SWTOR Oct 22 Collections Update–New Halloween Items

SWTOR 2.10.2 patch today updated the collections with a bunch of new items we can expect in the Cartel Market fairly soon.

Ghostly Magus Armor Set




Czerka CZX-4 Blaster


Czerka CZX-4 Sniper Rifle


Czerka CZX-4 Blaster Rifle


Czerka CZX-4 Assault Cannon


Descendant’s Heirloom Saber


Descendant’s Heirloom Dualsaber


Walkhar Trickster


Phantasmal Rakling/Ethereal Rakling Pet

  • Preview currently show placeholder images


Infernal Krayt Dragon Mask / Infernal Thranta Mask

  • Both are toys and unable to be previewed


  • ShenLong

    The brain mask, awesome!!!

    • Nomar

      It’s the Emperor’s Mask

      • ShenLong

        Well duh, but the mask has been used by many NPCs.

  • waglanug

    I see me grind…

  • waglanug

    Does the brainz helmet cut off Lekku?

    • waglanug

      It does.

  • George Blair

    Can you imagine dual-wielding two of those blasters? They make the .44 Mag look like a water pistol.

    • waglanug

      This will make my Nun Cosplay armor complete!

      Not sure if i’ll give it to Ensign Temple or my Gunslinger…

      And I hope those guns have a (real) Gatling sound (not the one Hollywood uses).

  • Pseudo

    Does the Magus helmet display under a hood, or does it remove it?

  • Sarigar

    “This gun doesn’t have enough guns! Put some more guns on it!” – unnamed Czerka project manager.

    • Czerka Project Manager

      “We heard you like Chainguns, so we added another chaingun to your chaingun so you could shoot another chaingun with your chaingun.

    • bleeters

      I think my favourite part is that it has a laser sight, I guess for those times when you need to fire precision shots with your ten barreled double minigun.

  • Macleod

    Ridiculous weapons are ridiculous.

  • Sindariel

    Those lightsabers will sell like crazy…

  • Viktor’s mask

    Emperor’s set finally!

  • Darth Ji’inx

    Not only are we getting a less armored version of the old Rakata Inquisitor set, but we also get the Emperor’s helm from the Jedi Knight Chapter 2 finale.

  • Konoha the Wiper

    digging the Descendant’s Heirloom Saber hilt, been looking for a hilt that would suit my sorc

  • Konoha the Wiper

    assualt cannon design still makes no sense, grenade launcher should have been there instead of a second turret

  • Heist 101

    Is any of this going to be unlockable in collections ..just wana buy one pistol and unlock for account cuz I hope I don’t have to spend full CC for each alt and that would be rediculous and I’ll probably work some more overtime cuz I’ll need an extra $100 or two for this stuff and the architect pack

    • Should be unlockable

  • Infernus

    Uh oh, I’m in trouble…I basically want all this stuff 🙂

  • dodgerfn

    Oh man, I love those sabers=must have

  • p4v7

    I want that blaster pistol, hilt and toys.

  • Tygur

    Some of it seems kinda crazy, but thats almost a reason to want it, too. I want that saber hilt and the armor minus the head (because it finally doesn’t have blue runes in it). Actually I’ll probably get it all, who am I kidding.

  • IceBaby7

    Man, those sabers and ranged weapons……:)

  • Luis Rosado

    Good. Stuff.

  • Kylmc

    Wow. Incredible items!

  • iceberg265

    Kinda want the speeder.

  • Ben Gimson

    That helmet… finally!

  • Quel Path

    Descendant’s heirloom. Ha! “You killed my father. Prepare to die…”

  • Johnny Wright

    If the bone masks are toys and not items, how do they work? o.O

    • They are like regen items prolly so while you regen you put the mask on?

      • Kagesan

        Maybe it works like Holoprojector Disguise.

    • Igdo

      Swtor_miner said they worked like glowing eyes

    • Konoha the Wiper

      prob like the red or gold eyes you use them, and they stay on for about 30s while you do whatever (no cast bar so it doesnt cancel when you move)

  • Simi

    Dangit I’m going to need to get a lot of coins…

  • rhymesmatter

    WHY do they never release a bloody saber with cool aftereffects anymore like Volatile Conqueror! Imagine that Descendant’s Hilt with Ziost effect or Volatile Conq Effect! Pure Awesomeness! it’s been a while :/

    • p4v7

      I have the pleasure to be an owner of Volatile Conqueror and as much as I love its blade effects and I’m not fond of its hilt. Bioware could add 5th slot to sabers where we could apply our fav blade effects to any hilt that we like. They would profit from selling hilts and effects separately. The reason I don’t buy new sabers even though I like them is the blade effects being more visually distinguishable than hilts when I run among other guys with sabers.

      • Heist 101

        Agree %100 ..This extra slot would add more to the “build your lightsaber to fit your personality” feel that most Star Wars games in the past try to include

        • Ethior

          Or fix it to the crystal itself!

    • TJWoo

      YES. I’d pay for a descendant’s heirloom saber if it had conqueror effects on it. Without it, it’s just a pretty hilt that you’ll barely be able to see during gameplay. Of course the intention is to charge you for this hilt now and then release a different version later with the saber effect so you can pay for it twice. 🙂

  • Naq

    Because why bother putting them into the game as event items, when you can molest my weak willed wallet?

    • Vos_L

      They’ve repeatedly made it clear since well before launch that this game would not have real-life holiday events….if the holiday doesn’t exist in the SW universe then there won’t be an event based around it. The items are just a bone to appease the MMO robots who have been programmed to have something tied to every holiday.

      • Naq

        Said event. Not holiday. Could add it too many of the existing events, bring back the chevin, or design something new? Maybe add a post dreadlord faction?

      • Vuun

        Sadly, I think they’ve programmed something for Halloween. (With the Voss; probably a mexican day of the dead like.)

  • Magnus


    • Xychosis

      This helmet never worked with hoods.

      • Darth Ji’inx

        Actually, the Emperor originally had a hood with that helm, but he currently does not.

        • Xychosis

          I stand corrected then. Though I don’t ever remember seeing him with the hood up on live.

    • holyfrog

      Why would you want to cover that brain? That is the look they are going for.

      • Sean

        Particularly with, say, a red/black or pink/black (or swapped, depending on which is the primary and secondary colors on the helm)… Pink would be closer to reality, but red would work too. Pale Red/Pale Brown might be a possibility as well.

    • Vodorlo

      It’s Halloween, they have to give you a heart attack somehow…

  • Assault cannon looks like butt. Everything else is pretty sweet.
    Not sure how these weapons are halloween themed tho

  • I still wonder why they haven’t fixed the female 1h pistol animation

  • Dannielle Sommers

    The dragon helm would be really nommy and the sabers look cool. And yes my empty wallet

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    I quite like the lightsaber in that. I am glad that they haven’t gone too far into the halloween stuff. I hate it when too much pop culture gets into the visuals of a game. Aion for example is a fantasy game where people can run around in tuxedo’s and bikini’s with diving goggles and such. One reason I can’t play that game anymore. Glad BW is not going that way.

    • Hiroshi Perez

      You sure said it comrade.

    • bleeters

      Swtor has had its share of bikini outfits, to be fair.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        skimpy outfits sure but actual contemporary bikini’s are something else. It’s not that I mind outfits that are more revealing but I do hate contemporary clothing in fantasy or futuristic settings where it’s out of place if you will.

  • Mathew Chilton

    My main complaint is all the multi barrel weapons dont fire but a single bolt, and that cannon has LOTS of barrels lol.

    • Heist 101

      Have u ever even seen how a mini gun works ?? Only one barrel fires – it spins so your next barrel is not about to melt.. Firing fast was never an issue with automatic weapons it was cooling the barrel after extended use

      • Yes, however many of the multi-barrel weapons in SWTOR do not have moving parts, see the “Corellian Bunker Buster” and the multi-barrel blaster rifles/pistols. So, even though those weapons look like they should ‘alternate’ what barrel is firing, only one barrel actually fires. Likewise, with this weapon, it’s likely that only one of those two sets of barrels will do the actual firing.
        My complaint with these “minigun” assault cannons is that many of the trooper’s abilities are not blaster shots, but involve shooting electricity arcs or explosive ‘mortars’. And that looks very odd coming from a minigun.
        It’s really only a problem for the trooper. The bounty hunter fires all of his missiles/flamethrower/etc from his wrist, not his pistol(s).

        • Heist 101

          I agree that many trooper abilities involve grenade type rounds, I believe an m32 grenade launcher type would fit the role better. I’m just glad my sniper has multiple snipe attacks instead of a whole bunch of auto fire abilities

  • gua543

    Yo dawg, I heard you like miniguns, so we put a minigun in your minigun, so that you can fire your minigun while you fire your minigun.

    • waglanug

  • ItsRainingSith

    LOVE the lightsaber. LOVE the mummy armor. I used to criticize pretty often BWs money-eating policy, but with this items, they can eat my money xD

  • DarkSlayerrrrrr


  • Loc_n_lol

    Those lightsaber hilts look great but at least 20% too big… Can’t they do reasonably-sized weapons anymore ?

  • RSKeogh96


  • Shai’rautha

    Anyone know when these are supposed to hit the market?

  • Guest1

    I normally wouldn’t buy these items as they often seem overpriced, but these look great! I love the assault cannon!

    • needsomemiracle

      Yo dawg we heard you like gatling guns so we put a gatling on your gatling so you can gat while you gat.

      • Sean

        Gaaah. Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling is turning over in his grave faster than a GAU-8…

  • Heist 101

    BW please just remove the lower minigun from the AC = perfect compact cannon people have been yearning for.. %80 of the time my AC is on my shoulder and most AC’s look like I strapped my speeder bike to my back ..c’mon now simple yet monumental fix

    • Sean

      If it fires blaster bolts from _both_ of the Gatling setups it may be cool in use, but you’re right; it looks excessively clumsy as it is, and would benefit from having the lower unit cut off, with a second version that cuts off the lower unit and replaces the top barrel assembly with the lower one, to get the lighting effect as the barrels spin.

  • Vagabond66

    After looking at the pirate themed gear from swtor data miner, those lightsabers will fit nicely

    • dodgerfn

      My thoughts exactly, very pirate-y 🙂

    • Infernus

      Ohhh…I didn’t think of that. Good call.

  • AbnerDoon

    Oh I so want that ghostly magus helm. /brains

  • Vinak

    The masks are toys? So they work like the holo disguises?

    • venom90

      hope not. they’ll be useless

  • zeroplus

    Anyone else notice that the Theron Shan and Lana Beniko sets are no longer listed in the Collections screen?

    • StarlaBlaise

      They are still there, but on a different page

      • zeroplus

        Ahh… so they are… moved to page 3 now. Thanks for the heads up ;).

  • Titchl33

    which bracers are those?

  • tumpai

    Dulfy, do you know if these will come in one bundle like the life day celebrant bundle? i hope so cause i don’t want t buy them all separably or through a bunch of packs.

    • They are separate I think

      • venom90

        good. all i want is the krayt dragon mask and the Ghostly Magus Armor Set
        if the frenzy zealot loin cloth still clips after i get a new graphics card.

  • Alexander Papadopoulos

    When are these hitting the market?? You tell me now! 🙂

    • dodgerfn

      I’m guessing Oct 28, just in time for Halloween

      • Sivis

        ^ This. Just in time for Rakghoul Corellia Conquest event as well.

  • Jonathan Parker

    They finally give Commandos an actual minigun-style cannon… and they give it a giant second set of barrels underneath the first one…

    What’s the point of that? None of our abilities will use that, it’ll just be hanging there, ugly and useless!

    • DarthGummiBear

      This isn’t the first cannon dude…

      • Jonathan Parker

        It’s the first six-barreled minigun styled cannon. Adding a second set of barrels just makes it look so ugly, like making the other, three-barreled ones look like vacuum cleaners.

        • Your best bet is probably the variants of the Corellian Bunker Buster or the raid assault cannons (i.e. kell dragon)
          However, I personally prefer the JM-29 assault cannon, as it looks good and is styled such it looks like it can actually fire all of the trooper’s various abilies.

          • Jonathan Parker

            I use the E-15 Rampage, since it’s one of the only cannon designs that is small enough to be sensible and still looks good enough to carry in public. I don’t like the olive green, but since there’s no way to customize weapon colors (hope that comes eventually), I’m stuck with it.

  • Vinak

    Really unsure where to post this but their is a ton of new wall artwork and trophies available for preview in the stronghold decoration menu. They all look amazing.



  • Dannielle Sommers

    Price check on new helms pls

  • blue’shift

    Now THESE are guns ! Probably willneed to stock up on CCs ( =) )

    • Vinak
      • LogicLoup

        I see you’ve played knifey-spoony before.

    • blue’shift

      Just realized – while they look good, in all probability they will sound terrible…. like the ping-pong-gun “Rangehunter” or something equally “sci-fi” ish

  • Vengeance

    OMG I want them! All!

  • ShenLong

    Dulfy, is there already a release date? I guess Thursday/Friday? 😀

    • Check tomorrow. I am having high hopes. They tend to update the CM on tuesday

      • ShenLong

        Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. 😀

  • J

    Hope someone makes a sith emperor look with the Magnus helmet.

    • Stilluff Fogg

      Already done.

  • michael furious

    I really want to see (and hear) that Descendant’s Heirloom saber in action.

  • Biokimmie

    Did these Czerka weapons ever release?

  • Cornboyz

    Has the Descendant’s Heirloom Saber ever hit the market? I have been looking every week and I’m hoping i haven’t missed it!

  • Jason

    I got two sabers for my sentinel, and a dualsaber for Kira, and for some reason it will not let me add an augment slot to the dualsaber.

  • venom90

    when are the masks coming out?

  • venom90

    the krayt dragon mask is going on my shadow, he has the infernal set.

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