GW2 Noble Count Outfit and Hexed Outfit

GW2 Noble Count Outfit and Hexed Outfit modeled on various races. Noble Count Outfit is released in gemstore for 700 gems while Hexed Outfit can be brought in Lion’s Arch for 3 Candy Corn Cobs.

Noble Count Outfit – 700 gems

  • No Helm
  • Female asura and Charr uses the male outfit














Hexed Outfit – 3 Candy Corn Cobs

Purchased for 3 Candy Corn Cobs (3000 candy corns) from the Halloween vendor in Lion’s Arch

  • Helm can be hidden
  • Female Asura and Charr uses the female version of the outfit.











  • Syreadisa

    Noble Count Outfit on female human looks gorgeous! 😉

    • Tyr XIII

      yes it does

    • Lumilicious

      It does, yes… but then you peek below the dress when running around, or even worse, while swimming around and you see a huge black void. No legs, no underwear (like the witch outfit has), nothing… only black darkness. Really lazy from the designers.

      I think that ruins the Outfit :/

      • Syreadisa

        That’s on female version? :<

        • yes unfortunately. There is just a giant black hole above the ankles.

          • Guest

            Hmm.. well that’s disappointing, and thanks for the info @Dulfy & @Lumilicious

          • Syreadisa

            Hmm.. well that’s disappointing, and thanks for the info @dulfy:disqus & Lumi

    • Jules

      Lazy outfit designers much? What happened to quality check? Stuff like this shouldn’t be happening.

  • Tyr XIII

    damn charr female cant get a ladies outfit?

  • shodannet

    Oh wow I might actually have enough candy corn cobs to get that outfit!

  • Snowyyyy

    3,000 candy corns? Ugh..time to start farming.

    • Braghez

      Actually you can get 3 easily with achievs

      • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

        you mean 3 candy corns? O_o

        • Ferozstein

          No, you can get 3 cobs as achievement rewards alone.

        • Braghez

          What @ferozstein:disqus said XD Plus with now the drop of ToT bags and candy corn is ridicously high…i got nothing to farm 2000 candy corns…and still have 750 left… guess i’m gonna aim for the cat pet xD

  • Evandro Fernandes

    This is very kind of ArenaNet to give away a outfit like that…and it is even a look-alike of the Gem Store version,and yes,give away,because 3000 candy corns in like 2 days will cost like less than 5g because candy corn drops like Bloodstone dust,freakin’ everywhere and from anything lol…Soon the TP will be flooded with Candycorn (again)

  • Shifted

    Damn, nice. Looks like I’ll be picking both up.

    Decent compensation for a copy-paste event.

  • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria


    • Rafeno

      lol, shiro. watching log ep15 at the moment

  • Ianpact

    Lame, I want the Chinese hat for my male character. 🙁

    • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

      Me too. It’s not fair. D:

  • Krystal S. S.

    they look nice, i won’t buy them though since i barely play.

  • Winifred

    Man, I wish I’d come here first, I hadn’t realized my Asura wouldn’t get a dress. The dress looks great on my norn and my human, but on my girl Asura, it’s a waistcoat and trousers. Boo.

  • narg

    so, any fastest way how farm candy corn in milions ??

    • Morsus98

      Mad King’s Labyrinth farming. 20 minutes and I had over 700 candy corn after I opened all the trick or treat bags.

      • zandriaa

        is there a cap on farming, as in how often do you have to change toons?

  • zaw

    male crappy headpiece, female awesome!

  • Goran

    Lol? Is the male Hexed outfit really just a copy of the male Witches outfit with a Rainments of the Lich face? +9000 for lack of creativity -,- The female one looks decent thought and it’s something new.

    • Freyl

      To me the female one looks just like the Witches outfit but with a China head.

  • Vanessa Schrapps

    Since we can’t mix and match anymore, my interest in costumes is at 0. Sorry, Arenanet

  • Gnar

    So is the noble just for Halloween?

  • Screw the Outfit system

    I really hate this outfit crap Anet is now pushing over armor skins. Part of the fun is being able to customize your toon’s appearance to make it somewhat unique looking. I get that it’s likely much cheaper for Anet to just come up with one outfit than it is to create three different sets of armor like in the past, but at the very least they should make it so we can take individual parts from the costume we like to mix and match with other skins. Because as it is, the outfits are just too boring to spend any gems on

  • Joel Daniel Christen

    Wow I really could use some parts of … oh wait … nvm

  • Skobie

    lol….anet can’t even be bothered to give us armor anymore, just easier for them to give us entire outfits to put over or cloths.

    • Smoo

      Complain, complain, complain. Gotta love the gaming community. Can’t just deal with what you’re given.

      • Tyler Durden

        i’m not a fúcking baby anymore i’m paying with my time and I paid for this game so shut up troll

        • Smoo

          I paid for this game too. Now get the hell over it. This game is not a job for you.

      • Skobie

        lol your the perfect customer, just give you anything and your happy. I’m glad for you bro.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    Hexed doesn’t have anything on Witch’s outfit from last year.

    • The Malkavian Villain of Tyria

      I love the female version. Combine that with Belinda’s Greatsword and you really got a nice wandering swordsman archetype. 😀

  • Konrad Zdunek

    Finally female asura has female version of outfit

  • nicoper

    The hexed outfit looks 100 times cooler on my main necromancer norn than any of the ugly light headpieces (default ones, some skins are awesome). I am really glad I bought it! 😀

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