SWTOR 3.0 A Deadly Force Returns Teaser

New SWTOR video released today to provide a tease into the upcoming 3.0 expansion.


Ever since Revan’s defeat at hands of players at end of The Foundry, Revan went on to decorate his stronghold. He is now back armed with a new outfit, purple lightsabers, and glowing red eyes from the cartel market. Are you ready to be farmed for decorations?


By Dulfy

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Did we actually get any information from this?

Revan has a new, obviously Dark Side looking outfit.

It looks like he’s on Rakata Prime in this scene (fern, sand, Rakata temple looking props)

“I will finish what I started” could mean lots of different things

“A Deadly Force Returns” Rakata? Revan? The Star Forge? The Revanites?

I guess that’s the definition of “teaser”…

His outfit has always looked ‘Dark Side’.

His mask itself, taken from a Mandalorian, inspired fear in others and held such significance that it made Revan remember who he was.

True, but you can’t deny this outfit has a distinctly more hellish look to it. Mask is cracked, clothes are more torn and red.

What if this is not body? Maybe its some replicant-force-sensitive-droid made by Rakata which got suddenly activated after death of Revan D:

I’ve seen a couple people mulling this thought. One even suggested it was HK-47 lol. Could also be a clone, possessed Revan, etc. Not even sure it’s worth speculating about at this point. My one hope is that it ends up being something nobody has guessed at yet.

I agree. Personally, I’d be disappointed with the writers if it’s that simple a face-heel turn — admittedly he was going off the deep end at the end of the Foundry but replacing the Emperor with Revan as the Big Bad makes little sense.

I’m hoping that the “SOE” initials that swtor_miner actually referred to the Emperor, and that they’ve retro-fitted it to Revan so as not to tip a bigger storyline too early.

already people begging for it but since its BW/EA save to say, in the near future, some where in a galaxy far far away, yes.

Haven’t you noticed while leveling a new toon, you come across npc, wearing gear that eventually made it in to a cartel pack.. so yes, everything will be in a cartel pack or market and so will this,

“I will finish what I started”

He started to wipe out both Jedi and Sith…..thus the need for both sides to go after him

The trailer looked alright. You get that feeling watching it, where is the rest of it, It’s just a build up trailer.
Also his throne room looks epic. He has his own symbol in the background. Revan is wearing his original armor set from KOTOR timeline.

Revan played both sides of the fence before so instead of him acually picking one he went the other way….drop by the fork in the road and went straight…..

Hope they took Dragon Age interior by mistake.. Seriously guys, we love Revan, but he died so many times.. And I don’t want to kill HK once again – I love this bastard..
Just hire back folks from original KOTOR if you have lack of fantasy to think up new great sith or sith order.

you should reply it again as it is clearly that you loot a chest, not his body. and secondly he vanishes in white light with a little bit health % left

Duh I know that but it still stands the he originally died they only left it vague because fans were mad it doesn’t change the fact that he died.

Yeah, but they are discussing what is official and Revan officially never died. There is no point of mentioning what was in Beta because it never made it to the official release. People don’t discuss Shaak Ti’s death from Grievous because, guess what, it was a deleted scene and thus wasn’t a fact in terms of lore.

dude, seriously go watch some streams, Dev also stated he vanished in a white flash. He never died. Beta is Beta. Did we not killed all six dread masters? didnt they all laid death on the floor, no hp left, or so it seems. and yet Calphayus walked right into the Rep custody at the end. There for even though his body was on the floor, he did not die. There for even though Revan body was death in beta and or vanish in white flash.

You really don’t understand how writing works so let me explain say I write a book and I want to kill off a popular character but when I pitch it to people they get mad so I rewrite the story to be vague if they die but I as a writer know he is really dead but you as a reader are left questioning that is the case here.

Please dont tell me what i do and dont understand, as u dont know about my writing blogs and short fictions i use to do and what i currently write.

secondly you mostly likely don’t have an understanding of writing.

Whether its due complaints or just personal taste then what i wrote doesn’t fit, as soon as i hit the backspace, its being erased, as soon as i write something on top of it, its being changed as it never existed before. What you officially published is what turns into Canon, or facts. Everything that happened before it became official is test. Thus it never happened.

Lucas isn’t going around claiming his deleted scenes were fact, official.

Considering you are not writing for the thousands of people that play this game you lack the understanding of the changes its simple to figure out with a clear logical mind.

whether or not i write for this game or for a hundred or a thousand other people, has nothing to do with understanding. As i have worked for different publishers, not in writing but helping assisting in, language correction, reviewing, and rearranging i have learned the rules. And they are simply the basic, what ever you wrote or did not wrote. Once its published it is official. but you clearly lack the will to understand that.

Game have Betas, Books have drafts, meaning you wrote/coded the basics and then comes changes, some more changes, more changes, more changes until you feel its “READY” aka “Done” for “Official” release. If these words don’t tell you anything then i clearly don’t know what you consider as fact and official

Actually it does because your changes don’t have large sums of money riding on them they changed this because the feed back would have cost them subs in the early days and would have hurt the profit this game made EA.

you clearly are missing the point. recreating something to gain profit, or to please thousand of people, or felt that the story was just to gruesome, when you released something simply means its final. It doesn’t matter the previous intentions because u did not release those. You released what you released.

The devs could even write a blog saying or initial plan was for Revan to be death final, in the foundry but we decided to change that. So we released him where he vanish to later returns. means they released him vanishing and not dying means he did not die.

Its the same thing with pointing a gun at someone for fun, just to scare them but you accidentally pulled the trigger or u did not know it was loaded and u ended up killing the person. You can say it a thousand time, that was not your intention. It would not matter. what will matter is the outcome.

I would be fine with revan being death in Kotor, I would be fine with revan being death in the novel, i would be fine with revan being death in the Mealstrom but he did not die, that’s the outcome, that’s what matters. that’s what happening now. Not what happened in beta, not what the writer had in mind but what they actually released.

its not ignorance, its not fanboy talking , its simply what they gave us.

How many ways do I have to explain it to you to get it into your thick skull he is dead they wrote him to die originally they only changed a visual effect to make YOU think otherwise even the lines he says are the same and those lines are him accepting his death.

and im telling you to go watch either today’s streams or one of the two previously one where the dev stated he did not die. if that doesn’t tell you anything that good luck

Of course they are going to tell you that because otherwise it would ruin the twist at the end when you find out its not really Revan.

I am going to laugh my ass off at the end of the storyline, where we all see it IS Revan and he never died.. Revan lives, they did not kill him off in beta however they WERE thinking about ways to make it follow the story..

A BETA is not a representation of a real game, it is still in progress and so is the writing and bug-fixing, if you proclaim that to be fixed and Revan to be dead because he was so in “beta”, then you are a lost cause..

Do you just not like to do research or something there are plenty of forum post on swtor about how in the beta the intended for Revan to die but changed it to be vague. I understand that you all don’t want him to be dead but face the facts he had a fatal wound and was weaken the lines he spoke were him accepting his fate and becoming one with the force.

It doesn’t matter if the changes are applied by the author or under fans’ request or under employer’s pressure because as long as it’s not in the official release, it doesn’t count. Revan didn’t die in the Foundry. Period. The official source says it. Wookieepedia says it. Everyone say it but Shaun Salisbury still disagrees. It seems that you’re the only enlightened person out here! Gratz.

I give a few examples if I apply your reasoning to other issues:
Shaak Ti was killed by Grievous in front of Anakin and Obi-Wan.
Luke Skywalker is not actually Skywalker, but Starkiller because George Lucas had initially idea to give him that surname.
Episode VI is not Return of the Jedi because in the production process its name was Revenge of the Jedi.
and so on.

You are either an irritating troll or a type of “know it all better” dumbass. Get your shebs out of here, you son of a blaster and stop this bullshit.

I’ll face the facts that are real facts, you say they intended for him to die but somehow decided not to, in other words he wasn’t meant to die and hence is not dead, you can keep throwing those “facts” of yours all you want and I will be very honest, I wouldn’t care for a second.. Maybe you are right, maybe I just don’t want him to die, but I certainly won’t take your word on the matter as a fact, because you don’t really have any real facts, all you do is throw your opinion on something in the public and expect everyone to accept it as a given..

Do I want Revan dead? No, I do not..
Would I accept it if it were so? Yes, yes I would
Is he dead? No
What does that mean about your comment?
It’s an opinion, the only fact about it might be that he did “die” originally, but since it has been changed, it isn’t a fact anymore..

Since you all are like children here I will explain it with a example in the series Avatar the last Airbender a character named Jet was seen to almost be dead but it cuts away and the series never addressed his fate until someone at a con asked the creators if he died or lived and they responded that he was dead this means he was always dead no matter how the fans interpret the scene it’s the same case in this.

Do you possess evidence of any of the writers officially mentioning Revan is dead? Are you one of the writers?

Both answers are no, don’t bother answering them..

I just want to say 1 more thing, you have an assumption, not a fact.
You have no hard evidence of ANY writers proclaiming him dead and even if he is indeed dead as you claim to be, the pictures shown here let everyone ASSUME Revan is indeed alive OR assume that it is not Revan behind that mask, but NONE of us have evidence of either, please stop saying you do, because really, you don’t. If you feel the need to call everyone who comments on your statements a child for voicing an assumption or an opinion as valid as your own, what does that make you?

Everyone has their own truth, their own beliefs, you want to believe he’s dead, go right ahead, but I don’t want to just yet so stop being a **** about it and go your merry own way..

The evidence is that they killed him in the beta that is enough to say they were willing to kill the character off.

In other words you base truth on assumptions..

That is evidence indeed, but have you ever spoken with one of the writers? Do you have absolute certainty about all of this?

You forget that BETA means “NOT OUT YET” and that everything is susceptible to change, Revan cleary didn’t just die in the foundry we play now so again man.. You have evidence of a BETA, their terms of usage includes a whole subsection on “BETA = Changes will be happing
It’s meant to test shit..

Now seriously, i’m sick with the hilarious salami who calls himself allknowing
If you friggin wanna believe that, then fine, do it, lets see how much love you’ll get when people see how wrong you are

Nothing is assumed in this they only changed the manner in which he died to be more vague it’s as simple as that I mean we clearly have cannon star wars where when a Jedi dies they vanish and become one with the force why is it so hard for you to accept that is what happened?

Because he’s standing there again and waving a frigging lightsaber with the same damaged mask for god’s sake, you have no proof nor facts so you are not speaking any truth’s but your own…

Everything is assumed by you because you think you know it all, i’m sorry man but you don’t, atleast not yet

You do realize that in the story where you join the Revanites you steal Revans mask for them or did you just willingly forget that fact?

Man, he’s WITH the revanites now, for crying out loud they are CALLED the REVANites, you can fetch it from Grathan, if you look at the levelling phases and the story combined you get this =

Level 12-16 = you fetch Revan’s mask from grathan as an empire player (who could also be a complex fake for all we know or the true thing, whatever)
Level 33-37 = you unleash Revan from his cell in the Maelstrom Prison flashpoint as a Republic player BEFORE the events of the foundry (story-wise)
** This space of time in between is where he could have gotten his mask back ANY way possible **
Level 33-37 = You play the foundry flashpoint as an Imperial character and defeat Revan by which he goes poof with the force and he HAS HIS MASK

Your argument makes no sense, you even prove that you have no facts by asking me to explain it all. I’m not willingly forgetting, I follow the story I play and you have not a leg to stand on with your so-called facts, are you done trying to spoil something now or will you continue forcibly convincing people that your “truth” is the only one out there?

He was not with the Revanites he was just with HK 47 no one else he would have never traveled to Kass otherwise the Emperor would have captured him again so he just had someone make him a new mask because you realize they have the ability to make more masks right.

Do you even know what his mask was? What was it originally?

Also, it would TOTALLY be impossible for ANY revanites to EVER leave Dromund Kaas by means of SPACESHIPS or something as insane as that.. come on man, you’re sounding ridiculous…

He didn’t even need to “use” the revanites, they are a cult, they “worship” his teachings and adhere to them.. The hell, they might have even sent him a mail with the mask for all you know..

Also, Revan’s mask was a mandalorian helmet he took up which was dropped by the only mandalorian to rebel against their own and attempted to stop a genocide, by which cassus fett proclaimed that she would die with all the other Cathar.. Revan believed in that sacrifice and he vowed to wear the mask until all of the Mandalorians were brought to justice for their atrocities.

Try making a fake of a mandalorian helmet which wasn’t all that special or force-imbued.. It’s not hard at all and for all we know the one in Grathan’s estate was a nice duplicate…

Just admit it, you have no facts to claim that THAT Revan is not the real one (yet it might be, but we’ll only see that when it happens) and he was supposed to die just because it was so in a BETA version of a game and never ever mentioned by any of the writing staff or developers..

Yes going into republic space to Tython for that matter would be near impossible for them plus any thing being sent to Revan especially from Kass would have been intercepted by the SIS and further more when you finish the Revanites quests they have someone dressed exactly like Revan talking to you hmm if they can so easily copy his outfit then this Revan it just a fake like the other.

Why the…

What the hell are you talking about? Why would they go to Tython? Why the hell would anything automatically be intercepted by SIS? Are they a post-office now too!?

YES THEY CAN COPY HIS OUTFIT, for crying out loud I just SAID SO MYSELF..

Because it CAN be copied DOES NOT MEAN IT IS..
Please tell me you’re messing with me and are not this stupid for real…

Wow you really are a moron Revan went to Tython after you save him from the prison plus given that Revan has been gone for 300 years and no one but a select few know he is free getting a package would ring alarms I mean it’s just sad that you can’t put basic stuff together.

According to your logic from now and previous comments.. You are dead, you are dead because I have the right to say you are and it is so
A new truth exists, Shaun died, but no! An Eloquent writer cares to inform us a bit better…. “listen to him” …. Oh, I love how Shaun is dead but we don’t know for sure won’t we? All because they made his story a little more vague

I won’t even bother answering your last comment because it made no sense to which one of your diverging facts you were talking about…

He’s not dead, blast a hole in your yard and bury Jezus in it and pledge some allegiance to the mighty salami god or whatever floats your boat..

The only sad person here is you.. All you say is that Revan has died (assumptions only) and you want everyone else to believe you but you waste your time on me.. Call me what you will, I’ve wasted enough time trying to explain it to you that I took a neutral stance..

I love his Character, the legend that he is yes… He just ISN’T dead yet until he really dies by some plot twist (taking mask off, different person behind it cliché)
I would accept his death very easily…

But you won’t accept that you’re not all-knowing, you think you know so much yet from what I see, you only scrape the surface..

The only person who is done here is you after this post it is clear that you are lost to any sense of logic and just want to live in a fantasy land where Revan is alive because you can’t deal with the reality of things.

Oh are you stupid? Trying to annoy me on purpose? A plain idiot?

Come on, that comment was ridiculous, I am “lost to any sense of logic”.. oh wow, I have just told you 4 times that I would not mind Revan being dead but he JUST IS NOT DEAD RIGHT NOW.. “I live in a fantasy land”.. sure, a fantasy land where I wrote you to be dead and it’s just been declared a little vague..

Go bugger someone else you dick, all you do is read what you want to read and pull lines from your ***, it’s more than clear enough that you don’t have anything SENSEFUL or LOGICAL to say so instead you accuse another of your own faults.. Everyone here can see that you have no facts that Revan is dead yet YOU PROCLAIM HIM DEAD, who is living in a fantasy-world now? You cant fathom the idea of him being alive and all the rest must follow suit.. You’re a hypocrite and everyone can see that now thanks to your comments.

Now stop being a retard, learn some decent social skills and get your head out of your ***

A mighty good day to you

Just because you don’t believe him to be dead doesn’t make it so I mean when they show that this Revan is a fake and that he has been dead this whole time does that mean he dies when they show that story part no it means he has been dead since the foundry so it’s simple logic you can’t seem to grasp.

WHEN and IF that happens then YES, he has been dead SINCE the foundry, HOWEVER, if it IS the real Revan then that means you were wrong.. What the hell, I have agreed with this for multiple times over and you ignored it every time.. Sorry my friend but if you can’t read my comments then why are you answering?

It’s you who fail to see the logic and failed to read what I said..

No I am just trying to help you come to terms with his death Revan himself came to terms with it by quoting Malak before he became one with the force.

What are you.. my therapist?

I would accept Revan dying or being dead but there is just no absolute certainty that he is indeed DEAD, so stop acting all knowing now please

Just because I accept death right now doesn’t mean i’m dead.. There’s lots of force-related magics involved that you like to forget when it suits you..

Not really the power required to use force space folding is massive and takes a lot of focus it’s not something you can do when on the verge of death.

Prove to me that you can’t.. Prove to me that Lucas or any of the writers themselves tell everyone that it can’t be done..

And I mean real proof, not just your word..

In 3640 BBY, during the Galactic War, Revan himself, having somehow survived his near-fatal battle on the Foundry,
took control of the Revanites. Under his direction, the Revanites
secretly expanded, placing agents into high-ranking positions in both
the Empire and Republic. Their agents, Darth Arkous of the Dark Council and Colonel Rian Darok…..

Go ahead, read the friggin rest
Retard.. I’m done

Dulfy’s harsh review about decorations, the glowing red cartel market eyes was very harsh and VERY spot on. Thank you for standing up for the player base Dulfy.

ah dulfy your post made my day. Reminded me of last Friday when I was doing EC NiM trying 2 farm it for the massive turret. Wonder if Revan had the same problem getting that banner and throne thing in front of him. Also a deadly force, so im guessing Revan has gas now, great, betting it will be silent and deadly, but kill us slowly.

Agreed furniture and decorations. Then on the CC market new armor and saber with the possibility of the axes and spears/techstaffs in the background there as well.

Man they better not make Revan look like a chump. If this is before the timeline where we were Revan he obviously can’t die. I wish they had put together something new there is so much non canon lore out there now.

Dulfy has become more ironic than ever before! One does not simply fail to meet Dulfy’s expectations! Now Bioware, your company shall fall! *strike Musco down with his lightsaber*

Lololol Revan has ‘new’ gear. Inb4 they put that ‘new’ set on the Cartel Market and try to start another Revan-seeker pack-buying frenzy again. Lmao, desperate much.

One does not simply disappoint Dulfy 🙂

(In all fairness, though, I look forward to see new HM flashpoints in 3.0. IMO, Depths of Mananan in particular has the makings of a truly great hard-mode.)

I’m tired of people who blatantly ignore what Bioware said.
They had stated MULTIPLE times that they had been releasing the story missions as tacticals because they are trying to allow as many people to access them as possible.
They aren’t heading into a “Tactical FP only” release, and I’m tired of people saying that they are. You’ll get your HMs.

(edit: I apologize, I was seeing post after post complain about the tacticals, and it got to the point I just wanted to explode on the first person I saw that complained about it again, and then I misread your post. Yes, I agree, Manaan has the makings of a great HM)

BioWare: “Next week you get informations!”

Good that I was expecting to be disappointed.

But BioWare did even limbo the lowest expectaitions.

They never said information, they said a teaser. Which this is. While I also would have liked more information, of course you are going to be disappointed when you make things up.

Why is Revan in Diablos dungeon? Why is Revan now a shitty b-movie fantasy villain in his cave with axes ans chains. What has this to do with Star Wars!?

This sucks on so many levels.

They again do this WoW-like stuff instead of making the game like Star Wars!

I hope Disney will shut down this Studio and give the stuff in other hands.

“They failed to learn the lesson of humility. The grander their works, the more they ached for the power that still seemed so far out of reach. They gathered these stones for the Sith in a vain effort to touch the face of their god. And they pursued the dark power of the Sith in a vain effort to become like gods themselves.”―Luke Skywalker’s view on the species after reading the Books of Massassi[src] Massassi used, Axes and Spear weapons like.

You’r welcome.
And if u still dont get it. These weapon types were in the movies and Novels before any Kotor and Tor were ever introduced. So there ya go

Rather lackluster as far as a teaser goes. Well hopefully this is simply a tease of Revan on Rakata Prime or something. I’d rather not fight in a Diablo style dungeon.
I hope we don’t have to fight Revan as the “bad guy” again. My guess is that he was gathering both the Republic and Imperial forces to strike at the emperor directly. By working with a sith he seems to have given up the whole genocidal maniac gold of wiping out all sith blood in the galaxy.
The whole “finishing what he started” bit could simply mean killing off the emperor after seeing as he failed 300 years ago. Working against / and then with Revanite forces as the expansion progresses would be cool. Better than beating down Revan again after the Foundry fight.
Would be nice for Bioware to throw us a bone with info on level increases, ops, HM FP’s etc.

Its a nice idea but what about the sith warrior. He essentially serves the emperors will. Don’t see him turning on the emperor for the revanites

Good point, but we already know the emperor plans on devouring all life in the galaxy. SW will not follow blindly once that becomes common knowledge.

True but it will be difficult to make it tie in without taking away all player choice in the matter. I know for a fact my sith warrior is psychopathic and would follow the emporer blindly. At least that is how he has been in all conversations. Fact is they will probably make revan an enemy and have us kill him off for whatever reason.

”Bla this, bla that!”, sometimes I hate SWTOR community so much, always moaning about everything, never satisfied, don’t appreciate almost anything what BW douse, despite all of this am so excited for the new expansion and I’m so looking forwards for full announcement!…

It is different… I clearly remember them saying that Forged Alliances story will be awesome and that al ot of writers are working on it. And in the end all those people came up with a “brilliant” story which i had to youtube before continuining in 2.9/2.10 because it left me not a single piece of memory, story about a lunatic (which Revan judging by The Foundry is clearly and unfortunatelly became) working his revenge/justice just because he can with no apparent reasons. Reminds you of anything? Insert Dread Masters instead of Revan and you will get the synopsis of 1.0-2.4… The only difference is that previusly they at least tried to mask the real threat but i am pretty sure there will be bigger evil at works behind Revan

So yeah people have all the right to complain since they are paying money and getting regurgitated story all poorness of which they are trying to cover with placing Revan into it whom everyone loves

it really does sour the game for others, too…i just wonder why gamers are so binary it’s either THE BEST EVER or SO TERRIBLE IT’S UNPLAYABLE when really, especially in this case, it’s somewhere on the “pretty good” side of the median

Really…Revan is returning? WOW…we didn’t see that coming!!!!
(If it is not obvious, this is sarcasm…Bioware went well beyond “Full Retard” with this teaser….)

Perhaps his left eye is now bionic hence the glow. The mask looks somewhat damaged, likely from his defeat at the foundry.

I will be 110% happy with the 3.0 Xpac release as long as there is a new planet ahead, a new ops, and hopefully new GSF maps, new warzone scenarios and another GSH location.

Revan as an ambiguous villain has enormous charisma, I see no reason not to exploit its lore to an epic end once and for all. Revan end cannot be a Flashpoint. Same as Malgus… And the Emperor itself (Lord Vitiate). These are 3 presumable xpacs

When I first played the Flashpoint:The Foundry, I already found it pretty lame that you have destroy the protagonist of the previous game. Now I have to do it again! Oh boy , oh boy, I’m yumping with yoy.

No he wasn’t a good guy…

He was something between good and bad .. he fougth for reps once and for imps once. He saw the dark and the light side.. At the end he fougth for his own and his friends.. but he got jailed cause scourge is a bad-ass and stopped revan killing the emperor.. therefor revan looses all (friends like his shitty droid, metra surik.. &co..)..


He was a Republic hero. He found Dromund Kaas and he and Malak attempted to kill the Emperor, but they were overwhelmed and returned to known space as Sith Lords. Revan was betrayed by Malak during the Jedi attack on his flagship, which he only survived thanks to Bastila Shan’s efforts. After that he became a Jedi again, with his memories gone. He chased after Malak, got some of his memories back and still stuck to the light side before going on to destroy both Malak and the Star Forge.

He was honoured on Lehon along with the rest of his crew, but after more of his memories bubbled to the surface he went looking for the Sith Empire again. He was captured by a member of the Dark Council but was eventually freed by Lord Scourge and Meetra Surik, who then joined him to try and finally kill the Sith Emperor. Scourge betrayed them, killing Surik and allowing Revan to be captured, where he was mentally linked to the Emperor for 300 years.

Whatever Revan is now, he was a good guy before…

how ever you see that.. for me, his story tells me he is something between both, the light and the dark side. And at the end he fight for his own, his family and his friends 😉

And he didn’t went out to kill the emperor for the republic.. he went out by his own

You should consider reading up on Revan, particularly the book of the same name. Revan goes after the Emperor to stop him from putting his genocidal scheme into action and to save the Republic from being wiped out, in addition to wanting a better future for his children’s children. He leaves his wife, despite the pain it causes him, to go and stop the threat himself and doesn’t take anyone with him to help.

To me, someone who is willing to f*ck up his retirement by leaving his pregnant wife and attacking a hidden Empire without asking any of his allies for help is quite a nice dude 😛

“in addition to wanting a better future for his children’s children”

thats one of the main reasons. in addition to get his memories back 😉 i got that book.. and i think its the same even if i got it in german :O

the empire and the republic mention is wrong here. cause he give a sh** out on both factions in his book 😉 he just had his own target

I thought we’d heve NEW information. Those who played the Rakata Prime FP already knew about his return. The Revenites are the “new” Dread Guard and Revan is the “new” Dread Council, in the sense they are the new main antagonists.
BW, what about the expansion? Level cap increase? Changes in the Skill Trees? New playable races?
Anything concrete? At all?
The reveal of the reveal was more informative…

Yes, it would be nice to know this, I find it odd they’re teasing this on something that’s supposed to release before the end of 2014.

Yeah, and I get that part, we all do, but teasers are supposed to be teasing something that isn’t known. This would have been an amazing teaser for pre-2.10/Rakata Prime.

Are you stupid?? Bioware needs money and technology to create new lvl caps, species, skill trees, and a new expansion. They don’t do all these things within a short period of time. -_-

They’re doing a livestream on Friday, too. THat’s gonna be painful if they haven’t released some sort of roadmap before then.

I push the spacebar most of the time anyway. I just hope the new content is as fun to play as fun to play as Palace and S&V.

Or lots of complaints because this wasn’t even close to a teaser since revan’s already waving the big stick in the latest flashpoint..

Is it any surprise that Revan would not have the ability?
He’s the chuck norris of Star Wars.
What’s a level to him?

Oh no.
Did they have to go there?
It’s like bloody Boba Fett or Darth Kriffing Maul.

“Ah, boss, we need a new villian!”
“Um, we did Sith Lords, Lizards, creepy hippies from space (TFB), mercs……..I know! Lets get another Sith Lord!”
“Ah, boss?”
“yeah, right. Hmm…. Okay, Revan!”
“Revan? Didn’t we kill him in….that flashpoint?”
“Ah whatever, fans love him, bring him back to life so they can kill him again!”

Where is the story?
Where is thought?
Why are the characters that actually mattered getting butchered?

I am this ” ” close to terminating my sub and deleting this game.

Go out and train yourselves a competent tank while I’m at it.

Because they’ve made tanking basically pointless. Unless you’re raiding, there is no reason to have a tank. (well, and hm fps kinda sorta…but they’re not making hm fps) In the latest tactical fps, they make mobs / encounters immune to taunts or make so you can’t hold agro (it’s what the debuff says) so why be a tank?

i have no idea, the tactical are basically dps fests. they do not make the game more playable they make everything just a meaningless grind for more stuff. I have a tank, myself but it’s not fun to play with one if it doesn’t mean anything.

I have multiple tanks at 55 too. I just run them through the tactical FP’s once with a guild group for the story then never run them again with a tank. My tanks are for Ops and HM FP’s

People still saying they’re not making HM flashpoints all because of a year of tactical releases to tell a story and allow as many people to access them as possible, like they SAID was the purpose.
They aren’t making tactical flashpoints the new medium of new content. You’ll get your blasted hardmodes.

I sincerely doubt that. Do explain, why they can’t be TFP (terrible…) and HM then? Like SM, HM, and NiM ops.

It’s not a great idea to make the one role int he most demand, the least played, and the never thanked; pointless for a year.

You do realize that there will be level 60 HM’s of the current Tacticals, right? They were waiting to come out with all the HM’s at once so that level 60’s have a full set of HM’s. This includes HM Colicoid War Games and Red Reaper. So THAT is an explanation. Watch.

Proof? Your explanation has no foundation…you might as well have not said a thing.

And even if that is the case…that’s not very good. It means there will be no new group content…is that really want you want?

In reply to your comment that’s a direct reply to mine:
I’m just relaying what Bioware said. They have said multiple times on stream that they made them tactical so more people could access them, since it was story related and leading into the next expansion’s plot.
You’re a logical guy, right? Why would Bioware “keep making tanks and healers worthless” (as you’re so quick to strawman)?
Tanks and healers have never really been pointless, either. We’ve had our NiM ops to run, and ranked PvP if you’re into that.
Not to mention that healers and tanks are not exactly worthless in a tactical. Heck, my guild, when we run it, we go the normal tank, DPS, DPS, healer, just because it goes smoother (no knockback on DPS, no reliance on clickable healing stations, etc.)
Watch them never release a tactical again unless it’s story related.

Tanks are useless in Tacticals, adds are a non issue, bosses are a non issue. Healers have a use, but mainly because you can’t count on people clicking the healing nodes.

The logic comes from this: All of the recent content has not needed and infact is punishing being a tank. They have the abilitiy to release HM (real versions…) of FPs, but don’t. They’re either saving them for a new “content” patch, or just aren’t bothering.

PvP tanking is only really good on 2 of the classes. Sins get screwed, as always. (Thanks Keyboardninja) Arguing that tanks should only be useful in OPs / PvP is a bit foolish.

Yes, 2 to be exact, and no more. If / when they release HM versions, it’ll be pathetic. That will mean they’re saving content that should have been released all at once, like the original tacticals.

Well first we had no evidence that he died in the flashpoint since he did his disappearing act. Just saying. Also you just listed only two instances where they brought back a character that was thought to be dead and then listed 4 where they had original characters, all of which were groups of characters so really its more like 16 or something like that.

On the whole though it makes perfecter sense to me that they bring back Revan in such a huge way. A character that was so central to the whole Old Republic universe didn’t deserve to be killed off in a single flashpoint. After going through all those adventures in KotOR and surviving for three hundred years in stasis all we get is a flashpoint that ends with an extremely short monologue? That does him absolutely no justice.

That is even assuming this is Revan. All we see is a guy dressed like him, with a mask on. We’ll see when this new story reaches its climax in how ever long from now, as to who it really is…and if it is him.

Well KOTOR 1 and 2, which are the predecessors of this game, introduced Revan, therefore SWTOR should have a much longer storyline that involves one of the best Expanded Universe characters, than just the last few minutes of a Flashpoint.

The other day someone was saying how the next operations should be AGAIN about the Dread Masters. I personally think that Revan is one of the best ideas for the next storyline in this game, and I am looking forward to it. In fact, I think that your threat to cancel your subscription and delete this game is so unnecessary, that I am willing to pay an EXTRA submission and have a second account if you do that.

That “stronghold” looks exactly the same as the encounter you had in KOTOR 2 in the dark cave, in Korriban, where a Revan vision was the final boss. Remember, folks? 😀
Also, I want to point out something:
-Season 1–> Imp peon frees some strong dudes called Dread Masters. Strong dudes go mad. Strong dudes mess things up on several planets (areas and fps). Everyone gets pissed off because strong dudes being mad and strong. Strong dudes get killed because they are so mad.
-Season 2–> Rep peon frees a strong dude called Revan. Strong dude goes mad. Strong dude mess things up on several planets (areas and fps). Everyone gets pissed off because strong dude being mad and strong.
Let me guess: strong dude gets killed because he is so mad. The Infinite Empire name is a tribute to infinite creativity, for sure.
Did we help someone else break free out of jail in the game? Beware: he may go mad and become some random OPs final boss.

Well, I know it’s not “the same”. It’s just a place that resembles the other. I’m sure it’s a reference, for sure.

Well, there were all those padawans in Flesh Raider cages on Tython, and some guy’s idiot brother in a cage on Hutta….

I got it wrong, it won’t be Malgus, it’ll be Kephess. After we kill Revan, he’ll come out and say, “There must always be a Revan.”

Revan was the playable character of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and his actions in the last 300 years had a major influence to everything that followed in the galaxy including the current history of SW:TOR.

He also appears on SW:TOR in the Flashpoints The Maelstron Prison (when he is freed from prison by Republic forces) and The Foundry (when he was presumably killed by Imperial forces).

Quite obviously … having a banking account accumulate interest and compound interest for 300 years … and you’ll be a billionaire too, ^^

Just a Thought:
Revan was linked to The Emperor for centuries with The Emperor feeding off his life force and his connection to The Force the whole time. Revan used the connection to Slow the rise of the Empire and even to try to save the republic.

So he disappears in The Foundry, we don’t actually see him die. Perhaps this is the beginning of a whole new story Arc, I mean both sides need someone who is a threat to us all right> Revan wants to destroy both the Empire and the Republic.

Perhaps when The Emperor died he was able to transfer his essence to Revan via the link that they shared? The man we are seeing is the body of Revan, but the mind of The Emperor. He has had several centuries to discover and perfect the ritual and we know that he was able to Make Scourge immortal as well.

Dammit, I wish I’d seen this before I typed mine out. Also, I really hope we get back to the “WARS” part of “STAR WARS”. Kinda getting old fighting every single boogey man that pops up in space and completely ignoring the Empires goal of crushing the Republic.

I agree ..need less corridors with droids and more ground battles with empire/pub troops, tanks, walkers, ambushes, “clone wars” style full scale warfare, instead of an enrage timer on a boss battle tank it could be the next walker approaching slowly over the hill so if you took too long you’d be fighting 2 bosses (wipe) but proper damage there’d be enough time after first defeat to rez ppl and prep for what’s coming your way idk just a thought.

But where was Revan? Revan “dies” before the Jedi Knight “kills” The Emperor, so Revan must’ve been alive for the Emperor to transfer his essence to Revan. So where was he in-between?

In the foundry when he “died” we heard the same sound the rakata teleporter does on Belsavis when it’s activated, ive said it for years that he wasnt dead and that was my main argument to it, second one being that Bioware couldn’t kill Revan that way in 4-man instance.

For one Rakata teleporters do not flash the color he did and 2nd Jedi have vanished when becoming one with the force.

Vanish with a lightning sound and a flash? That’s a new one.
Color could be different but that doesnt mean much, most likely different power source, anyway it’s irrevelent to my point.

The body that the Empire saw as the Emperor died doesn’t matter if he does the Palpantine deal of changing bodies he still died as far as the Republic and the Empire saw it.

Not really the Emperor just has different bodies he can jump into but they are all him but his original body is what you kill.

Just a thought, the glowing eyes would show which side of the force he is attached 2, so red glowing eyes would mean he’s embraced the dark side? correct,yes maybe, meh:3. so if he’s attuned to the dark side,hes broken his own ideology of staying neutral, being neither light nor dark

I’m guessing that since Bioware did create revan they can decide what happens now, IMO being dark side will present a decent main antagonist for both good forces and evil to fight against. Had they made him light there would be no reason for him not to ally with the republic and the story would be lame for pub players.

Actually if you look at the buffs of Revan in the Foundry, he starts the fight with ”Force in Balance: Revan is in a complete balance of the Force”. Middle of the fight he loses this buff and gets ”Power of the Darkside”. I am pretty sure he got desperate and switched to darkside powers when his saber skills proved insufficient.

Sith Warrior storyline proves that the person killed by the Jedi Knight was the voice of the emperor and not the real emperor. But also got mail saying the emperor will return soon so, I’m sure the emp is tied with Revan in some way.

Theory: If going by the book lore in which Revan was linked to the Emperor for 300 years, and then tying in perhaps the shock of “dying” or becoming “one with the Force” during the encounter in The Foundry, would it not be plausible to see Revan as nothing more than the herald of the Emperor?

Basically Revan thinks he’s doing all this on his own at his own whim, when in reality he is paving the way for the Emperor to make a grand entrance onto the galactic stage. After all, the Emperor DID lose his Voice. And several other avatars of himself.

Just curious…. I haven’t read any of the lore, but am intrigued. Where would you suggest I start? There’s so much of it….

Knights of the old republic. 1 and 2. Then read the novel called star wars the old republic : revan. Or either find a summury about revan’s life and career on swtor pedia
Just type in Google revan

Yes download and play kotor 1 & 2 they should be cheap now that they’re aged but definitely play them through to the end if you want a solid idea of the revan and malak story, or just watch cutscenes but playing through will show you things like companion strategy, Taris story and rakghouls, manaan (underwater), Kashyyyk, starmaps, class ability origins like forcepowers etc, kreia story and sith academy, Darth Nihilus and the ravager and lots of other little things that you can come back to SWTOR with a huge understanding on a lot of shit.

Canon version is:
Revan – Light Side Male
Exile(Mithra Surik) – Light Side, Female.

Thought any way you play them you miss on some tiny bits(especially on KoTOR II(Exile))

If you want some same era but not so related stuff. I’d recommend Knights of the Old Republic Comic series and anything related. (And I would really like to see BW read up on these for inspiration). There were some Tython origin stories too which looked really cool. and Lost Tribe of the Sith(was it?).

There are few SWTOR books: Decieved(Malgus), Revan,(I think one more), and some short comics and timeline videos Bioware used to do before release for promotion but seem to have scrapped since(=(()

Yeah, people who’ve obtained oneness with the Force do seem inclined to become an opposing force *cought*Caedus*cough*. I guess in a way you could say too much good in the galaxy would disrupt the balance just as too much evil would.

Perhaps that makes Malgus right with his idea that the Force needs/expresses itself/strives to as balanced in the form of perpetual conflict.

R.I.P. Darth Malgus, one of the only sane Sith Lords of the series. That guy had it all right, and we off him as a traitor to the Empire, instead of evolving into a unstoppable force. The Empires racism has been one of its biggest Achilles heels in its long history. Especially since some Alien races ,are wicked powerful with the force, like Miralukans.
If he hadn’t let his ego get in the way, and instead retreated with his stealth armada, so that the Empire and Republic weren’t ready for him, I believe he truly could have made a difference. Unfortunately, his ego exceeded his power, and his bid for Emperor was ended prematurely.
One of the saddest days was when I killed Darth Malgus on his space station. Almost as sad as when I “killed” Revan in the Foundry. Sure glad he is back to tear shit up again though.

yes,seems he decided 2 get back at us for trying 2 kill him. He know’s the selling price of his set so he decided 2 cut up his gear to devalue it and make us all mad:3
Current revan set prices on my server(mask 9M,gloves and belt are 8M, chest is are 500K, pants 200-350K and the box set for the gear is 15M)

Where have we seen the new Gear Set of Revan’s? o_o I’ve seen nothing on this? It’ll be a part of a 3.0 Cartel Pack?

mee. I don’t want another clothing doll, not another ruin of by Kotor-built picture of Revan and not another “tactical” flashpoint.
I want fun in an Operation like Asation, new gear …
and if it is Revan to face at the end that would be as good as his grandma as long as they finally add some real content again. crossing fingers that we hear more about 3.0 soon

Does Battle Star Galactica know they are missing one of their old cylon helmets ?

Nevermind that the Jedi apparition prior to (and in) maelstrom prison quite frankly tells us that Revan will become “part of the enemy”

Are we sure this is Revan? i mean its not like Bioware to reuse characters. Im not up to snuff on all my star wars lore, but didn’t Starkiller, Revan’s apprentice, use a purple saber?

I think starkiller has a red saber (you can pick any colour but in all the art/canon, it’s red).

also, Old republic is 3000 years early for starkiller, I believe.

It is most likely Yavin 4. The weapons in the trailer are weapons the Massassi warriors use to wield.

Short history on the timeline before Kotor/swtor

After Naga Sadow went into exile he took his Massassi warriors with him. The Massassi warriors remained there even after Naga Sadow death.

First Freedon nadd arived on Yavin learning from the spirit of Naga Sadow, he later went to Onderon and claimed it as his own. Onderon was where he died as well.

Exar Kun later encountered Freedon Nadd on Onderon and learned from him and later traveled to Yavin 4, enslaving the Massassi warriors he went to Empress Teta System trying to conquer it as well.

Later one he went back to Yavin 4 where he enacted a ritual, sacrificing his Massassi warriors to keep his spirit alive. The Jedi managed to trap his spirit but he is still alive, just like Naga Sadow spirit and Freedon Nadd spirit who somehow managed to be on Yavin 4. At least that’s where his spirit died in 3997 BBY.

So to look at this, it means that we at least have 2 spirits alive on Yavin 4. Possible 3 being Freedon Nadd. The Massassi might still be alive on Yavin 4. Afterall they were altered due sith magic and alchemy by Naga Sadow and they were alive for a long time even after his death. Exar Kun. What they forgot to mention was, that is was Marka Ragnos spirit who appeared before Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma and appointing Exar Kun as the New Dark lord of the Sith and Ulic as his apprentice. The video also stated that the Ancient Sith Lords supported Exar Kun rise to power as Dark Lord, Also suggest that they did not supported the Emperor of the Empire we know today.

In the second video, we see the story about Master Ovair, who secretly is working for the Empire. His task and that of his family was to sought out these Ancient sith lord resting place and seal there spirit for good as they could be a threat of his power.

When Ovair and his apprentice went to Yavin 4 they encountered the Massassi warriors as well. When Ovair returned to the Republic he told them of what happened (not the entire truth obviously) His apprentice later followed and attacked Ovair in broad daylight, possessed by Naga Sadow. This also confirms what i wrote in the above post that the Ancient Sith Lords do not support the Emperor if not the whole Sith Empire as we know today.

Al these reference to Yavin 4 and the Ancient sith makes me believe that we are going to Yavin 4. Also the Sith Inquisitor mail he/she receives from Spindral ever you complete Forged Alliance III says that Spindral had a Vision where he saw the Sith Inquisitor standing on the Moon against One who is not One.

This could be interpreted as someone who is possessed by a spirit meaning that he is not one person but two or more.

And since Yavin 4 is a moon, it could easily be that planet as well.

the message can be found here :

Also Naga Sadow plan was to destroy the Republic. So if Revan indeed went to Yavin 4, and indeed was possessed or seduced by The Ancient Spirit, then this could easily explain why he would take his army turn it in a third faction and destroy the Empire along with the Republic, instead of Just focusing on the Empire.

I know he said int he FA: III that the Republic is too weak but being weak doesn’t mean he had to destroy or wanting to destroy them along with the Empire.

Also Marka Ragnos Spirit also is still alive in the Tombs on Korriban, just trapped but still alive. So maybe in the near future we could see him as a Entity as well.

To me this seems like the mostly likely outcome of a planet and story we can expect in 3.0

Yavin has been datamined since 1.8 If they add more than one planet then consider Ziost, Bothawui, Sleheyron too. Those were also datamined. But they could just be fp locations like Lehon and Manaan ._.

Malachor was destroyed in 3951 BBY in Kotor 2, described as its final destruction. ” As Surik departed Malachor in the Ebon Hawk, the dead planet crumbled under the pressure of the mass shadow’s gravity, leaving behind only asteroids and the wreckage of many hundreds of blasted warships, a grim memorial to the Battle of Malachor V.”

I think it would be cool to have it deal with the revanites. The story could work out on having the leader find out that Revan was freed but thanks to the players that killed him it ends up forcing them to take action believing the whole galaxy is out to destroy the idea of balance between both the dark side and light side but just a thought.

It would be cool if the ops deals with the revanites instead of revan himself like the TC operation on makeb having only one boss.

Is it possible that Revan’s got the 1 eye glowing as the raid on Foundry poked out his right eye?
Also, since this is about the Forged Alliance topic (kinda), has anyone ever wondered if Jakarro’s ship is the Ebon Hawk? This is the ship that Theron and Lana borrowed for the Rakata Prime cutscenes.

Anyone know when the next announcement wil be, and hopefully tell use something useful besides things we already know(kinda like how revan is in the fp and the last twitch steam they said revan might be the next boss). We need something useful have, ive got 20M credits saved up I need to know what to do with them save for future level increase gear or are there going be some pack with revan new gear in it that people wiil price at high prices?

Musco just confirmed on today stream that announcement related to 3.0 will be released next week, most likely Tuesday.

What might be more interesting that Revan coming back to life (or cheating death, six of one, half dozen of the other at this point) would be the Revanites basically deciding: “Hey let’s do the Dread Pirate Roberts-thing and have all of our leaders pretend to be Revan.” It sort of works as a callback to the original KotoR, since everyone has their own version of Revan. You could make the end bosses of all of the major Ops “Revan” with progressively more powerful abilities.

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