GW2 Gemstore – Fused Molten Logging Axe/Sickle and Taimi’s Dye Kit

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with the Fused Molten Logging Axe for 1000 gems, Fused Molten Sickle for 1000 gems and Taimi’s Dye Kit which contains Electro dyes.

Fused Molten Logging Axe – 1000 gems


Fused Molten Sickle – 1000 gems


Taimi’s Dye Kit – 125 gems each, 5 for 500 gems, or 25 for 2500 gems.

  • Contains one of 25 random colors handpicked by Taimi, includes the possibility of six exclusive electro colors created by Taimi.
  • [&AgHZBgEAAA==] Electro Lime
  • [&AgHYBgEAAA==] Electro Peach
  • [&AgHVBgEAAA==] Electro Lemon
  • [&AgHUBgEAAA==] Electro Pink
  • [&AgHXBgEAAA==] Electro Blue
  • [&AgHWBgEAAA==] Electro Purple


  • AysonCurrax

    Always these nasty looking pastel colors :/ by the way you wrote 100 gems for the sickle instead of 1000. Would surely be a steal if it was that cheap 😛

  • axe/sickle when you buy that is just one? or you can have one per char? thanks.

  • laughingsnail

    that is some ugly dyes. not gona bother.

    • FiachSidhe

      Not only that, but they are only 6 out 25 possible dyes. You could very well get a common dye out those packs.

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy,
    does this new tools have special gathering bonus ?

  • Cael

    This is pretty neat, now you can use all three fire-esque harvesting tools. Although I would have preferred a molten alliance axe/sickle over a fused molten axe/sickle just for the sake of consistency for those who did get the molten alliance pick axe.

  • Carlos Trevisan

    electro lemon looks like an Gold dye. maybe has its uses. the other ones i didnt like.
    i love the molten harvester items. on the annyversary celebration ive bouth 3 for my chars. the ive read that the clockwork ones give more money since the drop clockwork things. sad. i feel busted

    • Cherry

      Ye, I think that was an odd move. First add a 1000 gems permanent harvesting tool, later add another one, exact same price but the Watchwork Sprockets make a clear difference to me. I’d recommend everyone to wait for that one. Same for any other permanent ones, just wait until they give additional drops.

      • shodannet

        TBH they should never have sold the watchwork one since it does have an advantage over the others, yet cost the same. I’d also be pissed if I bought a perma sickle before this one

        • frag971

          This is a problem with cash-shop items in general. And the reason i don’t really buy anything unless i REALLY want it. This happened in Planetside 2 a few times too – buy something on the store then something better appears later and i feel really bad for it. No more buying these things in shops anymore.

  • kite

    Is the Fused Molten Sickle faster than Consortium Harvesting Sickle or equal?

    • Andrew McCunn

      Looks like it’s the same.

  • commentor

    more gemstore items… how predictable. Never enough time to create these cash sapping things but no time to fix existing issues.

    • Brian

      They have a team constantly making gem store items, and many other teams constantly fixing things, designing things, adding new content, etc. Getting new gem store items takes nothing away from the rest of the game.

      • Guan Nan Wang

        Yet they never managed to fix the lag issue for over 2 years now, and there has never been a decent new dungeon since fractal which came out about 2 years ago too.

        • shodannet

          Fractals came out about 2 years ago huh? Didnt its 2nd anniversary happen a month ago?

          • Pure

            fractal came 1.5 years still lot of time for content

        • guest

          what lag issue? you mean the lags that disappeared once the flood of game-jumping players after release disappeared again?

          there are enough other legit problems you could mention instead of a not existing one.

          • Mouse

            “Oh hey, here is my anecdotal evidence, everything you say is invalid, hur hur hur!” Just because you do not encounter a problem, it doesn’t mean its not there. That is 1 year old peek-a-boo logic. There are still huge performance problems and lags, especially in PvP. And DCs have been rather common in the last couple of months. Hell, I alone encountered half a dozen matches where all 10 players had massive lag for 20+ seconds. 20+ seconds can be a lot, if it still registeres cap point ticks. Look into the PvP forum, lag has been brought up for months and nothing has changed. So there you have it. Lag is still a “legit problem”. You are welcome.

          • FiachSidhe

            and by “legitimate” you of course mean the problems that affect you, right? Because if you don’t have lag, no one has lag.

          • Guan Nan Wang

            Lag is still a relevant issue whether u experience it or not, about once a day my entire dungeon group all dc at the same time, and we are all from different countries, so it could not have been our ISP’s fault. This has caused us to lose dungeon progression in many occasions and greatly hinders our speed run performance, it especially sucks when we loose progression in Arah P4.

      • jarjar binks

        yeah and clearly that idea is failing hard. take that gem item team and dump it on the dev team/content team, they are clearly in desperate need.

    • shodannet

      “Never enough time to do X but no time to do Y” Doesnt that imply they have no time for either?

  • Andrew McCunn

    I prefer the Consortium Harvesting Sickle since it’s a water effect. I already have a molten mining pick, I don’t think they ALL have to be fire themed. That said though, I wouldn’t mind a chainsaw for an axe…

    • Archi

      i would prefer consortium themed for all three. the consortium sickle is slightly faster than all other sickles.

  • Trevor

    Can you fix the lag issues, that have started since the update last week? Then maybe, just maybe… some of us can play more and feel like buying gem store items.

    • fläpämaru

      dulfy is not guild wars 2 staff

  • Ares Zax

    The Molten Sickle animation is pretty cool, but I think I’ll stick with my Consortium Sickle.

  • Irelia The Frozen

    I wouldn’t mind if there was a full ice themed set for gathering, matches my character!

  • Iruwen

    I’d eventually get this just for having a complete fiery set of tools if a) the price tag wasn’t so ridiculous and b) the Molten Sickle would look like you’re actually gathering something and not just doing some cast. I just don’t eat that “it’s magic, I ain’t gotta explain shit” nonsense.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I would buy it if it was 100 gems, I’m not paying 1000 gems for this LOL

    the only way I would pay 1000 gems per tool, is if they were account wide, like commander tags are now

    • Kifu

      Uhm, gathering tools are accound bound for some time now… if you still have a sould bound tool then you need to show it to some Black Lion NPC and he will fix it.

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