SWTOR Expansion Announcement Delayed by a couple of weeks

The promised announcement for the upcoming SWTOR expansion will not be coming at end of this month and will be delayed by a couple weeks to add something for subscribers.

3.0 information today?? PLEASE!!!!!!!! | 09.29.2014, 01:10 PM

Stay back, I’m holding a thermal detonator! To answer your question about the expansion announcement:

Soon™! We are holding the announcement back a bit to add something really nice for subscribers, and we’ll be revealing all shortly – a couple of weeks at the latest. The delay of announcement has no effect on the expansion schedule, and we are still sticking to our commitment of launching it this year.

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3.0 information today?? PLEASE!!!!!!!! | 09.29.2014, 03:40 PM

Hey folks,

First, I want to apologize for the last minute nature of getting you the information on the delay. I know many of you are frustrated that Tait and I didn’t mention anything on the stream on Friday. Simply put, the studio was doing everything possible to still announce all of the details today or tomorrow, in September. Unfortunately, as of today, we moved the timeline back and so we told you once that decision was made. I realize "a couple of weeks sounds ominous," but know that everyone is hard at work to get you this information as soon as we can (which will hopefully be sooner, rather than later).

We are all really excited to share details of our next expansion with you. I know you are all eager to hear details, any details, and we will get you all of the details as soon as we can. We just want to make sure all of the information is correct before we put it out there. Thank you again for your patience with this.


3.0 information today?? PLEASE!!!!!!!! | 09.29.2014, 04:12 PM

This is a great question (or questions?), that I think are on a lot of folks minds. As you can imagine I can’t go too deep into the rabbit hole in talking about our internal processes but I can give it a go.

In short, the process we go through internally to announce something as big as an expansion is actually quite complex and extensive. Although you are correct in that the end process may be a video, a landing page with some copy, etc. the process to get there requires a large amount of moving parts across multiple teams. Aside from just the assets and webpages there is arguably one of the most important aspects of these types of announcements, the game!

By the time we announce we have to have a concrete idea of what will be coming in the game with the expansion, what types of perks we might give our subscribers, etc. Unfortunately with so many moving parts, we can sometimes run into the scenario like we did today. If we are not 100% confident in what we are going to put out, for a multitude of possible reasons, it can lead to a delay of announcement.

I would caution not to read too deep into what I said above. It is somewhere in the cog of those moving parts that this delay happened, but ultimately our goal remains the same: to get you as many details about this expansion as soon as we can!


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I understand that they want to probably give us a choice of three items, like they did with Rise of the Hutt Cartel. But come on. That is info that we don’t need this very second. I want to know what my $15 is paying for.

I’m not going to get too worked up about this delay. I do wish they’d stay on target a little bit better though.

Looking forward to my “really nice” thing, whatever it may be.

I’m sure the “really nice” thing will be another clone mount like the Swoop. They will call it the Snoop, or something that rhymes, because their lack of imagination has been really sticking out as of late, and cannot come up with something “really nice”.

I am going with the completely unique red “Bboruggo RD Hutt Holostatue”. He will sell unique foods and drinks while sporting an eye patch or evil clone goatee.

So they are holding back the announcement to give subs something special. Are they going to give it to us when they make the announcement? Because if not why couldn’t they make the announcement now? This is so odd.

Can anyone honestly say they didn’t see this coming?? But what puzzles and slightly annoys me Is if this something really nice they want to add for us Is in game related why would it affect an announcement of the expansion?? Begs the question could they be working on a another trailer. A better one than the 3 sec odd teaser we already got.

Because they suddenly came up with something cool to give subs and want to announce it at the same time as the initial expansion announcement. Be happy they’re saying it’s still coming this year.

Oh come on. You guys are so easy! Do you REALLY believe the announcement was delayed because of a sub perk? They were going to give us the sub perk anyway. They just needed an excuse to delay. The important question is why are they delaying an ANNOUNCEMENT?

Because they want to add a “subscribe now to receive a free ____” into the end of the announcement trailer, but they need to make sure that they can actually add the ____ into the game first.

Seeing as how we have to pay for the subscription just to get whatever it’ll be, I don’t think we can technically consider it free.

But it is nice to get something without having to pay EXTRA for it…

I very much doubt that the new expansion will be free, at least initially. Probably cheaper for subscribers, maybe free for subscribers. Not like GSF, which was free for everybody.

I have a very strong feeling that either expansion is crap or it has some major flaws in design… Either way any option is bad and i suggest everyone to brace for delay of the expansion to not be bitterly disappointed in the very last moment like today

please nothing justify the sub price right now maybe if you had a ton of end game operations or raids but u don’t so nothing you can offer for subcribers with this expansion is gonna be good

Because it’s pretty much the same thing they say EVERY time they aren’t ready to release a new expansion, which IS every time a new expansion is supposed to be released.

I think they should just re-name the company Soonware.

Actualy I call them Bioslow, After the time took them to get tranfers and everything since then thy earned this name again and again they hit 55 with it and it has been their legacy name ever since.

Biosoon????? really? your going there? Well We all have to take a bio soon…. LMFAO…… and remember star wars is making them money its in there top ten, but not there top 5 so we really are not a priority for them…… so i really dont think the expansion will be out till Q1 2015 ill be pleased if it does drop before then, as like some of the rest of you im stupid and still subbed….. just remember they not only poop they also lie.. ergo cathar was suppossed to be a playable race, not a buy it from the cartel race… ergo u could start off with a cathar.. not buy it for more hard earned cash and then start off with it.. and then there was the announcement of guild flagships… 2 years ago, and we just now got them…. you guys call them biosoon, bioslow, and soonware… I call them LieWare… and they are owned by EA which is short For Excuses Always i mean come on they announced our game like what a full 6 years before launch…. you would think a game being in devolopement hell for six years they would have loads of content ready to just pull off the shelf and add to the game.. but no we get Galactic Sims… I live on the fleet or in my ship WTF do i need a stronghold for???? LAME I would have rather had content that i could be playing right now, and im not talking about another rehashed 15 minute flashpoint that i can solo with a BH and a geared HK unit….

RotHC was announced Dec 18th. Early access started April 9th – nearly 4 months later. We’ve got less than 3 months left in the year and we have yet to have an announcement. If this expansion is to come out this year they’ve got to be done with the core development and are just putting finishing touches/fixing bugs. I’m still betting this gets pushed off into 2015. I don’t know why they continue to lead everyone on though.

A speeder and a pack of fireworks. And for our strongholds, a big square picture of the devs /pointlaugh ‘ing at us.

” And for our strongholds, a big square picture of the devs /pointlaugh ‘ing at us.” You knocked me out of my chair reading that! LOL

I hope your wrong… more fireworks for me please, I still have ALL of the other one’s they gave me free. I would take a new speeder, if they kept it unique to subs only, which from this post seems to me to be what they are saying. I really think they need to start giving subs more exclusive items.

The most stupid justification i’ve ever heard… They will not give us details because they don’t know which parts of it will make it into Live. If everyone had the same policy we would’ve most likely received announcements of games and movies a couple of weeks before they are being released

Not unexpected here, Maybe EA should use some of the 150 million profit made last year off us paying customers to actually make content for SWTOR instead of EA’s sports stars royalties. Heaven forbid even hiring new staff to be able to keep up with your old and new promises “new content will be dropping every 8 weeks” (yep here are your reskined armor sets out every 8 weeks on CM) & “End Spetember for 3.0” and crazier still maybe a customer service person or 3!
Not to mention just the lack of information about 3.0 & being advised its late the day before the last day of September. Anyways ill wait!!
Also is pixel a moving part?

I expect 1 new planet, with 2 story lines for the two factions, no class quests, a couple of heroics, a couple of FPs and a couple of ops. Plus new materials, new gear, etc.

Perhaps we will finally get the long-promised and awaited option to turn on chat bubbles for /say, /yell and /emote chat in 3.0. That would be the greatest news ever.

Man, were you kids born yesterday?
You are so giddy with optimism it’s sickening.
Why was it delayed? Becasue soneone f’ed up.
Will we get the expansion this year? Probably not. If they don’t know what’s in the expansion at this time, it means they haven’t even started yet.
Is that statement rubbish? Yes. For all the incompetence I credit them with, they cannot be that dumb.

As for “something really cool”, subs got told we’d get FOUR ROOMS for Nar Shaddaa. It was meant to be really meaningful and really cool. It was not. The four rooms we got were the cheapest, smallest, drabbiest rooms that we could acquire with one day of dailies. That was NOT what I’d call cool.
Think back to GSF. We got “something cool!”, a SGS-45 Quarrel. OOOh, shiny! It only costs 2500 fleet req to get, which is only like 3 games’ worth of play. I feel so special now.

What are subs gonna get that is “really cool”? Either:
• An experience boost that lasts 9 hours so we can get to Level 60 on the first day /sarcasm.
• A mount/outfit/toy that does virtualy nothing but that can still be credited as “giving something to the paying customer”.

TL;DR: Grow up, stop being naive, and prepare for more excuses and nonsense.
Your Resident Realist, signing off…..

I care about one thing. New content. Am I supposed to think they just thought of something new to put in the game? They’ve been working on 3.0 for a year. Just give me my free reskinned pet and let me know how long 3.0 will be delayed.

Wow, did you not read, they said the only thing is delayed is information release. 3.0 is on track for this year still. They promised a couple weeks back for “end of the month” but thats being pushed another 2 weeks at least.

I have zero trust in anything they say anymore. If they can push back something as simple as an announcement, then for sure they can push back something complicated like the actual expansion. I’m with you. I too had a feeling this expansion won’t be out till next year.

this. Every single time i feel like they got a bit of my trust back they do something like this. In the end no one is gonna believe anything they say. They had it coming though…

I never understood why gamer’s have so much sense of entitlement now a days. Pro tip: The company isn’t married to you and doesn’t have to fulfill your sense of trust or commitment.

I read some of these posts and i swear half of you feel like you deserve flowers every time something happens.

Bravo man… that is completely true. All these whiners are not conformists in this thread.

Actually, we do.
Some of us are paying customers.

Read the T&Cs, EULA and federal law.

They implied a new level cap when they said it was ROTHC type expansion.
They have said nothing about what that new level cap will be.

I never understood why there should be a level cap at all. The fights can scale with your level (or the level of the highest-leveled group member), the gear drops can scale with your level, etc., etc. You don’t need new abilities (we have plenty already), just the existing ones could be trained to new levels (dealing more damage and healing) as our levels progress. There is absolutely no need for a hard level cap. The required XP to reach the next level can increase progressively, so that there is a practical (soft) level cap, but there is no need for a hard one. And before someone tells me that “all MMOs are like that”, I’ve played MMOs (e.g., OGame) with no hard caps.

Understand one thing about Bioware, SWTOR, and content players actually want: If it makes sense to the player, then Bio can’t be bothered with it. You never going to WoW-levels of level caps (if they go to 60 in this new exp, that’s a great stopping place for now), that chances of quality of life additions such as auto-gear change, ability to teleport/move groups at one time, summoning stones, or even faster self-transportation (ie flying mount, faster ground speeds) are slim to none. What we will see if small level cap increases, slow Operation content additions, and maybe some day new Adv. Classes and new races is about what we can expect out of Bio.

Cantina tours are more like corporate parties with loads of alcohol involved. There is a reason they have the word “cantina” in the name

Let’s be human guys. Developers are tired. Working hard when normal people have summer vacation, they already brought us 3 events (Gree, BH, Rakghouls), one 2x exp week, and 2 new flashpoints, alongside with Manaan. Let them rest, it’s obvious that exhausted minds will not produce valuable content… For me, it’s better to have less, but better content. Quality matters, at least for me. I’m fed up with crap bullshit stories, I have enough of this. Let devs come up with something original, great, and deep. We dont need plenty of crappy FPs and OPs, more cartel sets than 100 characters could use, and tons of achievements without any practical use and “glory” value. I want achievements that would really mark my skill and show true mastery of martial arts, not showing that I bought a pack on cartel market! I want a story as rich as the original class stories and as great as the original 50lvl FPs and OPs. I want bugs to be fixed. I want pvp to be balanced. I want the planetary conquest to not be a death sentence for small guilds. I want the game graph engine and textures to use my graph card actually and in optimized way, but I get pixelated, clipping, crappy look on most of gear. I want the cargo/legacy storage extendable to 8 bays, more predictable schematic learning from rev. eng. and decor. limitations removed from strongholds. I want moddable legacy droid gear, collectable from some daily area. I want the new parts of the game connected to the old and not contradicting the story I already learned!

I wonder how recycled events (Rakghoul, Gree, Bounty) require innovative thought ? BW would be far better served if they announced parts early and added up to these in upcoming announcements, instead of hitting the “soon”-spiral of increasing disinterest *shrug*

Enabling the already existing content like the events you mentioned or 2x exp is a matter of pressing a few buttons 😀 That’s very exhausting indeed.
I don’t mind the announcement to be postponed, but I hope Bioware will deliver A LOT OF new content. After disappointing so many players with this delay they need to live up to the expectations and prove that it was worth waiting.

Ok, let’s look at the content they’ve brought in the last 12 monts apart from class changes, recycled and PVP events and ofc CM items.

1. Oricon story, DF and DP operations at 1 of October with 2.4. Great patch with loads of content without a doubt
2. GSF with 2.5 for subs which currently is played by a couple of disabled people and is basically dead so this is a fail
3. GSF for everyone plus KDY which is good for only one thing – level grinding (which is not a bad thing actually) with 2.6
4. New huttball map which is way worse designed than the previous, 2 new crappy tactical FPs which i’ve done once for the story on main character, a story which i had to youtube later in order to remind me of something about it before 2.9, regurgitated and recycled DF with almost same mechanics, same looking gear apart from “new” DPS and healing checks and loads of RNG with 2.7
5. Again and even more recycled, hardened, same old DP with even less new mechanics, changes to elder opses and GF which complettely fucked up EVERYTHING in the game for almost a week
6. Galactic Strongholds which are though being decent for someone (i still don’t get it, if i want to play Sims i will play Sims, thanks) are not worth of deifying and attention BW made us think it should get; continuation of “glorious and interesting” storyline with more retarded tacticals in 2.9 and 2.10

So to sum everything up: 2 operations being farmed and grinded whole year nonstop, GS that majority of people enjoyed for a couple of days at max, a decent way to level grind through KDY, a bunch of crappy tacticals which you can easily solo and will forget about them after doing it once, story which is for 2-3 hours at most and Strongholds.

Decent stuff from it all are: DF and DP for first half of the year, KDY and Strongholds

You still think they are overworking?

Hmmm – I’d disagree about Huttball – love both maps (original is still by far my favorite warzone).

GSF does seem to have some loyal followings – I typically don’t wait long in queue for the times I do play (5 to 10 matches a week). Although – I really REALLY hate that the ship requisition rewards aren’t legacy bound. It takes SO long to build up a ship, and you’re at an incredible disadvantage until you have the ship just about fully upgraded… It sucks rolling new toons and trying to play GSF.

I think strongholds have likely brought them a crap load of real money. I know at least a few guys from my guild have spent a ton of money on cartel coins to buy/trick out their SHs. I’ve enjoy mine mainly for the convenience (GTN, vault, guild bank, legacy storage, mail all together in one spot without having to run around the fleet!) Same with guild flag ship. Now if they’d just release a training dummy! Or better yet, some sort of sparring bot that will fight back!

I do think though that these “conquests” are a major fail. Not so much because they seem to only benefit large guilds. But the rewards are just crap.

i didn’t say new huttball isn’t fun because it is. Unfortunatelly it is spoiled by a complete dominance of Guardians and VG tanks in it

Did you really have to call everyone who enjoys GSF ‘disabled’? That is really not cool, man. The worst part is that people are upvoting you.

You took those words too literaly. It was just a metaphor to describe what a small part of community actually plays it activelly

Yes, clearly calling people who enjoy an aspect of the game mentally retarded was just a metaphor and I took it too literal.

Yes clearly I am the one in the wrong when you are the one that used such offensive language.

If you can’t tell the difference between metaphor and offense that is your problem not mine. Plus I shouldn’t justify my words to you since you don’t get the meaning of them

I hope they grant us the ability to swap pre-assembled gear sets with the press of one button soon. Changing individual items for pvp or respec is annoying and time consuming.

Yes. It takes time to decide if they put 3 or 5 fireworks in your subscriber appreciation mail. Roll a dice next time! Works really fast.

Ahh well was to be expected, i just hope this ” Give subcribers something” isnt some useless pet or a mount retextured.. HInt * Portable Cargo hold maybe a Portable guild Cargo hold if possible, maybe a pet that say can auto pickup items for us u know something with a little bit of purpose

Why would I care? They said they`ll do something they didn`t… like it`s any surprise at this point or as if somebody actually expect anything outta them. Just some food for thought – they seem to “develop” new armors and new CM stuff often enough, but when it comes to something else, we just get “ya, well, tough luck” and lame lines of excuses.

I tried to refrain from replying to this comment, but it’s so stupid I couldn’t.
Quit throwing your toys out of the pram. You seem pretty certain that this was going to happen, so why are you so upset that it actually did?

The age-old comment that people bring up about CM..

Pick up those toys before someone falls over them.

In this case I believe it is “THEY SPEND 24/7 RE-SKINNING EXISTING ARMOUR AND SELLING IT AND MISSING ANNOUNCEMENT DEADLINES” – with emphasis on announcement, which is just announcing the announcement about the actual expansion – funny thing ever if you could stop from your crusade and think about it.

You must be dumb considering the fact that you just made some SWTOR fans be irritated at you. Second, @Neuro is right about game development, as the devs were giving GSH’s instead of a new ship role on GSF because they thought GSH would be better to get more players active in the game than a ship role. Third, delaying an announcement is not really a big deal because that could mean that they want to add something even better to the previous details they informed about patch 3.0, which a good thing. Finally, you are one of those people who don’t use their brain correctly when it comes to forums. I rest my case.

Well, you are free to believe what you want – in this case that the announcement doesn`t mean the expansion will be pushed back. I have chosen to believe that they are full of … horse menure, and this is to buy time – “a couple of weeks” – which is the time the expansion IS pushed back.

I also hate people that say they`ll do something and they don`t; you see, it`s just very unprofessional.

You rely on commitment, not them. This is not a marriage where you become disappointed over your couple’s promises they made to you. This is a game industry you incompetent fool. If you cry so much why don’t you just quit and find a game that suits your “commitment”.

Keep finding them excuses. I`m sure it will help them understand better that the players are just an amorphous mass that can be manipulated as they feel like, without fear or remorse.

I won`t reply to your personal attacks, but I will say this: some players are, indeed, responsible for the sorry state of some games or for the .. liberties some developers take and get away with.

Manipulation has nothing to do with the delay of announcements. Yet you make a fuss over the delay, the expansion has not been officially delayed until further notice by the developers.

Officially? How can it be delayed officially when it has no date? You see, part of not having a date set in stone is that you can`t be held responsible for it.

Look how they promise stuff and deliver – . This is ANNOUNCED patch / fix, not “TBA”, btw.

Keep believing stuff is delivered on time. That is your choice. So is mine not to buy anymore of their PR crap.

Fine by me. I see you would never understand the process they undergo. I still have faith in them that they’ll deliver something else better than what they “promised”.

Last op was in October of last year. A few more “couple of weeks” and we might just get it to a full year.. and that`s only the announcement. At this point, yes, we are LONG overdue.

Yes, it is ONLY THE ANNOUNCEMENT. Once they say that the expansion itself is delayed, then you can continue your temper tantrum.

“Stay back, I’m holding a thermal detonator!”-sw-c3p0: Planet Endor? That first comment was from Return of the Jedi. As a sub I’m looking forward to the new story, BW writes amazing stories, still wishing for bungie and bw to make an MMO together, or get Bungie to join for another SW’s game!

Honestly this sort of thing can always happen. I am glad that they are communicating. They wanted to make an announcement and it was delayed and they told us and why. I can think of much worse situations. So really I don’t think this deserves the spit and bile some people like to throw at this.

Promises have gotten old a while ago. And time stalling is really not a nice gesture of faith towards an expansion you want to make your subbers believe they`ll get within this lifetime, when you can`t even hit an announcement deadline.

I’ve been playing SWTOR since beta weekends and a sub since launch. This game has a lot going for it, but the content trickling out and delays like this 3.0 announcement is getting very frustrating. The content I’ve been waiting for most all during 2014 is the ROTHC-like expansion. I really, really hope they deliver it to us before 2014 is out and that it is not full of bugs. If the expansion is delayed into 2015, I’m considering cancelling my sub. I enjoy PVE and doing ops the most, and it’s just been too long since I’ve gotten content that I’m really excited about.

I completely disagree with you. I’ve been through all of the ups and downs with this game since before launch. I root for this game’s success, but within the past year or so BW has been shooting itself in the foot with the fan base, repeatedly. I’m getting tired of it, and it looks like I’m not alone at all in this sentiment. I’m glad that you haven’t lost patience with BW–yet.

Then you have no virtue. You really can’t expect BW to do lots of stuff for you or any of us. They are working around the clock to deliver the best they can to all gamers in the environment, but even they get tired of doing so much progress on the game that you don’t realize what type of life they carry on their backs, they’re human you know that, not working machines that have to listen to your lousy compromises and commitments. If they delay an announcement, I’m fine with that, but I don’t complain so extreme as you do right now.

Just who do you think you are to say I have no virtue? You have no idea who I am. I disagree with you and still do. Period. My complaint above is very mild compared to other posts here and on the official forums, and I am completely entitled to my opinion–even if it differs from yours (gasp!). I feel for the developers if they are indeed working as you suggest. If that is the case, then they need to hire some additional FTEs. They’ve had two large rounds of layoffs since launch.

Yet you’re not humble about the delay…..and you cannot possibly tell if they had layoffs since launch. If you don’t like on how they work their game then quit and get a game that makes you happy to your commitments.

They you still live in the past. You don’t know how to leave past behind you, the I have remorse for you.

How is he complaining “to the extreme”? If anything, your response to his well-rationalized argument veers towards the extreme. “Working around the clock”, “tired of doing so much progress on the game” “don’t realize what type of life they carry on their backs” wow, hyperbole much? You make it sound like you actually believe their working 24-7 for you. Wake up, its a game and this is a 8 hour a day job to them, just like anyone else. What they don’t finish one day gets put away for the next, you honestly think they’re working 12-14 hour days to push this out? Get real. There’s defending BW and then there’s blind fanboism, you’re leaning towards the latter my friend.

And all this is besides the point because, as he said, he is a PvEer much like myself and we haven’t seen any new Ops content in OVER A YEAR. You can pad your patches with cartel gimmicks, GSF (which was DoA) and “tactical” flashpoints (you call them tactical, I call them ezmode) that can be cleared in 30 minutes or less. Does BW deserve all the hate it gets? Most of the time no, but we’ve been in a major content drought since 2.4 and for the majority of endgame PvEers over a year without even a hint of a new operation would make anyone a little tense. And I say this as a PvEer whose had everything cleared up to NM since early summer and who’s guild has long since disbanded. All the while there’s no prospects of a high end PvE guild on my server (Bastion) forming up anytime soon with no content on the horizon.

I recommend doing like most people in my former guild….stop paying Bioware for a job their not doing. They stopped producing content relevant to me? I went free to play and basically just log in to chat and stockpile materials if I ever decide to sub again. Vote with your wallet.

I know what a job shift is thank you very much. My point here is that Thross is expecting from BW too much for them to accomplish, and you don’t understand that because you are rambling about the past and the theme is the future expansion. Get a grip man, I know they have a 8hr shift.

One thing you can say. You can judge the quality of a game by how many whiners come out of the woodwork as soon as ANY bad news surfaces. Since that seems to be 90% of the comments below, it must be a good sign. I for one have loved mostly everything about this game, and even when they do something that I don’t like, it is not enough to distract me from all the good. Keep at it Bioware, I will still be subbing indefinitely, you’ve done a great job and I can’t wait to see whats next.

I love star wars, and love this game, i believe the mmo era, as wow and swtor is coming to an end, mmos are mutating, and games will be different somehow in a near future, but meanwhile ill keep enjoying this fantastic game !!! … i only hope i can keep playing it for a long long time … GG Bioware !! …

I don’t mind the delay of either the announcement or the expansion as long as its perfect when it comes out

I wonder how pissed off they are that the name of the expansion was released by someone other than themselves?

What is wrong with that? I don’t play WoW for like 3 years now but still track updates and chat on the forums

No I meant with announcements getting continually delayed I got sick of waiting for the state of the game to improve and unsubbed when Conquest was fairly well revealed.

Been waiting to hear about 3.0 and have been vindicated by their release schedule. Everything they’ve done to this point has vindicated that they are shit scared to look like they’re competing in the same space as WoW & Wildstar (which they are).

So when you don’t have great news, what better way to build the hype than to say nothing over and over and hint at subscriber rewards to eek out a little more content. Game is officially cooked.

Did you need that explained to you?

You didnt “explain” anything, your post is a bunch of foolish speculation (shit scared) and whining. They delayed an announcement by two weeks, sure its disappointing, but not really that big of a deal. The game is officially “cooked”?, everyone says that about every MMO, and they keep on rolling.


Game is officially cooked IMO*

Suddenly, the entire post now explains my opinion, stranger on the internet. Good luck with your inability to look off mounting evidence and form an opinion beyond ‘stay the course’.

Have your view by all means, but hold it absolutely? Seems a strange thing to do 3 years into a game with repeated development issues.

ive done the same thing that i unsubbed from wow but i still look at the pages wondering if its worth subbing again

This announcement was to announce the delay of further announcements that were announced by a preliminary announcement of an announcement that there would be an announcement this week.

The recent update screwed up the legacy perk for reduction of the time for the quick travel reset. How perfect do you expect the expansion to be?

Not really, actually. My Heroic Moment cooldown is still bugged, and that’s related with the legacy perk bug.

“Soon™! We are holding the announcement back a bit to add something really nice for subscribers, and we’ll be revealing all shortly – a couple of weeks at the latest.”

It’s been a week already, only one more week left in the couple mentioned above. How many degrees of embarrassment are there, Mr Musco? Just wondering…

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