GW2 Pumpkin Carving Blood and Madness 2014 Achievement Guide

GW2 Pumpkin Carving achievement guide for the 2014 edition of Blood and Madness Halloween festival.

Note: After you carve the pumpkins, you can switch to a different character and do them again. If you have multiple characters you can just do Lion’s Arch over and over.

  • Make sure to hold down the ctrl key to find the carving pumpkins easier

If you are looking for a guide for rest of the achievements, you can find them here:

Lion’s Arch (25 Pumpkins found)


Queensdale (29 pumpkins found)


Gendarran Fields (27 pumpkins found)


Kessex Hills (22 pumpkins found)


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If I recall, in the previous year(s) you were able to carve the same pumpkins across multiple characters; is that the case still?

Found one – from the one furthest west and south head SE down to the Priory camp on the water – one against the rock there

There’s two pumpkins in the Weyandt’s Revenge JP. One’s by the chest and the other’s by Shane when you leave.

Just found another pumpkin in LA at the vista by Eastern Ward WP. It’s the one that you have to talk to Klagg to get to. 🙂

i found some in Kessex Hills: near wp Fort salma, 1 wp Sadowheart site, and 3 at wp Ireko Tradecamp, 2 at wp Overlake Haven, 2 in castle near wp Delanian, 1 near wp Darkwound and then run to Wizard’s Fief ; 4 pumpkins here (1 near vista), a pumpkin near Ettin cave wp Cereboth

Gendarren Fields:1 wp Nevo Terrace, 1 stoneguard gate, 2 wp Ascalon Settlement (1 near wp, other one south), near wp Cornucopian Fields, Almuten wp 3 (one near vista), 1 castle wp Junction Haven, wp Winter Haven near quest

Wayfarer Foothills: 1 wp Twinspur Haven, 2 near wp Horncall, 1 little south wp Hero’s Moot, 1 wp Outcast’s near quest (poi ‘Heart of the Wolf’), 1 wp Krennak’s Hornestead, 1 in house near wp Vendrake’s Hornestead, 1 near quest ‘Entertain and protect the children’ wp Taigan and one near poi Frostcreek Steading, 1 at right corner map; near poi Hermit’s Watch, 1 near wp Doyak’s pass (near quest)

It seems, that one can do the same pumpkin more then one per day per character. I have been paying for ~6h and was able to do the same pumpkin in LA 3 times with the same character.

one pumkin by sharkmaw JP end (usually where people port), one more behind queensdale graveyard (east of your eastmost mark).

There are actually two pumpkins in Queensdale at the north gate of Shaemoor Garrison – one is next to the gate and the other on the wooden stairs on the eastern side.

daily festival achievements counts toward meta completion only once, so you need to do at least one achievement from main festival category

I found one next to the small house east of the Cornucopian WP in gendarran fields and another one at the front gate of the shaemoor garrison (where you need to defend in the human tutorial)

Hi Dulfy, there are plenty of Pumpkins in the Mad King’s Labyrinth (25-30).
It should be great if we could have a map of these

Oh wow I didn’t even know they were in Queensdale and Kessex. I thought they were just in LA and the Maze. Ended up just getting them in the maze every time I entered a new instance.

I found a pumpkin at the cemetary in Queensdale, near the bandit entrance behind the white little temple building in stone

There’s another pumpkin at practically the same location of the inner harbour island one – it’s just underneath, in the little cavern

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