012 back then asking if this was indeed what they had in mind. And they said it is. if people want to farm at early levels they can so that they can jump right into action (this was mostly about the pvp wz coms you could use to buy level 50 stuff with.) all the sudden they changed it as stated its now working as intended. My point is when something seems to be over the top or they simply can’t fix it. they will use the excuse, its now working as intended

And if something actually is “working as intended” they can say “it’s working as intended”, and that would be completely accurate.
So what is more likely in this specific case?
a) the developers intentionally produced non-optimized gear so that players would have to play more to optimize it themselves, or
b) the developers meant to produce optimized gear and failed? and then concocted the “working as intended” excuse to cover up
And what evidence is there of “b”, other than the mere fact that they said it’s “working as intended”, which by itself is meaningless.
My real reason for replying was to see if TJ (or anyone else) has some interesting idea of how they could have implemented gear differently.

B.) Yes, that’s exactly it. The devs probably had originally planned for alacrity to play more important roles for tank’s abilities during development, but then it took a turn in a different direction. The people working on abilities didn’t communicate the changes to the people working on gear stats and so it just got left in the game as is.

Then someone decided it wasn’t worth dev time to go back in and revise stats for all the gear and to just say it was working as intended. They haven’t looked back since. The strategy seems to have at least partially worked because some people such as yourself believe that’s actually how it’s supposed to be.

You acknowledged yourself that tanks have it harder to optimize than other classes. Why would that possibly be working as intended? There are so few tanks as is, and even fewer that have a clue as to what they’re doing. Why discourage people from tanking by making their gear more difficult to optimize? If anything it should be easiest to gear up a tank.

Wow, it was supposed to be obvious that “b” is ridiculous.
And by far (from my own experience and every other tank I’ve ever spoken to), the thing that turns people off from tanking the most is DPS who are not team players (and like to blame the tank for everything that goes wrong). The gear being slightly harder to optimize is trivial in comparison.

Yes. What’s the point of having a tank piece with absorption and alacrity? Like Earpieces. Please tell me how you swap out and optimize one stat on an earpiece. You think that was intentional? Really?

Yeah it’s intentional. You are intended to eventually get a different earpiece. Also, theoretically alacrity was not useless. It would reduce cooldowns, allowing you to use abilities more often. So yeah I think they basically intended what we got (though I don’t think they necessarily wanted tanks to be harder to optimize than other roles).

If you look at the previous tiers of gear you will see that both the setbonus gear as the setbonusless gear has increased in usefullness. Just for fun check out full arkanian versus full dreadforged. You will see that the modifications are already better while still keeping the puzzle.

They mix them up on purpose so you can Identify things u need and don’t need and work toward acquiring another item just for one armoring or offhand barrel etc that you need for a specific slot etc. it’s min maxing, where the hell is any fun In getting every peice spoonfed with pre-minmaxed peices remember that mmos are not console you may actually have to do some tedious,expensive,regretful things to get the stat #’s your seeking. The people you know that quit because they don’t agree with actually using their mind to better their character are probably insta-gratificationados that love to play games they kno they can beat over and over aka kids.. Endgame gear progression/Raiding alone separates the youth and sends them back to their consoles for more CoD.

I’m interested to see if they are going to change the Commendations around again and, if so, what the conversion is going to look like. Maybe we’ll finally get a new tier of Crystal too, perhaps ones that carry a main stat bonus.

I’d like to see new raid tier bonuses. Additions weapon skills added to classes. Cross server flashpoint queues. More tactical flashpoints similar to Kuat for multiple levels to participate. Maybe gear that levels with you for alt leveling. More monthly events and holiday stuff.

the gear that scales with your level should be focus on birthright gear. the ones you can get on level 10-15. They should make those scale with level. No point in going through all that work to get the gear and will be useless within 1-4 levels.

I really wish people would stop shouting about cross server queues. BW has said numerous times that their servers just cannot handle the programming requirements to do so and that if they did do it, it would be years from now and isn’t on the horizon at all.

They said that converting the (at the time) current on-rails shooter into free-form was impossible. And it is, as all (or most of) of the old programmers were ‘moved on’ and no one knew how to adjust the programming to adapt the community’s desires. So instead we got GSF.

This is a completely different case. Unless they buy new servers (Not likely), the physical capabilities of the servers lack the ability to support such a system.

Look, I want them too. I’d love faster queues against people who I don’t recognize immediately and /quit knowing I am going to be toyed with for 20 minutes. But they’ve basically said that it’s not going to happen.

Sure, you want cross server queues. I believe that, and I believe you have a bridge on Belsavis you want to sell me.

One, as an engineer, I know that there are so many ways to do the kind of data manipulation required to send data between data centers, that it is pathetic if they could not figure it out. Also:

“And it is, as all (or most of) of the old programmers were ‘moved on’ and no one knew how to adjust the programming to adapt the community’s desires. ”

That statement is so wrong its laughable. Do you think that Microsoft rewrites any of their software when their engineers move on? Yeah right. They do this thing called reading the code (and any documentation if any) and then adapting changes. Of course the better or more experienced the engineer, the faster they can learn it. Someone who has worked on other systems similar to it would tend to learn faster. And the time frame I’m talking about would not be impossible, likely a few months, 6 on the outside.

No, the reason we got GSF is someone on the SWTOR team wanted to play with a new engine, or had experience with the engine and pushed it that way. And it makes sense, because they would have had to effectively redesign the thing anyways(the PvE to PvP thing), but they could have done so, and I doubt it would have taken a decent team that much more time to do so.

And one last point, the group finder tool is what your enemy is, not the cross realmness. I personally don’t get matched much with the same people, and those groups I do play with are pretty anonymous. Cross server doesn’t destroy community, people do. And having no cross server or group finder doesn’t affect that at all.

… hhm … yes … the old programers, the one that made the game, did the coding … “moved on” … the guys that really understood the mechanics, the engine … better I stop at this point not thinking and further, just enyoing the game for the time being … but new games are already on the horizon, hopefully with lesser bugs, problems, etc.

SWG was made in 2003 and had freeform space flight/combat done very well and you could walk around and decorate inside your ship if not a fighter. Then they shut down SWG in-order-to “make room” for all the people that were going to be filling up swtor’s severs cuz the devs overhyped everything and even said “wow-killer” to describe swtor prelaunch. So I’m pretty sure It could be done on the servers they got.
Please remember that SWG was done by LucasArts which was very good at making a Star Wars game feel like lucas himself approved every last detail . . . Then LucasFilm was sold and Disney said they don’t wana make videogames.. Haha there goes 98% of my faith in future SW games

Get your info straight, they closed down SWG because they had 17k subs and they were losing about 1.5k per month, SoE contract was coming to a close on that date, so they just pulled the plug on the game servers and didnt re-sign for a few years.

SWG was a SoE game, published mostly, by Lucasarts.

Lucasarts last good game was Force Unleashed (the first one) in 2008, a lot of the great games werent done by Lucasarts but by licensed developers.
They burned through money over the next 5 years producing nothing worth, this is why Lucasarts died, it died way before Disney even got into the picture.

They keep shouting because they know it’s really the only way ranked will survive. And they should really implement ranked GSF to get some of the crazy pilots out of unranked. Ranked warzones and GSF seem like they’re worth the development resources if the plan is to keep the game alive for at least another 2 years. If the long-term plan is to shut it down within 2-3 years, maybe not.

tbh, they programmers are just to novice. Its not the program that can’t handle it, its the programmers that maybe only know one way to do it and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t.

Example the chairs. They said the current chairs have been coded in a way the new dev don’t know how to adjust it. Simple solution create new chairs, put them in a new tab and code the model to be interactive with sitting, in stead of adding them to the current code that has always been there. Dont get me wrong i’ve been programmer for a couple years and its a headache and hard work, depending on what you need to program but there’s always away around.

Or even look at the chairs in Ships that are sit-able. Look at what is different then the non sit-able chairs. and Compare the codes and customize the ones to make it sit-able. Take one to test see if it works. if it does copy to the rest. Some changes will need to be made for each different chair but the solution is there.

Button line is the devs or just to novice or just to lazy to do these things.

I remember the lightsaber/vibrosword bug from companions that when dismissed or sheathing the the weapon, the glow or energy surge was still there and that bug nearly existed for 5 months if not more.

Ofc these were mostly the old devs that got laid of

Per predictions, 3.0 will probably introduce 2 new operations much the same way that dread fortress and palace came in. Personally, I’m guessing that the Shroud will be revealed to be some agent of Revan’s who has been pulling strings. He’s probably going to be the equivalent of a brontes in fortress and then we’ll fight Revan in the palace equivalent. Same shit, different day. Thanks EA.

uhm.. if im not mistaken there were way more then just two operations before the dread palace and fortress came in. Makeb introduction didn’t had palace and fortress at the start

2.0 introduced a ton of new or updated material, and I hope 3.0 will be similar,
With 2.0 we got:
Level Cap increase & new abilities
Makeb planetary story + dailies
Macrobinoc quests
Seeker droid quests
Instanced boss/op: Golden Fury
SnV Operation
And updates including:
Lvl 55 HM FP’s
Lvl 55 updates to TfB Operation

Lvl 55 scaling for Section X

So to say 3.0 is just going to be 2 ops is just silly.

Level Cap increase & new abilities: It messed the math and forced everybody to completely re-optimize and most classes only actually one, maybe two, new abilities.

Makeb planetary story + dailies: Story was boring and dry. Dailies are, well, dailies.

Marcobinoic quests: Probably done by less people that do NiM ops.

Seeker droid quests: Same as above.

Instanced boss/op (Golden Fury): Who ordered the meaningless cannon fodder?

SnV Operation: I will give you that. That was kind of fun when it first came out.

Lvl 55 HM FPs: Why the hell weren’t all FPs upgraded to level 55?

TFB moved to lvl 55: By the time it was upgraded it was already irrelevant.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoyed it or not. I was stating that there was a ton of material added beyond just 2 ops. Like it or not RotHC added a ton of material to keep you busy for a long time if you CHOOSE to play through the content.

We know 3.0 is going to increase lvl cap again, and probably piss people off with having to re-optimize, etc. It’s just the way it goes unfortunately.

For me, the Makeb story was fun on the first play through on each faction, but not much replay value.

Personally I found the GSI quests, and seeker droid quests to be a major pain in the rear also, so I didn’t do them. But I know others that really enjoyed the treasure hunting, so that was cool for them.

Golden Fury is just another WB option that you dont have to wait for a respawn timer. I think that was a wise idea. Much better than the pain of waiting for Dreadtooth to respawn when Section X was first released. And the ganking over Nightmare Pilgrim back in the day that constantly happened.

I understand keeping lvl50 Hm FP’s simply because of the F2P option and the people that did not have RotHC. They would still have some endgame content to play along with the 3 ops that also did not scale.

I can’t really argue with the scaling of TfB being irrelevant. But with releasing only 1 op in SnV I think the team needed to upscale so that players weren’t just facerolling all ops aside from SnV.

I know it didn’t scale up to 55, but it was scaled up for leveling purposes on your way to 55. I wasn’t clear so its my bad.

Well i personaly dont thinks there will be a level cap increase as 3.0 will deff not be the same as 2.0 i think 2 new ops, new WZ’s, a Total new kind of mission thing (sorta flashpoint/ops thing, but than different) new daily area… but the most new thing will be A NEW CLASS + 2 ADV. CLASS hope this will be 3.0

The time, level of programming, voice work, game mechanics, and cost associated with your proposals is simply unrealistic.

Specifically when the devs outright state that 3.0 will be an expansion in the scale of 2.0. Not to mention they have stated there will be a lvl cap increase with 3.0

I never suggested that was the only thing that would be released. Hardly. I’m sure there will be other additions in the form of a level cap, new abilities, some other gimmicky content that will appeal to maybe 1 in 5 people, and maybe some new tier of flashpoints and gear. Or new comms altogether. I don’t doubt all of that. What I was saying though was that ultimately the game’s ‘commitment to story’ comes down to some new ops. And it always has. PvE is about the only things the devs seem to commit any time to. And for your trouble, you the player only get a small bit of story tacked on every 3-6 months. The same, recycled format is clearly not keeping players around.

i would be happy to know what you would do different, ofc a MMO is heavily leaned towards PVE. what would you do besides the fact that expansions have to be released. Meaning they have to have new stories, new dungeons/flashpoints. New Gear, New raids/ops to tackle the up coming patch bosses time and time again till the end boss of the whole expansion is death, and then we prepare our self for another threat to challenge the world or even the galaxy. Also obviously most mmo’s do little events to support the real life holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas etc…

So what should SWTOR or any other mmo do to keep player in the game if not finishing the cycle we all know of

I think most people are holding out hope for a miracle of continued class stories, or new class or 3rd faction additions.

As unrealistic as those options are with the current build and business model, I really think that is what a lot of players are expecting eventually.

I dont think it will happen. I foresee the status quo continuing until this game wraps in several years and they come out with something else in the new timeline and continuity.

Not looking towards class stories atm. Swtor has the same cycle as any other mmo. The main thing to do like any other game is the fact that they have to keep the story interesting for us players to keep enjoying the story line.That’s one thing. Many othr aspect comes to mind to keep players, playing this game.

Now talking about Class stories, personally i also would love class stories to come back. allot of VA (voice actors) for companions submitted there recordings in early June/2014 and the guy voicing the Emperor did so as well. So it might be that we get class stories back. The Forge alliance mails we are getting specially the last one from FA:III seems to hint at that.

first is discusion about what the letters could mean, second one contains all received message for FA:III all classes.

Now i still remain skeptical that we will get class stories but it would make this game indeed once again what we loved it for.

I know Class isn’t on their plan atm. But that is what I am assuming most fans really want out of an expansion for this game. It would seem that the status quo of FP’s, Ops, planetary/dailies, and level cap just aren’t what gets people excited.

For new class material, I know it would be a ridiculous amount of time, work, and money to get it though. Just seems that is what a lot of players expected when they bought into the game 3 years ago.

I am still having a fun time in game when I play, and have only completed 4/8 stories thus far. I also only have 1 dps class between both factions geared well enough for current eldergame, and I have been playing since closed Beta. Casual gamer. But I still pay my $15 a month and enjoy the game and what the devs are bringing out every few months.

5/8 so far and planning to do the others as well. Both healer/dps on both side to do end game but yes class story is a frequently demanded subject by the majority that plays, me included. The story doesn’t feel the same anymore without class story to make it more personal.

All and all in pay for sub as well and still enjoy it. And i dont think we will get new classes. making up new idea for class/adv class. Story for that class, 5 story companions etc. Its allot of work.

if they would do i think they rather continue current class story then make new class and add story for it.

But yes bottom line is, if class story would continue, it would bring allot of old players back who haven’t returned yet and more new players.

I think every class should get an ability with similar mechanics to hk’s out of combat assassinate.. I mean you can’t exploit something that can’t target elite mobs and unusable on other players. Jedi could have flee and you see the npc just surrender and run away, sith would have sidistic Impales etc. idk just my 2cents lol

Sadly, because I loved using them on trashmobs, very efficient and high-damage. They removed them withthe excuse ‘nobody was using them’, but I beg to differ and say the outrage of not being able to use them in PvP was the cause ;D

What beans ? Revan ate the beans, got gassy, tried to kill us all, so now we kill him, again, in an upcoming Operation. If Revan had a vagina she would have kicked the Emperor’s butt and ruled the galaxy but noooo … e-peen for the win >.>

No I mean Revan has died a bunch of times already; Malak tried to kill him, the Emperor tried to kill him, a bunch of Imperials tried to kill him after destroying his favourite droid and now we get to kill him again …

Well i personaly dont thinks there will be a level cap increase as 3.0 will deff not be the same as 2.0 i think
*2 new ops, new WZ’s
*a Total new kind of mission thing (sorta flashpoint/ops thing, but than different)
but the most new thing will be
*A NEW CLASS + 2 ADV. CLASS maybe even 2 new Classes with a whole new starter planet (Denova or so 😛 )
*a new lvl 55 Planet with the new ops where we also can do Daily’s
*new kind of WZ ( BATTLE FIELD) where you need to build a fort/Castle with weapons and you need to Gain Control of the enemy’s fort/Castle, etc 🙂

this is what i would think is Awesome (Save level cap for 3.5/4.0)


They have already basically said there would be a lv cap when they said expect a similar Rise of The Hutt Cartel like expansion more towards the end of the year.

indeed swtor miner did, first they stated it was SOE but if E is R then most likely Revan. But O mostly stands for Of. Rise OF the Empire, Rise OF the hutt cartel, Return OF the Empire. similar things. and What he meant with 3.0 Next RoTHC expansion is SOE/R. Since its not official that 3.0 is SOE/R even the dev refer 3.0 to the next RoTHC like expansion

I don’t think “O” means “Of”.
Rise of the Hutt Cartel was RotHC, but now we have SOE/R, all capital letters, so It should be some other word…

Generally an article (of, the, it, a, etc.) are lowercase. However it could just be a placeholder or someone at EA/Bio don’t care enough to make it follow grammar rules.

but he is looooooong gone. I think if that was the name of the expansion it would refer to the Revanites as being “sons”

They will not go for new class, not yet if ever. It will require full new storyline, advanced class is possible but what’s the point? Currently every class has a viable dps spec and only GS with sentinels don’t have different role adding which will be kinda antilorish. Another problem with adding new class people forget about is adding all those conversations including trooper/knight/consular/smuggler and imp equivalents

Man you fucking armchair developers with no credentials are amazing. Tell me, where did you get your degree in video game design and business management?

I went to a top 20 business school and have a minor in programming. Don’t know about these folks. However, reasoning skills do not always coincide with experience or education.

you got to be kidding me right. 2.0 did not introduce new classes. You do realize that if they did they had to get more and more VA to play the male and female version right, design more companions. i highly doubt it that we will get new class. Also! Dev have already stated 3.0 will be a 2.0 Like size expansion. SO most likely the same things, just different planets, different story, different enemies.

Personally i would like to see some cross abilities on new level cap. 😀
Like Overload from inquisitor on warrior, and Force Choke from warrior on inquisitor 😛
Same for knight and consular.
And for others…
Hmm… Let’s say… Debilitate from agent on trooper, Same for mirror (Dirty Kick for BH)…
And… Well… Here comes end for my ideas… I can’t find something useful for agent/smuggler from trooper/bh 🙁
Feel free to say that i’m crazy. 🙂

I would prefer to allow to gain skill from other tree then our main. Ex if I’m lethality sniper i would like to be able to get both weakening blast and interrogation probe or diversion. Now i lack of 1 talent point.

Yea they def did this already with legacy abilities: dirty kick, force choke, sticky grenade, etc. for completing class story where have you been lol??? Not that anyone really uses them.

I want to be able to summon my alts as companions. Seems weird we have this family tree in our legacy tab and that spouses, siblings, etc are not able to ‘meet’ at the same time. Heck, they could just make standard templates to not make companions overpowered. Like how a marauder companion would have Ashara’s skillset for example, just with the gear from your actual char. 🙂

at a guess the quest line etc will be closed beta for a lucky few. The level cap increase/ gear etc will be on pts to allow players to see the changes and to theory craft etc

I wanted to buy some dread forged enhancements but they will probably give new gear in 3.0. Bioware add new gear in the way that it’s senseless to looking for gear for sometime before patch.

you still have 3-4 months before 3.0 hit, that’s taking in consideration that they can deliver before end of the year, if not Jan seems more likely if they miss deadline. And ofc we will always get new gear whether that be, new expansion or just new tier. How is that senseless.

Musco stated on last night stream that they don’t know when we will see the teaser. As soon as they know they will tell us exactly when to expect the teaser. So it wouldn’ be like a surprise here is teaser

I am a 30 year old who is “wet pants” excited for this announcement announcement, anyone who is not this excited is wrong! I am in love and have faith.

dat Revan was so damn unexpected… I was seriously thinking Arkous would just carry on as the next bad guy there

Oh, switch off.
You are going to say this game is garbage because of a lack of things like dual spec? I’d like it too, but you CAN respec whenever you want. It’s just a little annoying having to make sure your keys are rebound correctly for any abilities learned in your skill tree. I certainly wouldn’t call dual spec one of the “important things.”

They don’t have the tech to do it, as much as I want it. Its in the same vein as not having the tech/ability to do cross-server for pve/pvp as well; sadly neither are going to happen with the current setup/tech/engine.

They’d basically have to start again (and if you believe the rumours, then you might get it in TOR 2).

Comments like this always make me laugh. If the game is “garbage”, then why are you still playing it? Nobody is forcing you to play it, lol.

LMAO, first of why play and or give them money if the game is garbage and secondly if dual spec is considered a important thing that it will define a game being garbage or not i want to see you being lead to a game creation.

Dual spec is a mere tool for convenient sake to switch trees and or roles without having to rearrange your bar constantly, i for one would want dual spec but it will not define the game in any way for me. Secondly when has a F2P not ever had a Market that was constantly being updated with “new”n stuff to compensate for the F2P Business model.

The GSF was free, GSH was free and the RoTCH expansion for f2p players after a while. And yet when maybe one thing isnt introduce, immediately call out a game is garbage. Now you may continue like someone is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play the garbage game.

You can only be disappointed if you have unrealistic expectations. And judging by previous comments on this site, many of you do.

Well its a level cap increase, I’d assume you would have to pay for it. Which I am very happy to do. Unfortunately a lot of people want everything for free, so I’ll probably get trashed for saying this.

Seriously doubt that level cap will be increased.
It will couse a LOT of work with skill trees.
Obviously not enough time for BW to make it.

Dulfy itself … been posted months ago that level cap is increasing. Source came through one of the Devs from the Cantina tour. You may wanna read up.

Not enough time? You trolling? When make was introduced we maybe saw 1 or 2 new skills added tot he trees for each adv classes and a few changes overall. Not enough time, they have been developing before they even announce the road map for the summer. Given that, they properly have enough time to add a few skills in the trees and read up, level cap has been confirmed

It would make sense, looking back at RothHC, when they would raise the lvl cap, introduce a new planet (or 2) it would be called a proper expension, and therefore ppl would have to pay for it.

No way in the world this will be free. They already compared this expansion to the ROTHC expansion and it involves a level cap increase. It’s not going to be free. Starfighter was free….Strongholds was free. Everything isn’t going to be free….and Starfighter and Strongholds bring in CM revenue to offset their development cost.

If we get the level cap increase will the new operation be level 60? If there will be a level cap increase they have to add another operation comms vendor added next to the ultimate gear(180) maybe they’ll add 198 gear? lol

Most likely they will remove all gear pre-180. It was same when 55 lvl was released. The vendor will sell 180 gear for “new classic comms”, and 186 will drop from old flashpoints/operations.

I dont like the oriconian gear, they repeated it multiple times. i was hoping for something different if they’re adding level 60 gears for the level cap increase.

obviously if level cap increase, new ops will be at the level cap level. haven seen any mmo that works differently on that aspect. We might see new vendor selling new gear for the same ultimate coms or simply get new coms. I vote for the same ultimate coms. tired of all the new coms

My vote is to do away with the shared skill tree and give each advanced spec at least one viable spec. burst, dot and specialization (healing, tank or group buffing)

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