SWTOR Rakata Prime Flashpoint

A guide to the new Rakata Prime Flashpoint added with patch 2.10 with fight strats, story, and loot.

How to access it

If you have done the Forged Alliance II quest for Manaan, you can pick up part III from the same droid on the fleet (near the west elevator for Empire, east elevator for Republic).

Rakata Prime is not a planet, it is just a flashpoint that can be accessed from the group finder or near the Tython/Korriban FP entrances on fleet.

Story Cutscene (Empire)

If you somehow missed Part I and Part II, *gasp*, here are the videos

Fight strats

Normally I would write a full guide but these Rakata Prime bosses are simple tank and spank fights so I these short sentences will suffice.

Savage War Beast and War Chief Rehkta

  • Tank and spank, can kill any of them first. Rancor has a telegraphed swipe that can knock you back and the War Chief drops some fire fields that does very little damage.

Commander Rand

  • Kill adds when Commander Rand is in the air casting Tactical Repositioning (he is immune anyways).
  • Adds/Tactical Repositioning occurs at 100/60/20%.

Dark Arkous & Colonel Darok

  • Another tank and spank fight like the first boss encounter. Darth Arkous has some kind of burst attack that can deal a lot of damage so might be good to kill him first. Colonel Darok will grapple random players to him but doesn’t do much otherwise.


Got the following from the last boss encounter. Both seems to be tradeable so expect to see it on the GTN.

  • Prismatic Mewvorr (pet)
  • Potted Tree: Rakata Palm
  • Aquatic Sleen mount (pics provided by Durzo)


  • David Pielmeier

    This sounds super weak sauce, both from a loot perspective and strategies needed for bosses. I’ll still do it once to see the story, but that’s it (just like Kuat, Tython, Korriban, Manaan, etc.)

    • SerpSlash Patriotic Titans

      Haha I literally just logged back in today to check out strongholds and Manaan. We 3 manned the Manaan FP in my guild, with me providing very sucky play since I don’t even really remember how to play.

      The only reason I’d play this game at this point is to hang out with the guild, the actual gameplay is beyond boring and stale. I wish they had some fun multiplayer games we could play, especially on the guild stronghold or flagship.

      But I’d rather play Skyrim or anything else really.

  • dodgerfn

    Wow Dulfy, you continue to amaze me. This just went live a few hours ago, and you already have a guide up for us. Thank you, for all the hard work you do for us all.

  • Snabl

    Kinda disappointed by this lazy made Flashpoint by BioWare.

    No reputation, no tokens, no reputation token rewards, nothing. Just a ruhed Flashpoint to give us something new, that didn’t cause to much work for the development team.

    Its all about the last cutscene of the story…

    It’s like they are trolling us now, by rapeing good old KotOR legacy.

  • shadowstarz

    any new relics / vendor rewards with this?

  • Sunko

    Too bad the bosses are so weak. Manaan fights were fun.

  • Durzo

    The last boss drops also a new mount, the Aquatic Sleen, legacy bound.

    • Unoshi


      • Durzo

        Here you go

        • Cool ty

        • elminster_cs

          This is uber rare I think :O

        • Unoshi

          holy shit, thats awesome ty bud

  • Darth Amaru

    Positives: The story aspect of this Flashpoint is cool… and the scenery is gorgeous.
    Negatives: No mechanics in the boss fights… pretty tame loot drops.
    Ran it twice so far and sub-bosses only dropped 148lvl weapons … the end boss drop was the Sleen on one and a 162 lvl headgear on the 2nd.

  • elminster_cs

    Is really big as FP…

  • Sindariel

    This FP isn’t only accessible via group finder. The entrance is right between the Tython and Korriiban FPs on the fleet.

    • Oh right, must have missed. Thanks!

  • Brianac

    I am interested to see what is next, seems like Revan is back..

    • Илья Шиманов

      If Revan is indeed the culprit then this story is refurbished like a lot of stuff has been in this game lately. Though i have a strong feeling the story will take a twist at some point

      • VicVader

        Well, it was always rumored that Revan was never really killed in Foundry. People have been wanting/hoping/expecting him to come back and frankly, I’m glad to see him come back. I felt he should have been more than a mere flashpoint.

        Besides, refurbished Revan… I’ll take Revan all day all night mang! Loved the original KoTOR and I’m happy they haven’t rid of him yet. Still one of the greatest story lines in SW in my opinion.

        • Unoshi

          indeed and im still curious what would happen if Lord Scourge and Revan meet again.

          • The Watchmen

            Wonder if any Jedi Knight ever solo’ed the either version of Maelstrom Prison (Republic version of Foundry) and had Scourge with them for the final cut screen. It’s so old by now I’m there would be something said about it by now, but I’m curious if there is anything in the conversation like how HK-51 and HK-47 do in False Emperor

            • Unoshi

              i did. No conversation between Revan and Lord Scourge. You get Scourge on a later stage then when you actually get to do Maelstrom. Revan was already freed so Scourge doesn’t actually have dialog for that part

    • Snabl

      We kill Revan again.

      And again, and agian, … if necessary.

  • Ces

    what the gear level can be used to do this Flash point? I have a mix of mods, rating 162, 168 rating 180. I managed to get the the first boss Savage War Beast and War Chief Rehkta but was beaten. Say seen has i got Savage War Beast to 80% War Chief Rehkta jumpeds in,

    • The Watchmen

      They bolster you to 162 level if you dont have the gear, so your gear is consider better then needed/just right for the run.

  • Илья Шиманов

    On Darth Arkous & Colonel Darok fight there is another mechanic: you need to kill them at the same time, if you kill one earlier another enrages. I mean it is not like it is a big problem: still managed to solo it

    • Ces

      What was your gear rating doing this solo?

      • Илья Шиманов

        full Dread Master

        • Ces


          • Илья Шиманов

            I am pretty sure it can be done in 180 gear as well, it is pretty easy

    • p4v7

      My pug group killed Darok first when Arkous was at 80%. If what you said is true, a more accurate word is “baby enrage”.

      • Илья Шиманов

        just like i said:) i noticed it only because of the buff and not the damage

      • AriesCZ

        I think the word you are looking for is “tantrum” 😀

    • BrianDavion

      yeah, it’ll be a rough mechanic if they ever give us a ahrd mode but in the tatical flashpoint it’s not a concern

  • Brianac

    No we killed Darok first then arkus with no problem

  • Lord Zalla

    Revan’s battlescared mask is a pretty interesting change, shows how fragmented and broken he’s become, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Emperor is still secretly manipulating Revan’s mind.

    • rotatex

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    • y2z

      What if their minds have melded into one or something? Spend 300 years in each others heads and some funky stuff is bound to happen.

      • Fel

        Worst road trip ever!

  • Ces

    It sounds like Reven from the Kotor at the beginning of the game is back. He will be deadly then ever now. Revan isn’t even Sith or Jedi now.

  • Agustin

    So… I guess next one will be an Operation!

    • Unoshi

      Next will be ROTHC like expansion 3.0

  • Ludie

    I seemed to notice that 2nd boss adds go down faster if you manage to place them under boss AoE, at the vey least they are stunned so a lot easier to AoE them down

  • Brzesiek Gorowski

    Am i mistaken or entering flashpoint you hear the music from BoS:SR mod to KotOR?

  • Orell

    (Spoilers for the cine)

    So, so, so tired of the super-secret-ultra-connected-conspiracy plot. The notion that a conspiracy on this level can hide from the entire galaxy almost perfectly, and yet have the pull to frame the son of the grandmaster of the Jedi Order as a criminal and no one can do anything about it…

    …ugh. I know, it’s Star Wars, and some suspension of disbelief is needed, but this just strains credulity way too much in order to make the villains seem stronger. It didn’t work with the Star Cabal, it doesn’t work here.

    And… I’m tired of Revan. I really am. They basically ruined his character in the Foundry stuff, and taking him this way, into a greater threat re-embracing the Rakata tech that he KNOWS made him go psycho-evil before…

    …just, no. Leave Revan alone, Bioware. He wasn’t an interesting character when you brought him back for a flashpoint and a half, and that hasn’t changed now because you’ve made him super-ultra-awesomely-connected to a galaxy spanning conspiracy that you made up because you needed a new cross-faction threat.

    • prdc

      TOR is all about Revan, though.

    • CommentDerps

      Moar Spoilers:
      The Rakata tech didn’t make him go psycho before, infact, Darth Revan was one of the most sane personalities of the entire KotOR-era cast of characters. He was turned by the Emperor but broke free from his control and waged the Jedi Civil War not to destroy the Republic, but to strengthen it for the impending war with the True Sith Empire (this is basically the subtext to the entirety of KotOR II).

      • Orell


        His idea of a sensible plan was to come back to the Republic as a conquerer, killing a lot of experienced soldiers and force users on both sides as well as destroying materiel on both sides, in order to protect the Republic from a future threat…

        …as opposed to coming back, saying “Hey, found remnants of the Sith building up forces, here’s some advanced tech we can use to prepare ourselves, we should probably do this”.

        Dude fell to the Dark Side so hard it left cracks. Regardless of his noble intentions of trying to save the Republic, his motives were twisted into that of conquering the Republic in order to save it: At best horribly pragmatic, and far more likely the sort of plan that would appeal to a fallen Jedi lusting for power.

        AFAIK, the point in KOTOR 2 of the “Darth Revan wasn’t all bad” was an expansion of the moral grayness present in that story… but a grayness that kept getting corrupted into extremes by the Force: Those that lean good become soft and ineffective, or uncompromising in the face of pragmatism to the point of weakening their side, and those that lean dark become consumed by it, destroying their purpose for the sake of moar power.

        At least, that’s my interpretation… but in any case, the big problem is that the big theme of KOTOR 1 was that of redemption, that second chances towards a better tomorrow are possible for everyone, if you’re willing to work for it. Its not just present in Revan’s story, but also in most of the companions, especially Bastilla and Juhani, and one could argue that even Malak see’s the light at the end. Hell, a cut ending had a DS female Revan possibly be redeemed by Carth.

        Regressing Revan to “Must conquer the galaxy in order to save it” just corrupts his journey through KOTOR and gives the whole piece a bitter aftertaste, that after everything he went through… he hasn’t changed at all.

        • KTruett

          Well, not to pull this card, but who’s to say that’s the actual Revan? Dude looked pretty banged up to me, could be dealing with someone who is trying to be Revan, or we’re dealing with a version of his personality (like the dark side aspect of his conciseness survived). I agree that his character story and arc are being jacked just to push along the TOR story, which I think is great without him, but here’s hoping.

      • uhruehruh

        hell yeah… you know!! 😀

        perhaps revan never truly fell… perhaps he did what he did out of a need to protect those he cared about to build a stronger government that could battle against the emperor and his forces

        screw the emperor ( who is yes still alive) because he wants to drain my life and EVERYTHINGS LIFE. plants, animals, people lol

        GO REVAN

  • Bo Vanston

    For those complaining about FP being weaksauce, It is highly likely that there will be a HM version with extra mechanics for this, along with the other FA tacticals in 3.0

    • Gareth Grist

      I personally think HM flashpoints have been shelved now. Seems TFPs are their preferred way to get queue times down for DPS and less dependent on tanks and healers. To bring out HM versions of the last 5 TFPs now wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

      RIP HM FPs 🙁

      • Unoshi

        Indeed, seems like HM FP’s are dead.

        They should introduce something like a NPC that would either fill out a role that takes 15 min – 30 min to get an actual player for. E.G you are in the que for 30 min, all that is missing is the healer. Pop a NPC healer were the npc skill is scaled between the tank and the 3 DPS. same thing with DPS and Tank, where if the tank was a NPC then it would only start tanking when there has been an attack landed on an enemy.

        • BrianDavion

          I suspect these FPs are going to make up a portion of our level 60 hard modes

        • Amodin

          Let our groups bring in the companions to play with us! 🙂

      • Moff

        I’d be willing to bet a lot on HM versions for the next expansion.
        they need content to grind level 60 gear and HM versions of alread implenented TFP’s are a cheap and honestly good way to do this.

        • Rafaello

          HM Colicoid please!

          • Jeremy Holmes

            Yeah I’m down for a whole slew of HM fps.

      • That doesn’t make much sense. There is no reason to run a TFP at 55, they don’t drop anything worth having. You run them once for the story and that’s it.

        A HM version on the other hand needs to be run several times per alt to get the loot drops. BW need people to be grinding the same content over and over as much as possible because they can’t possibly create new content fast enough otherwise.

        I do think they will wait till 3.0 for the HM versions, the 4 Forged Alliances FPs make a minimal base number for level 60 HMFPs.

      • Nomar

        It saves them time to make new flashpoints with HMS at level 60 when 3.0 comes.they even said in a livestream that HMs will come in 3.0

  • prdc

    That didn’t sound at all like Revan.

    • SirRobinII

      maybe the emperor took his body :O

      • DW

        I do not think it is the emperor. The emperor has a pretty unique voice.

    • TW

      Indeed. I hope we get a reason as to why he sounds different to us but the same to both Theran and Lana…

    • christine0984

      If you look closely enough at the side of the mask, the face looks different. Still not 100% convinced but we will see. I think this is leading up to something A LOT bigger.

      • zenight

        His mask looked cracked, which to me point to the real deal regaining his strength after we kicked is ass in the Foundry.

        We know the Revanites have a Revan mask, but it is in perfect condition so a Revanite impostor wouldn’t have any damage showing.

        Just my take on it of course.

        • christine0984

          you have a point there. It is something that i will have to replay again (since it seems like an eternity and a half) and take a closer look. and do it on both pub and imp side because if i remember correctly, on pub side he didn’t have the mask, but on imp side he did.

        • hehehehehe

          revanites give the mask to revan if you pick lightside option instead of giving it to ladra you get a mail saying they feel the mask has a higher purpose

  • AriesCZ

    Hmm I have to be really unlucky. I ran the FP 3 times, and I never saw any even remotely cool drop, just some weaksauce 162 belts…

    • Gerister

      i got the mount on my first try

  • Noomi

    Dulfy … you do know it is Darth and not Dark Arkous right? 😀

    • Guest

      She might be playing in French.

  • Saiph

    Siths give the most awkward hugs.

    • zenight

      It was a cross between a headbutt and a kiss on the cheek…

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Yeah, the perils of using in-game animations to show stuff like that instead of dedicated cutscenes like they did on Mass Effect.
        On the other hand, I’m very certain that this is the faster way of doing it 🙂

  • Kalzeth

    Is this soloable? Does anyone know?

    • christine0984

      if you do manage it, you are indeed a bad @$$.I do know from experience though if you solo one, you can not use the kolto stations. Did it with Cerzka FP and solo’ed one successfully but the second, got to the Vigilant and he was enraged. Not sure with the new one yet, but if you give it a shot solo, would love to hear how it goes.

      • Pjt

        Soloed it on my sage (seer spec) with full dread forged gear. 2nd boss is the only challenge and Nadia died twice but it is possible. I didn’t die at all (yipee). Would want to attempt it with lower gear though and the changes they made to sage probably was what made it possible 😀

    • Sindariel

      I’ve soloed it on my sorc in 180/186 gear. Died twice on the 2nd boss and once on the last and i had to respec to hybrid spec for more AE and infinite force. And you absolutely need a good geared healing companion.

  • christine0984

    Ok quick note. On the republic side, the final boss battle, Darth Arkous is the one that grapples people. I have already done both sides story line. Same stuff just reverse on the last bosses. Also it is best if they both go down together as one gets a buff after the other dies increasing damage delt. Nothing a good healer couldn’t heal though along with Kolto stations but still just a note i thought i would put out there. Just thought i would throw that in there for those who don’t play the dark side.

    • christine0984

      ok i ran the FP again on other toons and still no good drops. Just a bunch of 148 and a 162 piece on last bosses. Something else you forgot to mention is that the first boss, The war Chief, Is Immune to taunt. So he hops from person to person dropping fire all over the place. and if you are not geared and be dub and stand in the fire, it hurts, Hopefully most aren’t dumb enough to stand in it.

  • Snabl

    No tactics needed, because it’s a Tactical Flashpoint.

    Btw. Why does the Wookie sound like a Tauntaun?

  • bleeters

    “That voice… I’ve heard it before”

    Well I’m glad one of us has, because it sounds like a different voice actor to me.

    • TW

      Exactly. Clearly they haven been in Malestrom Prison and The Foundry before. The Revan we meet in there is a different voice actor.

  • y2z

    Those drops are awesome! *runs in Imp side* And we have a choice of Exotic Element Equalizer or Black Market Focus…. yay. Wonder how many runs it’ll take to get some good stuff?

  • bleeters

    So let me see if I understand this correctly.

    During the Foundry, Revan ‘dies’. Whether he teleported away or actually died and has been reborn somehow, I don’t know. I’m assuming they’re going for the latter, because something’s clearly off about the guy. At some point, he comes back, unites the Revanites under his command and sets them towards his new agenda of apparently just destroying everyone or whatever. Ok, sure.

    I don’t know if they’re planning to do something with him wherein he has a corrupting influence or something, but am I to understand that in less than two years, the Revanites went from a clandestine but limited cult following reviled by the rest of the Empire and hunted ruthlessles by Imperial authority as heretics to effectively the space illuminati, with high level moles and operatives in every level of both Republic and Imperial government, military, special forces and intelligence agencies. They even have their own fleet of warships. And no one the entire time ever noticed before now?

    Alright then. I’ll roll with it, but good grief my ability to suspend my disbelief is getting strained lately.

    • Amodin

      You should have seen something coming with Revan when you went to get the Mask of Revan on Imperial side…

      Him disappearing in Foundry was just icing on the cake. I knew something about Revan was coming, but didn’t realize it until Part II.

      • bleeters

        It’s not really him being back again that’s a little difficult to believe. I mean, I’m not super excited about it, as I actually liked Revan as a character before swtor came along and this is just rubbing more salt into that wound, but I’ll go with it. It’s more him amassing such a large following of devotees who have infiltrated both Empire and Republic to such an extent as to cause such a massive conspiracy, and doing all this in at most a couple of years, that I’m having difficulty with. I know the SIS and such are stupid but they’re not blind.

        Hopefully they’ll go somewhere with this later.

        • Inschmockington

          I pretty sure during the Revan missions on Dromund Kaas that the leader lady says they’ve got people everywhere already.

          • dbaswell

            This is what I understood as well. They were always there, they have just kept their presence a secret because of the persecution. With the dismantling of a certain agency within the Empire at the conclusion of class stories, it’s not wholly unrealistic that the scope of the Imperial Revanite resources was kept so well hidden.

            Arkous as a Dark Council member, was sure to have a large amount of resources at his disposal to give to his master. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the Dark Council has at least one more Revanite sitting on it. Just as I wouldn’t be surprised to find one or two followers of Revan on the Jedi Council.

            As to the Republic resources that Revan has access to, we have only to look at KOTOR to see how quick to follow a strong leader both Jedi and typical soldiers are. And Revan is more than that, he’s a living Legend.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Well, they infiltrated the empire and republic long before he appeared I would say.

          The revanites that you meet on DK are supposedly spread amongst the sith and military already.
          And I’m guessing there was something similar on the republic side that just didn’t get shown when playing since revan was quite famous there.

          He basically just rolled in and took over the organization. After that it was probably not super-hard to get those infiltrated already to go after more strategically important positions.

          (remember, nobody starts out as a revanite when they’re a kid. They usually start delving into his teachings when they’ve reached positions of power. And it’s always those hungry for power who do it the most.)

          • bleeters

            I suppose. I guess I just never got the impression that Revan was that big a deal to anyone other than that weird cult following. Most people didn’t seem to know who he was.

            I guess Revan just has a knack for pulling an army of devotees out of his butt. This would be the third time, after all.

    • Arby

      Not that I am at all interested in the “lore and RP” side of this sci-fi WoWfest, but does it honestly matter? He’d be like, what, 300 years old either way? Come on, that’s like saying “I destroyed HK-47 in the foundry, how come I had to fight him again in False Emperor?”


      • bleeters

        Besides ‘no it isn’t, that HK was rebuilt by Malgus is actually brought up in dialogue with it’, uh, no. You’re not the arbiter of what other people are allowed to be interested in.

      • Heist 101

        Your brain isn’t capable of creating an imaginary universe to escape from dull reality to. This is why you cannot understand why people care, and think you got it all figured out when really you should just play another game or go back to wow since all you see is their similarities “same game right?” – “hi I’m dum dum” (walks into comicon) “c’mon everyone who cares about all this stuff am I right?” “It’s all just a bunch of stupid bullshit right?” (Gets thrown from building top).

  • Jonathan Parker

    I got no loot on my first run through, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to that once I saw the amazing scene of Revan’s flagship entering the atmosphere. Hearing that music and seeing him standing on the bridge really brought me back to KOTOR.

  • Vodorlo

    A tip on the second boss-

    Me and a friend were duoing this flashpoint, and we wiped twice on the second boss to the sheer # of adds. Made me realize two things…

    – Tactical Repositioning/Adds don’t come at a percent base, seems to be on a timer

    – If you don’t aggro the adds, they will never attack you.

    So if you bring all of the adds and the boss to the right side of the area (facing the Temple entrance) you kill the adds, then you can just burn boss while staying on the right side and you can ignore the other adds that spawn.

    Hope this helped!

    • SpideyBry

      I duo’ed this flashpoint with my daughter yesterday and also wiped 2+ times on Commander Rand. We thought the same thing, “if you don’t aggro the adds, they will never attack you.” But that did not hold true for us. They stood there for a while but eventually each group would join in the fight.

      The way we got past it was our heroic moments. My daughter did hers first to kill off the first group of adds. I did mine for the second group. Then we just pounded on the third group and made it through. When we were finished with all the adds I think Rand was still at 40+% and with no adds he was easy to finish off.

      • Vodorlo

        Really? When we finally killed the commander, the third group had spawned and never attacked, even with Rand’s death (Both me and my friend and the companions were on the right side of the area for most of the fight, hence my first post). They just stood there…

        • SpideyBry

          Yep, we also used the right side. Maybe my daughter or one of our companions got too close or threat level got too high but eventually all the groups aggro’ed.

          I’m not disputing what happened to you just saying what happened to us. Either way it was good of you to post your findings as I’m sure it will help others. 🙂

  • Xenshi

    The Sleen is BoL , not BoP

  • Rob Allison

    We ran it last night and the final fight I could have sworn that when we killed the Commander that Arkous got an enraged buff for 200% damage – I assumed it was like Jarg/Sorno, Firebrand/Stormcaller that we had to kill them at the same time. They were only a few % apart so I didn’t get much of a chance to notice.

    • Yindaka

      You’re right, one gets a buff when the other dies but it’s still an easy fight even when one has the buff. We first killed the colonel and Arkous did a bit more damage but nothing that could not be handled.

    • Vodorlo

      The buff isn’t an enrage, but it is a damage increase (No specific percentage, but doesn’t seem too bad)

      Besides, if they did make it so you would have to kill them at the same time, wipes would no doubt occur. :p

  • Schorschi

    What I don’t like in some of the new outdoor flashpoints is that you can’t mount up! I think it is a time loss if you have to run around such a long time when there is nothing there to kill.

  • Sterling

    I’m about 99% sure of what’s going on, or at least what the big “plot twist” is going to be.
    Here are some questions to ask yourselves: (SPOILERS)
    1) Do we see Revan’s face in the final cutscene? Is it possible that this isn’t the actual Revan, but someone else?
    2) Is it possible that Revan, being very strong in the Force and having unfinished business in life, might manifest as a ghost after his death?
    3) If he were to manifest as a ghost, to whom might he appear in particular? (Hint: why did Lord Kallig take a particular interest in the Sith Inquisitor?)
    4) Is there anything familiar about the voice of Revan in the final cutscene?
    Just some questions to ask yourselves.

    • RickCastle45

      Lemme answer your questions…
      1) No, we don’t see his face, and it is obviously not him. The Revanites have played the imposter card in the past, so there’s no reason to doubt they would again.
      2) We cannot confirm Revan having died; he vanished at the end of “The Foundry”.
      3) Ridiculous, and Kallig took an interest in Darth Nox because he was the sith’ari of the Kallig bloodline. A slave sent to reclaim his family’s honour. There’s a reason Zash used Nox for her ritual, all the stars were aligned.
      4) It’s not the same voice actor, that’s for sure. If it’s to be anyone, it could be The Shroud, which is unlikely, but if it is to be a character from the past, it would most likely be him.

      • Brandon-jinn

        Remember they were experimenting with regenerative properties of rakata technology. maybe the revanites found a weakened or neary dead revan and used the implants to revive and control him. could explain the voice modulation and glowing from behind the mask

      • Varras

        That’s interessting, cause the german voice is the same Revan has in his other Appearances.

        • Kyne

          That’s some interesting info. It may indicate that he’s really supposed to be the same and that him sounding different in the English version maybe unintended.

    • Tranq

      While reading your 3rd question, some thoughts come in my mind:
      Kallig appears to his descendant (Darth Nox)
      So who is the latest descendant of Revan?
      Theron: Ok he was with us in the flashpoint so it is impossible that he is the impostor.
      But we haven’t heard anything from Satele Shan long ago…
      and we saw some Revanite Jedi Masters in the flashpoint too.
      What do you think?

      • Sterling

        Was Theron with us really? I mean, he was “with us” by holo, but he certainly wasn’t under the turbolasers getting shot at. And if you’ll watch carefully, he pulls out a PADD and starts tapping on it just before the Imperial ship enters the atmosphere, and continues tapping on it throughout the entire encounter.
        I don’t think Satele is involved directly (yet), but it’s quite probable that Theron Shan is the true mastermind behind the Revanite plot. Note also how he tries to keep the Cyborg army protocols from falling into imperial or republic hands.
        Oh, and one more thing: the Sith Inquisitor is only Darth Nox if you are dark-aligned. You could also be Darth Occlus or Darth Imperius depending on alignment. Better just to use the most generic name that fits.

        • Vodorlo

          The comment about Theron got me thinking, and I realized that while Arkous was talking about Lana after Part 1, Darok never said Theron’s name after Part 1. Suspicious?

  • HK

    I solo’d it 4 times, no cool drop at all 🙁

  • Gancento

    i hate part III not customazation for my companions hk or anyone

  • Ces

    I did this flashpoint in L55 Entry Level Gear – please can you give feedback and tips on what I could do better the next time a around.

    Flashpoint Link:

  • Darkojin

    Why is the Rakata Palm listed as loot, when the picture shows it comes from the Seneschal’s pack? Does it come from the pack AND the flashpoint?

    • dracul

      It is a drop on the flashpoint for sure, i got it on my first run … dont know about the pack …

      • Duval

        LIES!!! 20+ runs and nothing but a random 162 crap and sometimes an EEE.

  • Daniel Moreno

    Everyone keeps saying it’s a different voice actor without saying who it is. Many voice actors will phone their lines in after the initial recording period, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same here. That will result in a different sounding voice. Hell even some classes developed a mysterious lisp in RotHC while still even having the same voice actor.

    • y2z

      Oricon + Bounty Hunter = ::vomit::

  • Mike Mistele

    In the Savage War Beast boss fight, if your group members aren’t all within the arena when combat starts, anyone who’s standing outside will be stuck out there, as a wall slams down (this is similar to what happens in the first boss fight on Manaan). We learned this the hard way, and wiped once. Second time, we made sure we were all inside before triggering the fight — much better.

    • avarga

      Not only that, but u can be slammed outside by the rancor but the chief can come outside to play with u so u won’t be alone…

      • Mike Mistele

        Good point — the chief can walk right through the wall to whomp on you, as I learned to my chagrin. 🙂

      • Grassr00tz

        Had this happen to me just the other day! He did not play nice with me!

  • JimmyJ

    Anyone know if the regular tactical version (not the [SOLO] mode) of this is still dropping the loot it’s supposed to since 3.0? It’s starting to feel like it drops the solo mode loot in the tactical mode…

    I’ve been running it a lot since 3.0 to try to get the mount and the pet since it is so easily soloable at 60, but every time it only drops an exotic element equalizer, random black market piece, credits and a basic comm… All the other bosses only drop a single basic comm and no random orange gear. Haven’t seen the decoration, mount or pet drop at all.

    Has anyone gotten these to drop since 3.0? Just wondering if I’m wasting my time trying for these…

  • Grassr00tz

    Love this FP! Wish I had a Stronghold on the beach!

    • EyeKahn

      They have one. It’s called Tatooine. 🙂

  • Dr_Nex

    This guide is woefully incomplete at least in 4.0 as Rakata is one of the harder HMs. For the first boss, cleansing is key as the war chief will root players in fire which does do a lot of damage. For the last boss, do not overlap blue circled. Note that after one boss is dead, the other will enrage. In addition, towards the end, all players will get blue circled and Darok will grapple them all to himself for massive damage. We were able to complete after numerous tries by killing Arkous first then Darok, but it may be better take take them down equally. Still, often the healer will run out of energy if both are alive. Definitely easier with ranged DPS as melee DPS who gets blue circled is essentially useless.

    The bonus boss, infinite army prototype, is very difficult on HM and I have no idea how to beat him. This “guide” doesn’t even mention that he exists.

    Note that at least in our run the bosses dropped no decos whatsoever.

    It’s possible that this HM just scaled very poorly to 65. In any case, a proper guide would be welcome what with DvL and all.

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