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SWTOR No Direct PvP Content with 3.0

SWTOR 3.0 expansion Shadow of Revan won’t be coming with any direct PvP content but PvPers can expect some changes with the Discipline system and other global combat changes.

Is there any forthcoming PvP content in 3.0? | 10.06.2014, 06:31 PM

Quote: Originally Posted by Jaiyne

Conspicuously absent from the 3.0 announcement was a single drop of PvP content or news. Can we expect something?

Hey Jaiyne,Good question, let me take a stab at this one. If you are asking specifically for news about new content, such as a Warzone or Arena map, then the answers is unfortunately no. There are no new maps, specific to PvP coming in the expansion.

However, if you are asking about changes coming to PvP then the answer is a resounding yes. Disciplines by itself will entirely change the landscape of Classes in PvP in 3.0 and shortly after 3.0 we will begin Season 4 of ranked play. In addition, there are a host of other global combat changes which will be coming as a part of 3.0 which will directly impact PvP. As just one example we are changing how set bonuses work! We will have more details on that, and all of the other global combat changes in a future livestream. So while there is no new specific PvP content in 3.0 there are many system updates and changes that affect every second of PvP coming!

As a reminder, we will be streaming tomorrow to showcase Disciplines. Then at some point in the coming weeks, we will do a secondary stream talking all about those global combat changes we referenced above.
Hope that answers the question!


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Actually, it is pretty hard, at least from what BW claimed. The process of creating Warzone is something like 6 months long, from conception to end of testing (as usual, testing is the longest part of the process)

That’s cause they have two interns from the Bangalore Technical Institute working on PvP. And Patel and Kumar can only do so much between tea breaks.

Just curious, but what would you want out of new warzone? Yet another huttball field, an arena, or something new altogether?

No doubt they could just toss something together, but wouldn’t you want them to put some thought into it? Or is a texture change with a minor layout tweak considered good enough?

Yeah. No new Warzones. This will kill the PvP-Server im playing at…
well done BioWare, go on failing in everything you do.

XP boost, yay, thats what’s not needed in this game.

I know right; I f’ing hate how fast you level sometimes. What’s so bad about chilling in the 10-29 and 30-54 warzones tiers ?!? I quit all guilds and I’m still doing a level an hour just with warzones and GSF.

Add that the list of 974 other things that supposedly “killed” the game or a server, lol. PVP’ers are so dramatic. The XP boost has a pretty obvious purpose of letting subs power-level alts to level 55 so they’ll play the new content with them. I personally don’t like to power-level my characters, but there are certainly a lot of people out there who will like that perk.

You’re criticizing a whole part of the community because of 1 person? His comment might be a bit dramatic but he does have a point about BW killing the PVP community with each step they take.

Considering pvpers had an entire expansion focused on them for space pvp I’m left amazed how every expansion and patch pvpers bitch about no new warzones or arenas. Sure it would be nice if they added one or 2 but it’s not end of world they are not. The class systems are having major overhaul. 2 new plants a lvl cap increase and an epic story around an iconic kotr character. Be happy. Plus new pvp stuff will come when it comes. I was hoping for a new companion or 2 further implementation of same gender romances and maybe a new species bit thay ain’t happening. But I ain’t gonna moan about it

Yeah, and I don’t know why anyone would expect PVP to be a significant part of a paid expansion. I’m sure they’ll throw PVP’ers a new map after this….and I’m sure PVP’ers will be whining 3-4 weeks later that they have nothing “new” to do, lol.

Rule #1: never laugh at your own jokes, especially the bad ones. 2nd it’ll be nearly a year until BW puts out new PVP content, PVErs don’t go 2 months without new stuff.

You mean like the “in 3 to 4 weeks you will get a new Huttball” debacle? We got it 6 months later at a new point in the storyline after the Hutt Cartel has been smashed. Some 3 to 4 weeks.

Space pvp and ground pvp tend to be different. Different players for a majority of it as well. Thats a bit like saying “Sculptors are upset because they have gotten no marble,but these painters just got new brushes. I dont understand why the sculptors are upset. We just devoted a bunch of brushes and paint to the art department”. By using your example then Flashpoints and Ops dont need to be updated because 2.10 was dedicated to PVE content.

“An entire expansion focused on them for space pvp” – Digital “Expansions” aren’t expansions at all. DOR is an actual expansion, with a new number scheme and all. All of 2.0 has been dedicated at one point or another to every aspect of it’s endgame. Learn the difference between content patch and actual expansion.

“But I ain’t gonna moan about it” – You just did

I’m curious where the idea came from that people aren’t allowed to be disappointed in and thus complain about a commercial product that has both an initial purchase cost and ongoing fees via a monthly subscription or by weekly unlocks to access content.

It’s kind of ridiculous.

Yes, because the actual PvP’ers in the game totally considered GSF as “PvP”. GSF was wanted by a minority and we all know how active GSF actually is…that alone should give you an idea of what portion of the people you call PvP’ers play GSF (hint: we don’t). Then again, BW’s stance when it comes to PvP has been made clear very long ago, and nothing will change that, so even if we DO whine and rant about lack of PvP content BW won’t do anything about it, but then again you can’t expect everybody to have a brain and figure this out…so people will always rant, and that will obviously give PvP’ers the reputation of “whining brats”.
Tbh, I wasn’t expecting any new PvP content at all from the expansion…I’ll settle with the new Disciplines system if it’s going to balance classes in PvP. I’d rather have that than some retarded new Huttball map with horrendous mechanics like Queshball or some PvP mode filled with bugs that’ll require months to fix (assuming their new talent system doesn’t screw up cclass balance in the first place). Bringing back 8v8 ranked would be nice though, even if very few people are actually left to play it.

This game would be very much alive without PvP, but it helps a little bit. Having said that, GSF was an expansion mostly, if not almost entirely, focused on PvP, so it only makes sense to finally get new PVE content.

GSF was another type of PVP focused on making PVE’ers try some sort of PVP. How about they release an RP only expansion with no operations or flashpoints?

The only reason anyone subscribes for the game is to play ranked warzones. A weekly ops pass is like 200k. A weekly pvp pass is 350k.

I’m a subscriber since 2 years ago, and I have NEVER played ranked warzones. I know more than 50 people in my guild that have done exactly the same. There are a million reasons to be a subscriber besides being able to play ranked pvp.

Why are you guys so terrified of PvP ? Its super fun and extremely social. I’m in guilds that do NiM Ops and other grinds but we queue for warzones and ranked arenas all the time.

Good for you, not everyone enjoys PvP. Not everyone finds that style of game play to be fun.
I play PvP on a very casual basis, I’m not awful, I usually have top or 2nd place heals, when I’m in on a healer and middle of the road DPS if I’m on a DPS toon.
I hate the d-bags who criticize everyone, cuss people out and dog on folks for not having top level PvP gear. I can’t deal with the elitist attitudes from PvPers and I really can’t stand their juvenile ranting. To many ass holes and teenagers in pvp for my taste.
Usually 2 or 3 WZ’s are about all I get before i get a group of D-bags telling me to drop out cause I have PvE gear. Well dude I just out healed you by about 200k, died less than you and got more medals than you and you have the best PvP gear that you can get so who is the “bad” now?
PvP d-bags ruin the fun and that is why the majority of my 85 person guild doesn’t PvP.

I am not afraid of PvP actually. I do a lot of it until I reach 55, not because I want to get the easy xp, but because I enjoy it. I’ve gone up to valor 48 and that’s good enough for me. I have tried playing PvP at lvl 55, and I have not enjoyed it once. I’m not saying that I will not give it a shot ever again, I am just a LOT more into PvE, and I really don’t think that PvP is what keeps this game active.

I’m surprised you don’t know shit about this game or MMO’s in general.

Over quarter 4 last year many MMO’s did a study of their player base and most released their numbers of who PvP’s and who PvE’s and who is a casual player.

Surprisingly enough it was a consensus among ALL games who released their numbers that the End Game Raid population and the PvP population combined made up only a grand total of 22% of their player base and of the 22% a whoping 5% – 8% was end game PvP Population…

That left over 75% of players in the casual player base. Casuals aren’t the oddity, they are the norm in an MMO, PvPers, it would seem are the Oddballs out.

Well no not everyone, but many do. My guild has somewhere around 80 active players and we for the most part are PVPers. Sucks that there’s nothing new with this expansion. Hopefully there’s at least some new somewhat creative PVP armor sets for level 60

Come on people. Stop comparing Biowares “Digital Expansion”s with the actual Expansions: ‘Scourge of the Hutt Cartel’ and now ‘Shadow of Revan’.
“Digital Expansion” = Content patch, NOT an actual numerical expansion – e.g.: 2.x-3.x.

With that said, quit yer whining about having or not having things less than 24 hours after the FIRST announcement is made. They undoubtedly have more to reveal and all you Chicken Littles need to stop thinking the sky is falling

It seems to me like they may be trying to implement a way to give you PvPers your “balance” you are always wining about with out totally breaking PvE.
Everytime you PvPers get something it totaly screws that characters PvE side.
This change seems to be a way to keep both sides happy.

good call. i was tripping balls on how this new system will affect pvp system. and if they threw in new pvp gears and stuff that could definitely be a major pain in the ass… but seriously, fix the solo queue! at least queue people with similar ratings…

Since they are doing away with all current PvP gear, is the new gear only going to be able to be purchased by level 60s, or is there still going to be gear that can be purchased at 55?

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