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SWTOR Disciplines Calculator built by swtor_miner. This calculator is currently updated for Patch 5.5.

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Oh I know :), but you’ve faithfully kept updating this incredible site for us players and have truly stood the test of time as the game has evolved. THAT is worth of some praise!

That ‘image’ you see above – it’s a magical image. You can click on it and it does magic, and will change depending on where you click.

and mostly lightning sorc if I am correct? From what I saw some of the base skills in corruption don’t make much sense.

For example the ones scaling with skill points invested(o.O)

They went quickly over the Corruption skills and just gave us the names of most of them. These names match up to current skills in the Corruption tree. Not sure how strong they will be though.

Given that it’s not in the tree, but mentioned by abilities, it seems it’s not a baseline Sorcerer ability available to all 3 specs.

and all classes will get that, you will be able to use perks from other trees now. for example in pvp healers sorcs/sages will be able to use perks that will significantly reduse dmg dealt to them 😀 i <3 those changes.

is the force leech description wrong? Isn’t that a description of a current madness skill? I thought force leech was suppose to heal you or something like that?

It gives a buff to Crushing Darkness, increases Alacrity by 1%, and has a couple of other buffs to it in the tree. It also has a longer cooldown.

Looks like Lightning Flash will be used rotationally, while Shock should only be used in a couple of situations.

looks like sage will become even more similar to priest in wow, and im damn happy about it :> that single target dps that heals himself from doing dps was ridiculus 😀

I think I’m missing something here with Force Mobility. It says Force Leech can be used while moving but isn’t that a passive ability from FL and LS. Did they mean FL and LS can now be used on the run?

Life leach is the new 41 madness spell. Deals x amount of damage. 1.5 sec cast, 50 percent of damage done heals the sorc. There’s also a talent which bumps it up to 100 percent of damage dealt heals the sorc.

Well, maybe i’m wrong, but these changes makes Madness just useless. They significantly reduced every damage buffs this spec have now, some of them removed completely.
Need to use 4 stacks of Wrath + loss of Alacrity form Focal Lightning + loss of buff for Force Lighning from Creeping Terror = extreme loss in dps
If now, in current gear (half Dread Master’s), i get 4300 dps on dummy, with these changes it will hardly hit even 4000 dps.
Of course, there is still an unknown set bonus, but i heavily dobt that it’ll give buff comparable with losses.

It is just possible that everyone does less damage since we haven’t seen anything else yet. Also you musn’t forget that you also will level and get new gear. It’s a bit early to start complaining about DPS numbers.

I did mention both gear and unknown set bonus)
About everyone – well, Lightning didnt loss anything important, and gained Focal Lightning form Madness.
Still, you’re right – it’s a bit early to complain. After all, we’ll see everything soon enough.

Not only gear.
1) some of the skills are obviously incorrect or deduced from clues but are not even close to being accurate to what they are currently in the developer’s build
2) devs said some of the passives have been moved out of the disciplines and as normal passives
3) damage numbers will most likely be tweaked
4) things will be getting balanced including the changes to combat and defensives and all. And this will continue after launch of 3.0 for sure.
5) “I do 4300 on dummy now I won’t do 4000” don’t let me get started on how ignorant and whiny this statement is…

Don’t wanna insult you but people on the internet should really start getting in touch with reality …

Demolish. Demolish makes it up all. 5% vulnerability will give you all dmg lost. hoever this tree will have even more stable dps and will be even easier to understand

Spec lost 25% damage boost for Force lightning, now have 10% (down from 20%) bonus damage from dots due Death Mark, have 25% (down from 35%) damage bonus for Lightning Strike and Crushing Darkness/Demolish from Wrath, completely lost its Alacrity bonuses, and gained need to take 4 stacks of Wrath instead of 3 (more casting time for considerably less damage)
5% isnt enough to cover this, not at all. I’m not saying that spec do not need some nerfing, but this little bit too much.
Maybe i’m wrong, thou

Let’s suppose you are right, and your dps, because of all those changes, drops (with a level 55 gear and in level 55) to 3900. The increase in 5% from Demolish would bring your dps back to 4095, which seems fair, considering your main skill (death field) hits 8 targets and renew your dots. Maybe lightning will be the best tree again for single target, while madness will pull some big numbers in fights with adds.

Additional bugs, if/when you have time to clean it up a bit:

• Discipline passive/active description text is simply cut off prematurely in several instances, sorta like th

• Reverberating Force is without a description

• Typo in Pestilence (passive) ‘daamge’. Also, can I point out that this passive is *INCREDIBLY* overpowered?

• Inconsistent naming of Force Leech/Leach throughout the Madness discipline.

“Also, can I point out that this passive is *INCREDIBLY* overpowered?”
Lightning have the same effect in Forked Lightning passive, and, i suppose, other classes will get similar effects.

I think these are just the skills that are spec-specific.
All the skills that all sorcs have aren’t listed in the discipline path

>Will there be other abilities outside of skill tree? Like 51 lvl barrier?

Yes: these are just the spec specific abilities. Also on that note, Dark Infusion / Deliverance is now a heal spec only ability, while Resurgence / Rejuvenate will be available to all Sorcs / Sages now.

>Also… There are skills not in order.

If you follow the path, this will be the order of skills when 3.0 hits. It follows a snaking path.

>Some levels are missing.

Yes, some levels do not get skills anymore. BioWare stated this in their blog on how skill trees / Disciplines will work in 3.0:

Kind of pointless to give the lightning tree a passive buff to force storm at level 16 when the ability is not granted until level 34. I thought part of the goal of disciplines was to provide more meaningful upgrades along the way.


They should that skill to level 36. The current level 36 skill of Convection could move to level 32 and then move Lightning Swarm to level 16. Or just switch the level 36 and level 16 skills.

Note that they said multiple times that this is not the final version of the Discipline trees.

So max I can have utility I can have are
2 max 2 heroic 3 skillfull
4 heroic 3 skillfull
7 skillfull

I think that if you’re a PvE healer your utility choices aren’t really choices. There’s only really one sensible group of utilities, so it doesn’t really feel like a choice to me.

Certainly for the majority of SM/HM boss fights yes, however for NiM content it will be invaluable to have the freedom to now be able to have access to utility skills which we previously locked into Lightning/Madness. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what mechanics the new ops bring!

His point is that while having access to all utility skills from any spec is nice, there is really only an illusion of choice. Every spec will choose the utilities most suited to that spec and role they’re performing. So not only do you not make any choices when you level up anymore, but you also don’t really make any choices among utilities as well, since choosing anything but the most optimal set of utilities for your spec and content choice (PVE or PVP) would only mean gimping yourself, and not giving you viable alternative builds.

Which is no different to what we have now. Except with the new discipline system you have access to all your advanced class’s trees’ utility talents, not just the ones you can afford to take on the periphery of the build you’re currently spec’d into. Big bonus for me as I like to respec between fights where it’s beneficial.

It’s true that right now we also really have an illusion of choice. It’s inherent in any system that thinks it needs to combine pvp and pve. I am not against the new set up. I think it’s easier especially for people who respec a lot. But it is a shame that this opportunity was not taken to give people a bit more choice, so I am with Okamakiri on this. If anything the new layout only emphasizes that lack of real choice. It won’t stop me playing but I do feel it’s a missed opportunity.

so… just like before ? Where cookie cutter skill-picks were the bread and butter for hc/nim play ? Where you had to pick some skills just to make up the points to get to the next tier ?
I do miss the still-existant chance to go hybrid, though

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s an illusion of choice. Since they’re overhauling the system anyway, they could’ve done a better job with a bigger selection of utilities (none of them are even usable, they’re all passives). Right now it feels very generic and lazy.

All are useful as a DPS.

I will likely take Emersion for the root/snare breaker and Corrupted Flesh for the DOT damage decrease. Might take Lightning Barrier instead of Corrupted Flesh for PUG groups or solo play.

Lightning bolt level 57? Wat? Wasn’t that the bread and butter ability of lightning sorcs when levelling?
Edit: Wait, is that supposed to replace Lightning Strike?

How do you mean replaced? DO you mean you can still use Lightning strike but the cooldown between that and bolt is shared and the latter is actually better?

Thanks, that’s a relief; I really dread to think that once you get an ability it would actually drop an old one from your abilities list permanently.

so we’ll have to spend:
for skillful 2/3 points for PVE dps, 2 for healer and 2/3 for PVP
for masterful 0 for PVE, 1 for healer and 6 for PVP
for heroic 1 for PVE, 0 for healer and 6 for PVP

I’m the only one thinking there something really wrong with this system?

I just sent off some fixes. Hopefully they’ll fix all the tooltip and most of the description issues. Since I crowd-sourced the data, I have added an “Unconfirmed” tag to any data I have not personally confirmed.

Hopefully, I’ll get some more time this week to re-watch the stream.

the only thing in this i see as awsome / handy will be the roaming mend ability it reminds me of the ability from mistweaver monks in WoW

That “Haunted Dreams” stuff may come in handy when you have that kind of guy in your raid sho seems to love breacking all CCs his eyes enter contact with.

sadness.. most of the healing utility got moved to general utilities.. now I miss out on a couple really wanted utilities while I get stuck with useless stuff like Reverse Corruptions -_-

I have yes, and the boost it gives you has very limited usefulness imo
I see most healing sorc choose for 1% more crit instead if that.. making it sort off useless 🙂

I find this new system simpler yet allowing more flexibility. With a few basic choices you open up a world of possibilities. However, I will wait until Dec until before I confirm my faith or hang upon the tree of woe.

I see every one gonna have the same build now, short of Utility skills, and how some of these utilty skills have been reduced in effectiveness too

Did I have a migraine induced hallucination or were all the disciplines posted to this calculator last night and then removed?

Yeah, that was a bug.

The calculator has all the current data. Though due to some kind of request(?) from Bioware (not sure of the details). The non-streamed Advanced Classes are hidden.

BW can suck it, they’re delusional if they think they can put a lid on this. Guess I’ll go find an updated calc on reddit 😛

I was browsing through this while the unofficial data was up and something weird stuck out at me. Ataru form for one of the Marauder paths was at level 10 (seems reasonable) but Shien form for one of the Juggernaut paths was at level 41 (what?). I’m assuming this must have been an error. Currently, both stances are picked up in the 3rd tier of their trees (level 20-something).

That isn’t a typo. Juggs do get Shien form at lv 41. This is what the datamined files say. An unstoppable comes a bit later (lv 44).

I get that that’s what the datamined info says. That’s what I was referring to. The point is that it makes no sense at all. It makes sense to drop that in early on that one Juggernaut path like they’re doing with Ataru for the one Marauder path. It does not make sense that someone leveling down that path could spend a large portion of their time without access to that stance.

Why Shien moved to 41? What’s the logic behind such a move?

I mean at 3.x they’ll move every ability other than basic attack to lvl 60 if they continue in this vein…

So… What do we have here:
1. CT and Aff heals for 25% of damage.
2. AoE spread CT and Aff.
3. AoE slow for 30% (from passive Conspiring Force).
4. Healing from DF
5. Healing from Force leech.

BW, you’v got to be kidding me…

DF already heals…
These changes aren’t that drastic, other than not being able to dual spec. The only thing that actually upsets me is that they aren’t allowing a dual spec, takes away from the customization of a class. It’s pretty much what wow did and just dumbs it down for people that have no idea how to use talent points to make a spec. Some of the changes are nice though.
But what you are complaining about is just straight up stupid..

3 heals and all of them coming from CORE ROTATION. And those heals coming not from crits – FROM REGULAR TICKS.
Yeah… Totally balanced…
How do you think people in PVP will react on this overpowered self-healing-DoT-spreading-AoE-slowing machine of death?
Be careful when calling someone thoughts stupid. Especially if you are not able to feel balance between things.

I just had to jump in here when I read this. You have not probably seen the changes coming to all other classes as well. The devs stated during the livestream that people would be screaming OP about sorcs UNTIL they saw all the other changes for all the other classes as well. Do you even watch the dev streams?

Don’t forget about the self heal that all Sorcs have and also the impenetrable Force Barrier Heal Utility (no longer limited to Corruption tree. Ultimate survivability 🙁

I really wish they wouldn’t call these things “calculators”. They don’t calculate anything. If they showed you your stats and how they change as you pick a skill or ability, that would be one thing. If they showed you how they cause procs or debuffs on the fly, that would be another. How about calculating how they affect cool downs in real time and testing rotations? I would call this thing a discipline interface simulator. That’s all it is doing is copying the discipline system so you don’t have to be in-game to use it.

Hey Dulfy,

When you click on the republic icon in the calculator above, then you can see all the disciplines for scoundrels. I’m pretty sure this is not intended since that stuff is still under NDA (Even though, most of it has already been posted in the forums).

After clicking the Pub icon, you have to switch the discipline below. Abilities will update then. And when you click on “Discipline” tab above, you can see the whole scoundrel tree.

Good Grief!!! With all the perks Madness Sorcs are getting in 3.0 they will practically be indistructable. Force leech, Death field, both buffed insanely by parasitic which causes it to heal even more (near 100% of damage dealt) and pestilence which spreads the wealth causing even more healz. On top of that u get Demolish which hits harder than crushing darkness and procs instantly with madness force lightning, your force barrier and the utility to have that heal you (no longer limited to corruption tree)……..Ladies and Gents welcome to the new Ultimate Power in the Galaxy!!! It will be interesting to use and ridiculous to fight against. Sorcs OP to the max once again. It will be interesting to see how BW balances this one out.

So with changes in mind and the fact that u get 3 skillful 2 masterful and 2 heroic utility’s here is my ultimate survivability madness sorc spec: force suffusion (overload healz) empty body (increase healz to u by 10%), tempest mastery (force storm damage up 10%), Emersion (force speed stun break) Dark resilience (consumption health drain down self heal buff), Force mobility (moving cast force leech), and finally, Corrupted Barrier (Force barrier, static barrier, enduring bastion self heal) ULTIMATE SURVIVABILITY plus great DPS thx BioWare you’ve just made me an unkillable beast!

So can someone correct me if I’m wrong, but is the scoundrel calc saying that scoundrels are losing slow-release medpac? The class’s signature move?

On the SWTOR subreddit dataminers have been posting the changes brought by 3.0 for a while now.

Like Lirel said, Slow-Release Medpacks will become available to all Scoundrels, but only Sawbones gets Underworld Medicine. Kolto Cloud, Emergency Medpack and the new Kolto Waves will still be exclusive to the Sawbones discipline. Not sure about the last one’s name though, as my source only lists Imp side classes. If you want to spoil yourself further, go ahead:–XbL6uY8BBBP-xEVFXoNjg/pubhtml

Keep in mind 3.0 is still in PTS phase and much of this may change. That list is also somewhat expired as BW has already implemented some additional changes based on PTS feedback, but it gives a good picture of what the classes are going to be like.

Thanks so much for that spreadsheet, been having questions about the classes that were driving me insane.
Also, is it just me, or does this make it look like they made every class into Dotsmashes except a few?

Currently that is a main concern for PVP. Not that they are dotsmashes (a different principle), but the dot upkeep for multiple enemies is being made way too easy. In short, all specs with considerable dots (except for Anni/Watchman and Conc/Scrapper) will be spreading at least one of their dots with one of their AOE attacks.

In the stream the developers claimed the changes in the combat mechanics were to keep dot specs viable, even though they constantly deal top damage in WZs (sans Arenas i think). Now that all player dots become uncleansable (Op/Sco and Sin/Shad can still cleanse themselves) and most dot specs have the ability to spread their best dots around, I share the fear that dot specs become OP to the max.

Personally I like dot specs, in PVP and PVE. Still, giving them such tools is likely to cause uproar, which in turn could lead to the devs changing their playstyle in a wrong way.

OMG why they put “Prototype Particle Accelerator” to advanced prototype “tree” ? 🙁 ope, thats a mistake, because mercenary have it still on “Innovate Ordnance” (pyrotech)
anyway thanks for the post 🙂

Not a mistake.
Isn’t it weird how Advanced Prototype uses more and stronger fire related abilities in its rotation than fricking PYROtech?
I can see why they’d revamp the Powertech damage disciplines to balance out the dps between them.

Slow-release medpacs are now a advance class thing.Underworld medicine will be a healer only thing now making it so dps can’t grant themselves upper hand by healing while in combat.

It’s still the same shit abilities we currently have for lethality. Not sure why they talk about a new dynamic using the same old ability times,CD, and %. This will not put Snipers in a even playing field as other dps classes’s damage potential/output (Sins and Sorcs, easily hitting 2400 dps, after madness changes). Sigh, I’ll wait to see how this turns out before I come back to game. This new expansion doesn’t make me want to grab my wallet.

Revivication 3s cast now? Recklessnes no longer resets cd on Polarity Shift? I rly hope that this Roaming Mend does atleat as much heal as dark infusion or its a crap D:

I paused at the moment when they showed the lethality discipline o virulence or whatever and looked at the utilities and saw the Snap Shot, Ballistic Dampers, and Cover Screen icons so does that mean those aren’t restricted to Marksmanship once 3.0 hits?

where are you getting that from? This is Sniper (Virulence) and Sorcerer disciplines. Shien ain’t on there. And from what I can tell I can imagine Shien form coming at lvl 10 like the rest of the now lvl-20 abilties in skill trees

Oh my bad, thank for sharing that tho, very helpful! And VERY surprising too. Ambush is restricted to Marksmanship now? wtf?

I think Shatter and Shien should both be lvl 10, at the very last Shien should be, Vengeance spec is going to be useless from 40 lower without it.

As for ambush, it’s really just a filler for Engineering and Lethality now, with Marksmanship it’s necessary; come 3.0, it’ll still be intrinstic to the MMS spec, hence it being made specifically for that discipline.

The core mechanic of Vengeance now seems to be AoE DoTs. You get your major tree DoT (shatter) right away now and shortly after get Bloodbath which lets you spread your DoTs.

Straight single saber damage is no longer buffed at the bottom level making single-target less practical early on. This should be nasty with Vette and her grenades and you’ll still get ravage buffs early enough that you can use it as your finisher.

You’ll no longer have to combo shatter/impale to cooldown Ravage either. It works straight off shatter, which ought to be nice as you’ll refresh your DoT and get ravage with one button.

One thing really puzzles me, why remove armour reduction from soresu sundering assault, and from soresu crushing fist utility?
These so-called reforms smack of pvp, slowing targets is unlikely to be anything other than a pvp-oriented manouevre. But then, aegis assault replaces SA for Immortal.

Many dps classes now have an attack that reduces armor rating (eg. Proto PT and Deception Sin), so you’d have to get somewhat unlucky to not get a group that can’t reduce armor. Granted, it will make leveling as a tank a bit trickier. At least your Retaliation is now always free and Smash is a lot more powerful and cheaper.

I also agree that these changes reek of their current stance on PvP. They really want to buff dot specs in PvP with 3.0, and since most dots bypass armor by being internal or elemental damage, making armor reduction a single target thing hampers non-dot classes trying to AoE enemies.

My only real concern is shien at 41 and not 10 (like Ataru for carnage, and surging charge and any other form/technique you only get if you pick the discipline that has it), at the very most it should appear no later than 26. But for it to appear at 41 says it’s so useless a form it shouldn’t even be in the game, that’s the message that’s being sent.

6% damage buff, 15% combat movement speed buff and better Rage management is useless? That’s the message you choose to take from this?

The only thing you lose when switching from Shii-Cho to Shien is 3% damage reduction, and Veng still gets the +5% reduction from the passive skill (additional +15% during Endure Pain), so the loss still isn’t that big. Running Shii-Cho with the Veng discipline could be an asset if you’d want that tiny bit more survivability in exchange for less damage, less movement and less management (not to mention losing Unstoppable), but I doubt it.

The reason (I believe) behind the different treatment Veng is getting compared to other unique stance disciplines is that it functions differently. It gets so many dots that it’s great to be able the spread them early on. Gives Veng slightly more AOE capability and it desperately needed it. I mean, you wouldn’t want EVERY unique stance discipline to operate in the same pattern, would you?

And how many ‘only real concerns’ do you still have?

How many I have shouldn’t concern you, after all, who’s counting?

If you took a proper interpretation of what I said you’d realise that BW putting Shien at 41 means that for a significant part of progression the stance is unavailable, if they really thought it worth anything they’d put it at 10 or at MOST 26 (2nd tier unique ability lvl), just like surging charge and ataru (both at 10). Just so you understand, by putting it at 41 it’s BW development sending the message that such a form is so worthless that we’re putting it at a high level where you’ll probably forget to activate it, anyway.

And just in case you need it again, my point is I don’t think Shien is worthless in the least, hence my objection to it being made available so late in the piece; I think it pays to be consistent, to start as you mean to go on and it’s about time BW broke their Omerta and told us their reasoning for treating Vengeance/Vigilance differently.

That’s quite a logical reach.

Shien doesn’t function like Surging or Ataru and it doesn’t have to. Deception and Carnage need their form procs to function properly as their rotations even early on are quite useless without procs, while Shien is a static buff and QoL boon. Shien isn’t better or worse than the other two, it’s just different. And therefore it makes sense to treat it differently.

Also, many disciplines get their haymaker at 41. Shien is granted at 41. But Shien is useless, so Annihilate, Force Crush, Immolate, Plasma Probe, Kolto Shell and Oil Slick are useless? Because after 40 everyone stops caring about their trees? I just don’t see your reasoning for late tree skills being useless.

You also get notification hovertext about new skills and abilities granted by your discipline tree as you level up so if you manage to miss that and don’t check your tree frequently, then it’s really not the developers’ job to spoonfeed you on how to play your class.

Vengeance in 3.0 receives huge boosts early on and smaller ones later, while many other dps disciplines are more evenly spread. Personally I think this is great, as Vengeance currently has practically nothing going for it damage-wise early on.

Maybe it’s just my experience of shien, when I got it at lvl 20 for the first time I noticed quite the difference right away, plus the 1 rage refund made things alot easier, I found so overall, the dps I found to be good earlier on, but then maybe you don’t over-level like I do.

Taking that away is only going to make things harder, and that’s even with enrage borne in mind. I’d dearly love to know why BW moved it from the first to the third tier, why the hell did they think such a drastic change was necessary?

But then it’s okay for them, we’re the actual players.

There’s no real unique oomph to early Vengeance now, just a QoL improvement, and even that comes at 20. Nine levels of insignificance and no real identity followed by a Rage refund can be quite a downer. Vengeance in low level PvP has nothing going for it sans Unremitting, nothing to really outshine other dps classes.

With 3.0, developers want to enhance early experience without creating hybrid builds or OP endgame specs. Venge is among the specs that need this the most (another being AP PT) and so far it’s looking damn impressive.

An expansion of this magnitude is bound to have problems early on (especially without open public testing) and surely devs will be watching Twitter, Reddit, forums and whatnot closely and balancing the disciplines throughout December. Possibly by January we’ll have a stable balanced run.

If 3.0 sucks, they’d better start doing something in favour of pvers.

Any dps nerfs can only be to suck up to hardcore pvp meth heads…

The pre-order was a classic bait-and-switch designed to suck in pvers, and them screw them over royally in favour of pvp junkies, who are the most misanthropic of specimens it’s ever been my misfortune to encounter.

I’m not saying 3.0 doesn’t have its good points, but I’ve yet to discover for myself what they are, plus emptying the mind of pve concerns during development (a not inconsiderable segment of players btw) is nothing short of a bit off.

Quite the attitude you got there against the PvP community. I’m more of a PvE person, but I do my share of PvPing too.

PvPers aren’t exactly thrilled that an expansion of this size brings no new PvP maps (arena or even GSF) and no new PvP set bonuses. Instead PvP is likely to be horribly imbalanced early on due to the sheer amount of buffing dot disciplines are getting and other mechanics changes.

Promises have been made that PvP will get more in 3.1 and so forth, because the devs really only wanted to bring Disciplines and to expand the world in 3.0.

PvE-wise, we’re getting 2 new planets with their own content, more class story content (albeit just one mission for each class, it’s still the first time since launch), 2 new operations, new HM flashpoints, new gear set, new set bonuses from gear, raid-wide buffs (counting them here, because they wont work in Arenas) and that’s just the stuff we’ve heard of so far. I’m still willing to give the devs the benefit of the doubt before bitching at them and yelling conspiracies.

Maybe you’ve had better PvP experiences socially than I have, but then I do seem to get all the prison population types for my pvp pugs (now, I only do Wzs is there is an item I simply HAVE to get for 900 wz comms).

My humblest apologies to BW for “bitching” and such, but they have a knack for bringing it out of peeps and not entirely without good cause. If 3.0 not only meets but exceeds my expectations then hurrah and huzzah and BW isn’t Comcast after all…

Wait, do I understand it correctly that they’ve given the highest-damaging scoundrel ability (Explosive charge) to Gunslinger only AND pooled together Shoot first and Back Blast so you can’t use both in the opening of combat immediately? And given us nothing in return? What with the general decrease in DPS, grinding through mobs for levelling and/or dailies will be more annoying than ever for a Medicine scoundrel…
Anyone knows of any mitigating factors, or should we all prepare for endless grinding when 3.0 hits?

L12 Virulence – Corrosive Dispertion Probably the coolest addition that I see. That will be very helpful for trash clearing or multiple bosses. Just very annoying that I wont get a corrosive mine again until I hit L59.

Lethal shot is a bit confusing. Does it leave a Dot? If it leaves a DoT, that will mean us snipers will have 5 dots to apply before culling 🙁 Dart, Grenade, Lethal Shot, WB, mine-cull?

I told Bioware I wouldn’t host datamined content on my site since it is still subjected to change and I want to give them the chance to reveal it. When the weekly livestreams reveal each class, we will update it with the relevant info.

The icons are missing due to them being hotlinked by another party. They will be put back up after I make some adjustments to how they are loaded.

hmm emp discharge for engineering snipers is now lvl 57 lame and

sniper volley also at lvl 57 also lame that ability is top tier ability of current marksmen tree that you get at lvl 45 dafuq?

I see the problem. The data is mined from the client, and I was disregarding a value for sorting them. I’ll work on it.

You’re welcome!

All fixed up.

What happened is a developer changed the tier index in which some of the utilities reside, but didn’t change it’s overall order index. Which means that the next guy that tries to move them around is in for a bit of a surprise.

If you want to check they go over the utilities at 44:00 on the video. but for sure you have a few mixed around in it.

Since the calculator is partially disabled, build links are a little broken. I’ll investigate a solution tomorrow.

Try to deleting your cache or pressing Ctrl + F5 on this page.

The calc is designed to minimize the load on the site by using cached data files. With this latest build I reorganized the split the data into smaller chunks, so you’re not downloading a ton when you first load the calc, and it’s loaded dynamically as you click on different classes.

If you’re having issues with the calculator not fully loading, except Sniper Utilities which are purposefully disabled, Please delete your browser cache.

There were some changes to the data format, and the cached data stored in your browser is not compatible with the new code base.

well when I look at arsenal I can’t say I am happy with how the utilities are organised. Most of the useful ones seem to be in group 3 and I find myself taking utilities in group 1 and 2 that I only choose because I have to pick one.

24 secs for merc interrupts…might as well be 24 millenia…hell, BW, just get rid of interrupts altogether, why don’t you?

BW had better stick to their promise of lowering the HP of mobs and the like, does anyone here have any inkling of an explanation of why the interrupts are going to be next to useless come 3.0?

Because you have the freedom to stack alacrity and buy a utility that lowers the cd by 3 seconds as well. Of cours having most of the useful utilities in the highest tier makes it that you will have to choose things like that over other useful effects that we currently already have. That’s the part that really irks me. My guess is though that it’s a pvp thing where too many interrupts were being cast shutting people down to easy. Not sure what it will mean in boss fights but the mechanics will have to be adjusted accordingly and my guess is that that will be the case.

Alacrity will not reduce ability cooldowns. At least that is what I’m getting from the explanation.

DoT tick speed.
Activation/Channel speed
Global Cooldown
Internal cooldowns (procs—”once every 4.5s”, etc.)

That’s it.

I have no issues on the latest firefox. This problem is entirely tied to cached data.

Guess I’ll have to add a button to clear your local cache.

I have a question why the sniper is only one tree to choose? and I see the rest of the class is the 3 trees since it is dps I understand the marauder also will have only one tree.

Innovative Ordidance merc.- Main Concern: Adding 2% alacrity would mess up with the Particle Accelerator’s cooldown effect. I can see they’ve reduced it’s cannot-occure-once-than “cooldown” to 7.5seconds (up for 8). I guess that’s the reason. Overall – increased AOE damage, allowing AOE skills to spread DOTs is great. Automatic applyable debuffs on targets that increase damage taken – yes please.
Being able to select Utilites that will actually be usefull towards PVE (instead of just spending points on stuff just to unlock the tree’s primary ability).
I hope it stays the better (subjective) DPS spec compared to Arsenal. Cheers!

Alacrity will actually reduce internal cooldowns as well. To quote a livestream: “If you have 20% alacrity you should be hitting your buttons in the same order, only 20% faster.

why all the classes shown in May a new skill from lvl 56 sniper but obviously not. and what does it have to be me asking ??? First you take the tree and now this

Merc Arsenal: fucked over again. Need 5 more utility points to spend before I can take my normal setup + the new ones

Otherwise this is basically I need to gain 5 more levels to obtain no real advantage at all? This is nothing but another nerf to a class thats been fucked over for the last 2 years

Having seen the limitations on how few utility I can take, and not even being able to take my old setup or use the new ones along with them, I’ve gone from excited about this expansion to wondering if I should cancel my sub after 3 years

You have to consider no class is getting exactly their old build back. You have to make some hard choices of what to hold on to and what to add on. This isn’t like the last expansion, the entire meta is changing in big ways. Not to mention how these utilities synergize with the new set bonuses (possibly 3).

Bottom line, mercs needed major survival changes to be even remotely viable in ranked pvp.

This is a nerf instead of a buff. We have to gain 5 more levels to be weaker than we are now?

There is no defending that.

Unless every other class has been massively nerfed even worse, its not even the start of a fix.

You dont take the worst class in the game and make it worse and pretend everything is OK

Every merc Ive talked to about this is angry and either quitting the game or at least rolling other characters and giving up their merc

If you don’t understand the problem, you more than likely are not playing a merc at the top level of the game

Or I’m not a chicken little and reserving judgement until I have all the info. I play both ranked and top end NiM pve, and have mained merc since just before the big nerf back in 1.7 was it? But hey, I’m sure you’re right and merc is completely unplayable in beta right now.


Merc Arsenal: With the use of “Power Overrides” utility you can instant cast in this order: Thermal Sensor Override, Power Surge, Fussion Missile, Tracer Missile, Electro Net, Priming Shot, Tracer Missile, Rail Shot, Heat Seeker Missiles, and Blazing Bolt. WOW – Target Dead…

I wish blazing bolts was insta cast. While your accurate on what your saying for everything except blazing bolts, your also not accounting for the stupid amounts of GCD ull be consuming and the fact u will need to weave some utilities in between while your getting train fucked to the ground. But yes, in an idea situation where everyone is shoulder drooling and ignoring you, you will do great. What you should wonder is, how well are you going to fair against sorcs now with 2 stuns, a knock back root, and blind bubble as madness with life steal. 😀 Still feel awesome?

I’m actually quite liking most everything I see from Powertech stuff. Pyro seems more fun (though I did like the free rail shots). Having scorch, flaming fist, and immolate seem great. Incindary missile getting a range increase to 30meters is nice too (assuming the tool tip is correct about that) because it means you can start off your long-lasting DoT from farther away. Tanking also seems much better overall….especially at lower levels. Not much was changed from that tree though, except how early you get things. Not sure how I feel about firestorm yet…also does it’s effect stack with combust (an old passive as well but it seems the duration is up to 45s? Wow)? I assume so because that would be pretty nice.

I might even try the Adv Prototype for a change even though I don’t like it all how it is currently in the game. It looks much more fun to me with these changes.

I know this is extremely stupid but I currently play Adv Prototype just for the wrist blades. For some reason it feels like Predator. Again, stupid, but love the idea of impaling someone with wrist blades, so glad that is staying. Also glad them moved Immolate. Cool ability but it always pisses off tanks since it’s such a huge animation.

Why would you? Mediocre damage requiring you to stand still for 2 GCD and suffering from severe pushback

Is the assassin utility tree correct? Shapeless spirit seems like it should belong in the heroic tier where all the other classes CC DR utilities are.

I just realize… This Recklessnes buff for tanks is gonna be a joke.
I mean yes, it gives nice buff to absoption for 20 seconds…

No, they are 2 separate buffs, Activating Recklessness will give you an absorption buff that lasts 20s and a second buff that increases critical chance.

I’m getting ‘Error getting Discipline data!’. On all classes except the sorc and sniper, I’m on newest version of Chrome.


Doesn’t matter. They are gonna do what they did with Marauders just make the proc rate 100% and put it on a longer CD. SO you can still spike then hit a duplicity maul. Check out the Duplicity skill which is level 40

Been looking at the patch notes at the old swtor calc and checked as i haven’t played my shadow in ages. According to that its once every 15 seconds which goes down to 6 seconds on infil tactics. Now impose weakness was once every 10 seconds on a separate timer. Now this was a 30% chance to proc infil tactics. So for three shadow strikes with infil tactics if i understand it correctly would be 26 seconds, obviously i could be way off here. And that is only if it procs. If the change to infil in 3.0 is 100% every 10 seconds that would be 3 guaranteed shadow strikes within 30 seconds. Am i way off here?

Yeah, it should be better sustained damage and less variation within the same rotation, which will be a boon for PvE. Burst potential won’t be as good, though.

Just added error catching code to the calculator. When making a bug report, please post what the error text says on the main tab.

I dont understand, if an ability replaces another, what is the point in having both? why wouldnt you use something like flaming fist vs rocket punch, especially if they share a CD.

It’s more likely that it’s just too much coding work for too little benefit to either the developers or the players (the ability is immediately replaced by the new one on your quickbar—and that’s really it).

In other words…inexperienced…could almost stretch it as far as incompetent =)
3 years and we still don’t have dual-spec.
We dont need Flaming Fist, the devs could easily given us a passive that gives Rocket Punch some elemental damage.

No. Not inexperienced. On a deadline.

Not sure what you mean by dual-spec, though. If you mean switching between pre-built specs, then Disciplines basically gives us that. You only have to make 7 choices now. If you mean hybrids, they’ve clearly never wanted that to begin with.

Agree with the bit about passives, though. That would have accomplished exactly the same thing without adding new abilities and releasing crappy animations.

Still inexperienced.
Every time the devs serve us the “we don’t have that techoogy yet” line, they are actuall saying “we don’t know how to code it”.

Yes, pre-built specs that you save and activate…”respeccing” every effin’ time you are doing something diferent have become a pain in the butt.

Not really gonna comment on the hybrids part….have my opinions there which is nothing but negative when it comes to EA/BW’s choices.

I’m sure they could code it but the code as it stands is such a mess that they’d need more time to do it. Time they don’t have.

Like I said, Disciplines should address the annoyance of respeccing. You only have to pick your utilities now.

That is the point. You use the new version. They just don’t want to spend the money on getting the tech to make the change automatic within the game’s code.

Thats wrong. Some classes sill use abilities you mentioned. For example Anni mara still has a use for smash, while Fury marauder doesnt.

It only applies to people getting an upgraded version of an ability. Examples are Boltstorm instead of Full Auto for a Gunnery Commando, or Vigilant Thrust instead of Force Sweep for a Vigilance Guardian.

That seems to be the gist of it. Replacing an ability would need a change to the engine and they don’t want to spend the limited resources on automating something that players can easily do themselves.

I believe the DEV statement was that they wanted the tech to be able to remove the superseded ability, but they didn’t get it. So if you get a new ability which is basically “version 2” of a lower-level one, you’ll need to manually remove the lower level one and add the new ability. Example given was for Pyrotech where there is a more advanced version of Flamethrower which shares the same cooldown, etc. so having both wouldn’t be useful.

Change log for (11/21/2014):
1. Enabled Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior classes.
2. Changing faction will now select the mirror class, keep you on your current page, and maintain all selected utilities.
3. Add a visual indicator for current faction.
4. Discipline Path animation update.
5. Various other tweaks to layout, color, etc.

Ooh, and if you select the Virulence Sniper discipline tree and then hit the Republic faction icon on the top right, you get shown the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger discipline tree. Naughty naughty, that hasn’t been livestreamed yet! *wags finger in mock reproach*

Ooh and then if you go back to the class tab, you can see all the Gunslinger specs, and then see their disciplines and abilities list. Selecting another Gunslinger discipline and then hitting the Empire icon just takes you back to the Virulence tree though.
Kek, this is fun. I love your work BTW, swtor_miner

shien moved to level 41?? dafuqq
not that it matters to a level 55, but thats still weird
also, not enough points for heroic abilities, MUST HAVE ALLLLL

And reducing the damage bonus, which wasn’t all that significant to begin with. It’s like they don’t realize that the off-hand weapon gets no bonuses from anything except that skill.

That’s what I was saying, shien is much more useful at low levels, for spamming slash/vicious slash, until you get the real dps abilities; BW was so out to lunch when they did this…

my opinion, stances shouldnt be learned by skill tree, or they should be removed somehow and now that we have very specific disciplines, form/cells/charges, whatever u want to call, should apply the very stance that is going to be used (yes, this means reaching lv10 without one)

Are you saying that Shien, soresu, shii-cho and others, should be automatically passive for say, guar/jugg, and each only aply to their respective disciplines?

Take vengeance, for example, and shien for it: “Shien (Passive): Enters an aggressive lightsaber form, increasing all dps by 6% and movement speed by 15%, and refunding 1 rage for all attacks that spend it. Only valid for the Vengeance/Vigilance discipline.”

If that’s what you mean, and for all charges that have specific techniques, then yes, that would be ideal.

yeah, now that the commando/merc heals doesnt come from rapid shots, it wouldnt be a problem
only to PvP’rs switching to tank stance during a warzone, but who cares

wouldn’t be like you got all the three and can choose any that you want, there is only an ’empty slot’, a place holder, for the stance that is going to be avaible (depending on ur current discipline, so you can’t shenanigan around) and will only exist as an icon on ur ability window after you choose something

one reason i support this is for when switching trees (like from immortal to vigilance) and having that shien form on ur skillbar and having to remove that thing everytime :v

Not to mention when changes to the skill trees could reset our specs, you then you had to get your stance back.

Why are they removing rapid shots/hammer shots heals?

That’s one of the changes that really makes me scratch my head. They seem to want to remove some bloat (a good thing) but then they introduce another quickbar ability that already exists in a more streamlined way.

Enraged Defense is a cleanse… A minute and a half cleanse with two HEROIC utilities, but I guess it’s something?

1. It’s swtor_miner not swtor_minor. I’m not a kid.
2. I added a few more error messages to the calculator to help in diagnosing issues.

Tell me what they are and I might be able to help you. As it stands now, you haven’t given me enough information to help you. I’ve tested the calc on numerous browsers and configurations.

If a Ctrl + F5 doesn’t fix the issue, and you’re not seeing detailed error messages I don’t know what’s going wrong.

I’ve done it before and yet it had no effect. Weird. At least IE happens to be useful somtimes 😛

Yeah, implemented the caching trick on the main calculator page to solve the few remaining issues.

Change log for (11/22/2014):
1. Fixed multi-loading bug. This resulted in some lag when swapping factions and loading calc for first time.

2. Removed hover description tooltip from Disciplines. Move the descriptions to the main tab.
3. Discipline dropdown on Discipline Tab is now functional, albeit a bit fugly.
4. Fixed a bug that allowed some naughty users access to testing data for unreleased classes.

there is a disparity between the mirror sentinel and marauder Watchman/Annihilation tree. Bleedout says the critical strike damage of the bleed is increased by 5% on the annihilation tree, and 15% for the mirror sent discipline skill.

congrats to bioware then lol. Any idea which is the real value? I’m aware they are toning down mostly crit values (and surge, by removing most +3% accuracy from all trees that had it, which will most likely force one or two more accuracy enhencement) but 5% seem rather insignifiant :/

+2 seconds to saber reflect >:D Thundering Blast, Ambush, Heatseeker Missiles, Ravage, I laugh at you ! Muahahaha !

Just wondering; Since we get our abilities for free thanks to the Disciplines System, do we still have to pay credits to upgrade their ranks? (Electro Net from rank 51 to 58 for example)

I understand we still need to go to our class trainers for all abilities and ranks, and will have to pay for them.

hmmm i wonder how much. Hopefully not too expensive with 6 alts.

We should hopefully get extra cash from leveling and selling junk too.

There’s a discrepancy between Guardian and Juggernaut utilities. Sonic Wall enables Threatening Scream to “protect all allies” while Guardianship grants Challenging Call a “10% chance” to do the same.

Is that a typo for 100%? It had better be, or that’s the most useless utility ever.

The descriptions are ripped from the client files and confirmed via the livestreams. That’s how it is, it’s not a calculator bug.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like disparity in the works, there’ll be way more Imps than Reps for that reason alone; I thought all classes were supposed to be perfect mirrors, so that no-one could claim one side as being potentially superior technically, gameplay-wise.

They would be mirrors. My concern was that the 10% tooltip was the correct one, which would have made that ability worthless.

It seemed like a stupid change, but it still wouldn’t have surprised me.

You can add another gross discrepancy that I noticed on the live servers. Chain Shock for Sorcerors gives a 5% damage bonus to Shock and a 50% chance of a second bolt doing half damage. Upheaval for Sages gives a 5% chance of a second rock doing half damage.
I _really_ hope that this is a text-description error, and not the devs jerking Sages over.

Dulfy/Miner, I noticed an odd bug. If you select a discipline and fill in the various Utilities you want, then switch to the opposite faction, you get double the points. This can be repeated by switching constantly and clicking on additional icons – I have 31 available at the moment 🙂

Thanks Miner I can see the new disciplines! Looks like I may be swapping out some Cunning augments and putting in some Alacrity ones to speed up Kolto injection, this may make up for lack of healing power at the cost of energy efficiency. Ill have to see how it plays out.

I fail to see where is that “big uba nerfhammer for op healers” You can still spam kolto probes and surgical probes for life in pvp w/o having to worry about interupts or energy. SP refresing KP is also hard to call a nerf. Kolto Waves might not be that good for pvp, but its still better than Revivification. You can still vanish, roll, aoe cc and purge so unless the healing numbers will get much bigger nerf than 2 other healers I wouldnt worry about op in pvp lol.

As for pve kolto waves seems like a great heal to me. Much better than any other aoe heal tbh lol

kolto probes + recuperative nanotech + kolto waves= win?

Dulfy, Miner?? Is either of you planning to write the coefficient in the calculator??? I could use them for my maths about sharpshooter… If you have the stats formula too, I would gladly takes them 😉 But these are much easier to figure out.

Tooltip damage is calculated assuming a Damage Bonus of 1,000, 405-607 Main Hand damage, Offhand damage is ignored, and a standard damage of 3185. The formulas used by the calculator tooltips:

Weapon Damage Ability (Usually Physical dmg)
Formula (min): (ModifierPercent +1.0) * MH min + Coefficient * 1000 + ModifierFixedMin * 3185
Formula (max): (ModifierPercent +1.0) * MH max + Coefficient * 1000 + ModifierFixedMax * 3185
With Token Multipler (multi-hit abilities): Token Multiplier * ((Formula (min)

+ Formula (max)) / 2)

Spell? Damage Ability (Every other damage type)
Formula (min): Coefficient * 1000 + ModifierFixedMin * 3185
Formula (max): Coefficient * 1000 + ModifierFixedMax * 3185
With Token Multipler (multi-hit abilities): Token Multiplier * ((Formula (min)
+ Formula (max)) / 2)

Tooltip healing is calculated assuming a Healing Bonus of 1,000, and a standard healing amount of 14520.

Formula (min): Coefficient * 1000 + StdHealthMin * 3185
Formula (max): Coefficient * 1000 + StdHealthMax * 3185
With Token Multipler (multi-hit abilities): Token Multiplier * ((Formula (min)
+ Formula (max)) / 2)

These numbers will likely be revised once the level 60 baseline is solidified.

Tired of using PTS coefficients that aren’t right half the time, I searched how to get the XML files and to analyze them myself… With EasyMYP and the hashes files for SWTOR coming from I have found a few interresting XML but nothing close to what I need to run my parsing models for about every DPS specs.

In swtor_main_gamedata_1.tor I have found all abilities and their animation rules. In swtor_main_systemgenerated_gom_1.tor which i think contain the XML I’m after, I’ve only found scpt and txt files… Nothing useable.

I’ve also found references to a program named nodeviewer.. But I can’t seems to find anything about it.

Wow. Thermal/Frag Grenade doesn’t even do its full damage to standard/weak targets. I would have at least thought it would be okay for soloing. Guess not.

The raw numbers are pulled from the latest PTS Build. The build they showed on the streams appears to have numerous changes.

It’s a ton of work to transcribe/verify descriptions from the streams. Work I’m no longer willing to do given the time frame to release. It will be updated ASAP after 3.0 launches to the Live build’s numbers.

Yeah, hopefully 5 is the final number. 15 is a lot for an ability that’s already been (justifiably) hammered.

Like Hidden Blade? No, they have no plans for that. They admit they took away initial burst for DPS and also admit that this wasn’t intended, but won’t change it until people start testing it for them on live servers, apparently.

Rolling Hidden Blade into Backstab was a good idea, but they really should have seen why only doing that would present a problem.

I like the discipline viewer, I hope it’s here to stay. A few things that would be nice extra’s:
– ability to bookmark a specific discipline, or even bookmark a discipline + skill points spent like skill tree editor can.
– adding a list with the regular class/AC powers, with tooltips based on the same assumptions, so you can compare them with discipline-granted powers better.

This doesn’t work, it doesn’t save the utilities when you click the link, so it’s effectively pointless as everyone’s Discipline path will be identical anyway!

Goddamn. The abilities in the final tier of the juggernaut tree are almost all extremely useful for immortal juggernauts. How are you suppose to choose between the self cleansing enraged defense, the cooldown reduction of enraged defense, the longer lasting saber reflect and threat generation, and the intercede threat/damage/cooldown reduction? I guess the Saber Reflect is better since it is a better DC than enraged defense, and the CD reduction for Enraged Defense is probably higher priority than the self cleanse, since your healers can do that for you.

Yeah, it’s a tough choice, which I guess is what they wanted.

Saber Reflect and Intercede boosts for PvE, I’d say.

I realize the damage values are placeholders, but will it really be the case that Smash does no more damage than Sweeping Slash?

Consider that flechette round is now passive and so it doesnt use any energy and sucker punch costs 10 less energy

So… Assassin tanks have no ability to lower the Force and tech damage of their enemies since Wither only reduces melee/ranged now and Discharge still only lowers accuracy.

I don’t understand why innovative ordinance is still given an alacrity talent…. is alacrity going to reduce the internal cooldown of innovative particle accelerator ? If not then after 5 casts it would be around 7.35 seconds requiring a full extra cast before the 7.5 internal cooldown would be reached. Talk about frustrating…. I have never understood the alacrity talents for merc/commando. Someone help me understand!!!!

Yep, alacrity affects all proc-times, cooldowns etc, so having alacrity will no longer mess up your rotation. It basicly just makes everything happen a little faster, making it a lot more useful then it was. Not that you’ll have any room for it with all the accuracy you need, but maybe one day…

Sedatives – When sleep dart wears off, the target is struck with sedatives reducing damage dealt by 50% for 10 seconds. Because having 50% DR for the first ten seconds of a fight totally won’t break PvP.

Ouch, not sure how I missed that one. I tried speccing out of that several times and always went back, even for PVE. It would hurt to lose it.

so if we damage something we get an infiltration tactics proc? how does that work if it says it can only occur once every 10 seconds?

It means exactly that. It’s just that it WILL happen every 10 seconds instead of just having a chance to happen.

I think you are talking about the new Force Rend ability given to annilation maras. This is NOT force lightning. It’s more like the Mara is using the Force to physically scratch their foe causing 3 big jagged looking scars across the victim and doing periodic dot damage. Think of it as an instant cast crushing darkness but looks cooler and is weaker unless you are in Berserk. I like it personally. With only lvl 56 basic gear on it hits for over 15k per tick (granted I ripped out the mods and put them in my eradicator gear since it’s full augmented). I wasn’t feeling the pirate gear look from Rishi.

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Question here: In the new WoW expansion the skill trees are similar but they also have an ability to double speck. Will that be possible here? Like say Sorcerer lightning than switch to corruption? with cooldowns and force depletion so its not insanely op of course.

Will you be charged credits for purchasing new skills, say if you’re switching from arsenal to I.O. Merc.

I really need information regarding Augments and Gear builds. The Power tech basic gear is pretty low on Defense so I am augmenting for that at the moment. Id also like to know what augments to use for a heal Operative but Ill wait for Dulfy to put up some info…

While we wait for the guide, check out the 186 enhancements people can craft now. The points in mitigation are better than what was available before 3.0 and its way better than the 186 vendor enhancements (102 Shield and 68 Def/Abs). They should hold you over until balanced 192 enhancements if not even 198’s.

healers/dps always go for mainstat (cunning, aim, etc) augments, either that or power augments, there is still a debate on which is best, but the short version of that is that it doesn’t matter much, power will give you stable healing/dmg, mainstat will give you more crits

Dulfy, have you thought about getting a team together or trying to find someone who would be willing to implement AskMrRobot on your site? You could just take away SWTORMINER’s Discipline Calculator link and just make a new link called Discipline and Gear Profile. Instead of the skill tree AMR has now, just implement SWTORMINER’s discipline tree into it. Here is the source code if you are interested:

Sith, Warrior, Juggernaut, Immortals (Tank) do not have sundering assault, they have aegis assault. Need to update the calculator to correct that.

I don’t see a mistake there. aegis assault is from discipline tree and they still keep sundering assault as a juggeranut skill. It’s like Mercenary Arsenal who has Unload but om 57 gets a replacement. But he still keeps unload as a skill.

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Odd how the tooltip for Magnetic Blast (AP Powertech) says it “shares a cooldown with flame burst” when they don’t have a cooldown. Their intention was to have MB replace FB on your toolbar since they cost the same and MB does almost 2x as much damage. What’s more interesting is that the Vanguard’s equivalent, Tactical Surge, does not mention anything about replacing Ion Pulse, which it does. I actually played several levels on my Vanguard using both before I noticed that. You’d think they could fix tooltips by now.

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It’s also totally unnecessary, although some of the disciplines are underpowered; most are not…

This doesn’t look like a calculator, it looks more like it’s just showing the trees in the game. Am I not looking at it correctly? I’m very, very new to this game and trying to figure out how to make the best of my Sentinel. Any help is greatly appreciated.

What gear ratings are the placeholder numbers representing?

Given what I’m used to damage-wise at the max level, they seem alarmingly low.

Dulfy, thank you thank you thank you for the updated SWToR skill calculator for 4.0 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

You’re the greatest!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!

There isn’t really a “best utility” kind of list. Some of the utilities are more focused towards PvP, some towards PvE. For instance, the Enhanced Paralytics Utility for the Trooper is amazing in Pvp, but has absolutely no use in PvE. So yeah. A lot of guides for classes have a list if utilities that work well with the rotation, if that’s what you’re looking for.

It’s nice to have, especially if you don’t feel like opening up the game to go look at the discipline. At least give credit to miner. Hes da baws.

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Hello, in the goal of clarity, it appears to me that the snipers level 56 skill “Imperial Assassin” and its Republic counterpart “Deadeye” state that it increases critical damage by 30% this was lowered in patch 4.0.3 and in game reads a 10% increase.
Perhaps that needs updating?

lol i been lookin for a way to find what level you get the new abilities. now i can 😀

Bounty Hunter:

Powertech: Jet Charge @ 59! PT tanking was crazy enough, having no leap in until 30, now we can’t until 59!?!

Mercenary: No more Flamethrower or Rocket Punch. Great fun was had, blasting targets that were running towards you, then finishing off with a Rocket Punch.

What. The. Hell. 🙁

Those are melee oriented abilities and mercenary is the Ranged 30m AC of bounty hunter, so it really shouldn’t have any melee abilities, just saying.

Since the update to 5.0 the Discipline path is empty for me on firefox, and in the class selection there is an Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: div[id^=line_’

Was thinking this is still WIP, but now I tried it on IE and it works fine.

I think that it should be mentionned that for Deception Assassin, Shapeless spirit doesn’t reduce from 30% any Aoe damage anymore since 5.1

If there is a big update with new gearing tiers i would suggest that you include damage and healing number for a set tier going after Bants number. For example the current 242 tier. so players can evaluate and compare disciplines to choose their favourite one

Yes, however the coding or maintenance of the calculator is only updated after particularly large patches.

Hmm. Lethality Ops don’t get Toxic Haze until 38, but get a passive for it at 12? lol. Now that’s some massive oversight.

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