SWTOR Galactic Starfighter changes in 3.0

While there won’t be any new maps or new ships for Galactic Starfighter in 3.0, requisition will be getting a major boost to make it easier to acquire.

Galactic Starfighter changes in 3.0? | 10.08.2014, 09:01 AM

Howdy Space Jockeys! I wanted to pop in and let y’all know that there aren’t going to be any new maps or ships for GSF in 3.0. However, we are making a change to the Requisition curve in that all the Requisition rewards are getting a permanent boost. Remember though (because Musco would kill me if I didn’t say this) that this change is subject to testing and not final in any way. Here is a list of the changes for the Requisition that are going into 3.0 as of right now:
Fleet and Ship Requisition Increased
In-Match Reward Calculations

  • Fleet Requisition Multiplier increased by 50% (0.1->0.15)
  • Requisition Objective Control Attacking Multiplier increased by 50% (60->90)
  • Requisition Objective Control Defense Multiplier increased by 50% (0.2->0.3)
  • Requisition Objective Destroy Defense Multiplier increased by 50% (0.3->0.4)
  • Requisition Participation Multiplier increased by 50% (0.15->0.2)

Quest Rewards

  • Major Fleet Requisition Grant increased by 400% (1000->5000)
  • Fleet Requisition Grant increased by 25% (500->625)
  • Minor Fleet Requisition Grant increased by ~25% (250->313)
  • Major Ship Requisition Grant increased by 25% (2500->3125)
  • Minor Ship Requisition Grant increased by ~25% (750->938)

The reason we wanted to do this adjustment to Requisition Gain is we found while playing and sifting through the data that the ramp up time for new and moderate GSF players was taking too long and those players couldn’t match up against veterans most of the time, despite skill level. So we wanted to get players into the meaty part of the leveling curve and into a ship they really wanted to play faster. So with this goal in mind, after finishing the introduction quest players will be granted enough Fleet Requisition to purchase any ship (not the Cartel Market ones though) they’d like. In addition to aid experienced players, daily, weekly and, in-match objectives now give greater requisition rewards so players at any point in the level curve can move along it at quicker pace. For the hardcore GSF players the goal is that this change will increase the amount of players sticking to GSF and thus increase the queue pool. More matches and more bogies to take out!

While we are excited about this change we want to do additional GSF content and balancing (we’ve been reading the GSF forum every week gathering feedback on what y’all want to see) but there is no timetable currently.
We hope everyone enjoys these requisition changes and it makes GSF overall more enjoyable from the player just getting their wings to the battle scarred Aces. Looking forward to y’alls feedback! Cheers!

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53 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Starfighter changes in 3.0”

Don’t tell me that they gonna add maps for GSF instead of land pvp… If so… Well… We can’t do anything with it.

From the 2nd sentence of the post:

“I wanted to pop in and let y’all know that there aren’t going to be any new maps or ships for GSF in 3.0.”

More importantly, it needs rewards outside of the side-game. The big reason nobody plays it, despite it being enjoyable, is because of how it’s effectively an isolated game of its own, with little in the way of rewards outside the scope of Requisition.

Currently, there are ship parts, armor skins, crafting materials, decorations, and credits that are rewarded from GSF besides Requisition.

What else should be rewarded, besides some vanity pets and mounts? I do not think that PvE gear or ground PvP gear should come from doing space missions: they should only be earned from doing PvE and ground PvP.

Uh… no? The *very small* amount of credits, yes. But there is no other direct reward from GSF. The daily & weekly quest give an extraordinarily small number of Fleet Commendations, so few that anyone actually attempting to get them will do Space Missions instead of GSF. And “doing the daily” is not encouragement to play GSF; it’s encouragement to play 1-2 matches max. PvP, you can invest hours into and continue to get rewards; GSF, however, nope.

In GSF you get both ship and fleet requisition plus credits after every match you play, so how it is different than PVP where “you can invest hours into and continue to get rewards.”?

Furniture for Strongholds seem to come to mind, but you already mentioned that. Still, even with all that, I just can’t seem to hit that GSF button.

Um, how about some pets and mounts? Just as you suggested. And they could add decorations and increase the credits so it’s actually worth it to do for credits.

If you recall, the devs originally stated that they wanted GSF to be a standalone game-mode, away from the rest of tor (In an attempt to lure non-MMO players). It why, unlike all other pvp, you can start from level 1. Pretty sure none of the pvp quests start until 10, but thats why the rewards are so loopy. Its so they don’t ‘force’ people who don’t want to MMO to play.

And yes, its ass backwards.

The only way I can see a ranked system having any kind of success is if they put the resources into figuring out how to make cross-server queuing work. If, and only if, they ever decide to do that would a ranked GSF system work. And ranked PVP will continue to die on most servers until cross-server is implemented.

dude, the last content GSF was promised got CANCELED. has BW ever CANCELED announced content for regular PVP?

You are totally right: the only content regular PvP got since 2.0 is one(!) new map so you cannot cancel if you don’t do stuff in the first place

They don’t even need to provide gamepad support for the rest of the game, JUST GSF. You don’t fly real planes with mice and keyboards, why would you fly any other 3d sim without at least one joystick? Major over-look that feels just plain ignored.

You don’t fight with real sabers and guns using keyboards and mice either. I don’t see how anymore expect to be able to aim as fast and precise with a joystick as you can with a mouse.

I’d be cool with holding a gamepad with my left hand (analog stick for movement) and still using the mouse in my right hand (aim/shoot).

Actually War Thunder, the top online WWII air plane sim is mostly played with keyboard and mouse, same with the vastly inferior World of War Planes.
So yeah, you do fly “real planes” with mice and keyboards.
Heck most space sims use it even when gamepads/joysticks are available because it’s much more accurate, be it for aiming or doing precise manoeuvers.

Keyboard+mouse is so much more accurate/appropriate for the flight model chosen that you’d stop thinking about it after game or two with pad.

My friend plays with a gamepad and he is one of the best GSF players on our server.

Well, I should say “half” a gamepad. He has one hand on the mouse and the other hand on the pad.

Despite what people think, it would be incredibly hard to play GSF with a gamepad or a joystick just because of the way the targeting controls work. You’re not in direct control of steering your ship, you’re ship is following your cursor. So you’d lose A LOT of responsiveness in your ship if you tried to steer with a gamepad or a joystick.

I like GSF. Me, friends, and this guild I’m in on Ebon Hawk queue for it regularly. Improved effects and graphics would be nice. Maybe some epic Star Wars sound effects when you fire blasters or shoot missiles would be super fun. And a base (or carrier ship, space station, etc.) attack vs defence map – like Voidstar or Episode I – would be a great addition.

wait so you’re just an ebon hawk shitter

Do everyone a fucking favour and STFU you and your annoying comments suck almost as bad as you Nigger

Not sure why BW is ignoring PVP (warzones and GSF) for 3.0. They should at least throw in one new map for each. That really wouldn’t require that much effort. 3.1 or whatever should bring a new ship type, and at the very least another GSF and warzone map. Hopefully BW isn’t asleep at the wheel for 2015 like they were for ALL of 2014 as far as content goes. They’re already setting the year up to be shitty again by not announcing any timetable for these things.

Come on already! You guys could actually make (more) money off of GSF is you put a little bit of effort into rewards, maps and ships. I’m getting bored with domination and especially with deathmatch. It’s just not very creative or fun to kill 50. Do SOMETHING. Announce a content schedule for these things. Yeesh. Do I need to come over there and do your jobs for you?

While I don’t disagree they should put more effort into it (particularly on the rewards side), what is it you’re looking for in a new map? Would you be happy with just another huttball or arena with new textures, or would you rather hold out for something that has new mechanics?

For a warzone? I’ve not thought much about what type I’d like to see but I’m sure there have been many ideas put out there on the official forums by other people. One idea I’d like to see is a new map variation of the voidstar where both teams place bombs on doors at the same time, and both have to prevent the other team from placing theirs at the same time rather than the current attack/defend phase model.

I would love BW to get behind the GSF mechanic and possibly incorporate it with guild Flagships that allow for Epic space battles. I must admit the originally planned Inflitrator class could be a bit OP if done incorrectly although it has great potential. as for the choice of maps and game types it is rather pathetic the “variety” they have implemented. What GSF really needs is a multutude of game types that keep the queue interesting ie. CTF, Assault maps where certain objectives must be obtained ie Voidstar style. Simply leaving it with a TDM and DOM is wasted potential

Really BW?? WE need you to focus allot more on GSF. It is not getting productive results like I thought. For GSF we need new game modes besides TDM and Domination, a new ship role the Infiltrator’s, better mechanics on the gameplay, and more more effort. The rewards is just a little beginning, it will not bring that many back to GSF, even though I love GSF.

They are redesigning the whole skill tree system to better balance the classes while GSF gets a band-aid solution with no real content added in sight.
The “actual” PvP is getting way more focus then GSF ever did or will, Hell it’s been months since a dev so much as posted on GSF forums and we have a plethoria of bugs and changes to components with no notes anywhere as to why and the devs no longer answer us…
GSF needs more stuff, ground PvP is an utopian paradise in comparison.

so they should ignore making a tweek however minor to one niche part of the game to focus on ANOTHER Niche part of the game?

I’ve come to consider GSF best part of the game.
I do less and less normal PvP and don’t even want to think about touching the depressing PvE content. I’ve played terrifying amount of GSF matches. Still love each and every one of them.

It saddens me how utterly irrelevant nothingness like the new FP gets the budget and devving hours, while GSF needs to make due with 0.1 devs looking at it every other sunday.

There is literally nothing to the new FPs. There is no game to play in them.
GSF on the other hand remains reasonably unique in world of MMOs and even in PC gaming in general. It works. It is awesome. It needs more love. More attention. Does it get love? Nop.

Yes, GSF seriously needs so much attention, but also PvE since its losing interest on other subscribers, excluding me. That is why the next expansion they included two new planets, four operations, and two new flashpoints. PvP overall is not getting enough attention as it needs to for the past months that new patches have pass by. Yes, GSF is supremely unique among all pvp modes in the MMORPG genre simply because of the 3D mechanics and a new type of world environment to explore on.

More of a bandaid than a proper solution – you’re still going to get crushed for quite a while if you’re just starting out – but this is pretty nice nontheless.

You still get killed in ground pvp if you go in there without pvp gear when you start gearing.

This will make the “ship grind” easier to go through.

Damn, I was hoping that we would get some optional changes to the controls. I still hate the way you have to fly the damn ships.

I’ve played enough that it’s no longer an issue, but the fact your ship moves forward on it’s own is *very* counter intuitive.

You do realise of course that it is moving forward on “it’s own” because the Throttle is set to a default speed and that by pressing ‘X’ you kill the throttle and become motionless?

Yes, I have over a thousand matches I know how GSF works.

Which doesn’t make it any less counter intuitive, usually in space combat games you can set your speed with an energy capacitor of sorts.

In GSF, the difference between full throttle and standard speed is so minimal that many don’t even bother to “speed up”, Specially since boosting set your speed to max anyway.

Which makes for ships that constantly move forward at a set pace, rather then moving at a variable speeds.

You can slow down and stop your ship, you know. And pressing W makes you go faster without using boost. I think you need to get a better grasp of the game mechanics before you whine.

“You can slow down and stop your ship, you know. And pressing W makes you go faster without using boost. I think you need to get a better grasp of the game mechanics before you whine.”
A. Not whining, just pointing out a fact: most new players don’t even understand how to move forward, since they are used to having to do something, like set a speed or hold down a buton for theirs ships to move.
B. We have a speed capacitor, which usually means we can set our speed like in Star Conflict, Eve Online, Starfleet Commands and so on, but in GSF we basically have 3 speeds outside of boosting: standard, fast or slow with emergency stop.
What I’m getting at is that GSF ships don’t use speed like ships in most space sim games, they fly like *cars*, clunky cars too since you need to hold down your shift gear to go at different paces.
I say it’s counter intuitive, because space sim games have a wide variaty of speeds, not 3 and were not stuck on *drive* by default.

OK, I can understand that introducing a new kind of ship is a lot of work, because of all the rebalancing that has to be done. But adding a new map shouldn’t be that difficult. The maps are small and easy to make…

Also, I understand that they don’t want to spend resources on designing a real tutorial, but how about at least letting us play the current BS tutorial with any kind of ship, instead of just scout?

Increased requisition doesn’t concern me. I play only gunship (can’t control the other ships) and it is already maxed out and specced the way I want it, so I have no use of requisition anyway. I have already more than 250k ship requisition accumulated…

The changes to requisition gains is for the people who really like the concept of GSF and want to get more out of the game versus being a target for first 50 or so matches. And yes the tutorial should let you experiment with all the ships, as they all play different, but I think they generalize it just to show you the basics of flight and targeting and leave it up to the player to discover the rest.

As far as new maps, the same could be said for warzones. Everything doesn’t have to have it’s own special dynamic; we just want different shit to look at with the same mechanics somewhat, like they did with the Huttball map. It’s still Huttball, but you have to navigate the map differently.

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