SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence event now live on Corellia

As predicted, the Rakghoul Resurgence event is now live on Corellia and will likely last for the week from Oct 28 to Nov 4.


If you are unsure of what to do for the Rakghoul Resurgence event, check out this guide. Rakghoul Tunnel is in Labor Valley, just west of Imperial War Camp



Jeelvic now has two new decorations you can purchase. Since Rakghoul event is fairly infrequent, make sure to stock up on those decorations.

World Boss & pet

New world boss Toxxun, located in SE corner of Axial Park. Has 2.2 mil HP and drops Plaguehorn Sleen pet. Make sure you have the rakghoul vaccines from either the revan holostatue or the vendors inside the Rakghoul tunnels (about 5 per attempt). He also has a wide AoE knockback so make sure to tank him near a post or he might reset.

  • 20 minutes respawn



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119 replies on “SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence event now live on Corellia”

Last time this event was here, there was some other health concern going on and then it was space whatever that health thing was. So original.

No last time everyone just called it space aids. You might be thinking about the first time it could have been space swine flu.

Anybody knows why I have all PvP event achivements done, but the pvp section of this event isn’t at 100%? 150 of 200whatever, or so, but there are no tasks to be done.

nope, it;s a hidden one. I don’t personally have it, but I saw people linking it in general chat, and screenshots of it on reddit last time the event came around

What, there’s another one for 1000 infected? OMG, I’m off to the tunnels, can’t wait to pop next to a bunch of normans on the fleet.:-))))

Since you just rephrased the post I was replying to, I shall rephrase me reply:
Griefing is still griefing whether encouraged by the developer or not.

And I rephrase mine :

Again, it is not harassment. Otherwise, try sueing BioWare for violation of their own service agreement.
Judge will LAUGH.

Again, the behaviour meets the definition, regardless of the developer’s stance on it. And terms of service are not legally binding and so cannot be the grounds of a lawsuit o that nature, it is merely used by the developer as grounds for suspending service.

Griefing is preventing play by taking advantage of an in game mechanic.

The Rakghoul event is part of the game and it is totally acceptable to infect. Get a trinket from the daily vendor and avoid infection, or buy vaccines.

How would you correct your issue without preventing the players that enjoy the event from having fun?

The vaccines are the solution.

Consider it roleplaying.

A free toggle power making the player immune to the infection and making all rakghouls and plaguebearers friendly targets.Those who don’t want to be affected by the event won’t be, the cost of doing so being that they cannot take part. They could even make it reset any rakghoul event missions when used to prevent abuse.
And the vaccines are not an adequate solution, I’ve seen players go to the starting planets because no one there can afford a vaccine. They don’t even persist through death.

Infecting people on the starter planets? I like the way you think. Hmm, there’s always people gathering at the Jedi Council doors on Tython … 😛

Just kidding.Seriously, though, it’s ridiculously easy to avoid if you don’t want to participate; at lvl 25 vaccines are cheap and plentiful and people targeting characters below that threshold are obviously dicks.

But you still have to go out of your way to avoid it. That’s my whole point here. No other event does that.

Imo, they should just make the vaccines super cheap dyring the event, like 50 credits a piece. That would help lowbies.

I see your point. My GM dislikes the involuntary nature of the event as well. Seems that you have a good solution.

Except every other event works on a strictly opt-in basis and harassment of other players is against the terms of service.

Again, it is not harassment. Otherwise, try sueing BioWare for violation of their own service agreement.
Judge will LAUGH.

How is it not harassment? It forces players to either lose credits or put up with gimped gameplay. The fact that the developer encourages it is irrelevant, harassment is harassment.

Ridiculous statement mate. It is not griefing, since there is a PvP mission that involves infected X players with the Rakghoul virus.

It will return, but you’ll have to wait 4-9 months most likely. I think this one was only 2 months after the last because they needed content filler before the expansion came out. The gap between Alderaan and Tatooine was about 8 months.

Grind the open world boss if you can because the next time that particular boss comes back could be 2 years. Kinda sucks if you want the pet and/or achievement for the pet and miss it.

Good thing I have a stronghold now, so I can lock myself up and no one will bother me with this crap!
On the other hand, my trooper just started Voss… Damn.

This event is so funny cuz ppl cry soooo much about so easy thing to avoid… 😀 It seem’s to bring out the angst in so many… so cute and delightfull! 😀

Wel… always look on the bright side of life, I guess 🙂

But joking aside, I’ve never done a Rakghoul event. Every time it was on I either couldn’t or wouldn’t play SWTOR, so I have no idea whatsoever what’s it about. I’m actually quite curious. Maybe I’ll pick my main-ish character (it’s main-ish because it’s slightly less laughable than my other chars) and go to check it out.

It’s worth a try, if you don’t mind getting ganked by Imps and stopping every 20 seconds and having a coughing fit….

So it’s possible to participate from lvl 20 on, in theory. How am I supposed to travel to the Spike as a Rep player that is not yet on Corellia?

There is a teleport speeder available at the quarenteen camp right at the foot of the spaceport, before you even meet a single mob. It will take you directly to the doorstep of the Spike 🙂

That might just make me consider running this event again, but on Tatooine it was no fun for those of us under 55 because of the high-levels trolling down in the tunnels :p

Forget it! I tried going to Corellia on my 36 and the speeder only took me to a large area full of Imperial NPCs, and the Spike was on the enitre other side of the map. I didn’t stand a chance against the level 47 weak mobs :p

I finished my rep cap the week after it ended last time I just want to get the plants and my infected Veractyl :0)

I don’t think it will ever come back officially. It really sucks for those of us that were around for the initial plague, but got bugged quest lines 1/2 way through and could not complete the armor set. And all you get from Biofail CS is a generic response with zero resolution. Yes I am still very very bitter!

Love it how people are complaining about the vaccine :p

here’s a little tip for you people, get the antiviral kit… plus presence bonus…

People should participate in an event they don’t want to participate in so they don’t have to participate in it.
Do you really not see the problem there?

Getting those kits takes all of two and a half daily runs, in return you’re safe forever. If that’s too much effort for you and you’re too cheap to buy a handful of vaccines, tough luck.

You’re missing the point. You shouldn’t have to go out of the way to avoid an even you don’t like, just like every other event.

If you so hysterically want to avoid events in an MMO, then don’t play an MMO. These noobs whose IQ is isothermal with the outdoor temperature become a real nuisance as the winter’s approaching…:-(

Hyperbole aside, I understand Norm’s perspective. When distasteful events happen, I like to take a week off and go remember what the sun feels like.

Why does it offend you so much that people don’t like the event and would prefer to avoid it? Why the hysterical reactions when others vent frustration you can easily just ignore?

The reason they even started these was bc people were sick of the same old stuff over and over and over and were >>LEAVING<< the game en masse, the events and reputation rewards keep people on their toes. Example: Player 1 says "sweet pistol man where'd u get that?" Player 2 says BBA event dailies and rep but u gota wait til it comes around" it makes the game alive in a sense ..yes the Rakghoul plague is annoying if u don't have a vaccine especially if ur in combat, but I smile anyway bc I remember how starved we were for content before outbreak 1 ..u ever
heard the saying "u don't truly appreciate something until it's not there anymore" yea many of us have "been there" in this case and it's ugly, how about an ice cream truck u have one of those come around your house? yea sure the loudass song playing really pisses me off when my girl and I are gettin it on and mr.frosty decides to park it right outfront for the next 5 minutes w/o shutting it off, but we all kno he's there to make the local kids and yours happy cuz if they ain't happy then adults ain't happy I'm sure u can understand.. So next time ur pissed that u gota go get a vaccine think about how this game would be with 0 events and no plan for expac in sight and imagine feeling %100 abandoned by the people your paying money to and contemplate trying another MMO – I did and I left, played wow for a year then saw all this newfound attention SWTOR was getting and dove back into my #1 favorite fantasy genre since I was 9.. Sorry for the rant I'm just a tad passionate bout one of the last non-toddler SW games on the horizon and how a previously managed dev team screw with us very candidly.

Again, missing the point. This event is the only one players have to go out of their way to avoid, minimal changes would solve that. I’m not saying get rd of the event, I’m saying give players a real opt-out.

Vaccine is opt out and it’s sold in more places than in the tunnels.. It’s really not as monumental as ur trying to make it.. There are many other bigger problems that actually need attention and ur creating more of a gap

I’m not trying to make it monumental though, your point of view has to be pretty skewed to come to that conclusion. All I want is a real opt-out, not one that only lasts a quarter of a day, unless you die, and is priced out of the range of lowbies. The vaccine as it currently exists is simply not a real opt-out.

If someone can’t afford 2k for a vaccine then they don’t play the game much anyway. Life isn’t fair. Get over it. There is a ridiculously minimal amount of effort needed to vaccinate yourself and avoid the event.

You’re missing the point. This is the only event you have to go out of your way to avoid and for those who don’t enjoy it, it’s annoying. People are going to complain when something in the game annoys themm but you don’t have to pay attention to it. Get over it.

it seems like they just copied the alderan underground and moved it corelia. I wouldnt call it a new event its just the same alderan event moved lol. Meh if you like it have fun but kinda wished they took the time to make a different event not move a prior one lol

have you been on tatooine? it was the same too. for me it doesnt matter if it was copy paste, i like this event anyway 😉

LOL didnt know one opinion would set off the real trolls here geesh. Ewok obsess much? wow 3 years of stalking thier bud ouch

how would you know ive been posting for 3 years if your not following and fanboi trolling all this time? LOL

yes i have been on tat its not bad. If you like the event thats cool was just wishing it was different not demanding it lol.

Yes you did.

“Meh if you like it have fun but kinda wished they took the time to make a different event not move a prior one lol”

Hey shawn how does it feel to be so wrong about The Old Republic? 3 years ago you said the game would die when it went F2P. but its doing better then SWG ever did?

Enjoy eating crow?

Hey ewok how does it feel to obsess and be bitter about people having different opinions LOL. Was that you that left the dead crow on the doorstep lol

bitter? Obsess? Hell no i’m glad you’re still around its funny seeing someone who obsessed about a game for 3 years saying it would die be so wrong about everything he has said.

Most of the other trolls have died off a long time ago. but here you are still commenting, looks like you are tryng to be less of an obvious troll but your still trolling. Now that is obsession.

Here you are claiming the game was a PoS and a turd saying it would be dead and yet its one of the most successful MMOs of all time. A feat that SWG could never do.

Hey are you still lying saying that Ilum was supposed to be 100 vs 100

the only troll here is you i havent said much and your going on and on. The game is 4th not 1 but you keep that fanboism hardcore bud.

3 years of stalking me id say is obsession you seem to be desperate for me to be a troll so you can obsess more LOL

its nice to know you still care oh so much lmao…

wow not only are you a troll but also an idiot. See i click on your name and bring up your post history. You’ve been posting for 3 years.

It’s great every prediction you made about this game has been dead wrong.

Hey i can also look at the fake facebook acount you made to troll

i wasnt refering to that dude im talking about arguing on massively and other sites with your fanboy shit lol.

Like i said good to see you care so much and are wanting to stalk me on facebook now LOL oh no your not obsessed at all….

Would you like to try that again? Maybe this time speak in complete sentences. Instead of nonsensical troll gibberish.

You are the very definition of obsessive . You have been posting the same thing on websites for 3 years and been wrong with every predication.

How much does it eat you up inside to know that SWG failed and SWTOR is doing so much better? No matter what you say or think will never change how much more of a success SWTOR is?

20 years from now SWTOR will be remembered as the Star Wars MMO and SWG will be thought of as “that other one”.

I can see it now, “Did you know SWTOR wasn’t the first Star Wars themed MMO. There was another one called Star Wars galaxies that was a huge failure”

you can see it now? youve been stalking me for 3 years with the same obsessive fanboy shit even now when tor at best is still number 4 LOL.

the difference is 20 years from now tor will be gone and forgotten and youll be in your trailer saying i remember how i told that obsesive ahole off about swtor the best game ever man wish i could play it now i should go look up that hargrave and stalk him more and bring meaning to my empty life LOL. Hey take that hargrave long live tor man!

nope haven’t even been playing SWTOR for 3 years but i can see you have been hating on it for over 3 years.

Must have hit it pretty close to the mark to get you all riled up like that.

Sorry but ill still be working on Star Citizen and you will still be angry that SWG has been forgotten. Even now its been forgotten. More people are playing and enjoying SWTOR then ever even heard of SWG/

“Seems” like? Ummm, not sure where you’ve been but it’s always been the same map/set of quests with just a rotated planet location. That was intended. It’s called a “recurring” event for a reason. It’s never been advertised as a “new” event.

Question: Has anyone figured out this achievement:

Collected a menagerie of infected pets.
0/1 AH-hahahahaha! *cough*

it’s the plague-tail kowakian monkey lizard, you can buy him from jeelvic …

and in case anyone else got the idea: i tried killing tunnel lurker with ethereal and phantasmal rakling out, no hidden achievement 🙁

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