SWTOR Each Class will get one unique story mission in the expansion

While most of the storyline in the new expansion will be identical for different classes, there will be one class story mission that is unique to each class.

Eric, with respect, could we get an answer on this, please? | 10.07.2014, 02:24 PM

Darth_Wicked, with respect, here is your answer (I am not sure why we are being so formal, but this is good fun).

For the most part, yes, what you will play is one singular storyline which is being told from two different sides, as player-characters of both factions have the same goals in the storyline (as in Forged Alliances). Additionally, each player class will be given one unique Class Story Mission as part of the storyline; these are entirely different from one another.


  • Axe

    Hmm. I wonder if this is like the intro quest for the new content (much like RotHC had a slightly different intros for each class) or if it will be a different conclusion. Hopefully the latter will be the case.

    • Vincera

      As there is one general story arc being told in the expansion, it may be that each class will have their unique story elements woven into one common conclusion.

      • Unoshi

        Idd, With each class achieving different goals and or ranks, it was a shame that it wasn’t really woven into the story. Just being noted or mentioned as wasn’t enough.

        • Vincera

          With such divergent stories and outcomes, it would be perhaps prohibitively difficult to reconcile in any other way than title mentions (Wrath, Master, Hunt Champion, etc.)

          • Unoshi

            No it would not i mean, certain characters achieve certain ranks,

            Like the Sith Inquisitor, when you first get that position. Mortis says whenever we have a Dark Council meeting we will call up on you. So far there have been a few and u never have been called up on. Just get the info from a quest giver.

            it was these type of things that needed to be handled differently imo. Might just be me but it would have touched these characters on a higher level. At least with 3.0 and the unique class story line, at least the one we are getting , hope that will work in that sort of way that is unique to the class, position and character, like the choices u made.

            • Vincera

              I think I understand, but what you’re suggesting seems like more effort than we’ve seen from the devs up to this point. Don’t mistake me, I’m not complaining about the volume or quality of content; the kind of tailored, class-specific stuff you’re talking about just seems deeper than the devs are willing to go based on what we’ve seen up to this point (RotHC and Forged Alliances included). Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

  • D


  • Seung Jun Justin Choi


  • Varnya

    …and this is how you win back your fan base – if you do it right. tho i doubt that “one unique Class Story Mission” will do the trick here.

  • Carl

    I hope it’s a unique interaction with Revan since KOTOR fan base is sort of what fired up SWTOR in the first place ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Areneth
    • Stanley White

      ^^^ROTFLMAO. this is the bioware that i missed. even thou it’s small, it’s better then nothing.

  • Stanley White

    if they did this the way at launch then i can say I’m really happy about this. even thou it’s 1 unique story line, it’s better then 0 unique story line and i don’t have to space bar with my other 4 toons thru it. personally i feel that no matter how many times bioware says they aren’t going to do something anymore and don’t look for it…it has a way of coming back again. I’m really interested to see how it goes as i know a lot of story lines had very different endings. this can even lead into more unique story lines if they did it right and have it flow.

  • Unoshi

    Yeah, i knew it!!! The mail you receive in Forge Alliance part III suggested as much. Specially the Sith Inquisitor one you receive from Spindral

  • Not bad! Let’s hope those quest are worthy for all classes

    And I mean, HELL BOY, they made at least somehting about it

    Well, thanks A LOT Bioware, we know is so heavy to make eight whole different storylines in this rate of time and even for only five levels, but now that’s something cool you did it there!

    Thanks again a lot, ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Vincera

    So what I’m sensing here is more Revan = happier players.

    Am I the only one who was cool with Revan’s ambiguous end and quiet retirement?

  • RhAdE

    8 unique story missions vs a whole complete story arc of a single faction. Hmm these missions better be kewl as…

    • It’s 8 unique story missions as well as a complete faction story arc (or rather a common story arc with faction-specific angle).

    • Areneth

      8 story missions and 2 faction arcs

    *Head explodes*

    • principat

      Mission, not missions

      • Bionickai

        To people with more than character, the term would still be ‘missions’.

  • KShrike

    I’m so excited for this patch, oh my gosh! <3 <3 <3

    That's why they're doing the 12x XP boost for subs who preordered, so we can get our alts to max level.

  • Guest

    Can’t they tell how much we want this? Why not at least invest in the idea of separate campaigns entirely! Maybe next time…

    • Malcolm Swoboda


    • Vicariousfan

      cost probably. This is probably testing the waters. They know how well the Makeb expansion did with out adding class stories so if they invest a lot of time and money to make a bunch of class stories and it only does as well as Makeb well then it was a waste.

      So if they only add 1 story quest per class which is going to increase the cost but thats probably why they are charging 19.99 instead of 9.99 this time, they can see how big of an impact it makes.

      If it does well they can look at making a full expansion with more class stories.

      Taking a look off of the internet buzz from this expansion compared to Makeb I would say its a hit already.

    • Unoshi

      pretty much this

      “Will class quests be structured more like 3.0 class quests from now on?

      They want to include as much class stuff as they can, and 3.0 is a testing ground to see our reactions and whether we like it. They wonโ€™t be doing full storylines like pre-50 stuff but they do want to include more of it in the future.”

  • Las.

    I have never wanted to play this game more

    • Darth Nitram

      I know, first the second expansion for STO comes out, now this! Time to get my geek on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8theistic pundit

    Lol, it seems more and more likely that the rumored leak was true.

    • gjjjk

      What leak? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 8theistic pundit

        There was a purported leak by a bioware employee detailing future events in game, a few months ago.

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