GW2 Gemstore–Raiment of the Lich Outfit and Creepy Mini 3 Pack

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with Raiment of the Lich Outfit for 700 gems and Creepy Mini 3 Pack for 500 gems.


Raiment of the Lich Outfit – 700 gems



  • Head slot can be hidden
  • Each gender has its own version of the outfit






  • Head slot can be hidden
  • All gender uses the male version



Creepy Mini 3 Pack – 500 gems

Miniature Mad King Head


Miniature Candy Corn Skritt


Miniature Glowing Bat


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64 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Raiment of the Lich Outfit and Creepy Mini 3 Pack”

I think they removed the wings because of back items – i wish however they had offered a back pack skin of wings to go with it

Ah ok. They could still have had it override…they have some helms that do that, like the dry bones will override shoulders. though when the original in gw1 was released wasn’t that part of a promotion for Aion? Including the wings then was part of that.

GW1 version is better … don’t know why anet doesn’t take inspiration from things they done before … some GW1 costume and armors are really cool.

I wanted this outfit so bad when I heard it was coming. But after seeing it in the game.. No thanks :< I was my favourite in GW1 so I feel kinda sad now.

The wings on the outfit and the aion wings were seperate things. The black wings belong to the outfit. The aion wings were kinda purple and only showed up temporarily with the /aion command

If you think about, it is a costume that was already done and they really didn’t have to do too much work to bring it over… which is why its kinda lackluster now.

well. still a week till halloween and i’m looking forward for those badass wings as an obtainable backpiece skin

Oh man I really hope so. I really want some decent wings. I mean we’ve got the typical demon horns, halo, angel wings… so it’s not like could use an excuse like ‘doesn’t fit in the game’.

Sorry, it doesnt fit he current living story. It still bothers me that they used that excuse as a reason for not adding the super adventure box back, while halloween seem to fit in perfectly fine for some strange reason. “Pale Tree almost died. fuck it. lets celebrate halloween and forget about that salad dragon that could pretty much wreck us anywhere at any time.

The outfit would have been amazing for mix and matching with other armor. When was the last time we had full armor set in the store? Zodiac?

I was about to instantly buy it when first time I saw it. But then I realized it is a costume… So no mix matching… Sorry Anet, no deal.

My thoughts exactly. An occasional outfit is fine, but I want nice looking armor I can mix with other sets. I like the old days where we got armor and then outfits were used for Costume Brawl and just looking different every so often (now Costume Brawl is almost extinct, but that is a different topic).

Yeah, it would be amazing if they separate parts of the set. Too bad, now everyone who bought the outfit will look the same. Nice design tho, just no creativity and no originality in terms of looking different. Mini-pets are nice, for me atleast, like collecting pokemons.

Except it’s been stated by a developer that Asura are as mammalian as humans and do in fact have breasts, google it if you don’t believe me. This is incredibly stupid and they are going to get in trouble with the ESRB if they keep this crap up, especially in the case of characters that look like prepubescent girls.

Charr on the other hand fall under the Wookie rule, if it’s covered in fur it isn’t considered naked.

Asura are mammals, yes, and they do suckle their young with milk. However, nothing says that they have to have breasts the same way humans do. For all we know, Asura nipples are located near their crotch like cows, in which case it would make perfect sense that there’s no issue with them going around with their chests uncovered.

then why would their wear that fancy bathing suit for underwear if you take off their armor then, hmm? pretty sure there is a reason why they arent just wearing the same shorts male asuras got.

I think it’s illogical too. I suspect it was done for the same reason female Charr have that silly “cloth bra” when they’re not wearing armor; so that players can quickly tell whether the naked character is male or female.

I was going to overlook the my distaste for the hooves on the lich outfit until I noticed the charr had no tail πŸ™

This and the fact male/female Charr and Asura are the same model bother me. Gw2 is a game that focuses an awful lot on looks..skins are what drive prices in the TP over stats in most cases. Because of that fact alone, it just feels incredibly lazy to chop off the tail and to slap the same skin on two races regardless of gender. It’s not like this is an armor you can mix/match…so what gives? And they want us to think this is worth approx $10?

All armor and outfits (except for the Ancestral outfit) are identical on male/female Charr & Asura. They don’t get gender-specific models.

Witch outfit and the Wintersday one also differentiate between genders as well. Also, being a trend does not make it a good thing automatically.

First thing I thought when I saw it as well.. I own it in GW1, and while I think I only ever ran around with it on one character, and even then only from time to time, it was much better looking. Even ignoring the lack of wings, it was still better looking. This one is… Weird. Cartoony? Just not well done.

Kind of sad this outfit doesn’t have a toy item to come with it like the other Halloween outfits.

Also wished they didn’t remove the Charr’s tail for it too.

anet, as a whole, has gotten progressively more and more lazy. pity, but i certainly won’t support that laziness. Maybe if enough people get tired of it, they’ll improve their act.

I don’t think Anet gives out discounts for that reason, but I see that you’ve already picked up your sense of entitlement.

Wow another shitty outfit, because suckers will gladly pay full price for one of those instead of an actual new armor set.

God forbid they put actual armor pieces in the game, which can be earned. I don’t regret quitting over a month ago. This game isn’t going anywhere, except more fluff for the gem store.

The funny part is the people here whining about the FREE content of a game (yes, gold is free), they only had to pay for once. Grow a pair and move on.
I wonder what those kiddies would say if ANet would charge 10 bucks/month and still include them for payment (like other companies do).
Please quit the game, and the internet since you obviously can’t handle it well.

Not sure who/what are you arguing against, but which FREE content that people whine about that you are refering to? and who whined? Quite easy these days to make up a fake controversy and act high and mighty about it. Gold isn’t free, not like gold rain down on you just being AFK, you have to spend time and effort for it. Like or not, people is entitled to their opinions, even whiners. It is in your power to not to read those whining posts and whine and about whiners? they can throw that “Please quitting reading and the internet since you obviously can’t handle it well and Grow a pair and move on” right back at you.

Quiet down groot you tard, this game is screwed and everyone knows it. Nothing is free in this game you either have to grind boring dungeons every day or spend real money.

The hood is nice but the rest of the outfit is awful. The female version looks like something a hooker would wear. And almost all of their outfits look like rejected carnival costumes these days.

oh yay i finally get to see my guardian’s bare torso ….<3 <3 just kidding, that outfit is like that greek myth goat god.. Pan or something.

1) Every Tuesday is new Gem Store Content day. It has always been that way. Stop complaining.
2) Raiment of the Lich is a remake of the original skin from Guild Wars. People have been asking for armor/weapon skins from the original game and they’ve been complying.
3) The purpose of any money based in-game currency is to give extras to the game. A good chunk of the player base never seems to give a rat’s ass if they make skins, why do you.
4) I don’t even have a fourth, I’m just so annoyed at so many people whining about how they do gem store updates which they’ve been doing every Tuesday for a while now.

The sentiments are taken, but aint you also whining about whiners? It’s perfectly OK for people to express their options, neg or pos, at the goods being laid out in front of them for sale. Of course, they can always choose not to buy it, as much as you can you choose not to read/hear their whining.

whining about free content is still whining. get over yourself. and no i can’t really choose not to see their comments because if i scroll down i’d see them anyway. that’s was bad logic.

can’t really choose not to see it? sure, but you don’t have to read it. Get over yourself. I see it therefore i must read it and therefore I must whine about it? That’s not even a logic to be a bad one.

i only replied to this because i just saw it on my disqus notifications when i log in every once in a while so if you really wanna keep going with me about how people whine about free content and how you just agreed that i disproved your argument against me we can

Bought the Raiments a few days ago with the gold I earned over the past few months. It’s definitely an attractive piece, though the hood’s eyes just rub me the wrong way. I’d be fine by just removing it, but because the thorns are part of the hood, they are also removed. Definitely the most fitting outfit for how I want my Necromancer to be. πŸ™‚

All these people really come here to complain stfu don’t wanna here it. All day ppl whine about anet messing up the game not doing shii. You know where the door is Don’t let it hit your ass on the way out. Less crybabys make for a better community so leave already.

I was looking through these comments and I see a lot of people taking A.Net’s outfits negatively…I respect that but you could maybe keep it to yourself since other people might like it. Plus, I think A. Net was not necessarily being “lazy” when they decide to make outfits as such, in fact I think that they are being quite clever because this is for an event, therefore it is special. And since this is a limited time thingy they shouldn’t make a whole armor set for it…

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