GW2 Halloween 2014 Minis

A list and gallery of the currently available Halloween minis for the 2014 season.

Vendor Brought

There is a special Halloween vendor in Lion’s Arch. He has a number of tabs, some of the tabs have minis for currencies other than candy cobs that are a lot cheaper.


Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness

  • Fancy name, unfortunately quite ordinary cat. Newly added for 2014 season
  • Can be purchased from the Halloween vendor for 12 Candy Corn Cobs or from the Trading Post. Also can drop from trick or treat bags


Mini Ghost Carlotta

  • Previously produced by combining the minis from Costumed Mini 3-Pack with Candy Corn Cob in the mystic forge
  • Costumed Mini 3-Pack is no longer available but this mini can be brought for 6 Candy Corn Cobs or 700 Plastic Fangs from the Halloween trader.


Mini Bloody Prince Thorn

  • Previously sold for 20 Candy Corn Cobs, his price has been reduced to 6 Candy Corn Cobs this year at the Halloween vendor. However, it is not advised to purchase him using Candy Corn Cob as he is also available for 700 Chattering Skull from the same vendor which is way cheaper if you are buying the skulls/cobs from the TP.


Mini Candy Corn Elemental

  • Rewarded as part of the meta achievement in Halloween 2013, can now be purchased for 1 Candy Corn Cob
  • You will need him for the 2nd instance in Blood and Madness



Mini Candy Corn Ghoulemental


Trick or Treat Bags

Mini Gwynefyrdd

  • Rare drop from Trick or Treat Bags, account bound on acquire so you won’t find it on TP



Creepy Mini 3-Pack – 500 gems

  • Mad King Head, Candy Corn Skritt, Glowing Bat
  • Labeled as limited-edition collector’s pack, may not return next year.


Miniature Spooky Trio – 500 gems

  • Returns every Halloween
  • Spooky Ghost, Spooky Skeleton, Spooky Spider


Mini Chainsaw the Skeleton

  • Obtained by combining the minis from Miniature Spooky Trio with 250 Candy Corn in Mystic Forge


  • Zan7

    Why do you say “brought” instead of “bought” every single time?

    • Hmm cuz I thought brought is the past tense of buy. Apparently not. Good catch!

      • Holly

        brought = bring (Oh you brought an umbrella with you?)
        bought = buy (oh, you bought an umbrella from that shop?)

        sorry for the asinine grammar lesson… but hopefully you think of this when you go to type it next time! <:

        • narg

          gemshop BROUGHT you new items, but it does not men that you BOUGHT them


      • narg

        watch this instruction video!!

      • Brian

        Can’t tell if you’re serious or joking…

      • Gamemaster

        Brought is the past tense of bring. It’s an understandable mistake though.

  • Ghost

    I got a Mini Zuzu from a Trick-or-Treat bag.

  • Holly

    omg carlotta haha. brings back gw1 memories…

  • der_RAV3N

    Dulfy, it seems like the new Candy-Corn Ghul thingi also counts for the 2nd Instance. I got it before the other mini and also got the letter to come back to the black citadell

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy, in the patch notes, they are talking about the new mini including the rare ghost cub Gwynefyrdd.
    Do you know anything about this ?

  • AcoGW2

    Close to 10K ToT Bags. 4 Zuzu’s, 1 endless tonic but still no Gwynefyrdd…
    Rare items is fine, but really? 10K Bags?

    • Mex


      No Zuzu, 1 Tonic. No Gwyn.

  • Sterling

    with that name, I would kindof expected for zuzu to do something funny, like roar like a lion, but minis dont make noises like that I dont think.

    • It just meows like a regular cat.

      • Sterling


  • Guan Nan Wang

    oh man seriously not this account bound random drop pet again, this really mess up mini collectors, last time they did this kind of design so many ppl complained and they changed it, why do it again?

    • TheLaughingGoat

      The ghost puppy is the only pet I like – and thus, it’s both random loot and bind on acquire. Bawww….. :C

  • Ov Aeons

    i got a Gwynefyrdd and zuzu with 400 ToT bags…

    • Lucky, about 3k ToT bags now and no sign of either pets 🙁

      • Ov Aeons

        Damn D: Good luck to getting Gwynefredfred! was looking around the guild wars 2 forums and someone has opened to 45,000 bags and nada…

        • Lord

          Still did’nt get it. It is the last halloween minipet I nedd (got all the others one).
          I will continue tonight.

    • Sz

      11k~12k of ToT bags, got nothing, no Zuzu or Gwynefyrdd 🙁

  • Squid

    Mini Ghost Carlotta for 700 Plastic Fangs is much better than spending Cobs

  • AbnerDoon

    I am so sad they made mini chainsaw skeleton sheathe his swords. He is just not the same dual wielding pet I adored.

    • I know right! Didn’t he used to have to sound effects too with that chainsaw buzz.

      • AbnerDoon

        Yes he did, I will miss it revving in our travels.

  • Comula

    What’s with the “brought” everywhere? It’s buy-bought-bought.

    • Sevenix

      It’s from “bring” not “buy”

  • Erik Benefield

    Can Mini Gwynefyrdd be gotten through mystic forge with gem store minis? I’ve opened so many tot bags and still havent got 1

  • Vanessa Schrapps

    Do you have a picture of Gwynefyrdd?

  • nicoper

    I will be happy if I manage to get a bound one at random, but I wont be sad if I dont get one as my Llama is cooler 😉

    • TheLaughingGoat

      Aww… I wish I had a Llama too. I wonder if Anet is going to place llamas in the gem store someday.

  • Erik Benefield

    Haven’t got a mini Gweynefyrdd yet, but on the bright side I’ve added 30% permanent Mf to my account so I’m at 162% now which is something.

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