SWTOR Slot Machine Décor Not in Constable’s Pack

Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Luck was left out of the Constable’s Pack. Bioware will be giving it out for 1 credit in the future.

Did anyone get a Slot Machine in the last pack? | 09.18.2014, 07:01 PM

Thank you folks for bringing this to our attention. As you have guessed it is unfortunately not in this pack as indicated in the Decorations UI. As Screaming Ziva guessed, due to this error we will be placing the Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit on the Binary Star Realty reputation vendor for 1 credit at some point in the future. I do not have exact timing on when this will happen but as soon as I know specifics I will let you know. Just like the Republic Voss Embassy Sign, this item will only be available through the vendor for a limited time.

I will post timing as soon as I have it. Thanks everyone.

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Lol, still haven gotten one. Will never try my luck again. Thing is, I’ve could have bought the one from the back straight out from GTN since i wanted a Rancor, didn’t matter which one. But yeah… you already knew the outcome. Dead broke within 1 day. Had to sell my companion gear to get some creds. Till this day, they are half naked on my ship…the sweet memories.

I was very excited about the rancor when I saw pictures of it but now that I have spent most of my free time playing the slots while the event was on instead of doing ops and dailies only to end up with a vectron that I never use. Had it been wider like a 2 seater car type maybe like a version of Luke’s land speeder I would use it every day. Never got the rancor and feel a small shame in my gut every time I see one for wasting so much time online.. Do these decor machines even work?

I wasted millions upon millions of credits on that damned event, and not once got a Rancor, Vectron, or machine blow up! I got enough certs to buy nearly everyhting from the vendor, but none of the good prizes. 🙁

Honestly I never want to see another slot machine for a very long time. 😀 It took me until that last week to finally get the drop. I still have nightmares dailies followed by slots then switch toons and repeat. /shudder

I didn’t play the slots until the last weekend… 2 Rancors and only spent 150K….I know…I suck…lol Sorry.

If it makes you feel better, my motherboard died last weekend so I can’t even play now until I get the money to buy new parts 🙁

My guildmates hate me more; I took one of my characters over to the casino on the last day and bought 50k worth of smuggler’s tokens to see if I could get a pair of the kingpin’s blasters. Fourth token gave me a kingpin’s token, fifth gave me feeling lucky, so I went over to a kingpin machine and hit the jackpot for a rancor. (I was able to get the two blasters I was after, but if I could have sold the rest of my tokens back at face value, I would have, just to be able to say that I got a rancor for 5000 credits spent.

Since they are releasing this through the Binary Star Realty vendor, does this mean we won’t be able to add them to our Guild Strongholds, like the Republic Embassy signs they gave us for 1 credit each, since they were bound to that toon? That’d be kind of crappy.

you can add them to your guild stronghold.It just cost more. For decoration bound to you or given as a trophy/reward go in your stronghold menu and then click on personal. This will show you all the decoration. For those special one that were bound to you, you will have a button with a price on it just below the preview window letting you buy a copy for the guild.

Yay! My Nar Shaddaa casino will be A LOT cheaper to set up than I had originally planned because of this “mistake”! Good on you BioWare! You actually screwed something up I’m happy about! 😀

It was announced in the same manner as this slot machine. It was also mentioned in the patch notes. It’s not Bioware’s problem that people don’t read those. If they skip patch notes in the launcher, I don’t expect them to do any other activity that requires a bit of interest in the game.

Well, that answers my question I had in another thread. Sweet, I hope the limit is 50 like some other decorations. I want a whole casino next to my lounge in Nar 🙂

Ok, I’ll tell you not to use all of them instead then.

Yes, for 50 credits, it’s a steal to get 50 slot machines.
But there’s nothing saying that you have to use every one of them.

I’ll be filling one of my spare Nar Shaddaa rooms with them, might as well make it into a casino. I’m sure my fleet dreadnought will have a gambling room now.

Huh, I’m actually pleased that these items will not be in the Cartel packs. I very much enjoyed the Casino event, and so I’d like to have one (or a dozen) of these as souvenirs.

Although personally I wish they would be bought with our extra golden Cartel certs.. Are there ANY uses for these things now?

I think they will be in packs, they will just be sold for(presumably) 1 credits, like the Republic Voss Banners. They will most likely be added back into packs when the vendor stops selling them. If it is like previous missing items, you will be able to buy them for 1 credit each, rather than using certificates.

I don’t think we will know until they are actually added. I imagine they will just use the animations from the event when clicked, as in it will spin and land somwhere. Hopefully it will be like the regen item and land randomly(but this time, with the option of being in the red zone).

As it says in the post:

“we will be placing the Slot Machine: Smuggler’s Gambit on the Binary Star Realty reputation vendor for 1 credit at some point in the future. “

ok, I’m looking at the rep vendor in the cartel bazar, but I don’t see the slot machine. Did I miss something?

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