SWTOR Preordering SOR allow you to level up via just class missions

Players who have pre-ordered Shadow of Revan expansion can level up exclusively via class missions (Makeb missions included).

When does the XP bonus start?

  • The 12X XP boost starts immediately when you pre-order Shadow of Revan expansion: (you may need to restart the game for this bonus to kick in)
  • It ends on December 1, 2014, at 11:59PM PST / December 2, 2014, at 7:59AM GMT.
  • You will only able to see this boost by looking at the class mission reward page on your mission log. Your xp bar won’t be affected.
  • You must be a subscriber as well.

What boost stack with it?

  • Legacy Class mission boosts and Cartel Market class mission boosts do not stack with the 12X multiplier.
  • Guild XP bonus (10%) and Cartel Market general XP boost (25%) do stack with the 12X multiplier.

The 12X Boost only applies to

  • Class Missions from 1-50
  • Ilum storyline from 50
  • Makeb Main storyline from 50-55

Can I level up via just Class missions?

  • Yes, a single class mission turn in will net you almost half a level or close to a level depending on your level.
  • Here is an example: A single class mission turn in at level 47 will give me 224k XP (this is with guild 10% bonus and 25% cartel market XP boost). To level up at level 48 I only need 437k XP.


Will there be a gear gap?

  • Yes, you won’t be able to keep up with your gear with such an accelerated speed of leveling. Make sure to take any equipment upgrades you can get from the class missions rather than the usual planetary commendations.
  • Luckily Makeb now has a bolster system that will boost your gear while leveling in Makeb  so make sure to interact with the GSI looking terminal you can find on every Makeb island.

Costs to upgrade abilities is now gone

  • Abilities will cost 0 credits to acquire/upgrade with pre-order, this includes the speeder pilot abilities as well.


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154 replies on “SWTOR Preordering SOR allow you to level up via just class missions”

I’m also going to create and level characters on servers other than my main server while this boost is available.

Sweet, ive been waiting on a double xp weekend just to level those alts. But with this.. who needs double xp weekend. Bring it on i’d say.

Just re-read the post… starts immediately. Oke time to go log back into swtor.

Well, this might make me both pre-order the expansion AND buy a month of subscription. I have three characters that I just got off their origin worlds, and I’d like to have at least one of them at 55, just so I don’t have to keep playing as my Republic Commando forever. The gear gap is a bit concerning, but I guess the bolster on Makeb would allow you to rack up quite a few commendations. Being able to play through their respective stories without the need to grind side-quests is a really good incentive, I’ll admit that much.

The gear gap can easily be solved by doing Flashpoints. I have 16 lvl 55s and I always did every single FP while I was lvling and had no problem keeping up with the content. I would usually do each FP only once but if I needed a particular piece of gear I would run it again just to try and get it. Buy relics from the light/dark vendors unless the GTN had a better one much cheaper. Green implants you can make for your lvl are always better than none at all. Save planetary coms until you can’t get a better piece then you already have in a FP. Also try to do heroics on the planet you are lvling on. You don’t have to do side quests. Just do Class Quests and Heroics. Some heroics can be soloed if you are over lvled and you can still get good gear.

Another suggestion would be warzones. Get lots of unranked warzone comms and convert them to planetary comms.

thats a terrible way to get planet coms. any heroic on any planet is going to get you faster planet coms for far less effort. the turn in rate from warzone to planet com is terrible. you would need to run about 40 pvp wz’s to get enough planet coms to gear out 1 set of mods. in contrast you could get the same amount of planet coms by doing heroics or flashpoints in about 2 hours or less. how long would 40 wz’s take you? guarantee its more than 2 hours.

I often get 120 unranked comms per wz. Each wz is less than 15 minutes, sometimes less than 10. So that’s about 12 planetary comms per hour, not including the daily and weekly missions. I know you couldn’t match that with FPs and possibly not even heroics.

But maybe you think that’s a terrible way to get planetary comms because you suck at PvP. If so then your opinion is completely understandable. All I ask is that if you do try this PvP idea, please be on the opposite team from me.

You can get about 25-40 planetary comms from FPs for about 60 to 90 minutes of play time daily depending on your level and what dailies/weeklies you have available.

Sounds like the best strategy is to do the dailies and weeklies for FPs and WZs to get the most planetary comms while this 12x boost lasts.

If you’ve got legacy gear, you can also get your veterans to help your noobs. My lower level toons get regular hand-me-downs of legacy gear via my topped-off 55 crafters

Well, they are rearranging the entire skilltree so some are bound to dissapear and having you spend money on them now and then have them removed is not a good plan.

First I thought “yay!!!”, but now I’m not so sure this is for me. I mainly play this game for the story (not particularly interested in grinding operations or pvp), and even though repeating the planet quests bores me sometimes I’m worried that if I use this I’ll race through all the class stories and be left with nothing to do. Then again, I do want to play *every’ class story at least once, and that will take forever… :/

You only have to play the planetaries once to get the story. The benefit of just leveling in the class storylines is that now you get to see the class storyline from beginning to end without distractions.

It’s hard to get into a “You have to get to the next [instanced class quest area] before [this thing that’s already happening] happens!” when you leave that instance only to have to run errands for three different Republic/Imperial officers who can’t take [this box] over to [that guy] without your help, (right after you slay ten random mercenaries/enemy combatants/droids/wandering critters, kick ten boxes/crates/storage barrels, and slice a terminal that calls a guy in via air transport to get his ass kicked by you and your party). You sorta lose the immediacy.

“You only have to play the planetaries once to get the story. The benefit of just leveling in the class storylines is that now you get to see the class storyline from beginning to end without distractions.”

-I agree. This xp bonus will help guys like me who only do class quests and then kdy/fp to make up for the level gap for the next planet. I don’t take side quests to preserve the story line and to avoid distractions. With this xp bonus, I don’t need to do kdy in between planets because I won’t lack the level requirement for the next planet.

Just wondering if I’ll be able to keep up credits wise and be able to afford all the skills when leveling. I can of course send money from another alt, but I’d like to keep my characters self-sufficient.

even for non pre orderers? my 55 sorc and merc are still skilled only up to 51, didnt have the cash for all the upgrades

Other than running Kuat over and over and over, did people really use the lowbie Group Finder anyway? Most people don’t sit around in the queue looking for lowbie flashpoints anyway.

Doesn’t seem that way. Before this boost I was waiting, waiting, waiting for the queue to pop on Maelstrom Prison…. I’m only feeling slightly guilty that I won’t be able to rescue Revan before I kill him in December.

Actually u will not get 1-50 with just class quests even with guild xp boost and general 25% boost you would still fall short. So Ull probs need to do some fps or planetary missions to get there

With 12 times the XP boosted on the Class missions? Doubtful. I’m sure they calculated out how much XP would be needed to just run class missions. I am easily leveling with only class missions and main planetary arc without any FPs, heroics, side quests, bonus quests, PVP or space content….and I don’t have a guild bonus, don’t use consumable XP boosts and only have a few tiers of the legacy XP boost. If you kicked class mission XP up to 12 times, then it would be pretty easy to level all the way through without running anything else.

so far ive been reaching end planet level just by doing story since starters planet and my guild im in on my alt doesnt even have 10% boost so id say you will reach 1-50 just fine with the 12xboost

Level up what?

My mains are already 55. And all the others I have I just play for story, I don’t care about them, most time they are crafting. They’ll never see endgame content. Don’t need a xp boost for them.

you just said you play alts for the story. this is story 12x boost. which means you can get to play alts which you only do for story and also level a great deal just doing the story. At this rate you dont have to do side missions. Just plainly explore and enjoy the story.

and you might not need the xp boost but new comers and other people with alt can greatly benefit from this.

Now im not saying that the pre order rewards is great, could have always been better but what might work for you, wont for others and the same way around.

Alot of people are already taking great advantage of this

Love love love this! All my alts I only wanted to do class quest anyway, this is perfect for me. Better than double XP weekend!

Does the 12x experience boost apply to all of my characters? I have a couple of them and I wish to complete their story arc.
I hope you can help me 🙂
Thank you for your time.

Any of your characters that are under level 55 will take advantage of the 12x boost. Remember it only applies to CLASS quest though. This includes Illum and the main story line on Makeb also.

I would be all over this if I didn’t work in retail. The holiday season in Nov and Dec is the busiest time of the year, and there won’t be any time for me to play. This is great for leveling second accts or leveling alternative servers.

Come on people free speeder piloting that 150K that your level 30-somethign alt doesn’t have! Ohh I work retail too. Gonna bust may ass in October!

And make that assassin I have been putting off…lol

Finally going to be able to power through the consular story line. Last class i need, just never could get into it.

I love these pre-order perks!

I generally level up exclusively through warzones til 15 then KDY til 55 before I even start my starting planet class missions, that way I can just focus on the story missions without having to spend time doing all those other side missions to level up. This works great for my gaming style.

if only i would not have spent more than 700k credits yuesterday on legacy boosts for my lvl 14 scoundrel 🙁

If I want to force my friends into getting this, do they “just” need to preordrer SoR and subscribe? I’ve subbed since launch, so haven’t really understood the F2P vs subscribe model

By the way, the boost also applies to any missions listed as “class”, which means the Main Ilum storyline, Belsavis dailies introduction, Black Hole introduction, etc.

If you don’t want to worry about gear discrepancy, you can simply have a level 55 friend pull you through the quests, by the way.

Just to add to that actually, you must be subbed or have an active sub on december 2nd, else no your unlikely to be able to load the 55-60 content.

Forgot to add that to the above post 🙂

um your information is wrong the only thing as a sub gets vs. f2p with this xpac is the 12x class mission xp f2p,preferred status, sub all have to buy the expansion

something else to add when they starting offering rise of the hutt cartel expansion free to subcribers i got to keep the expansions after my sub ended

You’re wrong. If he pays for the expansion he will get to play it sub or not. He won’t get the early access if he’s not but he will still be able to play to 60.

Yeah that’s it. That’s what I was going to do that but I subbed because the 12xp was too good to pass up 😉

yes thats it :). Generally I am not fun of this type of gear and in wow it devalued many great items during leveling…but in this scenario of x12 xp it would be very handy..

The problem with the 12x class mission XP is that you miss out on the comms and related drops you get from doing the side missions, so you wind up leveled through the planet without the resources to gear yourself for the next one, or the gathered mats to level your crafting crew skill. I suppose Bioware expects you to use the millions of credits you’ve stacked up on your 55s to gear up your lower-level characters.
On the other hand, the XP boost is increasing my speed through planets by letting me skip the bonus missions for which I don’t get comms in the reward; the missions that have ‘staged’ bonus missions will award comms for turning in the item you get from the last stage; ordinary bonus missions just give you XP, and if you don’t complete them in the process of getting the main mission completed, it doesn’t seem worth it for the extra XP when you get forty times as much from one class mission.

I can see your point, but since you hit endgame so fast with this boost it doesn’t seem worthwhile to worry about gearing throughout. Just get a set of adaptive/orange gear you like (The level 40 PvP set is ideal, or something from the Cartel Market) and load it up with mods maybe about every 10 levels or so.

Is there a small contradiction here or did I miss something, when you say:

“Cartel Market class mission boosts do not stack with the 12X multiplier.”

then you say “A single class mission turn in at level 47 will give me 224k XP (this is with .. 25% cartel market XP boost)”

I’m loving the xp boost. Even without the cartel general boost that I forgot about, I did 4 class missions and went from lv 15 to lv 19. Awesome!!! I be sure to get those extra cartel boosters today to move even faster. I have LOTS of lowbie alts that I plan to get up to lv 55 by 1 Dec. So long to conquest points and all that other stuff until then. mahaha

If you can get a set of Orange Gear that you like, you can always save the planetary commendations for mods. The Makeb Planetary Commendation vendor is really useful if you want purple mods for endgame. It’s about 11 commendations for a armor piece, and 9 for bracers and belts. So about 73 commendations for an entire set of new mods.

You can always go back and solo any heroic you want the gear for later.

So, if I have max comms and I go to the Makeb mod vendor and load up my orange gear with proper mods, technically I am ready for endgame? Like, Tactical 55s, HMs, and Ops?
I am a new sub and still completely new to gearing for endgame, any help is appreciated.

You’ll be ready for the 50 HMs and the first three operations Eternity Vault, Kragga’s Palace, and Explosive Conflict (although EC is less dependent on stats and more just knowing the op)

Tactical 55s should be okay, HM 55s if your comfortable on the OP it’s based on.

You should also be okay for the Oricon missions.

A good guild helps. I had a gunslinger who hit 50 on Voss and one EV run got him a good chunk of gear, because the rest of the guild was in it for the comms and decorations.

TY so much!! I have an awesome guild of experienced 55s who are basically waiting on me to finish class story so we can start running 55 stuff. I can’t wait for Tac 55s and the Oricon missions as well. So all I have to do is go to the Makeb comm vendor and load up my orange with mods. Sweet!

Tried the 12xp boost out last night, amazing folks. This alone, IMO, is well worth the $20. I’m a altoholic, so anyone else that is will truly appreciate what Bioware is doing for us.

How did you manage your gear while leveling? Did you bought fro GTN? did you had your alts craft gear every x levels?

Both. I always use ‘orange’ gear so just change out mods. I am a ‘master craftsman’, so can make all mods and armorings. Some I make ahead of time, and some I just buy off GTN because it’s faster and sometimes cheaper than making my own. I also always take planet comms as a reward, and use those for mods on my companions.

I agree with this. It’s so much easier if you max out at 90 planetary comms (Or whatever the cap is) before you get the boost, so you have enough to switch out mods once or twice during the process. I would also recommend wearing adaptive gear and exchanging the mods as dodger suggested its a lot easier and looks better than the class gear 😉

Splitting hairs here, but the only group the 12X XP works for ARE subs, so I’m assuming they are already paying the sub price….therefore the cost is only $20.

i’m the other way around if they had given more i would sub then pre-order but since idc about the xp thing i’m just doing a normal pre-order and since the price is the same regardless if your sub or not then i’m just pre-ordering i got to many 55s as it is anyways

I know right! I have way too many characters and it took me a while to figure out that I should just level my main and move on to another, now I get to do that on a scale 12 times faster!

I have to say…if you are on the fence about pre-ording so it for this free speeder piloting. About an hour and half last night I got three levels (fyi it would have been more but I was doing WZ too

Not really sure how the makeb story works out. When I hit level 47 it became available and I was just starting Voss story. If you are just doing this just to level (not worried about story), I recommend going to makeb as soon as its available, as the missions will grant anywhere from 400,000 xp to almost 800,000. Plus the bolster is nice. On a side note, I went from 25 to 55 in about 6 hours on a scoundrel. Which means I skipped every mob I could and only killed what I had to. When I hit 47 and went to makeb, it only took about an hour to go from 47 to 55. Happy leveling!

The Makeb story becomes available indeed when you reach lvl 47, no matter where you are at your storyline missions. That’s the good part, becuase you can level extremely fast when you complete Makeb missions. The bad part is that if you actually wanna pay attention to the story (like I do), the Makeb storyline will probably spoil quite a few things from your previous adventures.

That’s interesting, I thought Makeb was a 55 planet. Although playing as a Jedi Knight, after finishing Chapter 1 the rest of the story becomes quite obvious 😛

Haven’t seen this mentioned, but Legacy XP is also boosted. I got ~24k Legacy XP for a level 39 class mission, so this will come in handy to finally cap my Legacy.

Sweet! I didn’t notice that last night, thanks for posting this. Maybe I can finally get to legacy cap myself, takes forever. I want that title!


Holy cow yessss! I’ve been playing for 6 months as F2P and reached legacy level 5 last week, I subbed and preordered yesterday and hopefully by the time I max out some of my chars I’ll have maxxed legacy too 😀

You might want to update this in the “The 12x xp Boost Only Applies to” section and make people know this only applies to subs.

I’m currently a subscriber right now, do I need to pre-order the expansion to get this XP buff or is it active on my account as is w/o the pre-order?

Yes, you need to pre-order. Do it, it’s totally worth the $20. Once you pre-order, your XP buff becomes active. Check any character under level 55 for class missions in your log. In the reward box, you will see the huge increase in XP for when the quest is completed. Can’t really explain it any easier than that.

I have re-subbed and pre-ordered the expansion and it seems like the 12x boost is not working… or is it only for class related quests?

Nope… still didn’t kick in… and I have restarted the game three times now.

I have re-subbed and bought the expac yesterday, paid with the same model (bank bill for my country) and I only got the mail for my sub renewal, but not that I have purchased the expac.

You won’t receive any mail saying you purchased the expansion ( at least I didn’t ).Check in your mission log under “class” quest, and you will see the bonus xp gained for completing the quest. Also, if your not charged for training abilities, then it’s working for you.

Maybe the low level class quests on Tython give such a low amount of XP that the 12xp boost doesn’t really make much of a difference. Just maybe. And no, you won’t receive any in-game mail, but you will get a e-mail confirmation I believe.

What is even more awesome … the 12x xp seems to disregard the rested XP. Cause I am getting the same xp grant as non rested then as rested. No idea if its intended or a bug, but its awesome

Not from rested XP. These really affect only mob kills. There is simple way to check that, note the amount you have before you hand in a quest and after that.

Wait… Is the Pre-Order the cost of the whole expansion with story content, new planets and lvl cap? Or do i Pre-Order just for the 12x XP bonus, Revan statue and what not? Then, will the expansion cost me something extra?

You also got special EXP boost from those GSI terminals at all landing terminals. Makeb is special speed leveling planet.

Doesn’t appear to have any effect on crafting; which is frustrating for Biochem since I can’t really keep up to my level skillwise to use my reusable stims/adrenals.

They got rid of ability costs which is so absolutely awesome! I love crafting but tbh I can do that later, all this is about is getting to lvl 55 just be happy.. Buying new abilities was my biggest annoyance and I’m leveling all my alts based on this reason. 45-50k per ability after about lvl 35 for upping 500 dmg to 510 etc ..Before I preordered I was convinced we still had to pay for abilities and once I got in and started and saw cost 0 next to every skill-up I sht my pants with joy. Skill cost was the main reason most of my alts were below lvl 30, crafting is not preventing people from seeing new content but skill cost and quest grinding are.

Did you restart your game? Are you sure you are currently subscribed and you’ve been charged for the expansion? Did you post in the Customer Service section of the SWTOR forums? Are you sure you are playing on a character that is not level 55? Are you sure you completed a CLASS missions and it did not multiply your xp gained by 12? Are you sure you made the math correctly?

So, if i pre-order it when I have subscription, and then subscription runs out and I’m back to preferred status, will I still have 12x xp?

I prerecorded and am using the 12X for class missions to level up. Once you have tasted the speed of that you’d not want to go back to the old grind.

But of course your mods will fall behind and the best you can do is using green mods.

Recently resubbed and jumped on this like a boss, started a trooper less than a week ago and already leveled to low 30’s! If I had more time per day to devote to this, I’d level up all my alts, pity the 12x ends in December. 🙁

In other words Bioware is incentivizing people to skip the pointless trash quests and finish each story in a few hours?

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