GW2 Gemstore–Magic Carpet, Tireless Tools and Glowing Green Mask

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with Magic Carpet for 250 gems, Tireless Logging Minion for 1000 gems, Tireless Harvesting Minion for 1000 gems and Glowing Green Mask for 500 gems.

Magic Carpet – 250 gems

  • Displays your guild emblem, account bound
  • Useable in sPvP and dungeons, not useable in WvW
  • Different races sit on the carpet differently (Norn/Human/Sylvari have same postures while Charr and Asura are different)




Tireless Harvesting Minion – 1000 gems


Tireless Logging Minion – 1000 gems


Glowing Green Mask – 500 gems


  • Andrew McCunn

    Not really seeing the point of things like the magic carpet if it doesn’t make you move faster. If they wanted to sell this kind of thing they should have had mounts in the game (but not saying that would have been a good idea).

    • Iruwen

      It’s for fun and style. Like almost anything else in this game.

    • insanelyapple

      It’s cosmetics, nothing else. They probably never add any regular mounts as in other games because we got swiftness, some other skills that help us run faster on short distances and of course dense waypoint network.

      • Pureblade

        Having said that, I wish I could use skills to apply swiftness while riding my broom without automatically dismounting.

    • Ares Zax

      The Magic Carpet (along with the Broomstick and the Sonic Tunneling Tool) basically ARE mounts. They’re just some fancy way for players to show off their wealth to other players, or for roleplayers who want extra special widgets at their disposal. ANet’s been careful not to introduce any items in the gem store that could provide an in-game advantage over other players (with the exception of the Watchwork Pick, I know), and that’s a route I agree with.

    • pika

      Why do we need mounts if we cant use them in WvW, and PVE maps are small anyway. They’ve added movement speed kites for Dry Top but it’s not much useful either.

  • Alexander Pikalyov

    The carpet is awesome!

  • Rosencopter

    Impressive logging animation. I wish they made non-account bound cheaper versions (like 600 gems). What’s the point of account bound anyway? Do people really go to a bank to deposit it and take it out every time they want to harvest with an alt?

    • D4nnyus

      I like that they are all account-bound. They were not in the past, and i had to buy them again, when i re-rolled main character. So, this was a great thing to me 🙂

      • maz

        you can exchange soulbound version on BL trader. you know?

        • D4nnyus

          Yep, i know that, but i have re-rolled when they were not solbound 🙂 i have bought 3 sets of all tools when tehy were only soulbound 🙂 its a pity that i cant return them now 😀 would be nice to get 1800 gems back

    • Buford

      I certainly do. I don’t see the point of owning more than one of an account bound item since I can only play one character at a time. I do this with ascended accessories as well.

    • Conncept

      Yep, sort of, I just play on a less-active WvW server and use the borderlands as my own portable bank/BLTC/vendors/crafting stations. Never liked WvW much anyway.

  • Ares Zax

    The usual query from me, dulfy. 🙂 Any special benefits for using the Tireless Minion tools? I already noticed that the cast time for the Tireless Harvester is slower than the Consortium and Molten sickles.

    • Patrice Yamate

      I see I’m not the only one who was traumatized by the extra sprockets on the pick or the consortium sickle time gain ^^ Always scared to miss out on a hidden benefit now :p

  • frost

    bring back Consortium stuff pls

    • Archi

      yeah, i’d actually like a consortium axe and mining pick, even though they are bad moves financially. especially if they’re faster like the sickle.

  • Chris

    That carpet is awesome 😀

  • Josef Tauser

    The first mount in the game and its a flying carpet >.>

    • kneeze

      Whether or not this qualifies as a mount is debatable. Either way though, it’s not the first of its kind.

    • Evon’s profit

      Actually 3rd. We already have the broomstick and the sonic tunneling tool.

    • Archi

      I’d only call something a mount if it helped me travel faster. These things are purely cosmetic. no speed boost at all. i don’t understand why they even have these, aside from money.

    • Interesting
  • Evandro Fernandes

    Should at least move faster in towns like Lions Arch at least…now that would be cool. (Or nonsense since waypoints are free in towns)

  • reson8 .

    Glad i got the jack-in-the-box sickle (even tho it’s not really necro-themed). Not sure abt the logging axe as i already have the dreamcleaver (toxic alliance version) even tho i do like it. Basically, i like what i have and am not sure i want to spend another 1K gems for the same thing with a different skin.

  • Sylar^

    Asura look so boss on the carpet xD

  • Cronos Dage

    what torso armor is that

    • It is either the vigil order or priory order chest

  • Mark A Torres

    Only thing I see interesting is the green eyes glow…

    • Ghor

      but the sad thing is they’re just a recoloured version of “red eyes glow” which they could’ve made dyeable…

      • Rosencopter

        I have no problem with the separate colors, I just wish they’d release 2-3 more colors at a time. I don’t want to wait 6-12 months for blue, white and orange masks.

      • Mark A Torres

        Agreed, hence why I haven’t bought anything as of yet… or ever…

  • Annie

    If they ever put horse mount or any types of animal mount, i’m gonna delete gw2. Broom and Carpet they are awesome. Plz don’t make gw2 like ugly WoW full of ugly mounts

    • fazee

      Typical crybaby guild wars 2 player crying about mounts, cry more baby. You’re the reason this game is failing Fk you.

      • Groot

        Go back to WoW and feed Blizzard with your money.

  • Krystal S. S.

    the only thing that looks great to have is the carpet, the eyes are just recolored from the red ones, and the cutting tool doesn’t interest me. if it’s around for the halloween event then i may buy the carpet. i haven’t logged in for so long, i’m just waiting for LS2 and holiday events. those are the only things worth logging into for gw2 at this point for me.

  • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

    The moment I have the carpet on, I just can’t help but feel like singing the entire OST of Aladdin. XD

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