GW2 Gemstore–Mist Herald Backpack, Harvesting Node and Avatar of Death Finisher

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with Mist Herald Backpack for 500 gems, Basic Harvesting Node Pack for 800 gems and Avatar of Death Finisher for 800 gems.

Avatar of Death Finisher – 800 gems



Mist Herald Backpack – 500 gems

  • Display your guild’s emblem




Basic Harvesting Node Pack – 800 gems

  • Give you 3 plant nodes (1 herbs, 1 root plant, 1 vegetable plant), to harvest in your home instance once per day per account.
  • The plants harvested are likely random. I got 1x Bay leaf, 1 Onion, and 2x Head of Cabbage from my gathering for example.


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    By Dulfy

    MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

    25 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Mist Herald Backpack, Harvesting Node and Avatar of Death Finisher”

    Hi Dulfy, do the harvesting plants change between home instance ,
    Because some herbs and plants are specific from a country.

    Would love to see some update in the future about whether this is the case. 🙂 If so, it will be WAY more profitable to harvest these from the Black Citadel for the chance of getting Chili Peppers.

    I got 3x Vanilla Bean, 2x Zuchini and 2x Potato from Hoelbrak. (On a Charr player, not that it likely matters)

    Vanilla is normally indigenous to the Maguuma Jungle only – which suggests that it is not tied to home instance. But that is only one example of the three.

    Well, that suggests it is completely random then. Sage Leaves only drop from Ascalonian herb nodes. I’ll harvest from the Black Citadel for a week. If we end up getting stuff like Vanilla from there too, then we’ll know it’s independent of region.

    people too lazy and got too much money to buy these harvest/gather nodes? You have to gather the other nodes (trees and veins) for like 5 years to make profit… these plants are even less worth by the time you make wins you probably won’t be playing this game anymore.

    You guys sho realize once and for all that Gem purchases are not and will never be intended for profit. It’s about convenience and personalization, and that’s how it should be. There’s no point in creating lucrative Gem items other than turning GW2 into a pay to win title.

    I just want to say, leave ‘this’ item in Gem store > go to a “beginner’s” area and gather there. More, faster, 2 hours respawn rate, multiple characters, free. I gues you want these nodes to sell or use the materials and not just leave behind in your collectibles?

    Things like copper salvage kit and gathering tools aren’t really pay to win but they are at least worth it to buy, nodes not.

    Easy stuff to put for lazy people that want to do daily gather in the home instance xD As others said, it’s not vital..and i guess people know faIrly well that you could see profit from this only in years.

    I paid $60 for this game, and no matter how long I play it, I am never going to get my money back, and I am never going to make a profit. But that’s not the way I look at it. I didn’t spend that money in hopes of a profit. I spent it as entertainment, or as a quality of life upgrade. Same goes for these home instance nodes. It’s not about making a profit.

    everyone his own opinion 🙂 and my opinion is above. If i want carrots i go to maguuma jungle. Which is ofcourse the best place to be. + Im not a good gardener all my plants will be dead when i go to my home instance

    Well it is a pay to win anyways if look at it like that, cause you can buy as much gold as you want with your gems.

    No, right now it’s a free market; you can trade golds for gem and vice versa. If gem items provided profit it would mean that paying gems you’d create gold from nothing, breaking the balance for those who can’t keep it up with gold only.

    But you can’t turn your gems into even more gold. His original point was “You have to gather the other nodes (trees and veins) for like 5 years to make profit…”. Imagine if you could spend real money on the Gem Store in order to get a continuous amount of gold over time and profit from that. THAT would be pay to win.

    Flag-less Mist Herald backpiece pls.

    I would seriously buy it on the spot if it didn’t have a flag – it looks great as just a general backpiece.

    …but I guess that would sort of defeat the purpose of it as a ‘mist herald’. So rename it!

    I should’ve kept my mouth shut about the gardening node joke I made back on Dulfy’s article of the lumber nodes… I feel silly for saying it out loud.

    Oh goody they brought back the death animation from when u get banned in gw1, except with grenth and an ugly sythe rather than with dhuum and his badass sythe. Dont know why they wont bring back dhuum but its still nice to see this animation again.

    At least they diligent about something, even if it’s creating more gemstores to sap money from spoiled kids and cosmetic freaks.

    Duuuuuudeeee, I instantly bought that finisher +_+ Finally a cool looking finisher, reminds me of Dhuum in GW1 when you got banned. Good times. They need to make more cool looking finishers like this….wicked sick <3

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