SWTOR Developers looking into 22 character server limit

With the 12X XP Bonus, it is no doubt that some players are reaching the 22 character per server limit. Bioware developers are looking into increase that but no confirmations yet.

22 Character Per Server Limit…..Any plans to increase it? | 10.23.2014, 09:20 PM

Hey folks,
I know there have been a lot of questions about the 22 characters per server limit, why it is there, and any plans to increase it. I talked to the team here to get answers to that. When we increased the character per server limit to 22, it was decided at that time that 22 was as high as we could go without beginning to impact performance.

What I can tell you now, is that we know there is a solid demand for some players to be able to go above 22. Our team is very actively looking into whether or not we would be able to make this increase. Certainly, we want to offer you as many character slots as possible, but we have to make sure it won’t impact your game performance as well. Caveat as usual, this isn’t confirmation it will happen, but we are looking into it and I will give you any updates as I have them!

TLDR – That the cap is in place to guard from performance issues but we are actively interested in, and investigating, increasing that cap if we can.


  • Vodorlo

    To be honest, even with the 12x XP, I never have seen a reason to have 22 toons. I can see 16 (One for each AC, which I have) but not 22.

    • Blue123123123123123123

      You don’t have 11 powertechs and 11 vanguards?

      • Mechazawa

        Our maxed dude has 18 juggernauts and 4 “other stuff”.


    • Vos_L

      Some people like re-rolling and leveling new toons…and don’t want to delete existing toons that they’ve already put time and work into.

      • Bob Bilbert

        I’ve actually done that a few times, but I deleted my old toons.

    • Mechazawa

      Actually, there’s one huge advantage to having a lot of characters- Conquest.
      We have one guy in our guild with 22 55s. He is an absolute beast when it comes to acquiring conquest points. For example, right now you get 2k points (w/housing max) per Invasion Force crafted. At 5 crafters x 5 pieces crafting each x 22 characters = 1.1 million points per day. Not too shabby.

    • leah

      a minimum of 2 per class per gender. they may or may not also vary in alignments and ac’s. after that point – experimentation/replaying favorite stories/rolling backup toons comes in. at the moment I’m at 21 characters on my main server, and even that is not becasue I ran out of ideas, but rather becasue I wanted to keep a slot open, just in case. I also have a few alts on another server for a change of pace. people play games in variety of ways. I for example cannot see how people can only stick to a single toon and not want to roll alts. but.. I accept that not everyone plays the same way I do.

    • Heh, for some AC’s I have both a male and female version even. That’s how I got to my 22 xD

  • Gassygunslinger

    There should obviously be 1440 character slots. There are 8 classes, each with 2 advanced classes, three skill trees per advanced class (the third is shared, but will differ slightly), basically three morality paths (if you count neural), and 10 playable species. That adds up to 1440 combinations, which is completely achievable by the year 2156. But don’t worry, they’ll have cybernetic wrists to replace your carpal tunnel ridden hands by then. Also there will be jetpacks.

    • Tim

      Don’t forget male vs female so you want 2,880 slots.

      • Tim

        Oh yeah they have 4 body types so let make that 11,520 slots.

        • Waxon

          And how many races? Ahhh…… Forget it.

  • bleeters

    So how about that 12 character limit for prefered status players, then

    • lord_potato

      So how about “no”?

      • bleeters

        Right, my bad. I keep forgetting how unreasonable it is wishing for the option to give money in exchange for things I want on a permenant basis.

        • JediJulius

          Sub perks also involve giving them money, and are a wonderful thing. >:3

          • bleeters

            And temporary. You only get them for as long as you continue paying, which can be undesirable for a whole bunch of reasons. It’s (theoretically, anyway) why non-sub options are meant to exist in the first place.

            I don’t really want to sit here and list out all the possible reasons why someone might not want to or be unable to do that, and I doubt you’d want to read them.

        • EyesOfGehenna .

          To be honest I am not really sure how this works as I’ve always been subbed. Do you not have the same maximum of 22 characters on a f2p/preferred account?

          • Leont Stepanov

            Preferred have 6 chars per server.

          • bleeters

            No, you don’t. Prefered status have 6 by default, which can be increased to a maximum of 12 with character slot unlocks.

            • EyesOfGehenna .

              Ahh I see. Well I suppose it’s all part of the same issue. Since having more characters apparently taxes the server by things like data storage, gtn traffic etc. I suppose they give more space to people who pay for the game monthly AND pay for the extra character slots. I would think that the argument that we get more space on the server for characters because we pay for it is fair. Your argument would be valid if subs didn’t have to pay for their extra character slots, but we do.

              • bleeters

                Subs have a bit more flexibility in that they can buy them off the gtn for credits (on my server at least, they’re far beyond the credit cap of a f2p player), but that’s true.

          • Thyreesa

            No. F2P is 4 max (or 6, can’t remember), and preferred can have 12 max.

            • Estranged


  • Bob Bilbert

    I /should/ have pre-ordered the game, so I could level 4 alts, but I kind of want to see what the new expansion has to offer first…

  • Tralus

    I for one would do that. I’ve got 22 right now.

  • Rikal

    This is very good news. I’ve been maxed out since the server merger;)

  • Havik79

    I am optimistic about it, they said the same thing for the cap in strongholds, but they removed that.
    If not then they need to offer up free transfers.

  • KellUrsa

    Really? this is what they’re working on….
    We don’t need more alts. 16 is plenty, anything more is mainly RPers doing it. And jesus christ, those with like 10 of the same class….I just don’t understand it.
    No, what we need is conquest taken out of ranked warzones. A cooldown, like in GF, for those that leave ranked. Only much harsher. 45m lockout. And a program that makes it so you have to have full expertise to even que for ranked, locking your gear once you have que’d.
    I only play this game to PvP. And it is being ruined by trolls and PvErs who want conquest points.
    I have 18 55s, one of each AC and two that were just forgotten on a dead server aka Pot5.
    But by all means bioware, let the PvP servers die due to lack of incentives and lack of policing, but let us all have 100 alts.

    • Noroxus

      Listen, you’re a PvPr…so you’re probably terrible at this game. But lets get this straight, PvP is wrecking this game pretty badly, due to class balancing.

      Yes, please BW, let the PvP servers die, so maybe we could get proper balancing for once.

      • Stilluff Fogg

        Would be best if you took your head out of your ass before commenting.

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        Hate to break it to you but class balancing in an MMO is a myth and as far as MMOs are concerned SWTOR is actually pretty balanced in comparison. The biggest problem, just like in any other game are stuns and stealth. Those elements make pvp imbalanced either by themselves or by horrible synergy effects that cannot be controlled. That’s my view at least.

        • Noroxus

          Oh yes, you’re breaking something to me. How did I ever not know this, MMO’ing since 03…

          But, this games balancing has been mostly centred around PvP for a very long time. Even 3.0 changes are mostly around PvP.

          There is a reason Sins have been nerfed, almost literally, every patch since 1.0. Then we have the issue with a biased class balanced lead. (Look at Jugs).

          Just because SW:TOR is pretty balanced, doesn’t mean it couldn’t do better…have some standards.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            I have pvp’d yes and interestingly people can have different experiences while doing the same thing. For example 2 people can listen to Heavy Metal and one person loves it and another hates it. From my experience the most frustrating things in pvp are being stunlocked and people disappearing from combat just before you can kill them. This was particularly bad in Aion for example and in GW2. That is my experience and what I find imbalanced. In SWTOR you can have an operative who has both and then two of them can team up. That’s a synergy effect that’s almost impossible to stop by other classes. Not too mention the ability to cast a long cc from stealth that has no CD is also totally imbalanced in my view.

            The idea that I have no standards is ridiculous. I consider it a practical impossibility to balance classes because classes are defined in part by different types of abilities like stealth, cc abilities, gap closers, ranged or melee damage, damage absorption etc etc. It’s the fact that classes have different abilities that makes it impossible to actually completely balance them. It’s not about having high standards, it’s about having realistic expectations. You will forever be angry because you want something that just doesn’t exist.

            Good luck with that.

          • Heist 101

            I remember they fixed PT tanking in PvP shield/absorb work way better now? I played a Shield tech for a good while after that change and I had a blast being objective oriented, I’d get bright colored dyes like orange or yellow and try not to Jetcharge to at least keep it on the DL that I was a tank (aside from Huttball). I’d get 3-4 ppl leaving other fights to come try and take me down and if I had a pocket healer it was usually always a victory. They definitely care about PvP but remember that it’s EA and if PVE is the obvious leading bar-chart in their offices their going to cater to that ..who knows, maybe 2016-2017 is their plan for pvpers these big companies do plan for the future you kno.

        • Noroxus

          Keep in mind…stuns and stealths are not the biggest issue. Have you pvp’d…ever? Some stuns are, but it’s more stuns and dots…and heals are the issue. (you have to be really bad to be killed easily as any healer).

          Stealthers aren’t even the unbalanced onces. Madness sins are pathetically easy to kill, deception has good burst but is RNG, predictable, concealment OPs…pathetic, lethality ops…meh.

          Jugs are currently very OP in both PvE and PvP, Sin tanks are under powered in PvP, being nerfed in 3.0 as well. Pts are getting nice buffs though. Marauders have very high burst…just no one complains about them.

          So, the issues you listed, really aren’t the biggest issues.

      • Drackk7

        “Listen, you’re a PvPr…so you’re probably terrible at this game” wtf lol? Hate to break it to you, but it literally always works the complete opposite way of this statement. The difficulty of PvP is always higher than PvE, in any game, ever.

    • Ben Gimson

      You want PvP focused content? Go play a PvP focused game.

  • KW

    i dont see any problem with the limit since if u really have 22 toons in a server u need a damn life

    • Noroxus

      Takes all of about 2 minutes to make 22 characters…but I totally see your point bro.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      Not only do you not see the problem but you also don’t see that it doesn’t take as much time to create and even level 22 characters as you seem to think. I would suggest improving your vision, because clearly these issues lie with yourself.

    • ShadowWolf

      not only 22 toons but 20 55’s and I enjoy my life as it is thank you very much

      • DarkSlayerrrrrr

        Wow…… You REALLY need to get out more…… There’s this thing called the sun, there’s a whole world outside with people in it….. Go explore lol

        • Zeridan

          Interesting comment. It’s fun to note that you can spend as much or even less time levelling 22 toons to level 55 as one person that plays their main and raids two nights a week, or someone that just PvPs. I’d recommend choosing your insults/arguments better 😛

        • Heist 101

          I’m logged in a lot as it is and I agree with you.. I have enough alts as is and there’s still 3 alt of mine that I’m unsure about and awaiting the tree overhauls as a result..
          The only reason I would absolutely make more alts than I have is if they make it so your entire legacy family tree can be placed in Strongholds -gear/weapons/ & dyes the whole shabang period! Honestly that would be the biggest reason to show off a SH bc your showing your legacy not just how good u are at decor acquisition and placement.

      • Beasthunt

        This. I had 16 pre-12x xp, I have a kid, a hot wife and all the vagina I want. I see no problem here.

    • Sean

      I had 39 characters on one server when I was playing City of Heroes, although I will concede that there was a _lot_ more room for distinctive alts in that game than in SWTOR, where you only have eight distinct storylines, and going through the same storyline up to 18 times (two advanced classes, 3 skill trees/Disciplines, light/dark/grey) would probably start to wear on you long before you reached the theoretical limit — of my 39 characters, _two_ had the same archetype and powerset, because I wanted to explore it in different directions, and they had different builds. Still, since you can only _play_ one character at a time, the only issue with a limit on the number of characters in a single account is in the character database, which shouldn’t be so tightly integrated into the game engine as to be inflexible. Then again, the engine _does_ have some odd and nasty limitations; perhaps this is one of them.

    • Ben Gimson

      What do you enjoy doing in the game? Please tell me so I can insult your hobbies too 🙂

    • Thyreesa

      Seems I need a damn life then. I have 22 55’s on RE, and desperately wanting more

  • Georg

    Not sure why this would be a performance issue. U cant play more than 1 char. In my brain there is no logic why 40 unsused char would ruin game performance… Ofc i might be mistaken, but…

    • Xzelsius

      It’s simply.. More chars mor “searching” queries are performed.. More GTN listings…More to save for BW… More Traffic… More mail to send for free pets and titles 😉

  • waglanug

    I use 12. I’m fine with 22. But it would be interesting to know why more than 22 unused characters are a problem for the game engine or the game server…

    Ah. Everything is a problem for this engine, I forgot about that…

    • Beasthunt

      Exactly….lol. The only things that are not a problem for this engine or game are all things cartel market related…..

      • Estranged

        That isn’t true. You don’t have infinite space or resources for storage.

        • Beasthunt

          The joke. It went over your head.

          • Estranged

            I am not surprised. It was late, I am tired of the good work of this staff being critized so heavily and it is easy to be literal online.

            Also, I have that Sheldon Cooper thing going more than I care to admit.

            • Beasthunt

              They do decent work but their overlords at EA pretty much smear it all. Shame.

            • Holyfrog

              I agree with you about all the criticism that goes on. I don’t understand why all the haters continue to play. Almost every week you can see a convo on the fleet about how bad and evil EA is yet those people continue to play.

  • biower pls

    Yep, I’m sure stuff like the Socorro weapons and cyborg armor is also in “solid demand”, which is why we’re getting new ones each month.

    What about the actual, honest to god, long time demand for cross-server queues? Oh, right, I forgot: “no”.

    Anyone knows of any good vacation packages for dev la-la land? I’d like to visit there some time.

    • holyfrog

      What do crappy weapons and cross server queues have to do with this?

      • EyesOfGehenna .

        It’s that knee jerk reaction when BW says they’re doing something and all these people come out of the woodwork complaining that BW is not fixing their own personal issues, which are obviously much more important than what anybody else in the world wants.

        • biower pls


          Google for swtor “character limit” site:www.swtor.com. <900 hits. Now Google swtor "cross server" "PVP" site:www.swtor.com, <16,000 hits, the oldest from back in 2012. So, yes. The lack of cross server queues is a bigger issue than the need to roll more than 22 toons. If only because it directly affects the multiplayer aspect of this essentially multiplayer game. Deal with it.

          But Yeah, it's clearly a knee-jerk reaction about "my personal issues", and nothing to do with a saturation of stupid PR-talk and apparent dev disconnect from actual long-running issues. Good job.

          • EyesOfGehenna .

            It is still a knee jerk reaction because this topic is about the character limit and not cross server queues. Leave that discussion where it belongs. I am sure BW has some metrics on how many players have reached or are close to their character limit currently. You think that just because some people complain more and rather incessantly that it gives more value to that issue? This thread is not about what is the bigger issue but about the issue that more and more people are getting close or have reached that character limit. So yeh, you are clearly knee jerking at every chance to spout your issues trying to act like other issues are less important because you complain about it more often. Seriously…

            • Unperson

              You “are sure” they have some metrics… meaning you actually have no idea what you are talking about. Bonus points for creativity and imagination, though. I *know* cross-server queues are a bigger issue not just because more people have been asking for it non-stop since 2012, but because 1) it’s something other MMOs have recognized as a necessity and implemented and b) it’s the only way to effectively address dwindling population issues for group based content in this multiplayer game. You can still play your 22 toons without a cap raise, but without proper tools to find people to play with, some venues will remain basically deserted; cf. Ranked.

              I love how you hand-wave evidence when it goes against your opinions. I thought the suggestion that just because more people talk about it doesn’t make it a bigger issue was the extreme of the absurd you are capable of, but then you surprised me by backing it up with data “you are sure” they have! I guess population surveys aimed at finding out what people consider the most serious issues are useless too, whenever the results don’t reflect your particular scale, right?

              It’s also pretty cute how quick you are to yell “off-topic!” when anyone questions dev priorities or suggests that other matters are more pressing. Well, that’s too bad, because you don’t get to decide where discussions go or what points people bring up. Especially considering the fact that the underlying issue common to most complaints is the broad dissatisfaction with the way BW handles community interactions, i.e. the excessive PR-talk and perceived disconnect from the reality of the game that players experience.

              And, please, show me where else I’ve made similar comments, to substantiate your knee-jerk reaction accusations. Here or elsewhere. Oh, right, “you are sure” I must have, every chance I get. I guess that, much like the rest of your comments, you have no idea what knee-jerk reaction actually means.


          • Vodorlo

            Let’s be honest, what do you really want?

            Cross-server queuing or ques all the time?

    • Strew

      Your comments are annoying as fuck but megaservers are coming 1 east ans west same for Europe

    • CraigN

      Cartel Market team is separate from the actual development team. We get fluff every month because there’s a team dedicated to producing fluff. That’s pretty easy as compared to rewriting your engine to interact with other servers/regions.

  • EyesOfGehenna .

    I have 21 characters currently and knowing togruta are coming for example I definitely want more character slots. So great for you guys who don’t play a lot of alts but I really could do with raising the character limit.

  • dbaswell

    Togruta coming are the reason I’d like it raised, I’d like to not have to delete something to get them, but I’m more than willing to shell out the cash for cartel coins to unlock 2 more slots to have one on each side, plus the coins for the species itself.

    • Subtle Zimbra

      Is it confirmed absolutely that Togruta are coming?

      • Heist 101

        From what I understand it was asked at a q&a and they said its likely.. Meaning whenever they get around to it

      • Stanley White

        it’s suppose to be coming out in 3.1. it came from eric during the cantanna tour in NY

    • Ben Gimson

      Likewise. Though I’m just a huge altoholic anyway, so new species or no, this would be the single best thing they could do to improve my mood with the game.

  • Ryan

    I guess extra character slots but, I was really hoping for CROSS-FACTION op’s and Fp’s due to the release of Forged Alliances.

    Guess thats never gonna happen.

    • Nettykk

      Well one of the new Fp from Shadow of Revan is kinda cross faction, in terms of NPCs, but idk about pub/imp players doing the same thing.

      • Vodorlo

        Battle of Ilum has cross-fraction NPCs, too. That doesn’t mean anything in regards to deciding to do cross-faction ops.

      • Holyfrog

        I’m pretty sure he’s talking about imp players doing FPs with pub players.

  • Yuvar

    I’ve started playing on my second account as I have 16, lvl 55’s on my main account and the last 6 slots are characters that I don’t really want to delete, having more than 22 per account would be awfully nice, I still don’t understand why it’s a problem for the game engine, you can’t be logged into more than 1 character at a time…

    • Estranged

      Storage space required for each character.

      • Yuvar

        In this day and age, storage space wouldn’t have an affect on server performance, if it was simply that they couldn’t upgrade the available space on the server then I could go for that, but that doesn’t sound very likely either.

  • darkfather

    Dulfy, you need to bring up the character costume change they are working on that will let you put whatever look you want ontop of the armor underneath while your stats remain, they are working on this and hope to get in 3.0. It was mentioned at the last Cantina interview.

    • *spits drink* wot

      • *jumps out of the way of the liquids* Jup, read about it several times as well. Seems they’re working on a costume system of sorts 🙂

        • KShrike

          And to think that I was perfectly happy with how equipment already worked, Bioware does something cooler.

    • Kylmc

      Where can I find this? I can finally mask my legacy gear? YES!

    • Holyfrog

      Where is the info about this? Is this real or are you trolling us? I would love this assuming the cost is lower then ripping out mods.

  • Jamion

    About the 22 character limit…. I have 24 characters on one server. Ok, ok. I had 8 Characters on 3 different servers. When all three were merged i got to keep them all. 24 characters 1 server. Downside, can’t delete any. If i would had planned it out i wouldn’t have 3 Guardians and 3 Sages. I also would have more than 1 Shadow… But still. I would like to see the cap increased because my lowest level character is 42 and would love to run a Shadow dps.

  • KShrike

    Is it really necessary to have that many toons?
    Even if you were going for multiple specs, isn’t it cheaper to just get another set of custom gear with the augs and the different stats?
    I could understand probably “Oh I want more money so I want to be able to do dailies with more characters.” if someone could reasonably have the time to do the oricon dailies solo with 22 characters…. Assuming it takes you 30 minutes to do the oricon dailies on a single toon, it would take you 11 hours a day to farm that many dailies.
    So I don’t get it. Why aren’t 16 toons enough for some people?

    • Infernus

      With all the classes, Advanced Classes, skill tree options and add in all the races….yeah the amount can add up. I too thought 22 seemed a lot but after thinking about it, I understand.

      • KShrike

        Who cares about skill tree options when the average, non-tank, level 55 player switches that tree every day.
        Why create a new toon specced differently when you can have one toon able to do both?

        • Infernus

          Big difference between switching up when you are already level 55 to do dailies and OPS than playing from scratch all the way through your class story. I’m a DPS Merc, I stay that way, but I may want to make a new toon and experience the whole game as a Healing Merc. Just because you think something is pointless and not worth caring about doesn’t mean others feel the same. There is obviously a desire from enough of the player base to warrant the need for more than 22 characters. Get over it.

          • KShrike

            Just by having 16 toons alone you can play each story twice…. You can play multiple stories 3 or even 4 times if you wanted to with that 22 character limit.
            I personally don’t see the appeal in leveling with a healer. You level significantly slower, and are more reliant on gearing (because now your companion has to be able to do reliable DPS). Especially with 12x exp, what’s the point? Why not just learn to heal at max level (or learn to heal as you do flashpoints or when you reach 55?). On all my potential healing and tank classes I always buy respec as soon as I can. It allows me to be more likely to get in a flashpoint (I’m not the arse who queues as a tank and is DPS specc’d and doesn’t protect the team, I actually have the ability to respec and do my job. It’s wonderful.)

            • Val.S

              For you your character is a blank slat, a set of stats to be changed up pragmatically to suit efficiency of grinding/levelling.

              To others their whole concept of the character can be tied up in the type of job they do making changing the set up the same as changing the character.

              Like the man said, people play differently, take the blinkers off.

        • Holyfrog

          Where do get the idea that the average non-tank changes their skill tree every day?

          • KShrike

            As an operative for example (at 55, since I said the average, non-tank, level 55 player), I change from heals to 4 DPS setups (2 pve, 2 pvp) constantly depending on the situation. Yeah, I don’t have any accuracy (yet), but being DPS sure as heck makes farming dailies much faster. Even if I’m in my alacrity healing gear, I can still do decent DPS (just not what’s expected in an op with 100/110 accuracy).

            We’re running an op? Changing to healing.
            “Hey, Shrike, you wanna do arena?” (change to concealment/lethality, whatever I feel like)
            “Hey, Shrike, how about a tactical?” (change to lethality/concealment depending on what gets popped)
            “Hey, Shrike, how about a HM?” (change to healing again)

            “Hey, Shrike, can you DPS and let Y heal? He sucks at DPS….” (change back to lethality/concealment)
            (goes back to my ship, wants to parse. Changes to lethality).

            *I* constantly change my spec. Even on the classes that are just DPS (since they only have one spec, you’d think I’d just pick one, but I’m very picky about what *I* personally believe they are better for. I roughly go combat for PvP and watchman for PvE, and Focus for dailies.
            My gunslinger doesn’t change spec much. In fact, she has stayed on sharpshooter fully out of my being too busy to learn the other trees. (otherwise I’d engineering for PvP, sharpshooter for dailies, and lethality for ops and HM’s)

            Perhaps I’m a tryhard? Perhaps I just am used to changing specs a lot in the games I play? One way or another, I sure as heck don’t see the need to create another gunslinger just to level with the engineering tree.

    • Strew

      It’s not about dailies it’s about crafting with more toons you make a lot more things to sell per hour on GTN

      • Unoshi

        precisely this ^ and i am among those

        • k

          I also like the idea of having extra characters of potentially RPing with/etc or even just to use as my own “npc” in my family tree – bad pony shrike! 😛

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      people are different. If you don’t get thatt, that’s really your problem. All you need to know is that enough people do want more character slots…enough for BW to care about it.

    • I personally sometimes just like having a male and female version of the same advanced class. No idea why, though, but might have something to do with me RP’ing on occasion. To sate curiosity – I have two Guardians and a Sentinel and Two Marauders and a Juggernaut, so I guess my favorite base classes are the warriors/knights.

      I’m actually thinking of making a male Juggy now. xD

    • Gavin

      Some people like to redo characters for the romance-dialogue with companions. Sith Warriors, Imperial Agents, and Smugglers all have multiple romance options available, and some people don’t do multiple romances on one character.
      Also, bounty hunters can get Mako and Torian to romance each other, which is another.
      I’m not arguing that 22 isn’t a bit excessive, just providing reasons as to why some may choose to make more than 16, in addition to the obvious crafting reasons.

  • strike out

    where is the point in having more than 16 chars per Server? It would be each class, each Story quest twice, each thinkable race? I’m happy with only the Jugg missing on my list (probably to be starteted later). I’m not raiding actual Content with more than 3 or 4 of them anyways – if at all.

    • EyesOfGehenna .

      The point is that not everybody is like you. I like leveling new characters because I like the leveling process and following the stories…I just leveled my 4th sorcerer to 55 for example. Then there is the news that a new race is coming out (togruta). So I want to make a couple of characters of that race. You don’t get it? That’s fine, but just realise that there are people who are like this and as you can see there are enough people like this to the point that BW is looking into doing something about it. Altoholics….I am one of them.

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