GW2 Previous Halloween Weapon Skins

While this Halloween Season did not introduce any new weapon skins. Players can purchase last year’s skins at a reduced price and have a chance to get skins from the first Halloween.

Black Lion Skins from 2013

These skins are now at a reduced cost of 2 Black Lion Tickets temporarily and are available from the Black Lion Weapons Trader. There is a new collection for them as well that can be activated by visiting the Black Lions Weapon Trader and purchase the Bloody Prince’s Toy Chest for 0 tickets. Consuming it will unlock the collection that reward 5 tickets on completion.


Chiroptophonia Greatsword – [&AgH3rgAA]


Araneae Longbow – [&AgH9rgAA]


Dead Stop Shield Skin – [&AgEMrwAA]


Bloody Prince Staff Skin – [&AgESrwAA]


Silly Scimitar Skin – [&AgEVrwAA]


Black Lion Skins from 2012

If you were unable to grab the Halloween skins from the very first Halloween (2012), you are given a chance this Halloween but it will cost you.

gw2-shiny-foil-candy-wrapperNear the old Black Lion Trading Company is a skritt named Collector Terksli. He collects Shiny Foil Candy Wrappers that are rare drops from Trick or Treat Bags (I got about 5 from 250 bags) or bought on the gemstore (25 gems each, 5 for 118 gems, or 25 for 500 gems). Each candy wrapper counts as a raffle ticket. He will collect them for two weeks starting from Oct 21 until Nov 4 and at end of the the two weeks he will distribute out to random lucky winners

  • 100 Greatsaw Greatsword Skins
  • 100 Ghastly Grinning Shield Skins
  • 200 Grinning Gourd Rifle Skins
  • 200 Severed Dagger Skins
  • 200 Chain Sword Skins
  • 200 Scythe Staff Skins

In other words, the more candy wrapper you give to him, the more raffle tickets you purchase and the bigger chance you will win a random skin from 2012. Some skins are over 1000 gold on the TP while others are below 100 gold.


An Q&A was given on the German version of the GW2 forums translated by Okarizee on reddit.

Question: Are winners per world, per region, per data center or Selected globally?
Answer: Winners will be selected globally. This is only true for Europe and North America. China does not participate in the raffle.

Question: The most desirable skins are so globally only 100 times available?
Answer: That is correct.

Question: Is it possible for an account to win more than once?
Answer: This is possible. It is minimal, but present.

Question: Increase submitted more candy wrappers profit Change? If the opportunity for profits character or account based?
Answer: More candy wrappers give a higher chance of winning. The system works account wide and is not restricted.

Question: How will players receive their winnings?
Answer: The winners will be randomly selected. The first drawn by lot by the system players will receive Greatsword skins. The next 100 Shield Skins – and so on. The prizes will be sent via in-game mail.

Question: Can players pick and choose what you win?
Answer: No.

Question: Is there a system in which players come first preferred are (first come first serve)?
Answer: No. The system lost the winners and shipped according to the prices. Players have no influence and can not mutually grab those profits.

Question: Will the gains be traded in the trading post?
Answer: Yes. Should you win a weapon with which you can not do anything, you have the chance to sell them.

Soon to be discontinued weapon sets

The following weapon skins are no longer available for rest of the year from the Black Lion Weapon Specialist from Nov 18.

  • Lovestruck
  • Dragon’s Jade
  • Aetherblade
  • Fused
  • Dreamthistle

These skins all cost from 5-7 Black Lion tickets each so they are already fairly expensive. They are likely removed to make room for newer weapon sets.

  • Pureblade

    In regards to the soon to be discontinued weapon sets, do you happen to know if the original claim tickets will still work once the weapons are discontinued? I still have a Dragon’s Jade Claim Ticket and currently when you speak to the NPC with the ticket in your inventory you get an extra dialogue option for “I have one of the limited-time claim tickets”.

    • Korin

      they will become account bounded then if you buy them

    • Icy

      I had a few dragon’s jade claim ticket for awhile after the event and when I bought the weapons, I could sell the skins on the TP. Not sure about now.

    • A guest

      There is a merchant in LA that trades for the old original claim tickets and he’s been there for ages.

  • curious_Skritt

    question about the skritt shiny tickets rewards (for the old halloween skins)…will they be awarded as such PER server? or is this for EVERY server in a region as a whole?

    • I think the entire region or all the players?

      • bummed_skritt

        thanks, though that makes me sad 😉

        • Aryaryn

          The odds of anyone in this comments section getting one of these skins is so damn low, they should have put out 200 of everything at least…

    • Brian

      Probably per region (NA / EU / China)

  • Me

    This lottery is an insult.

    • Toxic Molly


    • Braghez

      Because you can’t get those skins easy and/or cheap while to some people they cost a shitload of money or gold ? poor you…

      • Skobie

        I don’t like it because its completely random, would have been better to be able to earn them in some way.

        • Braghez

          sigh…I keep repeating why they ll not pure them in a “earnable” way…and people keep aswering the same way…

          • Anthony Gray

            so how did people get them back in 2012 if they we’re not earnable to some extent? and you would have us believe a random chance to get it now is better then back then? Good luck with that.

            • Braghez

              They were earnable, but you really want that rng box system back ? me not for sure.

              • Anthony Gray

                this lottery is the very thing you said you didnt want, and in the same sentence, RNG but with tickets.

              • Braghez

                Yes, but here…anyone can access with just playing. While before the only way you had to get that skin was to pay cash (or convert gold for still not enough gems to try)
                That’s the difference, it may still be an RNG lottery since they can’t change the acquisition method anymore for those weapons, but at least you get the chance by playing too. I’ve know quite some people that spent 40 euros or even much more to find those…and some didn’t even find them.

    • DarkChaosGames

      They were intended to be very exclusive items, the only reason this lottery exists is to help add supply in order to lower the price to keep it in check versus legendaries since the ghastly grinning shield is actually worth more than some legendaries which are supposed to be the most prestigious items in the game.

      I really don’t care, best luck to those who get it (and potentially get slightly rich…).

  • Sandra Ferreira

    Let me get this straight.

    Do we have 10 000 weapons to be distributed to 10 000 players or do we have 6 packs of weapons to be distributed to 6 players? Like 1 player gets 100 Shields and then distribute them to his “friends”?

    Cause the 2nd option its pretty bad. You trade the 100 Shields and sell them for at least 2k each and you are the richest man in game.

    Edit: Imagine 3 players win (if its the 2nd option) 3 players can buy the 100 shields or 1 player bought’s the 100 shields and the other 3 cant buy the shield so they buy other weapon?

    If it is the 1st option (of the edit) then that will really affect the prices right?

    Someone clear this out for me please. Im confused

    • first option I think is what they are going with

      • Sandra Ferreira


        Some people agree with you, others are saying its the 2nd one.
        They should really clear this out for us.

        • wwe

          Why would they give 6 players 100 of the same item? Does they idea of it not seen retarded to you…?!

          • Sandra Ferreira

            Of course it seems, but people on gw2community were saying that, thats why i asked.

            I have a question i ask, simple.

            • wikig1itch

              That was stupid of the people at gw2community to even speculate that that was a viable option in the raffle

    • Pettor

      1 000 lucky players will get a weapon, and the weapon will be random, so the chance to get the weapon you want is really low. May the odds be forever in you favor.

      • Pettor


        • Sandra Ferreira

          The only thing i got it wrong was the Thanks, not the your. I said Thanks you, instead of just Thanks or thank you..

          No your in here.

          • Pettoe

            You missunderstood. I was correcting myself “may the odds be forever in you favor” is wrong, i’m sorry, but my phone is quite slow.

      • Sandra Ferreira

        Thanks you 😀 And the same to you Pettor.

  • Blazed

    Ok same event, same useless rewards, oh wait they put back the ghastly shield ? oh no, its random….so only new stuff is still on store, and nothing new in game, not even a full new map since september, but where the hell are the news big update with real content inside ?

    Hoppefully i dont even connect into this crap cashcow game.

    But at least dulfy is always on top…when will you make a part of your site for archeage ?

  • BillyLeeBlack

    No new content may be an indication that they’re no longer generating enough revenue to support it (creating new contents).
    Then, their best bet for profit is 1) new players 2) c̶a̶s̶h̶ gem store. In either case, new content is moot point – to new players, everything is new, adding more new stuff isn’t really priority.

    People who buy gems will keep buying regardless of new contents.

    • A guest

      No new content isn’t a indication that they don’t have revenue. They’re
      being cheap and trying to profit off things in a way which lets them do
      the least amount of work.

      What the people who direct this mess at Anet
      or by Anet don’t realize is that they may make a profit off people who
      are new and don’t know any better, but screwing around their veterans
      means the people who were happy to throw money at them.. won’t be.

  • Sivir

    So… in 2012 the skins were easy to acquire. Instead of making it easy again, they want people to drop hundreds of dollars. Great content anet.

    • Gaz

      Skins from 2012 are a rarity nowadays, which is as it should be. If they made it easier to acquire then it would completely obliterate their worth. It should be a difficult method to acquiring a rare relic from the past that is comparable to their worth. Plus, you could have always dropped the dollars to acquire them, they have always been on the TP.

      • Sivir

        You are not seeing my point. They weren’t hard to get in 2012 at all…like A LOT of people had them and used them. The ones you see on the TP are from those people who didn’t use them or had an excessive of them.

        Sure, it should be at least difficult to acquire them today…but not by throwing hundreds of dollars for a WAY LESS chance to get them.

        I played in 2012, I have these skins already…but speaking for people who DIDN’T play in 2012: No they couldn’t have just dropped the dollars for it because they didn’t play in 2012.

        They should be able to get these skins today. They aren’t amazing at all and shouldn’t be treated as such because some people put a hefty price tag on it.

        • Gaz

          I see your point, but I’m saying that some things are simply a rarity. Yes it was easy to acquire them back in 2012, but right now isn’t 2012. I am aware how easily they were acquired and where the ones from the TP came from.

          Sure it would be nice if everyone has a chance to acquire them now even if it would be difficult, rather than having to shell out money to get them today (even though you don’t have to spend money to get in the raffle), but that wouldn’t be right. These items are rewards for player who played when the game was just barely out, they are kind of symbol of prestige. They’re not amazing but they certainly mean something significant. So of course they should have a hefty price tag.

          I think its nice that these items were even offered up again at all. Its simply too bad that the people who didn’t play in 2012 missed a limited time event, but that’s just how it works.

          Lets say someone has a very limited and rare 1943 coin that is worth a large sum of money today. Then, someone is complaining that why these coins aren’t available now at a more reasonable price because they are just coins, nothing special. Yet the fact is that it is special and has a historical significance so why should be be more easily acquired or have a lowered price.

          • Anthony Gray

            a symbol of prestige? yeah, right.

        • jayson villamor

          remember remember the month of november lol i’m starting to hate Arenanet for this RNG we don’t have to grind but RNG is a Grind just different you don’t have to kill repeatedly but you have to burn your pocket or grind dungeons then exchange gold for gem.

  • Shane Baker

    It’s frustrating how it’s globally based excluding China. Is it really that hard for Anet to reward per world? It can’t be right? Does Anet enjoy insulting all their players? Also, they sell these items from a Black Lion Weapons Specialist for 2 Black Lion Tickets. Why not 1?

    I’ve been playing for 2 years now, 810+ hours and only have been lucky enough to receive 9 ticket “scraps”. I’ve never had a single black lion ticket. To add to this, the past 6 chests I’ve opened have not contained a single “common” black lion ticket scrap. Only boosts, boosts and more boosts. I have 2 toons lvl 80, 2 additional close behind that and I’m receiving BOOSTS! Guys, I’m not new and last time I checked there is a crafting discipline that lets you craft boosts! Anet needs to BALANCE there game.

    • Rumper Tumpskin

      Don´t worry Shane, I have been playing for about 3400hrs and only 11 ticket scraps :DDDDD

      • Shane Baker

        I am soooo sorry Rumper! So very sorry! xD You prove my point though that Anet needs balance.

  • Dro

    i still have 17 of each skin from the first halloween

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