GW2 September Feature Pack

GW2 Enchanted Key and Enchanted Map Scrap Guide

A guide to locating the Enchanted Map Scraps required for the Enchanted Key for the Treasure Hunter Collection introduced with the September Feature Pack.[toc]

Enchanted Map Scraps

These map scraps are drops from all kinds of chests, from basic to splendid. I personally feel (unconfirmed by any data) that splendid chests have the best chances of dropping them so I tend to single them out. Chests reset at the daily reset so if you didn’t get them the first day, try it after the reset. Each of the individual pieces drops from chests in a different region: i.e. 1/4 from Kryta, 2/4 from Ascalon etc.

Once you map all 4 map scraps, double click on any of the the enchanted map scraps to form a completed map.

Enchanted Map Scrap (1/4) – Kryta Chests

  • Queensdale Beggar’s Burrow. Splendid chest next to a Veteran ([&BPkAAAA=])


  • Kessex Hills Earthlord’s Gap, Splendid Chest at the very back with the two vet Ettins. ([&BLoDAAA=])


  • Harathi Hinterlands High Timber Claim, chest inside a camp ([&BLEAAAA=])


  • Harathi Hinterlands Ourobore Caves, Splendid chest inside guarded by a bunch of veteran skritts ([&BKkAAAA=])


Enchanted Map Scrap (2/4) – Ascalon Chests

  • Diessa Plateau Reaper’s Corridor, chest on the top of the hill guarded by a vet dog ([&BMYDAAA=]). There is a way to climb up the hill from the north. Need to make some jumps at the top.


  • Plains of Ashford Facula Castrum, Splend Chest at end of a cave ([&BJcDAAA=])


  • Plains of Ashford Decimus Stones, Splend Chest at the end of a narrow corridor guarded by a vet ([&BJgDAAA=])


  • Fireheart Rise Rebel Seculsion, Splend chest on the top of a hill guarded by two vets ([&BBoCAAA=])


  • Fireheart Rise Apostate Wastes, two chests guarded by a Vet Harpy and a Vet Spider ([&BB0CAAA=])


  • Blazeridge Stepps Monument Grounds, regular Chest on top of the walls ([&BE4DAAA=])


Enchanted Map Scrap (3/4) – Maguuma Jungle Chests

  • Caledon Forest Ruins of Unseen, Splendid chest at end of the area. You need to grab an energy orb to open the door behind the skritts by aiming it at the door ([&BDoBAAA=])


  • Caledon Forest Morgan’s Spiral, Splendid Chest at end of Morgan’s Spiral jumping puzzle ([&BDUBAAA=])


  • Metrica Province Cuatl Morass, basic chest right before the portal to the Goemm’s Lab jumping puzzle ([&BLIEAAA=])


  • Mount Maelstrom The Mire Sea, Splendid chest guarded by a champion on top of the tower with the vista ([&BNICAAA=])


Enchanted Map Scrap (4/4) – Shiverpeak Chests

  • Wayfarer Foothills Wurmhowl Spikes, Splendid Chest guarded by a bunch of Svanir ([&BMEDAAA=])


  • Snowden Drifts Darkhoof Heights, Grand Chest guarded by Champion Snow Troll Leader ([&BLgAAAA=])


  • Snowden Drifts King Jalis’s Refuge, Splendid chest at end of the jumping puzzle ([&BLUAAAA=])


  • Timberline Falls Gyre Rapids, Splendid chest guarded by some grawls and a Champion Fleshreaver ([&BFUCAAA=])


  • Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake, Splendid chest guarded by Champion Krait witch up on top of the tower near the vista ([&BEcCAAA=])


  • Frostgorge Sound Trionic Lattice, regular Chest guarded by Champion troll ([&BHoCAAA=])


Enchanted Key

Once you have combined the 4 map scraps, you can click on the Enchanted Treasure Map to get some hints. It will first tell you it is in Kryta if you are clicking on it from another region. Then once you are in Kryta and click on it again it will tell you it is in Lion’s Arch.

If you go to Lion’s Arch and click on it again, it will show you a new spot in Lion’s Arch, next to Consortium Gift Shop POI. Near the Southsun Gate you will spot something sparky in a bush and interact with it will give you the Enchanted Key you need for the Treasure Hunter Collection.


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61 replies on “GW2 Enchanted Key and Enchanted Map Scrap Guide”

So just to confirm, these map pieces basically drop from any chest in the open world, whether found randomly or at the end of JPs?

Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake, Splendid chest guarded by Champion Krait witch up on top of the tower near the vista ([&BEcCAAA=])
This one gave me a 1/4 Enchanted map scrap, not the 4/4 one as it says on the page.

Just got “Enchanted Map Scrap (1/4)” from a Splendid Chest in The Shattered Keep of Sparkfly Fen while going for Trait 5 – III

add shiverpeaks (4/4), south wayfarers foothills, sons of svanir cave next to “aid wolf spirit” hearth and dredge caverns.

There is also another small chest NE of there in the jotun cave. These two are pretty easy to hit together along with the Splendid chest and Shaman’s Rookery if you’re after the Shiverpeaks map piece.

Note, the key won’t show up if you just made the map. You need to exit the map/re-enter, or just log out/in once you have created the map.

I got 2/4 in kryta and ascalon, and got 1/4 in maguuma and shiverpeaks, so the region / part relationship is either wrong or there at least two parts dropping from each region.

just got 1/4 from Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake, Splendid chest guarded by Champion Krait
witch up on top of the tower near the vista ([&BEcCAAA=])

Just got key 3/4 from the open world chest guarded by a veteran in Dreadmark Enclave (just keep going after finishing Morgan’s Spiral).

Same! It was the chest behind the veteran ice imp’s door in the dredge mine in the middle of the Dredgehaunt Cliffs map.

got the enchanted key at lions arch its an exotic jewellery piece, can the map be used again on other characters? still have the completed map after use and finding loot

I did the whole list of chests from early morning to about 3pm… then waited for the reset which is 7pm my time. I saw the daily reset and went out and started redoing the chests thinking they would have all reset. I have done 6 now and only 2 of them reset. The other 4 still show opened. I tried logging all the way out and back in multiple times and still the same. I wanted to use the same char because she is my tank and I don’t have to use my brain when I run them with her, I can just tank everything and loot then run… Am I doing something wrong or am I thinking about the wrong reset?

did you leave any items in the chest before the reset? i know sometimes that if you do and come back after reset it will still have those items in it or just show open. (atleast it has happened to me on a few occasions)

Enchanted Map Scrap (4/4) – Shiverpeak Chests

Timberline Falls Nonmoa Lake, Splendid chest guarded by Champion
Krait witch up on top of the tower near the vista ([&BEcCAAA=])

Ths chest give the Part 1/4 of the map

I found part 1/4 in another zone. Maybe sometimes it’s not giving them as follows in the article.

Yeah I have the same Issue. Now that the update is here… I can’t find the key. What Should I do? Or is there a updated guide?

I completed the map if you double click it and follow the instructions to the locations it will eventually bring you to Lion’s Arch and the new Order of Whispers HQ POI. The key is in a Palm Tree planter to the North west of the tavern. There are two consortium people standing beside the palm tree a Personal Assistant and a Junior Brand Manager. Hope you get it.

The Shiverpeak chests didn’t give me the 4th piece d I wait for the chests to reset and then do it all over again or something else

Looking for the key right now. First the map pointed me to the underwater “Old Lion’s Arch” POI and, when I rechecked the map from there, it pointed me to the Trader’s Forum and now it’s consistently pointing to near the Order of Whisper’s HQ. Point being that they have either changed the location completely or there’s a randomness to it. Either way, I’m not being pointed to anywhere near Southsun Gate.

The map scraps seem to be on a 1 a day limit. I got scrap #3 on the first chest, then I did every chest in Shiverpeaks to get #4, and didn’t get it. Came back a couple days later, got #4 on the first chest.

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