SWTOR Architect’s Stronghold Pack Preview

SWTOR Architect’s Stronghold Pack Preview. This pack was released on Nov 4, 2014. Updated with ingame pics and videos.


Jarael’s Armor Set




Dathomir Shaman’s Armor Set




Spectre’s Armor Set



Balanced Combatant’s Armor Set



Savage Hunter Armor Set

  • Obviously unfinished, notice the lack of texture on the gloves



Ceremonial Armor Set



Series 617 Cybernetic Armor Set



Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Dorn


Antique Socorro Blaster Dorn


Antique Socorro Sniper Rifle Dorn


Antique Socorro Rifle Dorn


Antique Socorro Lightsaber Dorn


Antique Socorro Saberstaff Dorn



Amzab ZB-8


Ikas XK-4


Tirsa Pinnacle


Tobus Prowler


Expedition Uxibeast


Walkhar Omen



Model FT-3C Imperium


Mini Mech CM-12



Purple Outline Color Crystal (bloom on left, bloom off right)


Dye Modules: Dark Red and Pale Brown


Dye Modules: Light Gray and Pale Pink


Regen: Feign Death


Emote: Celebrate / Emote: Belt Check


Title: Architect

Stronghold Label: Trade Emporium

Customization: Sergeant Rusk Customization 1



Use this link for a graphical version: http://tor-decorating.com/category/acquired-source/cartel-market/packs/stronghold-packs/architects-pack/

Decoration Source
Anti-Personnel Defense Turret Architect’s Pack
Arrangement: Café Table
Banner: House Ulgo
Carbonite Bounty (Hutt)
Corellian Rug
Electroblade Rack
Emergency Ceiling Light (Red)
Equipment Locker: Sleek
Flag House Ulgo
Fountain: Sculptural
Holo Sign: Cantina Dancer
Holo Sign: Champagne Glasses
Holographic Tree (Green)
Jukebox: Soothing Melodies
Krayt Dragon Skeleton
Merchant Stall: Armor
Metropolitan Bench
Networked Security Monitor
Octagonal Computer Station
Office Divider
Planetary Holo Map (Ilum)
Planter: Glowing Spores
Planter: Large Mushroom
Potted Plant: Luminescent Mushrooms (Blue)
Security Camera
Segmented Lights (Purple)
Starship: Imperial Gunship
Statue of the Serene Pilgrim
  • The Natoorat

    Thanks Dulfy!
    This looks like a great pack.
    ALSO I found in ‘Armor’ section there is a “Ghostly Magus Armor Set”. Quite creepy.

  • Damry

    I appreciate them making the hoods the headslot on the Dathomir Shaman’s set.

    But I would like to know who, on the Bioware design team, keeps putting those MASSIVE shoulderpads on everything. (Though hypocritically, I do kinda like the giant ones on the ceremonial set, and have since they were tionese.)

  • waglanug

    Spectre’s Armor Set

    BioWare Manger to BioWare Art Team: “Just throw some existing armor parts together, they don’t have to fit in any way, and it is done!”

    • dbaswell

      It’s just a recolor of the Phantom Armor set. Unless you’re saying that didn’t fit together originally?

      • Heist 101

        Yea I am actually excited for the spectre set.. The phantom belt is my #1 favorite darkside belt and now we’ll have it with purple glow, hit the nail on the head imo

      • Ben Gimson

        The helmet doesn’t tbf. Hood is toggled down with the helmet on, which kinda spoils it 🙁

        • dbaswell

          Same on the Phantom sadly. There are a lot of helmets that should be reworked to go under hoods, but I imagine that is a very low priority thing.

          • Ben Gimson

            Kallig’s is my biggest gripe on that note. Even shows it with a hood up in the Codex entry for Kallig 🙁

            • dbaswell

              That was definitely one I was thinking of, along with it’s clones in the 45-50ish range for heavy armor.

  • George Blair

    Re-skins. Tons and tons of re-skins.

    • Heist 101

      It’s cuz the art department that creates new models are probably busy with next expansion sets ..I’ll take reskins for now as long as this time next year I’m seeing reskins of the new stuff in December expansion

  • kingseven

    where is the trooper gear ? are we not getting our gear re-skinned ?

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It was in the last pack 😉

      • kingseven

        um no no it was not

      • DegaDominator

        That’s not the old rakata trooper gear he is talking about. That’s not even a reskin anyways the only thing on that’s thats not new is the helmet

  • Sindariel

    Reskinned Darth Sion armor… -.-

  • Unperson

    Great… there goes my hope for a Darth Sion armor variant with no radar dishes bolted to my shoulder. Double the pleasure, double the fun, huh?

    • Ben Gimson

      You really think they won’t add one? You’ll see plenty more reskins over 2015, don’t worry.

  • SWgeek

    Not much in the way of interest here. Nice to see an adaptive of the old Tionese Sage set (always did like that one) and the Dathomir Witch’s armor is rather cool. Though not sure why they can’t tweak the engine to fix it so that female toons can wear hats/hoods without suddenly becoming bald.
    Decor-wise, statue of the serene pilgrim and the sculpted fountain are rather nice. Overall though, its lean pickings this time round.

  • p4v7

    So many good decorations that makes this pack crazy! And we additionally get Dathomir Witch set. Mind blow.

  • dodgerfn

    Can someone please enlighten me regarding the cyber armor….I play this game everyday, have for 3 years, and I have NEVER, ever, seen a player wearing the cybernetic armor. I just don’t understand why they keep making it and putting it in packs?
    Love the new color crystal though

    • Infernus

      While I don’t use a whole set, I do use the gloves and boots on a couple of companions and I have seen other people use bits…but you’re right, I don’t think anyone uses a full set. I wish they would stop making so many, especially since they aren’t even very good.

    • Ben Gimson

      It’s called filler items 😛

      The rest seems pretty good though, particularly the purple crystal and Lore gear.

    • Heist 101

      It’s filler for the “gamble factor” of the cartel packs ..when u play slots do u win jackpot each time? – no you will lose and that’s what makes jackpots worthwhile.. If everyone got everything in the pack that they wanted then no one would put stuff on GTN. People are recently forgetting that these are gamble packs any cry in misunderstanding when they buy 2-3 hypercrates and don’t get a CZK sandcrawler or rancor.

      • Naq

        So your mentality, is that they should put trash in there on purpose that nobody would ever want, for a thing people are expected to spend money on? Thats your business model? Well done. Theres no reason they couldn’t do something that is actually appealing. Maybe even more renditions of the good cyber armors that people might actually like. The reason real life gambling machines make fun sounds and pretty lights is to offset that feeling of shameful remorse you get when you lose. Cyber armor does the opposite.

        • Heist 101

          Why the hostility? No it’s not “MY” business model.. And I didn’t say “they SHOULD put trash in” I’m saying they DO..

  • iceberg265

    Haha some cool stuff in this pack. Feign death, thats hilarious.

  • John Kosto

    I desperately want that purple crystal.

  • meh

    Meh. same old boring waste of money.

  • Anthony Quintana

    Awesome now me and Kira can be a cosplaying couple as Zayne and Jarael……god thats sad lol

  • holyfrog

    Must. Have. Krayt. Dragon. Skeleton.

  • Corwin

    Purple outline. YES! Sign. me. Up.

  • Illusione

    Must get the Dathomir Shaman outfit o.o
    Now they just need a Bow Rifle

  • These reskins/colors are getting out of hand…

  • principat

    That whole Antique Socorro weapon set looks so boring and uninspired and is repeated again and again…

  • DSAS


    • DarkSlayerrrrrr

      Hahahahaha more like FUUUUUGGGGLY LMAO

  • Luis Rosado

    Jarael’s armor is something that i wanted for my Nadia for a loooooong time.

  • Hiroshi Perez

    More Socorro weapons?? This is just great. NOT!! I starting to be annoyed by those weapon skins. There is absolutely no one who uses a Socorro weapon, except companions, but even I would not let my companion wear that nasty weapon design.

    • waglanug

      3 packs, 3 times weapons, and they are even to lazy to change the color scheme of them!

    • TJWoo

      That Antique Socorro Assault Cannon Dorn has to be one of the ugliest weapons ever designed for this game. Like someone took a green vase added handles, turned it sideways and called it an assault cannon. Hopefully this designer is no longer employed at BW.

      • DarkSlayerrrrrr

        Hahahahaha! More like the took a big lead pipe, coded it in bantha poison and then added makeshift handle bars from a tuskan raiders bones and called it an assault cannon LMAO

        • DarkSlayerrrrrr

          *bantha poodoo is what I meant. Man I HATE auto spell check

        • Heist 101

          Lmao …Bantha poison

      • Hiroshi Perez

        I’m guessing he is still there since the design seems to remain in every single pack out there.

    • Heist 101

      I actually use the cresh pistol, I’m ok with it’s sound and tbh the color scheme fits perfectly with Hutta. Still at odds with the rifle and sniper needle point tip though.

      • Hiroshi Perez

        Try getting out of Hutta, then people would point at you and call you “contagious” because you would be the first to create the Ebola Virus and the Hutts would shut you off in a Carbonite Chamber for wearing that weapon of yours.

    • DarkSlayerrrrrr

      LMAO I actually agree with you on this…..

  • ItsRainingSith

    I would not call Darth Sion balanced, but well…

    • holyfrog

      Uh look again they did balance it out. There is a pad on each shoulder now.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        The arms still aren’t balanced. They both have more armoring, but one of the arms switches from ribbed armor on the forearm to ribs with nothing under them on the bicep.

  • DarkSlayerrrrrr

    Hmmmmm perhaps this was just some weird BioWare contest between the devs to see who could come up with the UGLIEST weapons?? Who in their right mind would want ANY of those? Annnnnnd let’s start the GTN bidding at 25 cents do I have a 25 cents anyone? ANYONE? How about free-99? LMAO

    • Hiroshi Perez

      How about half of a penny??

  • Waxon

    Finally, Darth Sion found his missing shoulderpad. And thank god, another Cybernetic Armor Set. The supply on the GTN was getting low.

  • Josef Tauser

    This game needs nipples.

  • Matthew Ottoson

    Now we can put up cubicles with the office dividers! TPS reports here we come!

  • I like the purple crystal. Seems appropriate with the Revan expansion on its way. 😉 The clothing / weapons not so much.

    As to questions raised by others in regards to the cybernetic armor. The funny thing to me is that I have a character who is a droid (and I turned Quinn into one after he betrayed my SW). You’d think that would be easy with all these sets out there.

    But then you have kind of the opposite problem. If you want to have your character look like they are fully cybernetic, most of the sets don’t work. Because they have an arm or a leg or some such which are clearly still flesh. It was harder than I expected to build MIERU (Mobile Information Extraction and Recovery Unit).

  • dodgerfn

    Some good looking decorations again in this pack. I hope they forget to put the new slot machine in again though 🙂

  • Drool Bear

    Ok, who ever is responsible for the adds on this website needs to fix them. They automatically start playing as soon as the page loads. They say their muted but their not. The sounds pop in and out REAL LOUD as well you can’t mute, turn down the volume or stop them from playing. Sometimes, all 3 adds play at once and all you hear is 3 commercials playing at once. Please get this fixed.

    • I am looking into it, are they anyclip ads?

      • Drool Bear

        Yes, it’s the anyclip adds. Oddly enough, today I load the page and their silent. Maybe it’s a particular add that runs cause today they look like different adds.

        Thanks and by the way, awesome work on all of this. Yours is truly the best site to go to for SWTOR related stuff!

    • tastyflapjack

      Download adblock

      • Hiroshi Perez


    • Ben Gimson

      Possible you’ve got some sort of virus/addon thing. I had something latch onto my comp once and it started doing what you’re describing, had to disable it but don’t recall how.

  • Meelis S

    Whats with the UGLY antique weapons? Whole shipment has them all same not even one effect or difference??

  • Guest

    That Dathomir set xD bald witches are best witches

  • AbnerDoon

    I want that Walkhar in black! Dangit did not care for the blue one but black might be able to replace my green one.

    • Rehayn

      There’s a white one as well you might like, called the Walkhar Prophecy.

  • Vodorlo

    Hey, looks like another Slot Machine is in this pack.

    Let’s hope they forget to add it in again…

  • JasonRyder

    Wonder what Dye Modules will be in this pack? Hopefully Black and Dark Brown, I really want to make my Jedi Knight’s robes look like Anakin’s

  • Gaius93

    How do you view these items on your toons when they haven’t been release yet?

    • Astyra

      Dulfy gets on the PTS (Public Test Server) and previews the items in Collections.

      • It is not from the PTS, it is on live servers

        • Ben Gimson

          You can’t preview them on live, no? Tried it with them all and they’re just greyed out and stay that way for me.

          • Calphaya

            Open up a previous item then click on a future item without closing the previous item’s window – if you then have the ability to move secondary windows, you can move the Collections Window out of the way (or simply close it) – and the latter item will now be viewable instead of the first item you clicked.

            • Ben Gimson

              Oh right, that’s awesome. Thanks! 😀

            • Astyra

              Thanks! Will give this a try.

          • Astyra

            Yeah it was that way for me, too. I always thought Dulfy was able to preview them because she was on the PTS. I’ll have to check again, because when I click on an item it doesn’t do anything.

        • Astyra

          Really? I didn’t know that. When I looked at Collections on the live server I saw some of these items but wasn’t able to preview them.

          • Use the trick described by Calphaya, it works to preview items you cannot click

    • Collections. Some items are added to the collections before they get released

  • Astyra

    I’ve never been into the Cartel Pack emotes, but Feign Death will be awesome if it actually has the blue beacon that makes it look like other players can loot you.

  • waglanug

    SWTOR community: “We want real cyborgs!”

    BioWare: “Ok, but you will regret this!”

    SWTOR community: “Stopp flooding us with ugly cyborg armor!”

    • darfather

      The problem is that the Cyborg armor is all ugly and stupid looking. All of it. The people who design armor in this game have pretty much zero understanding of aesthetic value. Obviously none of them went to art school. Only about 10% of ALL the armor in this game is worth anything or attractive, the rest looks like a 8 yr old designed it.

      • Meh, the ‘armored’ ones look fine, if you’re into that kind of thing.
        Amusing: Put a cybernetic torso and bikini bottom on any female character.

      • damagecrab

        I put skadge in all cyber armor… so much fun!! I think one of my toons is going to end up with an army of cyborgs. All different types. It’s great for making dumb/annoying companions look goofy.

      • Holyfrog

        Yeah that cyborg armor is dumb. If someone is missing the lower half of their torso ( you can see the cybernetic spine) why do they still have flesh and blood legs? The first couple sets of cyborg armor was the best.

    • BrianDavion

      it’s one thing to give us SOME cyborg armor but to flood the last dozen or so packs with it..

    • Hachiman

      Flooding is a understatment!
      In the 10 packs i bought now, i got 4 x “Series 617 Lower Body Armor” and 2 x “Series 617 Supplementary Body Armor”.
      And even in one of the packs i got two(!) of those bloody boxes!

    • Holyfrog


  • EyesOfGehenna .

    Nowadays I am more interested in the decorations than the rest of the pack. Things like the Walkhar are cool but most of the ” normal” items are crap. These weapon sets and cyborg armours are things I’ve started deleting right away. Along with all the crappy xp boosts (I only keep the general xp boosts). I think that they took a wrong turn with putting multiple armour parts in these boxes also. I have a shed load of unopened boxes sitting there and they are on the gtn for like 500 credits each. Honestly, it’s flooded the market by doing it this way. And even the rarer armours are done in a way that the chest piece is actually rare but the rest of the set is not. That also doesn’t help.

    • Infernus

      I wish they would just come out with a Decorations Cartel Pack. I would buy a ton of hypercrates of those. I bet a lot of people would.

  • Astyra

    Dulfy could you maybe preview the individual pieces of the Spectre set like you did with the Dathomir Shaman one? I would like to know if the chestpiece has the hood or not like the Phantom chest did.

    • Astyra

      Nevermind. I’ll just give that trick a try and see what I can do. Thanks Calphaya

  • Illusione

    Really wish the Hood was apart of the chest so we could add Ajunta’s mask.. Grr No I just need to get the Manaan Vibrosword to make it look realistic..

  • Unoshi

    balance combatant armor set huh…. pretty sure someone named Darth Sion wont like that at all *Blows the whistle *

  • Vahmung

    Wish the Series 617 headpiece didn’t include the skullcap this time around. I just really want the visor nice and smooth.

  • I love AT-AT’s

    Why does the purple crystal look blueish? I hope it looks like purple instead of purple/pink like the one does now..

  • DatAnonymousGuy

    When will it be released? Jaraels Armor <333333

  • Drool Bear

    Tell me that the Krayt Dragon Skeleton won’t be the most expensive item ever sold on the GTN. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it at a minimum of 50,000,000

    • bleeters

      Maybe, but it’s a centrepiece. That does sort of limit the demand somewhat.

      Either way, it’s ridiculously cool.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Got one in my hypercrate…
      Used it immediately 🙂

      No way I’m gonna sell that hehehe

  • ewokingdead

    i’m really liking the lightsabers

  • Dannielle Sommers

    Looks like it will be on the market on after the maint / patch tonite

  • Chakra Kusanagi

    I find it highly amusing that the feigndeath regen includes the loot beam 😀

    • Rondowar

      I know right, I’m definitely getting it from the GTN 😀

    • Hugo A Sanchez

      This is starting to sound like an expensive toy on gtn….hahah

    • Sarigar

      It’s a dead player, I hope the beam is at least dark blue. If it’s a popular item, I’m sure we’ll see an “epic loot” version next time.

      • Zakun

        It’s random. So… You may be worth an Orange, or… You may be worth a Droid foot. 😀

        • Sarigar

          That’s actually better!

  • Sarigar

    Time for another decorating spree! I dearly hope those red ceiling lights are a common decoration, gonna need a lot of those.

    • bleeters

      And security cameras! I’m going to be wanting a lot of those.

      Though the fact they only work on wall medium hooks is a bit of a bummer and makes me suspect they’ll be hugely oversized, but hey. Cameras.

      • Hugo A Sanchez

        I have 4!

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        They’re not hugely oversized, they just take up a huge (well medium) hook for no reason.

  • Phuzakie

    How much are the new packs? Did they keep the higher price for these packs or knock it back down to 210cc?

    • NoQuarter


      • Phuzakie

        So they went 210cc to 320cc and down to 250cc.

        So a hypercrate is probably around 5400cc?

        Thanks for the update, stuck at work. Last packs at 320 really turned me off SWTOR for the last month.

        • Hugo A Sanchez

          the prices vary for each pack. They are all unique in a way…

          • Chakra Kusanagi

            Not really.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          They also put a -38% sale on the last pack, bringing it down to the previous costs of this shipment.
          I think they noticed people weren’t buying as many packs.
          And with this one they’re checking if they can increase the price and still have people buy more than they would with the 320 price.

  • Sarigar

    I hope they move on from the “Antique Soccoro” weapon aesthetic soon. It appears to be one of the least popular weapon families ever. I don’t anticipate them becoming more valuable a year from now, either.

    Is the “Purple Outline” crystal just an adaptive version of the level 50 Purple colour crystal? I can’t see any difference between them, unless maybe there is a slight difference in hue.

    • luiza

      These outline crystals seem to have a different color effect that I couldn’t really see while previewing it. I bought the blue one and I don’t know how to explain it, but while common crystals give this “fading” effect to the blade, outline crystals make the blade look more as if it was a little thicker, as the color is on the outside of the blade. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that was my impression.

      Also, add Cybernetic Armor to the “hope they move on from it soon” part. Can’t see the point of issuing more and more of it every cartel pack just to clutter the GTN…

      • Sarigar

        It does make sense, thanks Luiza. 🙂

      • BrianDavion

        yeah the cybernetic armor has been in a few pack series now. you can’t even give that stuff away

    • Vos_L

      Packs are organized in shipments of 4 sets of packs. Armor, weapons, and vehicles generally have “themes” for each shipment with different variations of the same items with each pack. This last shipment has the Antique Soccoro weapons. This was the last pack in the shipment so the next set of packs should have a new themed set of weapons. I agree with you though, these are awful….glad we’re at the end of the shipment of Stronghold packs.

    • dodgerfn

      The weapons from the last couple of packs sell on the GTN for 5 credits each….the default price. That’s how bad every one hates them

  • Forumchibi .

    The Belt Check emote seems almost vulgar somehow…? Lol. I think I’m missing a reference of some sort.

    Also, I think the loot light when you Feign Death is a funny touch.

    • dbaswell

      It looks like a move that pro wrestlers do, usually while wearing a championship belt. Sort of a “come at me” if you will.

  • kt

    Wow. What an ugly mess of items that they threw together in a pack. And the Socorro weapons..bio ware wtf are you doing with that?
    Release the czerka weapons already!!

    • abaddonsmummy

      Have to agree, these these ‘s ‘suckorro’ weapons are really getting tired. Only up side is there going cheap as chips on the GTN for new alt’s as moddable weapons.

  • Gangrel

    And once again they screwed something up. It gives a Metropolitan Bench, which was in the last Pack and if you use it it doesn’t give the Decoration. Internally it counts as a new Decoration (got 4/4 now) but i can’t find it anywhere.

    • Red Lagoon

      Weirdly when I change from show all decorations to show available I can access the bench that was unlocked (I don’t have any of the other type of bench available). It’s still called a metropolitan bench, but looks completely different. I have no idea what would happen if I tried that with both types of bench available, probably break the poor game’s brain.

    • Holyfrog

      The name is screwed up, it’s a new bench.

    • dodgerfn

      I got 2 metropolitan benches from a pack. One I placed down and it was a blue color, the other I placed down and it was a red color…both looked blue when I previewed them. Now that’s weird

    • Gangrel

      Just checked again, i still only see the old one in previews (got 13) and no sign of the new one (unlocked 4). So it seems to me, because i got the old one, the new one is making problems.

    • Gangrel

      So, placed the 13 old Benches and then hid the hooks and tried again. Now i got the 4 new ones. But as soon as i pick up one of the old ones, the new ones disappear …
      Maybe they can fix it, by renaming one of the two. Same Problem seems to be with the Networked Security Monitor. One is from the Pack and you can buy the other one from the Universal Fabricator Droid.

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    celebrate ends prematurely on my toon :/

    • abaddonsmummy

      Try thinking of something else when your near the end. Football or Ann Widdicombe usually works for me. 😛

      • Dulius

        .. I just tasted vomit (about Ann Widdicombe)

  • luiza

    Absolutely LOVED that decorations. Holographic Trees, finally!

    • Sindariel

      The first pack already contains holo trees. oO

      • luiza

        OMG how could I miss it! thank you! (the green tree is prettier, though)

  • tommythepower

    New statue looks good http://i.imgur.com/Tq0Dp6C.jpg

    • luiza

      Lovely garden! I was thinking about what to do with that empty balcony, I guess I know now…

      • Sarigar

        I think the Coruscant balcony is a lot easier to choose decorations for than DK. Aesthetically, I don’t want to put stuff outside on DK that wouldn’t be able to endure being rained on 24/7. So my DK balcony just has Oricon torches, some scary statues, guard droids, and of course my beloved AA Turret. 🙂

        • bleeters

          I put Quinn out there, alone.

          There’s no payback like and cruel and unusual payback.

          • abaddonsmummy

            This made me laugh.


          • Holyfrog

            Did you take his clothes? Because that would be epic payback.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          On DK, I got the oricon torches, tons of oricon “plants” and a few statues as well as some wall lights.

          Feels perfect to me 🙂

      • Hugo A Sanchez

        OMG you are cute.

  • Unperson

    Haha, Savage Hunter gloves still missing texture, at least in preview. Or were they going for a psychedelic look with that? “My god, it’s full of stars!”

    • Relod

      I got the full set and gloves still missing textures when i preview them

  • Strew

    What are the patch notes for today ? my client is patching and there is no patch notes ??

    • Strew

      Nevermind just went on swtor.com and saw them…

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Yeah, the minor “a, b, c” type patches do that sometimes.
        Just click on the “read patch notes on swtor.com” and make sure it’s the latest patch.

  • Sindariel

    The loot beam from the regen item has different colors.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      That’s awesome 🙂

  • guest

    So with this pack all of the original end game armors now have lesser versions that anyone can wear? really glad i spent all that time getting the original armors now that any putz can now get them. Thanks Bioware way to show the love for people who have playing this game since the beginning and dealing with various disasters that have beset the game. How about this we the founder title
    up for sale in the cartel market since that seems to be the area of most importance to the devs

    • Tarmen

      Whine whine whine. Sorry buddy that’s all i’m hearing………

      • 149014901

        Wasn’t looking for your opinion on the issue, regardless of what you feel about it, it still exists. The devs are making no consideration for long time players. Now its all about selling stuff on the cartel market for people who would actually buy something from the CM. Oh Well its not as bad as cryptic and star trek online, but its still pretty lowball ever for EA.

    • Vampire

      If you are looking for a putz, I suggest locating the nearest mirror.

      • 23141412412

        Did you have something to add to the topic of discussion or did you just want us to see your super awesome name?

        • Vampire

          You make a generalized comment referring to every player who is not a founder as a putz and feel justified in being incensed enough to make a snide comment when someone calls you out on it? Please. You also hide behind a guest handle.

          It if looks like a troll and smells like a troll….and I’ll stop feeding it now.

    • Jerac

      Wrong! The sniper chest is not available. they released the Operative version, but not the hood down sniper. Mine are all still special!

  • Hugo A Sanchez

    Anybody get the Dathomir set? A friend got a hyper crates and zero Dathomir Shaman gear. Super rare maybe?

    • 4Skyrim .

      Hey Hugo, I purchased 4 hypercrates and I received not even one piece from the Dathomir set. I am starting to believe that Bioware left it out by mistake. No way Im burning through 4 hypercrates and nothing, not even a bracer or belt…

      • Hugo A Sanchez

        there you go they missed it

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          I opened one hypercrate and got 0 dathomir pieces and 0 jarael pieces.

          Seems they went a bit overboard on the rarity of the “super rare” outfits this time.

          • BrianDavion

            you’d think after the blow back from the casino packs BW would have learned that kind of crap was viewed poorly by their fanbase

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              Well there is always the possibility of it simply being a mistake.

          • dbaswell

            I wonder if they’re running another “experiment” with distribution like they claimed to have been doing with the armor set distributions in the Star Cluster packs.

    • Infernus

      I got 2 Hypercrates and got the chest piece and the gloves

    • Mazio

      I opened one hypercrate and got 1 piece of the Dathomir set (gloves) and 0 pieces of Jarael’s set. Crazy low drop rate of those sets it seems, which is a shame as i wanted the Dathomir set for my assassin XD

    • The Natoorat

      I’ve bought 1 HC and got Jarael’s gloves and boots, 0 Dathomir and a crapload of Spectre and Ceremonial armours. I guess those will be selling for like 5 creds on GTN.

    • bearalzebub

      I bought 1 hypercrate and got a Dathomir Shaman belt, which by itself doesn’t look that special lol

  • Vampire

    There are two items I am aware of that are missing from the decorations list. The Grand Statue of the Emperor is in this pack. In fact it is in all 4 of the packs from this shipment. There was also a new decoration added, Starship: Imperial Bomber IIRC. Anyone know of any others?

    • It is imperial gunship and metropolitian bench, both are added to the list now

      I don’t include grand statue of the emperor since it is not new

      • Vampire


  • Holyfrog

    It took till the second from last pack in the third hypercrate I bought but I finally got the Krayt Dragon Skeleton! Best deco ever! It’s huge, it’s hang over the edge of the DK landing pad! I could actually see paying a couple mil on the GTN to get one for Tat.

    • dodgerfn

      I’m guessing it will be more like 10mill on the GTN, but I would like to have one.

    • Sarigar

      Glad you got one. 🙂 I got lucky on my AA turret last time, I wish my luck had held out this time! Hopefully some of the other stuff I got is valuable enough that I can wheel and deal my way to the dragon skeleton.

  • Sarigar

    Two hypercrates, and not even one set of red lights. Trust Bioware to make something everyone wants a bunch of more rare than an honest Hutt.

    • Meelis S

      lol i bought just 3 packs not hypercrates and got 4 red lights. I seriously think you wer unlucky as it isnt rare at all. But 0 Dathomir armor pieces. And like usual bunch of cybertech items.

      Just confirmed again not to even gamble, will buy stuff from GTN like in past all armor sets. Decorations doesnt interest me anymore. People dont visit strongholds anymore often and once you get it, it just stays there. But armor is what you use all the time and other players can also see 🙂
      Only thing worth spending credits for is imo jukeboxes. Those are fun and cool to use once a while.

      I did got fountain from first normal pack 😀

      • Sarigar

        I got four fountains, I started to think they weren’t even rare. From what others have been saying they got, it seems like there is a very weird distribution of rares and very rares in this set. I was content overall with what I did get, I just wish the red emergency lights had been a common decoration, as a lot of Imperial/Sith players have wanted these for their strongholds.

  • dodgerfn

    The Anti-Personnel Defense Turret is interactive, when you select it it shoots twice. I have one on my landing pad on Coruscant to shoot ongoing traffic, and one in my garage to shoot those ships that try to sneak in my garage 🙂

  • Meelis S

    Can confirm 0 Dathomir items from 3 packs. And it also looks like cybertech series armor with ceilings decoration will come like candys…

    Only thing i got anything good was fountain.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      3 packs or 3 hypercrates?

      Because 0 of anything from 3 packs is pretty expected.

  • GoodBadUgly

    Well, reading all this comments it just makes one thing clear for me: won’t waste real money on cartell coins to buy this HC but will buy some credits from some credit seller and buy the things I want directly from the GTN. Spares me the pain getting rid of ugly armor (cyborg stuff) or ugly weapons or worthless xp boosts no one wants and not getting those thinks I desire even by buying 2 or 3 HCs.
    But well, thats just my opinion / way of handling this.

    • dodgerfn

      Don’t buy credits from credit farmer’s, that doesn’t help the game at all

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Oh he won’t… it’s just posturing.

        But I really do wish he did so they could rob him for everything he’s got and he’d know “real greed”…

        • GoodBadUgly

          Well … wrong, I already did it with a previous HC, buying credits instead CCs and in the end I got all the ultra rare items from the GTN I wanted instead of going for this HC lottery.
          So who fares better? One that buys CC’s and has almost nothing of the things he wants but a crap load of useless items, or the one who buys credits and gets what he wants.
          And yes, same with the strongholds, bought them via credit sellers. Far easier way, doing 4-5 overtime hours at work, taking the money for buying credits and getting the strongholds in one storke, or doing dozens (!) of hours of farming dailies? For the same end result: 4-5 hours spend at work, or dozens of hours spend on dailies.
          It’s just more economical, at least in my opinion, but everyone can decided this for him/herself.

          • dodgerfn

            Probably not a good idea to post here your buying credits from farmers dude, it’s against the TOS, and you can get your account banned. But hey, if you want to keep bragging about it that’s your business. I don’t think you will get any sympathy here, we want to keep the game going strong and what you are doing hurts it.

    • Unperson

      This should have been clear to people from day one. Unlike real gambling schemes, EAWare can fuck with the odds at any time, without warning or explanation, and they don’t answer to anyone. It looks like the $139M they raked off microtransactions in 2013 isn’t good enough, so they are going to try and squeeze every last penny from the remaining playerbase. I’d put on a smug face if I didn’t actually like this game and felt this is a sure fire way to kill it in the long run. I hope I’m wrong and Ep VII brings about a pop surge, but I’m not holding my breath.

      And about the cyborg armor flooding, I’m guessing some dev really fucking likes the Borg. Wrong game buddy.

      • Holyfrog

        I don’t get why people don’t understand that EA is a corperation whose sole purpose for existing is to MAKE MONEY, and the is no “good enough” in terms of how much money they make. They aren’t greedy like some people say, it’s the reason the game was created. It’s the reason the CM exists.

        • Unperson

          Oh, I understand it well enough. That’s why I haven’t purchased a single pack, and I’ve held a sub on and off since before the CM launched — I simply buy what I like from GTN. What you, and the rest of the EAWare apologists, fail to understand is that “free market” is not an absolute term (a misnomer, really), and there is such a thing as business ethics. Creating and taking advantage of false expectations is not, by any stretch, playing nice.

          Can they do it, as in, is it legal? Possibly. Not the kind of move that inspires confidence or leads to customer fidelization, though. It’s all balancing risks and rewards, until they eventually miscalculate, the company folds and layoffs ensue. But it’s all well because until then they were MAKING MONEY, and that’s all that matters, yes?

          Meh. As I said, I don’t gamble when I don’t know the odds, so no skin off my back.

          • Holyfrog

            “Taking advantage of false expectations”. Who’s expectations? There are no stated odds. We don’t know if anything is this pack is any more rare then the pervious packs. It could be that the people that are getting the rare stuff just aren’t speaking up. This isn’t a free market. EA has a monopoly on this game. I suppose you think it was unethical of them to raise the price on The last pack because stupid people expected it to be the same price as the last two. Even though it was the same price as the packs before the SH expansion. What you and the EA haters fail to see us that it’s not the corporations that are greedy it’s the masses that say “they make too much money, they should be happy with less money.” that are the true greedy people. ” I want to pay less for the service you provide, so that I have more money.”

            • Unperson

              What the hell are you rambling about? Where did I say anything about the pricing increase of the previous pack? And yes, I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt that the rare armor sets are dropping less. Atm, the GTN lists 80+ (!) pages of Savage Hunter, Phantom, and the latest Borg filler, vs 13 and 10 pages only of Dathomir and Jarael pieces, respectively. It’s not even close to what the proportion has been for previous releases.

              No, it’s not that they are trying to earn more money — it’s that they are trying to accomplish that by duping people. The false expectations are that the rare:super rare ratio will remain constant throughout the shipment. The false expectations are that the rules will not be changed mid game. These are expectations created by a long-standing practice and a lack of an announcement otherwise. They drew flak for raising the price of the last pack, so instead of doing that, they simply changed the odds, effectively devaluing the currency wrt packs, forcing people to pay more money for items of the same rarity. I’ll lay it out in simple terms, because you seem to struggle with basic concepts: changing the price is the honest way to do it, surreptitiously changing the value of goods is not. Both are greed, though, like it or not, regardless of your fantasies about how it’s all the “masses” fault.

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Eeeh… “buy credits from some credit seller”?

      Why not buy the packs and sell them unopened, then buy the items off the GTN?

      Oh, I see… it’s a “protest” against this “unethical” behavior eh?

      By doing something even more unethical.

      Sounds like something a ten year old would do.

      • Vinak

        I don’t buy credits, or condone it…But I would love to hear your explanation on how it’s “unethical”

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Because most of those credits are gained from fraudulent behaviour and from botting?

  • Infernus

    Based on the comments here, other sites and from friends of mine, I am feeling quite lucky to have gotten some of the Dathomir set, including the chest piece. Funny thing is, I don’t really like and will be selling it 🙂

  • Aiko

    Jarael’s Armor Set looks really awesome 😮 WANT!!

    Bought 4 Packs today.. no luck :/

  • damagecrab

    I guess I’m the only one who likes both the Socorro Weapons and Cyborg Armor. I have the Cyborg Armor on Skadge and I love it. It makes an annoying character look goofy and fun. Next I’m going to outfit all the Companions of a single Toon in different Cybor Armors, like they built all their companions.

    As for the Socorro weapons; I like the lightsabers on Jedi and the guns with armor like the Savage hunter or anything that looks beat up/rusty/worn. My new Powertech is going to wear that armor and carry the Socorro blaster.

    Guess I’m in luck since they are so cheap!

    • dodgerfn

      Yes, you are the only one…

    • Sarigar

      I’m glad at least one person out there likes the Socorro gear. 🙂 If you need any more of it, let me know, I’ll be glad to back up my dump truck of Socorro weapons to your stronghold.

      • damagecrab

        Trust me, everyone and their dog beat you to it!

      • BrianDavion

        yeah it’s not even that the sorocco weapons are even BAD, it’s just that there’s too much of it

      • dbaswell

        I liked the first blaster pistol. After that the colors got…weird. Not to mention that little nubby handle on the other 2nd and 4th.

        • Heist 101

          If you start a BH or agent the soccoro pistols and rifles fit in perfectly well with Hutta.. Just saying.

  • AbnerDoon

    Has anyone seen a Walkhar Omen drop yet? On the second hypercrate and asking on both fleet chats I have yet to hear from someone that’s gotten one.

    • Infernus

      I saw one last night. I got a couple hypercrates myself and didn’t get one…did get 6 of those Ikas XK-4’s though…oh the joy and excitement.

      • Astyra

        Want one so darned bad…. xD

    • Tarmen

      Just saw 2 of them on Progenitor’s GTN at about 1.2 mil or smthing. Give it time things from the pack have just been unbound.

    • Holyfrog

      I got it!

    • dodgerfn

      There are about 6-7 on Jedi Cov on GTN, cheapest was 1.2 million. I want one for my agent, but price will drop next week.

    • AbnerDoon

      Yeah I have seen them posted now on GTN today. Honestly surprised people put them up that cheap.

    • I got one in one of the two Arch packs I bought. But I kept it. 🙂 Favorite speeder so far!

  • Flusensieb

    Look, that Dathomir hood isn’t part of the chest piece!

  • Meelis S

    lol people already trying to get millions from Dathomir set. Hint for those who read this chat and trying to get ideas how rare it is – NO one will buy 3-5m a piece even if it is super duper ultra mega rare 🙂
    Decoration one item you can ask millions sure but not whole set.

    • Infernus

      People spend that much and more on single chest pieces of rare sets all the time. The rest of the set may not get that much…but probably at least a million for the first week.

      • Meelis S

        Million is ok if it is very desired item eg. many people want it and supply is not good. Satele chest comes to mind that many wanted and price stayed high.

        Looking GTN now already see page and pages Dathomir sets not selling well. Dont foget new expansion is also almost here, and EVERYTHING will cost a lot credits to upgrade characters. That is crew missions and schematics + new skills and other activites. Saving credits now is not bad idea.

        • Holyfrog

          I found that Satele’s hooker boots cost more then the chestpiece.

      • Heist 101

        I paid 3 mil for Tulak hords helmet ..last peice I needed and waited 2 weeks checking GTN all others before I purchased were 5 mil+ so I bit the bullet and got it for 3 when it was available before it went even higher. Tulak hord set is Boss btw this is my justification for a wild purchase.

    • bleeters

      Considering that there’s no real downside to listing an item that doesn’t sell, it’s not hugely surprising that people start out hugely overpricing everything than scale downwards.

  • PuttyUTK

    I’ve now figured out their new ploy…The CM packs used to contain 4 or 5 unique looking sets of gear that were dynamic and cool. Now they’ve decided to put 1 or 2 completely unique and dynamic sets of gear in each pack, make it ULTRA ULTRA rare, then thrown in 3 or 4 retextured or recolored old sets of gear that no one really is that excited about.

    Its frustrating.

    • Holyfrog

      I’m sorry I must have missed something. What is their “ploy”? All you did was state facts that everyone has known for the last 3 months. Did you just now figure out that they are putting in retextured gear? Which by the way is something people have been crying to get back ” why can’t we get the old Columi gear anymore?” Give people what they want and they complain, don’t give it to them and they complain.

      • Nautilus

        You missed the obvious, Genius. IE they are forcing you to buy more packs to actually get something that either a) you want or b) can actually sell on the gtn to make money to buy the thing you want.

        • Holyfrog

          Well genius, he didn’t say that or imply that in his post. I’m sorry they are forcing you to more buy packs. Do I need to call the police to come and rescue you from the evil game developers. News flash: you are not being forced to buy anything. If you don’t like what comes in the packs don’t buy them. You only have yourself to blame if you buy a pack.

          • Heist 101

            I think he’s talking about if u “want something different” meaning if u go beyond the crafting decorations and gear selection (outside of cartel market) – >>IF<< you want something different you can only look at cartel market items.. BW may be leaving new legacy gear models/ end game pvp pve gear/ crafting decor for the 3.0 expac ..as for now if u are looking for new armor BW is going to tempt you with the CM.. Simple

  • Sarigar

    I gave Blizz a huge pile of Socorro weapons to play with. He built a droid out of them. The first thing the droid did when it was switched on was to shoot itself in the head.

    • Astyra


    • AbnerDoon

      Beautiful 😀

  • bleeters

    Just to note, the anti personnel turret decoration currently glows blue at all times, as if you were mouse-over selecting it. Could be a bug, but it does sort of make it look strangely out of place.

    • Holyfrog

      Uhh… Try clicking it Einstein.

      • bleeters

        At which point it fires, and then goes back to glowing. What’s your point?

        • Holyfrog

          So that people know that it is clickable like all other clickable items in the game. It’s not a bug or broken its meant to be that way.

          • bleeters

            None of the other clickable decorations such as the manned blaster turret or larged field generator do that, though.

            • Holyfrog

              Well I didn’t know the field gen did anything. So there you go the fixed a bug by maligning it blue is that you would know it was clickable.

              • Heist 101

                Why u trollin bro ..it clearly looks unfinished or rushed into the pack, they don’t even have sound either. If you love it so much then go have fun with your smurf cannons instead of justifying a bug here.. You just sound like an imbecile.

              • Holyfrog

                Who’s sounds like the imbecile? “Why u trollin bro?” The only thing that could make you sound dumber was if you said “brah” It’s clickable it should be blue. It’s my opinion and I can state it as such. Stupid auto correct says things like “maligning”.

  • Blach

    The light on the Feign Death item can change colors

  • Astyra

    Lol Dulfy wearing the Dathomir chestpiece dyed white, looks like she found somehting to replace her beloved XoXaan chestpiece xD

  • Cooldowns should be expiring soon, right? How do the GTN prices look for things?

  • Guest

    This pack (much like all the others) is very Yuck. Not much in the pack and none of it is very visually engaging. If the Devs are going to keep placing more of an importance on the CM they should at least give us something that we want to waste our money on.

  • MainMor

    Anyone else wearing the Jarael Tunic having serious clipping issues on the backside? The pants that go with the set or not, they clip right through the back bottom half of the tunic. It’s very disappointing.

  • Otto Sump

    Like the Walkhar and Jarael’s armour but nothing else in this pack is worth the money or hassle of GTNing everything. Wish their weren’t so many chest pieces with dangly bits that interfere with the leg pieces, I would probably look for Jarael’s chest piece if it didn’t overhang but as it does :/ sadly nothing for me here.

  • Gagboot

    Decorations only——No Kingpin Slot machines in these packs at all. I have opened at least 10- 24 packs and got every decoration but the Krayt Dragon skull. There are no Kingpin Slot Machines on the GTN. What is even stranger is I actually got a Statue of the Emperor (the giant one) from this pack. It is not supposed to be in it from the list. Another strange item was the cafe tables. These are grey common or supposed to be according to the coloring, yet they are super rare drops.

    • Holyfrog

      I got the grand statue of the emperor also. From what I’ve heard it is the one deco that has been in every pack. I felt kinda robbed I opened a pack got a center piece only to find it was one I got from the first set if packs:( How can you say you opened 10-24 packs? That is a big difference, I get say 10-15 packs.

      • Gagboot

        Holyfrog—sry …..I meant I opened 10, 24 packs or 10 hypercrates…should have been clearer and not used a hyphen

        • Holyfrog

          Holy crap! You should be able to sell enough to buy the dragon skeleton. Hmmm. 1 credit kingpin slots could be around the corner.

    • Mandalore2280

      I actually got a set of the metropolitan benches last night out of this pack. It’s funny because I got those in the last pack, got my 100+ prestige, but last night it was reading as not having it already. So I guess 200 prestige on one item isn’t bad….

  • Gagboot

    Also, The Ceremonial Headpiece bugs when color dyed by bright colors such as the new pink and grey and any other pink and or bright color dye.

  • DarkthShadow

    Hey, just here to mention, there is a bug where the Dathomir Shaman’s Hood is invisible. I think that this is server side because many people have this bug, and no staff has responded to any complaints

    • StrangeDais

      Wondering this myself. Really annoyed by it but haven’t heard any comfirmation or acknowledgement from BW regarding this.Granted, they have bigger issues on their hands atm given the dog’s breakfast that the 3.0 update and SoR expac have been. But if you can find out Dulfy it would much appreciated.

      • Sozinho

        From the SWTOR forum:

        12.17.2014 , 09:17 AM | #5 QUOTE

        We are looking into this, but I don’t have any ETA for a fix yet!


        Basically, they know that it is broken but not ETA.

  • Kodar

    Hmmm, This has just enough stuff to be worth some credits…but just barely…

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