GW2 Gemstore–Haunted Gramophone and Candy Corn Gobbler

GW2 Gemstore updated tonight with the Haunted Gramophone for 600 gems and the Candy Corn Gobbler for 300 gems.

Haunted Gramophone – 600 gems

  • Basic toy that play 10 sounds, some are rather quiet and hard to hear.
    1. Evil Omens
    2. Mad Science Experiments
    3. Ghostly Haunts
    4. Horrific Creatures
    5. Grisly Scenes
    6. Theremin Riffs
    7. Pipe Organ
    8. Waterphone
    9. Psycho Strings
    10. Haunted Choir



Candy Corn Gobbler – 300 gems

  • Unlimited uses, consumes 3 Candy Corn per use. Has a few seconds of cooldowns. Can’t be used in combat.
  • Either give you a random transformation or a random buff per use (the buffs stack in duration if you get the same one)
  • Each buff lasts 15 minutes but if you get the same buff again it will gain 15 minutes etc. The WvW xp buff seems to be the most common.
    • Gathering Booster Bonus
    • 50% Magic Find Bonus
    • 100% Experience bonus from kills
    • 5% damage reduction
    • 50% WvW experience
    • 15% Speed Bonus
    • 50% karma bonus
    • Regenerate Health
    • Killstreak Experience boost
    • 50% crafting critical chance boost


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21 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Haunted Gramophone and Candy Corn Gobbler”

The haunted gramophone seems like a terrible item. Such a bummer it doesn’t play Halloween music (instead of just sounds) and maybe goes on your back or something… Thanks for demo-ing it though!

Thought that it would do that :< luckily i checked her before buying…the ambient music is nice, but meh…it could have been a secondary tab on that.

Eh both dissapointing the gramophone should play halloween music on queue. The gobbler should be between karma, experience and magic find. Completely unattractive digital crap as is.

600 gems for this garbage? Good job Anet, I wonder how many people you scammed with this shit because they thought it would play MUSIC.

I guess the one for 300gems is rly usefull. I mean u can turn a bit candy corn (rly: we have tons of it) into lots of mf, exp, …

600 gems?……really?….Is Pustulio gonna have to kills some midgets, Anet?…..Don’t make Pustulio harm those innocent people, Anet, because he WILL >:(

The Gramophone is pretty cool for roleplayers. I could see someone using it to add atmosphere for some “dinner parties” or “stage plays”. 🙂 Not as thrilled about the Candy Corn Gobbler. The buffs are OK, but I’m not paying out 1 – 3 silver (depending on CC prices) for a random buff, especially when it could result in a useless transformation. Besides, I already have boosters galore from AP chests and the odd Black Lion Chest anyway.

ANet would probably make a lot more money with these items, in the long run, if they were more alt-friendly.

With the inexplicable limitation of not even being able to mail things between your characters, the usefulness of these items is effectively lower the more alts you have. Going to a bank, depositing all your utility items, then switching characters, moving the other character to a bank, and withdrawing every item again, is a PITA (tons of clicking and waiting for loading screens).

Would it be so hard for unlimited-use items to also have unlimited copies, so that you could give one to each of your characters? Just put them in the achievement panel, next to the zenith skins. Or, at the very least, let people mail items between alts.

Looks like they’re really trying to milk players by forcing them to buy golem bankers and / or multiple copies of every item (even though they’re advertised as “account-wide”). I guess that’s what happens when the marketing department calls the shots and the “designers” have no real authority over the game’s design.

That’s true, I would have bought all 3 permanent gathering tools if they were account wide, but since they’re not, I’m not going to spend 24.000 gems to buy the same 3 items for 8 characters.

If you bought yours before a certain point, they were considered soulbound. But you can take them to an NPC and have them account-bound instead.

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