GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween 2014 Patch Guide

GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween 2014 coverage guide for the Blood and Madness event running from Oct 21 to Nov 4 2014.

Note that some of these guides were written in previous years but should still be valid. I will be correcting anything that is outdated.


Achievements & Collections


Weapons, Outfits Recipes, and Pets

Patch Notes

By Dulfy

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7 replies on “GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween 2014 Patch Guide”

i’m actually quite disappointed. after not logging in for a couple months, i
thought to myself if anything would get me back into this game, it
would definitely be halloween i have been keeping up with the LS and the
current patches and nerfs. i’ve also been keeping up with the things in
the gem store that have been coming out not buying them though just
seeing what has been available. what’s the point in buying them if
you’re not even playing? 😛

i was optimistic about halloween for a new story with the mad king
and his son, a new place to play in, and possibly new items and toys to
use. though everything is absolutely the same as last year. being one of
the few people that used to buy a lot of things from the gem store i
was going to start again just for halloween though the motivation to
play and see everything absolutely the same has killed that.

~~~~~~~~~~~ waiting for smissmas now, i hope things will be different
this year and hopefully SAB will return with world 3, with possibly a
good LS 3.

yeah, i’ll be coming back for that too. also, thanks for your hard work with all of these guides ~ hugs, kisses, and ❤

Hi, dulfy i just wonder how long this even will last, though i wanted clean my inventory full of trick-treat bag 🙂

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